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Rules and Regulations

Terms and Conditions in WorldOneTravel

Website rules and regulations

Identification documents

The criterion for identifying the individuals is their national ID card and birth certificate and their proof of being married is mentioning the spouse's name on birth certificates. Otherwise the hotel will refrain from accepting the guest and it will be complied with the cancelling rule.

Making disturbance

Those who disturb and interfere in any way in the website, including the creation of multiple temporary reservations or telephone calls, etc., will be seriously dealt with by the judiciary of the cyber crime department and will be referred to the judiciary for the prosecution.

Reservation rules

All reservations are made online, but in rare cases, cancellation may happen only a few hours after making an online reservation due to hotel mistakes, a breakdown, a booking simultaneity with high ranking people or mistakes of staffs in the company or those who are responsible for hotel reservation. In such cases, we will try to provide another hotel reservation at the same time for the passenger and if it is not possible all the costs will be returned and the traveler will not be entitled to any objections to the company.

Cancellation rules

Reservations in peak time (Nowruz, Holidays, Feasts, Testimony, ...) cannot be canceled at all. It should be noted that since many hotels in Iran do not follow the same rule, and each has its own rule, after receiving a request for the cancellation of the reservation from the passenger, the hotel rule will be checked and in accordance with that rule, the amount of fine will be deducted and the rest will be returned to the passenger, so the passenger can find out about the cancellation rules of the hotel, if cancelling is probable and then decide on the reservation of that hotel.

hotel accommodation

This company does not have any responsibility for all the incidents at the time of arrival of the passenger to the city, such as airport pick up service, room quality, quality of food and hotel services, etc. However, in surveys conducted of travelers’ attitude after their staying, the items will be taken from travelers and if we see any problems we will inform the office of the hotel community of Iran.

Emergency cases

In emergencies such as floods, fires, earthquakes, wars, road closures etc., this company has no responsibility against accommodating and serving the respected guests.

Hotel features

The responsibility for all the information and specifications that are displayed on the website about the hotels, including the price, the method of calculating the taxes and the service charges, the availability of breakfast for the rooms, swimming pool and sauna, transfer from the airport and all the facilities and amenities that was mentioned is assigned to the hotel only, since all the information is taken directly from the hotels and placed on our website, and if the passengers have doubts about the information listed, they should contact the hotel directly and raise the issues about the reservation before making a reservation and then make a decision. It should be noted that the company does not have the permission to share hotels’ phone numbers with people.