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FAQs with questions and answers

FAQ - Questions and Answers about WorldOneTravel

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about booking Hotels, CIP and tours in Iran

On this page, any questions you may have when using the site will be answered.


These questions are divided into several general and special categories so that you can easily find your answer quickly.


Frequently Asked General Questions about booking hotels in Iran

Frequently Asked General Questions

What is Online Booking?

In general, online hotel booking is an internet-based process using the systems and infrastructure provided to book your hotel in the desired city before traveling to your destination.

Does online booking have an extra cost?

The answer to this question is that the online booking of the hotel has not only an extra cost but also the final cost is sometimes lower than the cost of booking a room through hotel.

What are the advantages of booking a hotel online?

The hotel's online reservation has many advantages such as convenience, high speed and low cost, and for the online reservation of the hotel one does not require to leave his home or office and can book his hotel by a personal computer, tablet and or smartphone connected to the internet.

How many days before traveling should I book a hotel room?

Hotels usually rate their rooms on a monthly basis and their capacity is determined from one to two months in advance.


Hotel reservations can be made within one to two months prior to travel, as during busy times and times when the number of trips to cities increases, hotels will be completed at a higher speed so make sure of the capacity of the hotel.

Why is the hotel booking online is less expensive than direct and in-person booking?

Online hotel reservations are usually made through travel agencies and systems, and these systems receive a percentage of the hotel as a commission.


Hotel online booking systems allocate part of the percentage of hotel reservations as a discount to encourage audiences and customers to buy from their site, thereby reducing the cost of online booking from direct and in-person purchases.

Why do rates vary in different time periods?

At certain times of the year, such as on holiday or high seasons, tourists and people traveling to a city increases and hotels are also reducing their discount rates and commissions, causing a difference in rates.

Frequently asked questions about the type of rooms to book in Iran hotels

 Frequently asked questions about the type of rooms to book

This section deals with common questions for travelers about the names of rooms and their types.

If you still need further information, you can use our contact form to get your answer as soon as possible.

 For how many people is the announced rate for per room?

Room rates are usually based on the number of guests and are determined by the type of room and number of people available.

For example, if you have chosen a double room, the cost of the room is calculated for two people.

How is the room booking price calculated if a child is with us?

It differs for every hotel. In the hotel rules section of each hotel's booking page, you can find some information about it.

what is the difference between twin room and double room?

There are two single beds with separate headboards in a twin room which is suitable for two men or two women but in a double room there is a large bed for two mostly for couples.

what is the difference between full board and half board accommodation?

Half board accommodation, breakfast and other main meals (lunch or dinner) are free for the guest. Lunch and dinner in full board accommodation is free and guests do not pay any extra costs.


the difference between full board and half board accommodation

What is the difference between a hotel and an apartment hotel? Which one is cheaper?

If the quality of the hotel and apartment hotel is the same, the size of an apartment hotel is much bigger than a room in a hotel, so of course it should be more expensive, but in Mashhad, for example, because the number of hotel apartments are more than hotels, their price is lower than hotels.


For large families, the apartment hotel is more economical than the hotel, but booking an apartment hotel for a two-person trip is not recommended.

Of course, the presence of a kitchen and a larger space can provide more comfort.


It should be noted that in Mashhad the hotel apartment is defined as an accommodation with lower quality but not in other cities.

As many hotel apartments are of higher quality and price than the hotel, but usually hotel apartments do not provide luxury hotel services.

Can I have an extra bed in my room? And does this request charge me extra?

You can request an extra service in hotel rooms that is possible. Note that this will cost extra charge when you choose it.

Each hotel has a different type of extra service. At the time of booking, you can view all charges.

 What is a voucher?

The payment receipt and booking confirmation are referred to as "voucher". Voucher will be issued upon payment by our booking system and will be made available to the booker.

 Is it possible to arrive at your accommodation sooner or later than the stated time?

This is when you make your reservation. If you need early check in or late check out, just mention this in the booking process.

This will increase your cost by half the cost of a day and include in your final payment. This will also be mentioned in your voucher.


Frequently asked questions about rooms and hotels facilities in Iran

 Frequently asked questions about rooms and hotels facilities

Is it possible to have more people in one room?

Some hotel rooms have the option of using one or two extra people and can accommodate more than the capacity of the room. But it should also be noted that each extra person must pay a separate fee, and these will usually include sofa beds instead of extra beds.

What facilities are available for the different prices of each hotel?

This is different for different hotels. For this matter when booking a hotel, you can check the information related to the facilities of each room.

 Which hotels have free breakfast?

In the profile of the hotels that have free breakfast, there is a green tick in front of every room for “free breakfast”.

Nearly all four and five-star hotel in big cities serve free breakfast.

Is it possible to have free breakfast in the first day of staying in the hotel?

Since the check-in time is at 2 PM and the breakfast time is usually from 7 to 11 in the morning, you cannot have breakfast in the first day of your accommodation.

Is it possible to have free lunch in the first day of staying in the hotel?

Since the check-in time is at 2 PM and the lunch time is usually from 12:30 to 3:30 PM, you can have your lunch in the first day but if you are staying only for one night and you have lunch in the check-in day, you cannot have free lunch the day after that.


You can only have one free lunch or dinner in one night of accommodation. If you want to stay for two nights, you can have free lunch twice and it is up to you to have one of them in the check-in day or check-out day.

 Will any extra costs like VAT be added to the bill after choosing the hotel room?

The rooms that are reserved in WorldOneTravel website will not have any extra costs (reservation fee, VAT and other charges) and the price set for your room will be the price of your final bill.


find a hotel when I get to the destination in WorldOneTravel

Is all the information about a hotel on the WorldOneTravel website reliable?

All hotel information is provided by the hotel itself. This information will be reviewed by experts and posted on the site after checking its correctness.

How can I find a hotel when I get to the destination?

The address, map and geographical location of the hotel are stated on the confirmation of your booking or voucher.

How can I get information about the hotel rules?

 You may want to find out more about, for example, whether you are allowed to smoke or carry pets to the hotel you have reserved.

You can find answers to all these questions in the Hotel Facilities section on the page associated with each hotel.

If not, you can ask us your question on the Contact Us page and we answer your questions in the shortest possible time.

Do I need to bring certain documents with me to the hotel?

For non-Iranians wishing to stay in Iranian hotels, a passport is required.

 Will I be charged a one-night stay if I arrive late or lose my reservation?

Yes, the charge will be deducted, and the total booking cost may be deducted if you do not inform.


Frequently asked questions about booking at the WorldOneTravel site

Frequently asked questions about booking at the WorldOneTravel site

This section is about the questions of our dear customers about the booking process, as well as questions about how to book and receive a hotel voucher.

If you still need further information on this, you can call us or leave a message in the Customer Panel on the WorldOneTravel website.

Why should I use WorldOneTravel online hotel reservation site to book a hotel in Iran?

WorldOneTravel is the online booking site for hotels and accommodations, tours inside Iran as well as car rental.

You can make the best and safest choice by accessing the information bank of Iranian hotels and tours, in terms of price, specifications and geographical location in the shortest time.

 Our staff at the WorldOneTravel will be available 24-hour a day to accompany you if you have any questions regarding hotel reservations and accommodation.

By booking your accommodation at the WorldOneTravel, you will travel to Iran confidently.

How to trust this website for hotel reservations?

You can safely and securely book your hotel from WorldOneTravel site because:

  • This website has many years of experience in hotel booking and has gained the trust of travelers over the years.
  • The information it contains is the latest information of the hotels. You can find out about its up-to-date information by doing a simple search on the site.
  • The information on the WorldOneTravel site is backed and updated by an expert team.
  • WorldOneTravel offers a wide range of hotel reservation services and works directly with most Iranian hotels.

Do I have to pay this site for this reservation?

The fee you pay WorldOneTravel is only on the cost of the room even with discount. In other words, by booking your hotel through this website you will not only pay a fee but you can also book hotels at a discounted rate.

what is the process of reservation request?

First of all, see the profile of your favorite hotel and choose the check-in and check-out time of the guest and then click on the item "see".

After selecting the type of room decide on the number of the rooms you need as well, then click on the item "reserve this hotel and go to next stage".


please notice that your reservation hasn't completed yet. In the new page add the information of the one who reserves. You don’t need to register in the website in advance to complete this stage.


If you haven’t registered in the website before, after adding your email address, an email will be sent to you including a password and the submission of the reservation and you can use your own account for future reservation.

Having completed all the information of the reserver, the registration of the passenger or the passengers, checking the early check-in or late check-out items (see the terminology part to know more about these terms) and choosing the item “all the costs” (this item is special for credit customers of WorldOneTravel. For more information, see the terminology  part of the website.)

check the item “I accept the rules” and click on “verify and submit the information”. At this time, out staff will be aware of your reservation request but notice that your reservation has not been confirmed yet.

How should I be aware that my reservation is confirmed?

In this part a new page opens and shows 10 minutes’ countdown till you receive the answer of your request and if your request is confirmed, you will be connected to the bank and you have 45 minutes to pay.

If the set time passes, your reservation will be suspended and inactive automatically.

The page that counts down is shut for me, how can I be aware of my reservation status?

If you have shut the countdown page, you can go to the part “my account” and see your former transactions and reservations.

Every reservation has a 10 digit tracking code by which you can follow up your reservation in the “follow up the reservation” part on the menu of the top of the page.

Why my reservation is not confirmed?

There can be plenty of reasons such as not having empty room, unavailability of hotel reservation (it is more probable outside of office hours) and restoration of the hotel and etc.

Can I make some changes after reserving the room?

There is no possibility to make changes after reservation at the time but if you are willing to make some changes to your reservation, contact our site support team before making any payment and inform them of any kind of change.


How long does it take from the time of making reservation to its confirmation

In what time during the day and night reservation is possible?

We have 24-hour reservation, even in holidays. Our members are available from 7 in the morning till 11 at night, ready to support you and answer all your questions.

 How long does it take from the time of making reservation to its confirmation?

If you make a reservation from 7 in the morning to 11 at night, its confirmation takes at most 10 minutes.

If the reservation of your favorite hotel is not available, (which is more probable outside the office hours), a message will be sent to you and inform you that your reservation hasn’t been confirmed yet and the day after that, at 7 AM, it will be active again and actions will be taken.

 How can I be aware of the reservation process?

Messages and emails will be sent to you in all the stages of reservation to inform you of the process of reservation, confirming or not and also an email will be sent to you about the payment of the charges.

After booking a hotel online and paying for it in full, should you pay something in the hotel too?

When booking a hotel online, all accommodation costs are calculated and the guest pays in full and no additional charges are required for the hotel.

If the guest uses hotel's other facilities and services, he must pay for them separately.

What are the payment methods at WorldOneTravel?

You can pay for your hotel reservation online. You will be connected directly to the PayPal Portal and can easily make your purchase.

Keep in mind that your PayPal account can handle all types of payments with MasterCard, Visa Card and other international cards.

What happens if I do not pay the specific price?

If you do not make your payment after the due time (after the hotel confirmation has been issued to you), your reservation will automatically expire.

You can re-submit your reservation request if your request expires.



Online pay for hotel reservation in

Can I pay a part of the amount in the hotel reservation and pay the rest at the hotel?

The site offers the greatest discount for online booking of hotels in order to satisfy more and more travelers.

So you have to pay all the money if you want us save the room you are looking for. For this reason, you will have to pay the full amount of money to the booking system.

 I've lost my booking confirmation email; how can I retrieve my reservation information?

Confirmation of your hotel is also available in your account. All your activities, including bookings and payments, are available on your User Panel on the site.

You will receive an email when you make your reservation. Automatically, an account will be created for you with this email.


Your username and password will be sent to your account in the same email as you stated.

So don't worry if you've lost your confirmation email. You can download it again by logging into your user panel.

What should I do if I have lost my login password to the site?

From the popup window, just choose I forgot my password. Then enter the email you used when booking or registering in the site.

  At that moment, an email will be sent to you for resetting your password. You can change your password and access your user panel again.

How can I make sure my booking is confirmed?

After logging into my account, you can see your booking process.

Wait for an email from us in every step of your booking.



FAQ about forgetting password at

How can I make a special request?

If you would like to have a specific request (such as a room overlooking the sea or something about your diet), just enter the details of your requests and expectations from the hotel.

 If the hotel approves your request, it will be mentioned in your voucher.


If your request is mentioned in your voucher, your request will be taken care of at the hotel, but if your request is not mentioned in the confirmation, you can with the website support service and ask them to included it in your confirmation.

Can I book more than one room with one reservation?

Yes. Multiple rooms can be requested during the booking process.

 Can I make a reservation for someone else in my name?

Yes, you can make a reservation for another person or people.

At the time of booking, you will be asked for the detailed information of the booker as well as the traveler, which may differ.

What is the reason for your discounts and lower prices than booking from the hotel directly?

Each hotel reservation for us includes a commission and a fee that we receive from the hotel.

With the increase in the number of reservations and the large volume of reservations made by us, the amount of this commission increases.


We give discounts to the customers from the profit of this commissions to attract more customers. Of course, the cost of a website is far less than the cost of a travel agency, and this will lead to more discounts. 

Also in major cities like Tehran and Kish and Mashhad where many people travel as tourists every year, hotels are pre-booked with guarantees, so the final price of the hotel reservation will be lower.

You will not find discounts offered by WorldOneTravel anywhere else.


Discount price for booking hotels and tours in Iran

 Does the WorldOneTravel also offer tours inside Iran?

In addition to our specialized work in booking hotels all over Iran, WorldOneTravel offers a variety of group tours and exhibition tours as well as individual tours in Iran.

What to do if you have trouble booking?

In case of any problems during booking, WorldOneTravel support team will be ready to assist you. Simply fill out contact us form to get in touch with us as soon as possible to resolve your issue.

What happens if you see unsuccessful payment message?

If you see an unsuccessful payment error from PayPal, the amount will be automatically refunded to your account from the PayPal.

WorldOneTravel has no role in the process, and all of this is done automatically by the PayPal company.