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About us

WorldOneTravel is one of the top online hotel booking, tour booking and car booking in Iran. In addition, WorldOneTravel is the most complete tourism reference in Iran.

About WorldOneTravel

WorldOneTravel is one of the top online hotel booking, tour booking and car booking in Iran. In addition, WorldOneTravel is the most complete tourism reference in Iran.

WorldOneTravel has taken a great step towards launching an online reservation system for the satisfaction of tourists.

Tourists who plan to travel to Iran can make the most of the distinctive facilities of the WorldOneTravel site as quickly and easily as possible. These include:

  • Online hotel reservation
  • Booking various tours inside Iran
  • Reserving halls for conferences, seminars, weddings
  • Providing CIP services
  • Providing airport transfer services
  • Providing car reservation services

Online hotel reservation service at WorldOneTravel

One of the first services that WorldOneTravel has started is the online booking of hotels directly all over Iran. Most tourism sites in Iran do not have a direct booking. This caused WorldOneTravel to do it as best as it could.

It is interesting to know that booking Iranian hotels is different from booking hotels around the world. For this reason, we offer the most complete and professional Iranian hotel reservation system at WorldOneTravel.

About WorldOneTravel

WorldOneTravel has a complete list of hotels, facilities, services that can be booked throughout Iran.

Travelers can start their journey by checking on the facilities, services and hotel reservations before traveling.

You can also see all the tourist sites close to your place of residence by visiting our tourism source.

The most important purpose of this series is to multiply the pleasure of travel for you. We are thrilled to be with you in the happy times of your trip.

WorldOneTravel has become one of the most popular tourism sites in Iran by covering nearly 400 hotels around the country.

Affordable hotel reservations, certain online booking of hotels, giving vouchers and receipts, are the online booking facilities at WorldOneTravel that make travelers, foreign travel agents, large companies and organizations around the world book their hotel through this site.

What are the advantages of booking Iranian hotels online at WorldOneTravel?

If you want to add a memorable trip to your trip list, you should seek for a comfortable stay from the very beginning.

Arrangements for a comfortable stay can also be provided by booking a hotel or any other accommodations.

Nowadays, these are fortunately available online. The benefits of booking a hotel online at WorldOneTravel include:

about us in WorldOneTravel

  • WorldOneTravel allows you to book a wide range of accommodation, from hotel to apartment hotel and traditional residence in any part of Iran you want, directly and without any intermediaries. Imagine what would you choose with these many options you have?
  • In WorldOneTravel we have not focused only on the quantity and considered the quality as well which will guarantee the best hotels at the lowest price.
  • Giving instant booking confirmation (voucher) for all hotels is one of the other advantages of booking a hotel in WorldOneTravel, which means you can get your hotel booking confirmation in the shortest possible time.
  • ¬†Your payment at the WorldOneTravel is completely safe and secure. You can easily pay money from PayPal, Visa Card and Master Card.
  • You have full hotel information on WorldOneTravel; you can see the hotels' geographical location on the map and view the hotel's general facilities and amenities in each room; keep track of previous travelers' comments, and finally with a few simple clicks, book your favorite hotel on WorldOneTravel website.
  • All hotels that can be booked on our site are offered at discounted rates. So booking at WorldOneTravel will save you a considerable amount of money on your trip. We aim for a luxurious and comfortable accommodation with the least cost.
  • One part of the site is the user comment and experience section. There you can see the opinions and experiences of others who have stayed in the hotel before. Surely nothing like the experience of a hotel guest can show you the hidden aspects of booking and staying. So by checking this section, you can use the experiences of others. This section has attempted to present information and experiences as full as possible.
  • The support team on this site always strives to provide you with a quality and worry-free trip while also providing the most discounts on hotel reservations as well as booking tickets of the tourist attractions for users.

Advantages of WorldOneTravel to reserve hotels in Iran

Just book your hotel in WorldOneTravel once, to see other benefits of this site, such as detailed hotel introductions, a variety of smart search features and 24-hour support.

Holding tours inside Iran by WorldOneTravel 

Nowadays, all countries of the world are trying to introduce themselves to other countries. To do this, they introduce their tourist attractions with various tools.

Iran is a country that has 21 world recordings and the journey to Iran is fascinating for many people around the world.

The many tourist attractions along with the beautiful nature that exists in Iran have made many enthusiasts to travel to Iran.

To this end, the WorldOneTravel tour section has been launched and, with extensive experience, is determined to have a share in attracting foreign tourists.

Our tour marketing experts, who can speak languages such as English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic, Turkish, Russian and Chinese, try to attract foreign tourists and tour leaders by offering amazing and various travel plans.

Offering travel services to foreign embassies in Iran, planning business tours, giving services to foreign airlines, providing travel plans to foreign agencies for their guests, planning medical tourism, designing tours for Iran nature such as skiing, bird watching, Climbing, hiking, scuba diving, hunting, seeing animal and plant species, and camping are among the expertise of our professional associates in touring inside Iran.

By registering on our site you can travel to your favorite cities and create a memorable trip with your companions.

One of our most important services is travel planning and tour services for all parts of Iran with the most professional tour operators for all Iranian cities and on all routes.

Creativity and innovation in touring all over Iran are one of the differences of the WorldOneTravel executive team.

You can visit our variety of tours by clicking on our tours section. If you are looking to spend different moments in your journey and want to experience a thrilling one, count on WorldOneTravel tours.

You can also choose from group tours in our online tour booking system, or individually tours based on your taste.

If you would like to arrange a trip with your family and friends, WorldOneTravel is there for you to take you to the magnificent beauty of Iran and immerse you in joys and delights with your companions.

Why you choose WorldOneTravel?

Providing CIP and airport transfer services

WorldOneTravel is providing CIP services at Imam Khomeini Airport.

The most well equipped CIP service of Iran is located at the Imam Airport in an area of 7000 sqm and 8000 sqm foundation on three floors.

Incoming and outgoing passengers at Imam Khomeini Airport who wish to enjoy a relaxed, stress-free atmosphere before and after their flight can visit and use the lounge and facilities there.

You can use this service by booking CIP services online at the WorldOneTravel site.

You can also use our one-way or round-trip airport transfer service.

With the help of a young and expert team, in this company, we are trying to provide you with a complete collection of important tourism information including hotels, hotel apartments, tourist resorts and historical, natural attractions.

Hoping that anyone, from anywhere, at any time, will be able to make the most convenient, hassle-free and secure hotel or tour or car reservation with comprehensive information and complete confidence.

Serving you dear passengers is our most significant honor.