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Hotel Terminology


Single room:

single room is a room assigned to one person and it is normally the best-selling type of room. The room includes at least one single 191*97 cm bed. You can find this type of room in Espinas Khalij Fars hotel in Tehran or Espinas hotel in Keshavarz Blvd. of Tehran. The size of single room is normally smaller than double rooms but it is not always the same in all the hotels. Some of the hotels in Tehran like Hoveizeh Hotel use rooms with two beds with less price for one guest as a VIP room.

Twin room:

Travelers around the world are normally faced with two types of twin and double rooms for two individuals when reserving their hotel room. Twin room provides two single beds with separate headboards in 191*97 cm size. If a family with two kids are willing to reserve a hotel room, they will be provided with a double bed for the parents and two twin beds for the kids.

Double room:

A room assigned to two people, mostly the couples, with a big bed for two in size of 137*191 cm. Some of the four-star and five-star hotels in Tehran like Parsian Azadi, Parsian Esteghlal, Novotel and Marina Park hotel in Kish, etc. use this type of room as a single room for the accommodation of one guest with less price but in some other hotels like Espinas Palace hotel in Tehran and Toranj hotel in Kish, they use a double room just like a standard single room with the equal price. In some hotels like Parsian Evin hotel in Tehran, the price of a room for one with a single bed and a room for one with a double bed (king size or a bed with a big size) is different.

King-sized bed:

There is a general belief that a double bed is exactly like a king-sized bed but it is not true. A king-sized bed is bigger than a standard double bed and its size is 203*193 cm. Some of the hotels around the world use a double bed as a king-sized bed.

Queen-sized bed:

It is a bed which is less popular in Iran with the size of 203*152 cm that is bigger than a single bed and smaller than a double bed.

Triple rooms:

A triple room provides three single beds with separate headboards and it is appropriate for business and friendly trips. In most of the hotels like Diamond hotel and Alvand hotel in Tehran, you can use a triple room as a family accommodation as well, with a double bed for parents and a single bed for the child. You may need to reserve a suite for 3 people in some of the hotels like Asareh hotel in Tehran or in some apartment hotels like Razi apartment hotel in Tehran, you need to reserve apartments with multiple rooms.

Apartment hotel:

An apartment hotel is a different type of hotel with more beds comparing to the normal hotels. There is also sufficient furniture for all guests and people can stay there for months and even years. This long time of accommodation has caused some changes to the design of the hotel; it has more bedrooms and also a separate kitchen to provide more facilities for the guests. Those who are more than 4 or 5 people can use the extra service of the room. The price of accommodating in apartment hotels are usually less than normal hotels but some of the apartment hotels like Taj Mahal 4-star apartment hotel or Vozara 3-star apartment hotel in Tehran compete with the most 5-star luxurious hotels in Tehran.

Extra guest (extra service):

Extra service is an option that there is no special rule for that and the condition is different from hotel to hotel. Some of the hotels like Kish International hotel do not accept extra guests and those who accept have different services like bed, mattress and blanket, rollaway bed or couch. In some hotels like Qasr Talaei hotel in Mashhad, the extra service is a bed along with the same facilities provided for the main guests of the room. Sometimes some of the guesthouses can accept 7 extra guests and provide them with mattress and blanket.

Quadruple room:

This kind of room can be comprised of four single beds, one double bed and two twin beds, or two double beds, the most usual of which is a room with 4 single beds that is very suitable for group travels and it is very economical. If the guests want other types of accommodation for 4, in most of the hotels they can stay in suites and connecting rooms.

Connecting rooms:

Connecting rooms are special for family trips and is used for the accommodation of more than 3 people. These are rooms with individual entrance doors from the outside and a connecting door between and in every room there are one or more beds. Some of the hotels use connecting rooms as two separate rooms. You can find connecting rooms in Ibis hotel in Tehran, Kiana hotel in Mashhad and some other hotels.


An international and standard definition of a suite in hotels is a big room that is comprised of one or more small room. Of course there are some hotels in Iran whose suites are like a normal room, maybe a little bigger and more luxurious. Suites are usually the most expensive types of hotel rooms and look more luxurious than regular rooms and are reserved for VIP guests.

Studio suite:

According to the standards, studio suite is a room for one with a studio bed and a couch and mostly there is an unseparated kitchen and it can actually be said that there is no separate room other than bathroom and restroom. Studio bed is a simple kind of bed that can also change into a couch.

Bed and breakfast:

It is a condition that the breakfast is free of charge and it is paid in advance along with the room charge. Most of the hotels in Iran provide their gusts with free breakfast but you can seldom find some hotels that have extra charge for breakfast.

Half board accommodation:

In this kind of accommodation breakfast and a main meal (lunch or dinner) is free and it was paid in advance so there is no need to pay extra cost, so in this type breakfast and lunch or dinner is included in your service.

Full board accommodation:

In this kind of accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner is free of charge and the cost has been paid in advance so it is very economical. If you are willing to stay in Mashhad city, with a little searching in our hotels, you can enjoy the most special full board seasonal offers.

Accommodation with all costs:

This kind of accommodation is only for the customers of Raheeno that have credit. If you want not to pay any costs when you are accommodating in a hotel, you should only increase your account credit and enjoy your accommodation without any worrying about the difficulty of direct payment. The guests whose reservations include all the costs can use all the facilities of the hotel like restaurant, coffee shop, room service, laundry and some other services without wasting their time in reception and they can immediately have their rooms. The only thing they should do is to charge their account and join WorldOneTravel club of credit customers. While reserving the room choose “all the costs” option and have a luxurious travel

Buffet menu:

A buffet is a system of serving meals in which food is placed in a public area where the diners serve themselves and in Iran it may be called “self-service” Buffets are offered at various places including hotels, restaurants and many social events. Buffet restaurants normally offer all-you-can-eat food for a set price. Nearly all the 5-star restaurants serve breakfast as a buffet and if the breakfast is free of charge (in front of your room in every hotel, the breakfast part is checked) you don’t have to pay extra for breakfast. Some of the hotels like most of the hotels in Kish island have free breakfast and lunch (half board) and lunches are also served in buffet. When the buffet’s service is very luxurious, someone bring your plate to your table and it is considered as a VIP service.

Optional menu:

This type of serving food is more regular than buffet type. Optional menu is the normal system of serving in the restaurant that everyone chooses his favorite food from the menu without having the possibility to taste other foods in the menu. Since this type of food serving is controllable and there is a certain amount of food, it is cheaper than buffets for the guests and economical and controllable for the owner of the restaurant, therefore, this type of serving food is more popular in restaurants that have more customers for serving food.


laundry is included in the housekeeping service of the hotel and the staffs of this part have the responsibility to dry clean all the clothes, towels, sheets and all the other textiles available in the room. Nearly all the hotels have laundry service. It takes at least 1 or 2 days to receive your clothes from the dry cleaning part of the hotel. Laundry include washing, drying and ironing of your clothes.


A minibar is a small refrigerator, typically an absorption refrigerator, in a hotel room. The hotel staff fill it with drinks and snacks based on the number of beds for the guest to purchase during their stay. It is stocked with a precise inventory of goods, with a price list just like in Marina Park hotel in Kish Island so that the guest will be informed of the prices beforehand. The guest is charged for goods consumed when checking out of the hotel. Some newer minibars use infrared or other automated methods of recording purchases. These detect the removal of an item, and charge the guest's credit card right away, even if the item is not consumed.

Smoking room:

A smoking room is a room or a salon which is specifically provided and furnished for smoking, generally in buildings where smoking is otherwise prohibited but since even some smokers prefer to stay at non-smoking rooms, some hotels don’t have any smoking rooms and smoking is not allowed in all the rooms. In this case smokers can use the open area of the hotel or smoking salons.

Non-smoking room:

Smoking in hotel rooms is prohibited in all the hotels around the world so most of the rooms are non-smoking. For more information, check “smoking room” entry.

Early check-in:

The check in time in hotels is 2 PM and if someone wants to check in from 7 in the morning till 2 PM, he will have early check in and will be charged half price. Half of the charge will be half of the price of staying for one night in that room. It is good to notice that the time of half-charge is different in hotels.

Late check-out:

Based on the standards check out time is at 12 PM. If someone wants to check out after 12 PM, he will have late check out and will be charged half price. It is good to notice that the time of half-charge is different in hotels.