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Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel

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Chamran Hwy., Parkway, Tehran, Iran
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Check-in time: 2 PM
Canceling cost will be calculated according to the first night.
Children under 6 will not be charged but those who are more than 6 will be charged like an adult.
Check-out time: 12 PM
Having passports for foreign guests is obligatory.

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Distance to Abali Ski Resort
79 MIN
Distance to Alaeddin Passage
60 MIN
Distance to Azadi Sport Complex
46 MIN
Distance to Azadi Tower
21 MIN
Distance to Bamland
27 MIN
Distance to Beihaqi Passenger Terminal
50 MIN
Distance to Botanical Garden
29 MIN
Distance to Carpet Museum
19 MIN
Distance to Conference Hall of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting
22 MIN
Distance to Darabad Wildlife Museum
22 MIN
Distance to Darbandsar Ski Resort
73 MIN
Distance to Dr. Hassabi Museum
12 MIN
Distance to East Passenger Terminal
70 MIN
Distance to Garden Museum of Art
12 MIN
Distance to Grand Bazaar
70 MIN
Distance to Imam Khomeini Airport
110 MIN
Distance to International Exhibition
17 MIN
Distance to Iran Cinema Museum
17 MIN
Distance to Iran Glassware and Pottery Museum
29 MIN
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Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran

The five-star Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran has a long history of hotel services as one of the best hotels in Tehran. Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran’s highly desirable facilities and services, along with the excellent climate, make it a popular place to stay. You can book your room on the Worldone.Travel site while checking the hotel's facilities and services. You can also find the Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran's price, address, hall, contact information, and other details about this five-star hotel.

Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran

About Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel

Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran is located at the intersection of Shahid Chamran highway and Valiasr Street called the Parkway crossroad. The hotel consists of two towers, the Eastern and the Western tower. The first tower is the Western Tower which was established in 1962. Ten years later, in 1972, the East Tower Hotel was also opened. The Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran now has 15 floors and a total of 552 rooms and suites. Overall, the West and East Towers have hundreds of rooms of varying capacities and dozens of small and large suites. All of these accommodations have excellent amenities and services. While the West Tower looks like an old hotel, it is as luxurious as the East Tower. On the other hand, the East Tower has been able to satisfy many tastes with more modern facilities and services. Situated on 70000-square-meter land, this hotel is named the largest hotel in the Parsian hotels group. The hotel was active in the years before the Islamic Revolution with the name the Royal Hilton Hotel and after 1978 it became a member of the Parsian Hotels Group and was renamed Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran. Today, Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran (formerly Royal Hilton Hotel) is a member of Parsian Hotels Group which, like other hotels covered by this group, including Azadi Hotel, Evin, and ... has a great track record in hospitality. The convenient location of Tehran's five-star Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel, being in the vicinity of Valiasr Ave and the Tehran International Exhibition is the main advantage of the hotel. The hotel's good location and amenities make it a great place to host a large number of domestic and foreign tourists and businessmen each year. The last reconstruction on the east side was in 1997.

Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Lobby Lounge

Why is Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran one of the best hotels in Tehran?

Due to the geographical location of the hotel and the type of service provided, this hotel is one of the best hotels in Tehran for your stay. The hotel has always been home to special political people, businessmen and businesswomen, celebrities, and domestic delegations. There are many national and international conventions and conferences in the hotel. Besides, the hotel has been home to a large number of domestic and foreign tourists for a long time. Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran is continuously enhancing the positive points of its service for its esteemed guests to take advantage of all its facilities and thereby maximize customer satisfaction. This hotel is located next to Tehran's most beautiful and longest street, Valiasr Avenue which is one of the attractions of the capital. It is less than 5 minutes away from the Tehran International Exhibition, Summit Hall, and IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting). Due to its ideal location, you can easily access numerous historical sights, medical and educational centers, and Tochal Ski Resort in Tehran. The hotel is very close to Tehran's famous sights and tourist attractions. For this reason, many tourists prefer to stay in this hotel during their stay in Tehran.

Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Indoor Pool

Rooms and Suites of Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran

Accommodation rooms include one and two bedrooms in standard and royal suites that differ in design and amenities in the east and west phases. The Esteghlal Hotel provides you with everything you need for a cozy and comfortable accommodation experience. Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran’s accommodations are of two types: Room and Suite. All the rooms are equipped with a comfortable bed, safe deposit box, LCD TV along with satellite networks, Internet, fridge, and minibar. The West Tower Residences have a cityscape view and the East Tower Residences have a beautiful mountainscape view of the north of Tehran, and some rooms also include balconies.

Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Double Room

List of rooms and suites of the West wing of Parsian International Esteghlal Hotel Tehran:

  • Single Room: 56

  • Twin Room: 175

  • Small Suite: 28

  • Large Suite: 2

List of rooms and suites of the East wing of Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran:

  • Single Room: 114

  • Double Room: 159

  • Small Suite: 15

  • Large Suite: 3

Restaurants and Cafes of Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran

Delicious dishes are an integral part of a good trip, and the quality and taste of the food will affect your decision to re-selecting this accommodation. Enjoy a variety of delectable Iranian, foreign, and seafood dishes at the hotel's stylish restaurants, and enjoy your stay at the hotel. Perhaps tasting the delicacies of the Esteghlal Hotel once may be enough to make this hotel your first and last choice for a trip to Tehran. What kind of food do you like? Iranian, traditional, or foreign? Whatever your taste for food is, you'll enjoy your meal at Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran’s restaurants.

Yas Restaurant No. 1

The Yas 1 Restaurant's Hall is located on the east side of the hotel lobby with a capacity of 150 people to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the guests. Yas Restaurant is a great place for meetings and workshops.

Rose Restaurant

This Rose restaurant can accommodate 100 people. It also has young, hospitable, and experienced staff. The sumptuous decoration has an indescribable perspective on the Alborz mountains and the varied Iranian menu is unique. The most notable feature of this restaurant is the unique mountainscape view of the north of Tehran. The restaurant offers a variety of Iranian and foreign dishes.

Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Rose Restaurant

Kazbar Café Restaurant

Kazbar Café Restaurant was recently opened in the lush courtyard of Tehran's Esteghlal Hotel and is one of Tehran's most beautiful and special cafe restaurants. The ambiance of this café is very pleasant due to the greenery area and the pool in the courtyard of the hotel. The restaurant serves a variety of appetizers, salads, pizzas, side dishes, main courses, sandwiches, burgers, cakes and desserts, pastries, and drinks.

Yas Restaurant No. 1

The newly furnished hall is located on the east side of the lobby with a capacity of 110 people. Yas 2, in addition to a very modern and classic atmosphere, has created a pleasant environment for the guests that will always be remembered. The hall is considered the only lounge for women in Iranian hotels because of its unique design.

Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Yas 1 Restaurant

Galata Restaurant Café

The restaurant with a capacity of 150 people is part of the hotel's business center. The terrace of this restaurant is extraordinarily attractive. Galata Restaurant is a Turkish brand that has a branch in Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran. Upon arrival, the restaurant's traditional design will attract attention, but the most attractive part is the balcony of the restaurant, which provides a memorable outdoor experience for guests. The Galata café Restaurant serves Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines. Before the Galata brand, the Matbah brand was in the restaurant, but now the Galata brand is served in the restaurant.

Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Traditional Restaurant

This restaurant has recently replaced the Al-Hayat restaurant. At this restaurant, guests are served traditional Iranian dishes including the flavorsome Dizi.

Lobby Coffee Shop - Laleh Service

The beautiful Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel coffee shop is located in the hotel lobby. This coffee shop serves customers all the time. It generally has a live piano performance that you can enjoy while eating the most delicious desserts and drinks.

Nofel Loshato Restaurant

This restaurant has a capacity of serving 100 people. The restaurant is a great venue for meetings and conferences.

Note: Restaurants that have recently been closed or replaced

Currently, some of the restaurants in this hotel have been closed or replaced by other restaurants. At the time of writing this article, one of these restaurants has been closed down, named Gileva Restaurant. Gileva Restaurant was one of the most beautiful and cozy restaurants in Tehran. It was also called the four seasonal Abshar Restaurant of the Parsian Hotel. This restaurant is currently closed and has been replaced with no other restaurants. Al-Hayat restaurant is also closed and the traditional hotel restaurant has been opened instead. In addition, the Matbah restaurant, which is one of the prestigious Turkish brands, has replaced Galata Restaurant.

Halls and venues of Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran

Esteghlal Hotel has several luxury and well-equipped halls for conferences, conventions, and seminars. Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran has always hosted foreign and domestic political and business delegations. Moreover, holding international conferences and seminars. The 5-star Parsian Esteghlal Conference Halls, used for various ceremonies, do not have any inconvenience for the hotel guests because their entrance is not from the hotel lobby. The hotel has three meeting rooms, including the Daryaye Noor Hall, which is one of the largest conference halls in Tehran.

Daryaye Noor Hall of Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel

Daryaye Noor Hall is one of the largest halls without pillars in Iran. It can accommodate up to 1,000 people. This hall is a great venue for conferences and national and international seminars. The hall can also be used for family gatherings and weddings. The special architecture of this salon has given it more beauty. If you need a smaller space for the event, do not worry! This is because hotel managers have thought about this as well, and Yas1 and 2 have a capacity of 300 guests. In addition, friendly parties, small meetings, and small celebrations can be held in the Nofel Loshato hall & Restaurant. The restaurant can accommodate 140 people and will serve guests a variety of dishes.

Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Daryaye Noor Hall

Yas Hall 1

It has a capacity of 150 people. This is a perfect hall for events such as weddings.

Yas Hall 2

The total capacity of this hall is 120 people. This hall is very suitable for all kinds of meetings and conferences.

Nofel Loshato Hall

It can accommodate 100 guests. The environment is very pleasant and suitable for small celebrations and seminars.

Zomorod (Emerald) Meeting Room of Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran

A stylish meeting room is also located at this hotel. This meeting room can seat up to 20 people and can be used for private meetings.

Facilities of Tehran Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran

The hotel has recreational and sports facilities such as a pool, sauna, jacuzzi, fitness center, massage, taxi service, internet, 24-hour housekeeping service, business centers, banks, medical services, and dozens of other amenities. One of the hotel's most important amenities is the Esteghlal Hotel's tennis court. The tennis academy of Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran has 2 indoor courts of 20 x 40 square meters. Because it is equipped with heating and cooling systems, it can be used in all seasons of the year. This ground has solved the problem of hot weather, using fog technology. This system, in addition to cooling the air, adds good moisture to the air, making it easier to breathe. The presence of water in the area increases oxygen and hydrates everything, which is very desirable for athletes. For this reason, the tennis court at the Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran has received a lot of attention from the players.

Famous amenities at this hotel include:

  • Swimming pool, sauna, and sports club

  • Well-equipped tennis court

  • Branches of valid banks in Tehran and currency exchange

  • Jewelry and antique stores

  • Painting Exhibition and Store

  • Exhibition and Crafts Store

  • Barbershop

  • Leather shop

  • Ceremonial services

  • 24-hour parking and taxi service

  • Suit Shop

  • Nuts shop