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Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran

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Yadegare Emam Interjection, Chamran Highway, Tehran Iran.
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Having passport for foreign guests is obligatory.
Canceling cost is according to the first night of accommodation. Canceling rules of this hotel are different and there is no possibility of canceling your reservation in May.
The free breakfast is served as a buffet and if you want to have breakfast in your room, you can pay for the room service.
Children under 3 will not be charged. Children between 3 to 8 will be charged half-price if they ask for extra service, if they need any extra bed and they are more than 8, they will be charged like an adult.
Check In : 2 PM
Check Out : 12 PM

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Distance to Alaeddin Passage
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Distance to Azadi Sport Complex
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Distance to Azadi Tower
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Distance to Bamland
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Distance to Beihaqi Passenger Terminal
22 MIN
Distance to Botanical Garden
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Distance to Carpet Museum
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Distance to Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mines
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Distance to Conference Hall of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting
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Distance to Darabad Wildlife Museum
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Distance to Darbandsar Ski Resort
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Distance to Dr. Hassabi Museum
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Distance to East Passenger Terminal
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Distance to Garden Museum of Art
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Distance to Grand Bazaar
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Distance to International Exhibition
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11 MIN
Distance to Iran Cinema Museum
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Distance to Iran Glassware and Pottery Museum
12 MIN
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Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran

Located north of Tehran with a breathtaking cityscape view, the 5-star Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran is among the top hotels in this city. It is equipped with top-class rooms and deluxe suites including the latest amenities and excellent services. This quality hotel has premier international standards and offers delightful hospitality. Guests can experience a memorable trip accommodating the Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran.

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran

About Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran is one of the largest and tallest five-star international hotels in the north of Tehran. Over 50 years old, this hotel was formerly known as Tehran Hyatt Hotel. In 1978, this hotel was renamed the Grand Azadi Hotel Tehran. Later in 2000, the hotel was incorporated as a subsidiary of Parsian Hotels Group and was renamed Parsian Azadi Hotel. This 25-story hotel covers an area of approximately 50,000 square meters. The architecture and design of this structure date back to the 1990s.

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran Lobby

The History of Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran, with more than 50 years of experience, is one of the finest 5-star hotels in the capital. One of the hotel's main uses has been its commercial and diplomatic use for decades. This hotel, as mentioned earlier, was one of the Hyatt hotel chains. In the Pahlavi era, in addition to Tehran, Hyatt hotels had branches in Mashhad, Chalus, and several other cities in Iran. After the revolution in Iran, the Hyatt hotels were confiscated and their property was given to the "Mostaz’afan Foundation". Then, the hotel was renamed the Grand Azadi Hotel. In the late 90s, Parsian International Hotel Company decided to buy 51 percent of the hotel's shares from its original owner. After the agreement between the two companies, the hotel was renamed Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran. In 2007, Parsian International Hotel Company decided to renovate and modernize this five-star hotel, which is one of the top hotels in Tehran. For reconstruction, a team of top experts from Switzerland, Italy, and China was used and the building was renovated.

Highlights included in the renovation of this hotel are:

  • High earthquake resistance up to 8 Richter
  • Construction of aseismic components to the building to protect residents in all aspects
  • Full change of architecture and interior decoration of the hotel
  • Complete exterior facade change and its architecture
  • Complete renovation of the facility and its replacement with the world's premier standards
  • Complete change of equipment and structure of the building

Location of Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran

It is located in the Evin neighborhood of Tehran, at the intersection of the two main highways of Tehran known as Chamran and Yadegar highways. The hotel is also a short drive from the Tehran International Exhibition, Summit Organization, and IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting).

Why is Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran one of the best hotels in Tehran?

This accommodation is one of the most ideal hotels to stay in when you travel to Tehran. It is located in a prime location in Tehran and has easy access to the main centers of Tehran. In addition, the hotel can be one of the best accommodations for travelers visiting Tehran, given its very convenient service. This experienced five-star hotel by international standards is undoubtedly the finest, most popular, and most luxurious in the country and Tehran. Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran has a special position due to its superb location in a pleasant climate and spectacular views One of its highlighted features is that Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran rooms are beautifully decorated and designed to overlook the Alborz Mountains and the metropolitan city of Tehran. Being close to the mountains of Tehran, this hotel provides a relaxing and pleasant environment for its beloved guests. Easy access to the main roads of Tehran is the biggest advantage of this hotel that cannot be overlooked. Other amenities at the hotel include a range of luxurious dining venues and a variety of Iranian and international cuisine in a welcoming atmosphere. The hotel has always been home to special domestic and foreign political, economic, and commercial delegations. There are many national and international conventions and conferences held in the hotel. In addition to this, the hotel has hosted a large number of domestic and foreign tourists from a long time ago to the present day. Due to its location, you can easily reach numerous historical, medical, and educational centers in Tehran. The hotel is very close to Tehran’s sightseeing and tourist attractions. For this reason, many tourists prefer to stay in this hotel during their stay in Tehran.

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran Kebab Dish

Rooms and suites of Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran has 475 rooms and suites of different types including Single rooms, Double rooms, Twin rooms, Disabled rooms, Junior suites, Royal suites, Duplex suites, and 2 unique Luxury suites on the 24th and 25th floors as penthouses. Single rooms with a total area of 30 square meters include a sofa, TV, bed, and more. Its standard rooms include a double bed or two single beds and a bathroom. These rooms are suitable for people who are willing to pay a reasonable price and have an economic stay. If you are looking for more luxurious facilities and a spacious place, you can choose from a variety of suites that have different capacities. The Junior Suite features beds, a bathroom, and a restroom but with more facilities. The Royal Suite includes a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a restroom that overlooks Tehran and the Alborz Mountains. The duplex suite is a two-story suite. On the first unit, there is a living room, kitchen, and bathroom, and upstairs on the second unit is a bedroom, living room, bathroom, and restroom. Other suites include the Presidential Suite, which consists of two bedrooms, a working room, a living room, a dining room, and three bathrooms. Further hotel amenities include a room for the disabled, all of which are designed under the ADA Standards of America.

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran Room

List of rooms and suites in Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran:

  • Single Room

  • Double Room

  • Twin Room

  • Junior Double Suite

  • Royal Double Suite

  • Duplex Double Suite

  • Presidential Double Suite

In-room amenities include a work desk, comfortable furniture, bathroom with a bathtub, fridge with minibar, tea maker, hairdryer, telephone, air conditioning, internet access, satellite TV, and safe deposit box.

Restaurants and Cafes of Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran

The hotel has a variety of restaurants for all tastes. One of the key parts of your journey to make it more memorable is to experience new delectable food. You can easily taste Iranian, foreign, and seafood dishes at the hotel's luxurious restaurants. Delicious dishes are an integral part of a good trip. The quality and taste of the food served in a hotel will influence your decision to re-select it. The high quality of the hotel's food will determine your stay in the same hotel for the next trip. This hotel has several restaurants, including 24-hour Parseh Restaurant, Orkideh International Restaurant, and Sarv Seasonal Restaurant offer a wide range of dishes. The elegant café in the lobby also offers a variety of cold and hot beverages for guests to enjoy.

Parseh Iranian Restaurant

Parseh Iranian Restaurant is on the ground floor suitable for family dining where you can taste delicious Iranian food together and enjoy a family gathering. This restaurant is located on the 26th floor of the hotel and has an unparalleled view of Tehran. The restaurant has a pleasant environment and striking decorations. Parseh Iranian Restaurant has a capacity of about 120 people, ready to host any kind of party. Quality and luxurious cuisine are served in this restaurant and since the restaurant is located on the upper floors of the hotel it has a good view of Tehran and the view of the surroundings is truly spectacular. The restaurant has a mix of barbecues, stews, hot and cold appetizers, desserts, salads, and soups to suit all tastes. The mid-eastern architecture of the restaurant is such that the sound of the crystal of the chandeliers is heard. A colorful buffet hosts those who wish to experience a memorable lunch on Fridays. Parseh restaurant can be booked for family banquets, work breakfasts, informal business meetings, engagement parties, and more.

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran Parseh Restaurant

Kenzo Japanese Restaurant

Kenzo Japanese Restaurant offers Japanese and oriental cuisine in an attractive and unique serving style. Kenzo Restaurant is one of the most luxurious Japanese restaurants in Tehran. Despite the many sushi restaurants across the capital, Kenzo has a distinctive place among the people in serving authentic and delicious Asian food. As you know, sushi contains raw fish and soy sauce and may not have a flavorful taste for Iranians. But Tehran's Kenzo Restaurant has tried to change the taste of this Japanese food, and the sushi is prepared in an exemplary way according to the tastes of the Iranian people. This has been a positive feature of Kenzo and has made it an eminent choice not only among the local people but also among Japanese guests. The restaurant serves a variety of salads, Hoso-rolls, snacks, main courses, Nigiris, Maki-rolls, sushi trays, and sushi sashimis. The capacity of the Japanese Kenzo restaurant of Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran is 120 people and the restaurant café is ready to serve its customers from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran Kenzo Restaurant

Aseman Café

Aseman Café is another luxurious café in the Hotel. The Aseman cafe space is very deluxe, comfortable, and suitable for business meetings. Enjoy live piano performances in the evenings. You can't smoke in this cafe. The Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran’s lobby also serves Aseman items so you can also enjoy them in the hotel's lobby. The café also has a separate space on the first floor that is perfect for special parties, meetings, and events such as birthdays and celebrations.

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran Aseman Cafe

Halls and venues of Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran

The Hotel has several modern halls for conferences, conventions, and seminars. All the halls of Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran, are equipped with the latest facilities and premier standards of the world and have been designed to host your events at their best. To the ease of the guests and attendees of the event, they have two glass entry doors parallel to the large lobby door, an elevator, and a separate staircase next to the lobby.

Zommorod Hall

This hall can be used as a large meeting room and is arranged in an L shape. Separation panels are used in the hall so it can also be used as a wedding hall. In this case, it is divided into two smaller spaces. The area of the hall is about 140 square meters, which is suitable for the following: Seminars, conferences, workshops, banquets, Weddings, and Exhibition Hall. The Zommorod hall of the Hotel has a capacity of up to 80 people, 30 people in a rectangular and U-shaped table, and up to 50 people in a cinematic setting. If you're planning a family-friendly party, a banquet, or a wedding party, the Zommorod hall is a great place to host your dear guests.

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran Zommorod Hall

Luxury Paniz VIP Hall

Paniz hall of Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran is a luxurious lounge with a unique view from the 26th floor of the hotel for private banquets and notable meetings. The Paniz lounge is designed for VIP and special hotel guests and accommodates about 120 guests. Paniz VIP lounge is one of the hotel's most luxurious lounges, welcoming guests from ministers to national teams and from knowledgeable people to celebrities, it is eye-catching and enjoyable for every guest with its amazing scenery. The lounge is dedicated to ladies for weddings as the members are more than men and require a larger space. The area is 267 square meters and its height is 3.3 meters. This lounge is perfect for banquets, B2B meetings, work breakfasts, and informal seminars. The capacity of the hall is up to 120 people in the banquet layout and 35 in the rectangular layout. An audio and video system can be rented from the hotel.

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran Luxury Paniz Hall

Zarrin Hall

The Zarrin Hall has a very beautiful interior design with high ceilings that have hosted many international summits and magnificent banquets. The Zarrin Lounge is the main hall of the hotel, with a variety of layouts ranging from a hundred to five hundred guests. The lounge has undergone many layouts, from international delegation layouts to grand conferences, or deluxe parties on national days. The lounge has a cloakroom including two separate entrances and exits and also has its restrooms. The total area of the hall is 635 square meters and its height is approximately 4 meters. The Zarrin Hall of Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran is suitable for: Congresses, seminars, workshops, and banquets. It can accommodate 600 people in a cinema layout, 400 people in a banquet layout, and up to 350 people in a class layout.

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran Zarrin Hall

Parseh Hall

The Parseh lounge has hosted many diplomatic banquets. In this hall, we have a panoramic view of the city and the Alborz mountains. With large windows, you can enjoy the best cityscape and mountainscape views. The hall is arranged with rectangular and square tables with a fountain in the middle of the hall to create a pleasant atmosphere. With the following layout, it can accommodate up to 100 guests. Moreover, many VIP tables around the small fountain can hold up to 20 people. At weddings, the hall is usually a men's hall and covers 200-person celebrations with Paniz hall.

Facilities of Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran boasts modern facilities and recreational amenities. It has multipurpose halls and a shopping center including various shops for purchasing souvenirs. The premier hotel is equipped with an excellent sports club including a swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, traditional bathroom, massage room, and a well-equipped fitness center. The services available at the Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran are modern and delightful and guests can enjoy absolute comfort.

1. Shopping Center

The hotel's shopping center is adjacent to the hotel lobby, with a variety of shops. You can get all the goods you need from these stores. In this shopping center, great products of the highest quality are offered. In the section of gift shops, souvenirs and handicrafts of Iran are sold. Also, it includes a supermarket and shops selling nuts as well as SIM card sales besides the gift shops. The other part is the jewelry section where Sam Razi's jewelry gallery is located. Sam Razi's jewelry brand offers authentic gold and jewelry along with a variety of crafts. The brand offers products such as pottery, textiles, silverware, and contemporary artists' works. It also offers gems extracted from Iranian mines such as turquoise.

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran Shopping Center

2. Business Center

Hotel guests can use the hotel's business center to enjoy high-speed internet, printing, copying, and other services. It features multiple computers, printers, and other technological services. Working hours are 7 am to 8 pm. It is located on the M floor.

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran Business Center

Business center services include:

  • Providing computers for the guests
  • Providing high-speed internet
  • Providing printers, fax machines, scanners, photocopiers

3. Sports Club

High-quality, multifunctional devices have filled the fitness center and guests can use them to have a great workout. Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran is the only sports club that has achieved the standard pool certification according to the standards of the world. This sports club also has a massage center. The three massage rooms offer more than ten types of massages under the supervision of a massage therapist and several experienced masseurs.

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran Indoor Pool

The facilities of the sports club are as follows:

  • Swimming pool
  • Steam sauna
  • Dry sauna
  • Jacuzzi
  • Massage center
  • Coldwater pool
  • Traditional Bathroom

4. Taxi Service

Other features of the hotel include a dedicated taxi service. The cars of this taxi service are new, many of which have dual power systems of petrol and electricity. All drivers are fluent in English so travelers can safely use their services without being worried about knowing the Farsi language.

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran Taxi Service

5. Parking

The Parsian Azadi Hotel parking lot is a combination of an outdoor parking lot and a multilevel parking building. The parking lot can accommodate more than 400 cars. So it can easily meet all the needs of different parties and events.

6. Laundry and housekeeping

Other amenities include a laundry service. All services related to washing, cleaning, and ironing are provided in this section. If guests lose any item in the hotel, it will be kept in the Lost and Found storage for up to a year. In this case, the guest will be immediately contacted to receive supplies from the housekeeping department.

7. Concierge

The Concierge is the connection between the hotel and guests to provide services inside or outside the hotel. The Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran also features a Concierge desk that can assist you and answer all of your questions. You can get help with all the services the hotel offers. In addition, if you need additional information about the city or any services required within Tehran, you can easily contact this section.

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran Concierge

The services provided in the Concierge section are as follows:

  • Full description of services provided inside the hotel
  • Introducing attractions and sightseeing places outside of the hotel
  • Providing information on flights as well as reservations if needed
  • Providing information on cultural events such as theater, concerts, and ticket reservations for guests
  • Providing information and services to guests in or outside the hotel
  • Planning and implementing special services such as VIP services requested by hotel guests

8. Maroon Barbershop

Other features of the hotel include a dedicated salon for men. The maroon barbershop is located on the M floor of the hotel. Haircutting, hair coloring, hair drying, waxing, and facial cleansing are among the services of this salon.

9. Special Lounge

The dedicated lounge on the 23rd floor of the hotel exemplifies a unique venue for VIP meetings, away from the crowdedness of lobby. The area of the hall is 75 square meters. Parsian Azadi Hotel's dedicated lounge is perfect for small business meetings. The capacity of this lounge is 15 guests in the U layout and 30 in the cinema layout.

In general, the five-star Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran is luxurious and modern with the latest hotel quality standards. WorldOneTravel highly recommends this hotel for accommodation.