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Olympic Hotel Tehran

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Azadi Stadium West Blvd., Tehran, Iran
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Check in: 2 PM
Having passport for foreign guests is obligatory.
Canceling cost is equal to the first night according to the hotel rules.
Check out: 2 PM
Children under 3 will not be charged, children between 3 to 7 will be charged half-price and children above 7 will be charged.

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Distance to Abali Ski Resort
83 MIN
Distance to Alaeddin Passage
20 MIN
Distance to Azadi Sport Complex
Distance to Azadi Tower
11 MIN
Distance to Bamland
14 MIN
Distance to Beihaqi Passenger Terminal
60 MIN
Distance to Botanical Garden
16 MIN
Distance to Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mines
21 MIN
Distance to Conference Hall of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting
20 MIN
Distance to Darabad Wildlife Museum
36 MIN
Distance to Distance to Darbandsar Ski Resort
90 MIN
Distance to Dr. Hassabi Museum
29 MIN
Distance to East Passenger Terminal
90 MIN
Distance to Garden Museum of Art
29 MIN
Distance to Grand Bazaar
29 MIN
Distance to Imam Khomeini Airport
60 MIN
Distance to International Exhibition
20 MIN
Distance to Iran Cinema Museum
33 MIN
Distance to Iran Glassware and Pottery Museum
29 MIN
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Olympic Hotel Tehran

Olympic Hotel Tehran is one of the finest 4-star hotels in the capital. This boutique hotel was opened in 2001 with top-notch facilities and services. It was later renovated in 2015 with the premier world standards, enhancing every part of the hotel. Olympic Hotel Tehran is situated west of Tehran near the Azadi Stadium.

Olympic Hotel Tehran

About Olympic Hotel Tehran

The 4-star accommodation consists of 100 luxurious suites, having the best amenities and a peaceful environment. It is a 2-story hotel building with distinctive architecture and design. Guests love this place for its calm and relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, the location of the Olympic Hotel Tehran is wonderful compared to many other four-star hotels in the city. The well-experienced personnel is available to serve guests and welcome them with great hospitality.

Olympic Hotel Tehran Lobby

Location of Olympic Hotel Tehran

Olympic Hotel Tehran has a prime location with easy access to many parts of the city. It is found west of Tehran, on the west boulevard of Tehran Azadi Stadium, known as the Dehkadeh boulevard. A very peaceful place away from the bustle of the city. It has a mountainscape view of the Alborz mountain range. This hotel is in the vicinity of Chitgar Lake and within a short distance from many recreational centers, tourist sites, and other significant places. Some of the well-known sites are Azadi Lake, Chitgar Forest Park, Bam Land, Hyperstar Shopping Center, Mehrabad Airport (THR), Azadi Stadium, and Eram Amusement Park. People like the geographical location of this grand hotel.

Facilities of Olympic Hotel Tehran

Olympic Hotel Tehran features amazing facilities and amenities. One of the most convenient 4-star hotels with the top services. This magnificent hotel, with two floors, consists of 100 deluxe suites. Duplex suites and Royal suites are the wonderful accommodations of the Olympic Hotel Tehran. Guests can enjoy a delightful time at this place. Other amenities include the swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, fitness center, massage room, traditional bathhouse, billiard and chess room, artificial turf field, bank, handicraft store, barbershop, confectionery, and clinic. The hotel is well-equipped compared to other four-star hotels. In addition, the business center can be used for business purposes, the restaurant can be a perfect place to dine, and the cafe is a nice area for relaxing. Lastly, the hotel's halls and lounges are spectacular, they can be booked for any event or ceremony.

Olympic Hotel Tehran Billiard Room

Olympic Hotel Tehran is a top-class hotel in Tehran with spacious suites, modern amenities, and excellent hospitality. It has the latest hotel quality standards and is perfect for accommodation. HotelOneClick particularly recommends this hotel.

Why is Olympic Hotel Tehran one of the best 4-star hotels in Tehran?

According to its privileged location, transportation from this hotel is easily made to various parts of the city. Traffic jams are less in that area, shorter distances to Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA) and Mehrabad Airport (THR), and many tourist attractions are located nearby. Also, this place is calm and peaceful, creating a unique lovely atmosphere, where guests can enjoy resting. The facilities available at Olympic Hotel Tehran are top-class, along with luxurious modern restaurants and comfortable suites. Furthermore, the venues, lounges, and banquet halls are among the best places to arrange events. Travelers and tourists can benefit from the Olympic Hotel and enjoy their trip. Therefore, this 4-star accommodation is among the finest hotels in the capital city.

For whom is the Olympic Hotel Tehran suitable?

This hotel can be an ideal choice for all types of travelers and tourists. Mostly, it is suitable for athletes and players due to the location of the Olympic Hotel Tehran. Many sports centers, fields, stadiums, and racing tracks are nearby which makes this hotel the perfect accommodation for athletes. Moreover, it can be used by other types of travelers requiring a relaxing atmosphere. It is less recommended to business travelers, as these types of travelers are seeking a residence in the center of the city. In general, Olympic Hotel Tehran is excellent accommodation in the western part of the city.

Rooms and suites of Olympic Hotel Tehran

The suites of the Olympic Hotel Tehran are deluxe and convenient. They include unique decorations along with superb amenities and 24-hour room service. These accommodations are Duplex suites and Royal suites.

Duplex Suite

A well-furnished duplex suite, with a small living room, a kitchenette, a bathroom, and a bedroom. The bedroom is situated on the second floor including two single beds or one double bed. The duplex suite is well-furnished and decorated, having a very delightful atmosphere. 24-hour hour room service and first-class facilities make this accommodation unique.

Olympic Hotel Tehran Suite

Royal Suite

A luxury suite well-equipped with fine facilities, having a large area including a living room, a kitchenette, a bathroom, and a bedroom. The bedroom consists of two single beds or a double bed along with an elegant decoration. The cozy living room has a comfortable sitting area, an LCD TV, and wide windows with a pleasing view. Some of these suites are equipped with a jacuzzi. The bathroom is spacious including all the necessary toiletries.

Olympic Hotel Tehran  Royal Suite

In-room facilities of Olympic Hotel Tehran:

  • LCD TV
  • Minibar
  • Telephone
  • Heating system
  • Air conditioning system
  • High-speed internet
  • Safe-deposit box
  • Hairdryer
  • Teamaker

The deluxe suites of the Olympic Hotel Tehran are ideal accommodations for your trip to Tehran. HotelOneClick recommends these for having a pleasant stay.

Restaurants and Cafes of Olympic Hotel Tehran

Olympic Hotel Tehran has luxurious dining areas providing the most delicious dishes, beverages, desserts, and side dishes. People can enjoy the most delectable food along with a very friendly service in a wonderful environment. The restaurants and cafes of this place are perfect places for guests to experience a special moment.

Yas Restaurant

A modern deluxe restaurant, with astonishing decoration and well-behaved staff, is found in the hotel lobby. This lounge can hold 120 people, serving international and Iranian dishes. The breakfast buffet is from 6:00 to 10:00. Also, it is available 24 hours a day.

Olympic Hotel Tehran Restaurant

Olympic Café

Olympic Hotel Cafe has an enjoyable atmosphere including outdoor and indoor dining areas. Located in the lobby, has a modern design and splendid service. Delicious cakes and luscious coffees can be enjoyed at this coffee shop. An excellent place to dine with friends, family, or colleagues.

Olympic Hotel Tehran Cafe

Traditional Tea House

A very unique cozy place, decorated with Persian traditional style, serving delicious hot drinks, especially tea. This tea house has Iranian traditional seated tables and it is situated in the hotel lobby.

Olympic Hotel Tehran Traditional Restaurant and Tea House

Halls and venues of the Olympic Hotel Tehran

Olympic Hotel Tehran comprises many multi-purpose halls which are equipped with the latest international standards. Each of these halls and lounges can be used for a specific event. Different area sizes and different layouts make these venues unique.

International Conference Hall

The International Conference Hall is a superb hall, suitable for seminars and conferences. This massive hall covers an area of 800 square meters with a capacity to hold up to 600 people. It is situated on the ground floor and has many facilities including a video projector, a high-quality sound and multimedia system, stage curtains, a VIP room with an exclusive entrance, an LED display upon request, and a filming service. Also, it has comfortable auditorium seats.

Olympic Hotel Tehran International Conference Hall

Hegmataneh Hall

A spacious hall, covering an area of 300 square meters, can accommodate 300 people and is found on the ground floor. Well-equipped with the latest sound and multimedia system, Hegmataneh is suitable for meetings, seminars, and conferences. It can be arranged in various layouts, providing facilities such as lighting fixtures, microphones, a projector, and an LED display.

Olympic Hotel Tehran Hegmataneh Hall

Hafez Hall

A modern hall, with an area of 70 square meters, is located on the ground floor. It can hold up to 32 people, suitable for meetings and conferences. Hafez hall can be decorated with flowers, and the ability to film and record your events, and arrange the layout desired. Comfortable seats, projectors, microphones, and LED displays are available for use.

Olympic Hotel Tehran Hafez Hall

Meeting rooms

Olympic Hotel Tehran has several small meeting rooms for 30 people up to 80 people capacity. These rooms are equipped with high-quality sound and multimedia systems, video projectors, computers, and internet access. The rooms are different from one another in area size, starting from 60 square meters up to 80 square meters, and each can be arranged in different layouts according to the host's request. They are all situated on the ground floor, suitable for classrooms, seminars, meetings, and conferences.

Olympic Hotel Tehran Meeting Hall

Seyhoon Banquet Hall

Seyhoon hall is a spacious lounge, located on the ground floor of the Olympic Hotel Tehran. This banquet hall is beautifully decorated, making it suitable for weddings, repasts, and other events. This lounge covers an area of 250 square meters and can accommodate up to 230 guests.

Olympic Hotel Tehran Seyhoon Hall

Tooska Banquet Hall

A distinctive hall that is suitable for weddings, repasts, and other events. With a capacity to hold up to 250 people, this lounge is located on the ground floor. This banquet hall has two exclusive entrances, one to the parking lot and another to the hotel lobby. This magnificent venue is equipped with a high-quality sound and multimedia system, microphones, LED displayers, and speakers. It can be decorated with flowers upon request.

Olympic Hotel Tehran Tooska Banquet Hall

Abgineh Hall

Abgineh is a unique hall, covered with architectural glass without any columns, and has a stunning design. It has an area of 400 square meters and can accommodate 400 guests. Although this hall is mostly reserved for weddings, it is also suitable for parties, seminars, conferences, and exhibitions. One of the best lounges of the Olympic Hotel in Tehran.

Olympic Hotel Tehran Abgineh Hall

Therefore, all of the halls and venues of the Olympic Hotel Tehran are spectacular for your events and ceremonies. Guests can have an unforgettable party or arrange their business meetings at these venues. Besides the lounges and halls, HotelOneClick recommends this hotel for accommodation to everyone to experience a memorable trip while discovering Tehran.