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Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran

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No.115, Taleqani St., Tehran, Iran
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Check out:12 pm
Having passport for foreign guests is obligatory.
Canceling cost is equal to the first night according to the hotel rules.
Children under 7 will not be charged.
Check in:2 pm

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About Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran

Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran is one of the best 4-star hotels in the capital. The hotel was named the top hotel in Tehran in 2018 by the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization of Iran. Howeyzeh Hotel, structured for nearly four decades, is located in the downtown area of Tehran, at the intersection of Ayatollah Taleghani Street and Ostad Nejatollahi Street. This makes it easy for hotel guests to access Tehran's tourist attractions and business centers. Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran is one of the subsidiaries of Kosar Hotels Group. The Kosar Hotels Group has proven its ability in hotel management, great hospitality, and achieving guests’ contentment. Reconstructed with the latest international standards of the world in 2015, the Howeyzeh Hotel in Tehran is now one of the most suitable accommodations for foreign tourists and guests.

Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran

History of Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran

Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran was built in 1976 before the Islamic revolution and it was completely renovated in 2015. In this reconstruction, the highest standards of earthquake-resistant or aseismic structures are considered to increase building safety. The use of skilled and experienced staff in Howeyzeh Hotel has made this hotel a unique one in Tehran. The Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran hosts a large number of foreign tourists and visitors each year. It welcomes and greets them to have a pleasant and memorable stay. The hotel has hosted many international figures and events throughout its years of activity. Among the special guests who chose Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran as their accommodation place are the heads of European universities in 2017. In that year, 35 leading academics and professors from different European countries chose the hotel as their residence to attend a seminar introducing the European Union's educational and study opportunities in Iran. Because of its proximity to the main cinemas of the capital and event halls, the Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran hosts a large number of foreign guests each year at the time of the Fajr Film Festival. If you need to see complete reviews of this hotel, you can visit the TripAdvisor reviews for this hotel.

Kosar Hotels Group

As mentioned earlier, Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran is one of the subgroups of the Kosar Hotels Group. In 2015, the general manager of Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran was selected as the exemplary manager of the tourism and hospitality industry in Tehran province. This illustrates the commitment of Kosar Hotels to the best service provisions. Kosar Tourism Organization is one of the finest organizations that have been operating since 1993. The main purpose of this organization is to promote culture, tourism, sports, and recreation in Iran to attract domestic and foreign tourists.

Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran Kosar Hotel Groups

Currently, the Kosar Hotels Group also has the following hotels in different cities and tourist destinations in Iran:

  • Sefidkenar Hotel Anzali
  • Samen Hotel Mashhad
  • Kosar Hotel Ramsar 
  • Qods Hotel Mashhad 
  • Shahed Hotel Qom

The group also owns the Isar Alborz recreational complex. Moreover, the Kosar Shahed Tourism and Pilgrimage Air Travel Company belongs to the Kosar Cultural Tourism Organization.

Location of Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran

Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran is located in the vicinity of Hafez Avenue, in Nejatollahi Street (formerly known as Villa Street). Villa Street is one of the most beautiful and oldest streets in Tehran. This street is very upscale and full of antique stores, antique silverware, and jewelry. Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran is located at the center of the city featuring the old and historical texture of Tehran, and it is very close to many tourist attractions. Just a few minutes' walk away, you can reach the Honarmandan park, the Qajar-era museum gardens, or museums of unique Iranian architecture.

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Why is Howeyzeh Hotel one of the best hotels in Tehran?

This hotel is located in the central part of the capital. This makes it easy for guests and travelers to access places such as the Tehran Grand Bazaar and other Tehran tourist attractions. Attractions close to the hotel include the Golestan Palace Museum, the Gardens of Negarestan, the Church of St. Sarkis, and the House of Artists (Khaneh Honarmandan). Due to heavy traffic in the city of Tehran, you can use the subway for easier access to these places. The hotel is within easy reach of the Taleghani Subway Station, as well as easy access to the Valiasr and Ferdowsi Squares. Respectful tourists who travel to Tehran to stay at the Howeyzeh Hotel for health care can visit the Imam Khomeini Hospital and other health departments. In addition to the above, due to its 11:00 pm proximity to the currency exchanges, offices, ministries, government agencies, and embassies such as the British, Armenian, Russian, and Iraqi embassies, this hotel has become one of Tehran's most popular hotels for guest accommodation. Another advantage of this hotel is its proximity to the old and famous pastry shops of Tehran such as the Hans, Lord, and Danish (Danmarki) pastry shops. The Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran is one of the tallest buildings in the downtown area, including unique views from its rooms and suites. Among the most important amenities of the Hotel are the connecting rooms, the disabled room, the restaurant, and the coffee shop with a variety of Iranian food and drinks. The hotel also has four conference halls, suitable for all kinds of events and conferences. The sauna, jacuzzi, free internet, hairdressing salon, laundry service, and private parking with a capacity of more than 100 cars are among the amenities of the Hotel.

Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran Lobby

Rooms and Suites of Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran

The modern renovation of the hotel has been designed to meet the different needs of its guests. For example, in addition to regular guests, this hotel is also suitable for disabled guests.

Single Room

The single room of this hotel has a pleasant design. This room consists of a single bed and comfortable furniture that creates a cozy atmosphere.

  • Capacity: 1
  • Features: Air Conditioning, Minibar, Bathroom, Telephone in Bathroom, Hairdryer, High-speed Internet, TV, Tea Maker
  • Total number of Single rooms in the hotel: 96

Double or Twin Room

There are three different types of this item available in the hotel

Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran Double Room
  • Double rooms for the disabled, are designed to completely fit the needs of a disabled guest.
  • Twin rooms, which include two separate beds
  • Double rooms, which include one queen-size bed

Triple Room

This room has three separate single beds. The room is spacious and comfortable. Breakfast is also served in the following room.

Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran Triple Room
  • Capacity: 3
  • Features: Air Conditioning, Minibar, Bathroom, Telephone in Bathroom, Hairdryer, High-speed Internet, TV, Satellite TV, Tea Maker
  • Bed Type: Three Single Beds
  • Total number of triple rooms in the hotel: 8

Royal Suite

The Royal Suite includes a king-size bed designed for two guests. The room is very convenient, includes a unique design, and has a beautiful view of the street. Guests can enjoy fresh Iranian and foreign breakfast in these rooms every morning.

  • Capacity: 2
  • Features: Air Conditioning, Minibar, Bathroom, Telephone in Bathroom, Hairdryer, High-speed Internet, TV, Tea Maker
  • Bed type: One double bed
  • Total number of Royal Suites in the hotel: 8

All rooms and suites in the complex include an integrated electric system. In all rooms, there is an automatic fire alarm system with a reactive siren alarm and flashing lights. The rooms are designed with double-glazed windows to reduce the noise and commotion of the streets. The rooms have 32-inch or 42-inch LED TVs with an interactive interface.

Restaurants and Cafes of Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran

The hotel has a restaurant serving a variety of Iranian and international cuisines. In addition, the Simin Café is also located at the hotel. This coffee shop is simple and beautiful in design. The Howeyzeh Hotel café is ready to provide guests with the highest quality service from morning to midnight.

Laleh Restaurant

This restaurant is located on the second floor of the Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran. The restaurant's decoration is upscale and magnificent. Laleh restaurant has a beautiful view of the front street of the hotel. The hotel restaurant has a capacity of 130 guests. The restaurant's food menu includes a variety of Iranian and international dishes and satisfies every taste. The restaurant staff and waiters are professional and well-experienced, and they are also able to speak English fluently. This restaurant is open to guests every day from 6:30 am to 11:00 pm.

Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran Laleh Restaurant

Simin Coffee Shop

The hotel café is located in the lobby on the left side of the hotel's entrance. This cafe is one of the best cafes in Tehran. The minimalist decoration and striking design of the café along with the stunning view of Nejatollahi street make it a perfect place to hold business meetings or spend time with family and friends. The café of the Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran is ready to serve guests every hour of the day. The Simin Coffee Shop with a capacity of 50 people, serves the most delectable desserts, fresh drinks, and relaxing coffees.

Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran Cafe

Halls and venues of Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran

Due to the location of the hotel and the excellent work of the Kosar Hotels Group, this hotel hosts many national and international conferences every year. The hotel has 4 main lounges with unique amenities.

1. Melal Hall

The capacity of the hall is 70 seats in the U-shape layout and 120 seats in the amphitheater layout. The Melal Hall, with all the audiovisual effects, is the best venue for international conferences, news conferences, forums, seminars, and training classes. In addition, the highest standards in the world are considered in designing the audio and video systems of the hall. Also, high-quality heating, cooling, and ventilation systems are used to control the room temperature for guests’ convenience.

Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran Melal Conference Hall

2. Culture Hall

This hall’s capacity is 35 people. It is arranged in a U-shape layout. The audio and video systems are of high quality. Features all the audio and visual amenities (video projector, display screen, desktop, collar & wireless microphone, amplifier, etc.). This lounge is ideal for news conferences, international meetings, training classes, and so on.

Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran Meeting Room

3. Art Hall

This lounge with a capacity of 30 people is arranged in a class layout. The audiovisual facilities of the lounge and the heating/cooling system are selected considering the highest world standards. The art hall is the perfect space for classes and workshops.

4. Civilization Hall

The hall is designed to accommodate 120 people and has a rounded layout. A spacious hall with exceptional design and splendid facilities. The hall of Civilization is a perfect place for annual gatherings, meetings, institutions, and parties.

Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran Civilization Banquet Hall

Other amenities of Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran

Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran boasts the latest recreational amenities and welfare facilities with the latest quality standards. The hotel offers the following amenities for the well-being and comfort of its guests.

Sauna and Jacuzzi

The hotel has a spa center with a sauna, jacuzzi, and massage area. The complex has a capacity of 25 people.

Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran Sauna and Jacuzzi

Taxi Service

For the convenience and comfort of the guests, there is a taxi service at the hotel at reasonable prices throughout the day.

Hair salon

In the building, there is a barbershop with a professional barber. The salon is fully equipped and ready to serve the guests.

Craft Store

Inside the hotel, there is a handicraft shop offering items from different parts of Iran. The hotel building is also adjacent to Villa Street. This street is considered the central market of antiques, antique silverware, and jewelry.


The Howeyzeh Hotel parking has a capacity of about 100 cars.

Other features

The hotel has other amenities such as Laundry, a safe-deposit box, and an ATM.