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Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel

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No. 20, Kooshke Mesri St., Ferdowsi Ave., North of Imam Khomeini Sq., Tehran, Iran
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Having passport for foreign guests is obligatory.
Canceling cost is equal to the first night according to the hotel rules.
Check out: 12 pm
Check in:2 pm
Children under 6 will not be charged.

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Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Tehran

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Tehran is one of the most magnificent hotels in the city. This 4-star hotel in Tehran is located in the heart of the city. It boasts top-class rooms and suites with the highest international standards. The premier hotel is equipped with the finest amenities and welfare facilities to provide absolute comfort to every tourist.

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel

About Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Tehran

The Ferdowsi Grand Hotel was founded in 1989. It is located on Ferdowsi Street in Tehran, close to one of the city's oldest and most important squares. The name of the hotel is also the name of one of Iran's most famous poets, Ferdowsi. The facade of the hotel is designed with turquoise tiles and the statue of Ferdowsi at its entrance brings the splendor of the wise poet to life. In 2018, the Ferdowsi Hotel was renovated to the latest world standards to improve facilities. The hotel complex covers an area of over 22,000 square meters. This 6-story building has 260 separate accommodations. An indoor sports complex is located inside the building for the guests’ welfare. Guests may also use the pool, sauna, and jacuzzi, and receive a relaxing massage in the complex to enjoy a pleasant stay. During your stay at Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Tehran, you can use the traditional Termeh restaurant to try the unique taste of traditional Iranian dishes. All in all, staying at the Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Tehran will provide you with all the necessities and create an unforgettable trip for you. Other hotel amenities include breakfast lounges, French restaurants, Zeytoon buffet restaurants, fast foods, conference rooms, wedding and reception rooms, pastries, and coffee shops.

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Lobby

Location of Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel

Ferdowsi Hotel is very close to the most important historical sites of the city such as the Tehran Grand Bazaar, Golestan Palace, Ancient Iranian Museums, Glassware, Coins, and Jewelry museums, as well as the National Garden. The hotel building is located near one of the most fascinating historical squares of Tehran, known as Imam Khomeini Square. The Ferdowsi Grand Hotel has easy access to public transportation. There are two intercity bus terminals near the hotel. The hotel is also located next to the Imam Khomeini Subway Station. This metro station is the main intersection of metro lines 1 and 2 and is one of the most crowded stations in the city. In addition, taxis are available round the clock to various parts of the city near the hotel.

Facilities of Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Tehran is one of the most unique hotels in Iran. The luxurious facilities of this hotel, along with the top-notch services and friendly hospitality, will create a memorable stay for you. It offers a variety of amenities including a sports complex, a pool with a sauna and jacuzzi, traditional and modern restaurants, and several coffee shops. The hotel also hosts numerous international guests each year, with spacious halls and well-equipped conference rooms, commodious rooms, and pastries. If you would like to spend your stay in Tehran in a luxurious, yet classic place, you can book the Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Tehran on the WorldOneTravel website.

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Indoor Pool

WorldOneTravel guarantees the best prices are offered for Ferdowsi hotel. You can also get acquainted with the facilities of the Ferdowsi Grand Hotel on the WorldOneTravel website. Also, make sure about your accommodation by viewing the hotel images.

Why is Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel one of the best hotels in Tehran?

Ferdowsi Hotel is located at the heart of the city in the most historic part of Tehran. If you are planning to visit Tehran tourist attractions, staying at Ferdowsi Hotel will be a perfect choice and have many advantages for you. Due to the proximity of this hotel to one of the most important subway stations in Tehran, you can easily use the subway routes to visit any part of the capital in the shortest time. Also, if you want to use intercity buses, Imam Khomeini and Shahid Fayyazbakhsh bus terminals are very close to the hotel. In the vicinity of the Ferdowsi hotel, public taxis of the city are available. In addition, the hotel taxi service also provides services to the guests all day long. You can easily reach the City Park (Park-e Shahr) by walking on the old cobblestoned streets. This beautiful and historic park in downtown Tehran will surprise you. It is a green and stunning park located in one of the most crowded parts of the city. Due to its great history, this hotel is an ideal place to hold business meetings and conferences. The hotel has well-equipped lounges for conferences and conventions. Traditional and modern restaurants within the Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Tehran try to satisfy all tastes. Termeh Traditional Persian restaurant with live music is one of the best restaurants in Tehran. The French restaurant with classic decoration and modern cuisine is another restaurant at the Ferdowsi Hotel serving delectable dishes. Also, the large Zeytoon restaurant with Iranian and international cuisine is available for visitors to enjoy.

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Pastry Shop

Rooms and Suites of Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Tehran

The Ferdowsi Grand Hotel offers its guests a variety of rooms and suites with different amenities. The interior decoration of these rooms and suites is delightful and pleasing. The use of warm colors makes the room cozy and comfortable.

Single Room

The hotel's single rooms are simple, yet very comfortable. All the necessary amenities such as a minibar along with smart audio and video systems are in the rooms.

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Single Room

Royal Suite

RoyalSuite at the Ferdowsi Hotel have a striking design. They are spacious and have all the necessary amenities. Facilities include a bathroom, 24-hour room service, and high-speed internet.

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Rpyal Suite

Double Room

There is one king bed in the Ferdowsi hotel's double rooms. These rooms create a pleasant atmosphere with classic and comfortable furniture. Room amenities include a TV with satellite channels, 24-hour room service, and high-speed internet.

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Tehran Double Room

Double Suite

The suites of the Ferdowsi Hotel are located on the upper floors of the hotel and they are equipped with the most modern amenities and facilities. These suites have a beautiful view to the north and south of the hotel. One of the advantages of the hotel suites is having a kitchenette and a Jacuzzi.

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Double Suite

VIP (Royal) Double Suite

The Royal Suites of Ferdowsi Hotel are deluxe. These suites have all the amenities of luxurious accommodation. The suites consist of a large living room, Jacuzzi, and a kitchen along with a smart lighting system. Beautiful views of the north and south of the hotel are another feature of these suites. In all rooms and suites, there is a minibar, a TV with satellite channels, an audio system, and a telephone. The services are available 24 hours a day. High-speed wireless internet is also available at the hotel throughout the day and night.

Restaurants and Cafes of Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Tehran

Ferdowsi Grand Hotel has some of the best restaurants in Tehran. The hotel's variety of restaurants allows you to experience different delectable cuisines. In addition to the restaurants, this hotel has a quiet and pleasant café. A coffee shop in the corner of the hotel lobby welcomes guests at any time of the day and night.

Breakfast Restaurant

Having breakfast at the Ferdowsi breakfast restaurant could start a day full of energy. The varied menu of this lounge will increase your appetite and have a wide range of dishes for selection. A fresh Iranian breakfast or an English breakfast with fresh bread can be a good choice to start the day. The hall is ready to serve you from 6:30 am to 10:00 am.

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Breakfast Restaurant

French Restaurant

This small restaurant can accommodate up to 80 guests. The restaurant's beautiful decoration has created a classic French atmosphere to create the feeling of dining in France. The smell of coffee and the light music in the background make the Ferdowsi Hotel's beautiful French lounge exciting and memorable. This restaurant is a perfect place for private gatherings.

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel French Restaurant

Zeytoon Buffet and Restaurant

Pleasant piano sounds along with the Persepolis symbols and designs on the walls make the atmosphere of the Zeytoon restaurant very unique. The upscale buffet and restaurant at the Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Tehran have a varied menu. Various types of food, along with Iranian or international main dishes, give guests a variety of choices. The restaurant receptionist is very welcoming and speaks English fluently. Zeytoon buffet is one of the best buffets in Tehran. If you go to Zeytoon Restaurant, we suggest trying its soups.

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Zeytoon Restaurant

Termeh Traditional Restaurant

Termeh Restaurant is one of the finest traditional restaurants in Tehran. Restaurant decoration with brickwork and Iranian tile reflects the culture of ancient Iran. Moreover, Traditional live music with fountains around the restaurant has created an enjoyable atmosphere. If you are interested in dining at an Iranian traditional restaurant, Termeh restaurant is an ideal choice.

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Termeh Restaurant

Fast Food

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Tehran has great fast food for you if you are willing to eat hamburgers or pizzas in a young friendly environment. The Ferdowsi hotel’s fast food offers burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, and french fries.

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Fast Food

Ferdowsi Grand Hotel Café

In the corner of the hotel lobby is the Ferdowsi coffee shop. This beautiful café, with a nice view of Ferdowsi Street, is the perfect place for business and friendly meetings. The coffee shop is open to guests throughout the day and night. Comfortable furniture and a pleasant coffee shop environment can delight you with a cup of coffee at any time.

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Cafe

Halls and venues of Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Tehran

The Ferdowsi Hotel has two luxury halls and four advanced conference and convention halls. Every year, many couples celebrate their marriage in the hotel's reception halls. Due to the advanced facilities of the Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Conference Halls, the hotel has hosted numerous national and international conferences and delegations until now.

Diplomat and Aroos Darya Wedding Reception Halls

The hotel's reception halls, with exceptional decorations, are suitable for celebrations. In these halls, there are advanced audio and video systems with the latest world standards.

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Diplomat and Aroos Darya Hall

Kooh Nour Congress & Conference Hall, Negin Conference Hall, and Almas Conference Hall

Ferdowsi International Hotel in Tehran is one of the best choices if you would like to hold a conference. The hotel's conference halls are equipped with the most modern audio and video systems to be capable of holding significant meetings and summits. The ceiling of the Almas and Negin lounges is in a folding style. There is a facility for the simultaneous translation of 50 persons in 4 languages in the Kooh Nour Hall.

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Conference Hall

Other facilities of Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Tehran

Ferdowsi Grand Hotel is a luxury hotel in the downtown area of Tehran. The hotel offers all the necessary amenities in its complex for the convenience of its guests. Facilities include a well-equipped fitness center, a pool, a barbershop, a massage room, and a pastry shop.

Fitness Center

The most modern sports equipment is placed in this hall. Experienced trainers are ready to answer your questions and help you with your exercises. During your stay at Ferdowsi Hotel, you can continue your physical activity and workout.

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel Fitness Center

Sauna and pool

The Ferdowsi Hotel pool is 16 meters long and 12 meters wide with a maximum depth of 2 meters. The pool is purified with an ozone purifier and the most modern equipment. In addition to the sauna and jacuzzi, the complex also has a cold steam tunnel.

Other amenities of the Ferdowsi Hotel Tehran

Tehran Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel has many facilities. The hotel has a popular pastry shop. Ferdowsi's pastry shop is suggested if you are looking for fresh and quality pastries. If you want to reduce the fatigue of traveling with professional massages, this hotel also provides you with the most experienced masseurs. The hotel also has a 24-hour taxi service. In addition, the hotel has other amenities like a barbershop and an ATM.