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Espinas Palace Hotel

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Behroud Sq., Saadat Abad, Tehran, Iran
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Having passport for foreign guests is obligatory.
Canceling cost is equal to the first night according to the hotel rules.
Children under 2 will not be charged. Children between 2 to 12 will be charged half-price if they ask for extra service, if they need any extra bed, they will be charged like an adult.
Check In : 3 PM
Check Out : 11 AM

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About Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran

Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran started its activity in 2015 in the best part of Tehran. This 5-star luxury hotel is a member of the Espinas Hotel Group. With its impressive design, this hotel hosts tourists, politicians, and businessmen from all over the world annually. The word Espinas means to reside in a cool rural area and it is also the name of a mountain peak in the north of Iran. The Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran is the third hotel in the Espinas Hotel Group with exceptional architecture and views. This hotel has welcomed top officials and figures like Professor Samii, the President of Croatia, the Swiss Prime Minister, and other politicians and celebrities. The Espinas Palace Hotel is one of the best buildings in Tehran, with an amazing atmosphere, a magnificent lobby, and luxurious service provision that meets all the expectations of a 5-star hotel. The hotel has 21 floors with 400 spacious rooms and luxurious suites. The Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran has well-trained hospitable staff who will host you and wish you an inexperienced memorable stay. All facilities for a luxurious and memorable stay are available at Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran. The hotel lobby is composed of the most luxurious design among the finest hotels in Iran with all the required facilities. The hotel lobby's decoration and furnishings are precisely selected and the layout is superb.

Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran

Why is the Espinas Palace Hotel one of the best hotels in Tehran?

Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran, located in the Saadat Abad district (northwest of Tehran) situated at the foot of the mountain with a beautiful cityscape view, is the third hotel of the Espinas Hotel Group. The hotel boasts a variety of venues and is well-equipped with the latest technology to host various events including parties, events, celebrations, festivals, exhibitions, concerts, and conferences. Other features include a variety of restaurants, shops, galleries, sports spaces, and a bowling lounge. One of the most important features of this unique hotel in addition to its exceptional architecture and view is the top services provided by highly experienced, polite, and enthusiastic staff. Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran is one of the finest and most prestigious Tehran hotels with top-class modern amenities, a wide variety of accommodations, and more than 14 halls for various events. Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran’s halls can accommodate from 20 to 1500 people in different rooms. With more than 40 working rooms, this hotel can accommodate all types of guests. The purpose of this hotel's staff is to satisfy guests and create a different experience for them, and the personnel will do their best to achieve this goal. The hotel offers delectable Iranian food in different dishes at all times of the year.

Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran Lobby

For whom is the Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran suitable?

If the rate of the hotel is not a major concern for you and you are also looking for a memorable stay in Tehran, the Espinas Palace Hotel will be your best choice. Also if you are having a business trip, staying at this hotel and having all your meetings there would be a great choice. At this hotel, all expectations of a five-star hotel are met in the best possible way. This feature has made all guests experience a comfortable and pleasant stay.

Rooms and suites of Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran

All amenities for a luxurious stay at the Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran are available. All rooms have facilities such as comfortable bedding, air conditioning, temperature control, and 24-hour room service. In addition to standard guestrooms, there are business rooms at the hotel which are much more spectacular than the standard rooms.

Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran Triple Room


Each Standard Room comes with air conditioning, a flat-screen TV with international TV channels, Internet access, a double bed, and a bathroom and restroom. Due to the merging of modernity and tradition, these rooms bring you comfort as well as being roomy. By staying in one of these rooms, good memories of this hotel will be engraved in your mind. Business Rooms are located on the top floor of the hotel. The unique design of these rooms is inspired by contemporary architecture. The tall windows of these rooms from ceiling to floor have a breathtaking view of the Alborz Mountains or the bustling city of Tehran. The free high-speed internet also gives you quick access to the world and in addition, you can stay in touch with your family or friends all the time. Guests can enjoy a varied and delicious breakfast in the hotel after having a rest in a room with a king-size bed or two single beds, and enjoying the beautiful view of the mountains of the north of Tehran (or the city, according to guests' favor). The King-size bed is for two people in the Royal Rooms. Like the standard rooms, there is a very convenient work desk, but the guests in Royal rooms can have more room space and can use the parking of the hotel. Royal Family Rooms are also among the luxurious hotel rooms. This spacious room with a panoramic view of the Alborz Mountains is suitable for families with young children or guests traveling in groups.

Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran Twin Room


In the Junior Suites of the Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran, there is considerable space for the comfort of guests. Deluxe work desks and luggage desks are also included. In addition to all the amenities mentioned above, the Royal Suites have separate workrooms and bedrooms, each with a separate bathroom. In the Presidential Suites, which are covered in stunning stones, the suite area is separated into a bedroom, workroom, and living room so that everything is at the highest world standards. Presidential Suites can also enjoy coffee and tea services free of charge. And finally, the Luxury Suite consists of 2 bedrooms, a fully equipped office, and a large living room. Other features include a 6-seater dining table, sports facilities such as a treadmill and a massage bed, and a stunning cityscape view.

Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran Sky Suite

The list of rooms and suites at Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran is as follows:

  • Standard Double Room
  • Standard Room
  • Royal Family Room
  • Royal Family Room with Balcony
  • Junior Suite
  • Presidential Suite
  • Royal Suite
  • Presidential Palace Suite
  • Sky Suite

Restaurants and Cafes of Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran

The restaurants and cafes of Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran are like all other areas, luxurious and chic. Below we will mention these restaurants and their facilities:

Diba Restaurant

One of the restaurants of the Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran is the Diba traditional restaurant. A variety of traditional and delicious Iranian dishes are served at this restaurant. Drawings and paintings from ancient rituals, along with original live music, have created a very calm and enjoyable atmosphere for dining.

Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran Diba Restaurant

Laton Restaurant

Laton Restaurant is one of the luxurious restaurants of the Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran. This modern restaurant has a beautiful interior design. The restaurant includes an ideal decoration with blue furniture, flower arrangements, and artistic paintings to delight guests. Laton restaurant comprises a variety of delicious food, salads, and delectable drinks. It has a peaceful, lovely, and luxurious environment for spending some precious moments with special guests. The food at this restaurant is excellent but you should also note that the price of this restaurant is high. This restaurant is located on the third floor. It has a delightful view of the greenery surroundings of the hotel, serving a variety of Mediterranean cuisine with unique tastes. Laton has the most elegant and attractive design, ready to serve dear guests. You can have a buffet breakfast at the restaurant, and dine for lunch and dinner enjoying the various foods served in a relaxing environment. Create an unforgettable experience for you and your companions. The romantic and elegant design of this restaurant will be appealing at first glance. Traditional Iranian dishes are also served traditionally. Traditional and luxurious drinks including tea, coffee, and herbal drinks are served in a traditional Iranian style and are available for you to enjoy after your meal.

Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran Latoon Restaurant

Sunset Café

The Espinas Palace Hotel's café is also perfectly good at hospitality. After a busy day in Tehran, guests can relax for hours at the café and enjoy its delicious drinks and snacks. The taste of the latte you drink in this cafe will never be erased from your memory. There are a variety of hot and cold drinks in the café that you can enjoy. You will also be offered light snacks, muffins, and a variety of delicious pastries. One of the best experiences you can have at this cafe is outdoor food serving, which is complemented by the breathtaking view of Tehran. Smokers can also go to the terrace next to the café and enjoy the beautiful terrace view while smoking. This space is also ready to serve shisha (hookah) from 11 pm to 3 am.

Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran Sunset Cafe

Sky Lounge Restaurant

Sky Lounge Stylish Café restaurant is on the 21st floor of the Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran in Saadat Abad, with a magnificent view over the metropolitan city of Tehran. We can dare to say that if you are looking to have your coffee in the coziest place with an inexperienced cityscape view, here is the first choice. Keep in mind, the prices are high according to the atmosphere and luxuriousness of the restaurant. This lounge is open from 7 am to midnight and also serves shisha. It is great for an enjoyable summer evening and a friendly chat away from the congested city. We recommend visiting the Sky Lounge at least once.

Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran Sky Lounge

Halls and venues of Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran

The Halls at the Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran are venues for big concerts and theaters for cultural activities. The Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran boasts a wide range of venues, such as the Palace Hall and the Borna Meeting Room, for business meetings and conferences. These venues can accommodate between 200 and 800 people with their different layouts. Famous performances at the Espinas Hotel include the Musical Theater of Les Misérables, Seven Cities of Love Concert, Bride of the Dead play, and the Seven Band Concert. The Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran has many halls including Parsa, Borna, Amiran, and Ivan halls, which are ready to host celebrations, seminars, and international conferences in their magnificent lounges with the most contemporary facilities.

Special amenities of Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran

Other facilities at the Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran include conference rooms, a room for the disabled, a safe deposit box, a 24-hour taxi service, a sports club, a barbershop, shopping stores, a tennis court, a spa, and a variety of French, Mediterranean, and traditional restaurants. The hotel has all the services and features you require for a luxurious stay, whether you're on a business trip or a recreational one. Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran is well suited for businessmen, politicians, and tourists, it is particularly recommended by WorldOneTravel for visitors looking for a memorable experience.

Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran Indoor Pool