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Ahvaz Pars Hotel

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Shahid Abedi St, 24 St, Ahvaz, Khuzestan, Iran
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Passport is required upon admission
Cancellation is calculated based on the cost of the first night.
Stay of kids below 6 is free in case they don’t use extra bed.
Check In : 2 PM
Check Out : 12 PM

nearby places

Distance to Ahvaz airport
17 MIN
Distance to Ahvaz railway station
Distance to Armenian Church in Ahvaz
13 MIN
Distance to Bandar Emam Khomeyni
75 MIN
Distance to Contemporary Arts Museum of Ahvaz
Distance to International Exhibition of Ahvaz
Distance to Karun River
Distance to Pol Haftom Waterfall
23 MIN
Distance to Pole Sefid Ahvaz
Distance to Terminal passenger of Ahvaz
13 MIN

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Ahvaz Pars Hotel

Located in the heart of Ahvaz City in a prime position, Ahvaz Pars Hotel is a luxurious 5-star hotel with top amenities and facilities under the Pars Hotels Group. It boasts top-class rooms and suites with unique designs and decorations having a delightful environment. This comfortable hotel has excellent hospitality and service provision where guests can enjoy their stay. Ahvaz Pars Hotel is the only five-star hotel in Ahvaz and one of the finest accommodations in that area.

About Ahvaz Pars Hotel

Ahvaz Pars Hotel started its construction in 1968 and was finished in 1973 in a privileged area with easy access to different parts of the city. This luxury hotel comprises modern architecture with 5 floors and 134 first-class rooms including fine in-room facilities and spectacular views. It covers an area of 4600 square meters and is equipped with the latest amenities and welfare facilities. The outstanding hotel was renovated in 2016 upgrading and modernizing all its features. Ahvaz Pars Hotel has a team of well-experienced friendly personnel offering good provisions and great hospitality. It follows the premier international standards in management and hospitality providing amazing service for guests’ comfort. The unique location of the hotel has delightful weather conditions and a calm pleasant atmosphere. From its opulent lobby to its upscale restaurants, superb halls, and well-furnished rooms, this quality hotel has a stunning interior design. It is the best hotel and one of the oldest in Ahvaz City where guests can experience a comfortable stay and a memorable journey.

Location of Ahvaz Pars Hotel

The deluxe hotel has a perfect position with easy access to all the commercial and recreational centers. It is situated on Shahid Abedi St. connected to the 24-meter St. of Ahvaz City. Located in the vicinity of the Karun River near the White Bridge, Ahvaz Pars Hotel is close to all the attractions of Ahvaz including Sahel Cinema, Oxyn Cinema, White Bridge, Karun River, Ahvaz Waterfall, Mapar Mansion, Art Museum, Armenian Church, Ahvaz Grand Bazaar, and War Museum. It also has a short distance from the Ahvaz International Airport, the Bus Terminal, the Port, and the International Exhibition. In general, it is the perfect accommodation for travelers who are seeking a hotel close to the tourist attractions of the city.

Facilities of Ahvaz Pars Hotel

Ahvaz Pars Hotel is a first-class hotel equipped with the finest facilities and amenities of modern-day standards. It consists of all the aspects of a five-star hotel creating a complete accommodation where guests can benefit and enjoy the most. Starting from its dining areas, the hotel has opulent restaurants with special dishes and delectable servings. It also consists of a delightful cafe with a variety of drinks, desserts, snacks, and appetizers. Visitors can dine at the hotel’s restaurants or cafes and have quality food and drinks. The safe hotel consists of an outdoor pool, two multipurpose halls, a barbershop, and various stores. Guests can have their meetings, conferences, or other events at the hotel's magnificent halls. They can also use the barbershop to get a fresh cut or visit the stores to purchase souvenirs and other necessities. A 24-hour reception and room service along with internet access throughout the hotel, a taxi service, and a laundry service are available for guests’ welfare.

Ahvaz Pars Hotel is a deluxe five-star hotel in the beautiful Ahvaz City with convenient rooms and excellent recreational amenities. WorldOneTravel particularly recommends this hotel for accommodation.

Why is Ahvaz Pars Hotel one of the best hotels in Ahvaz?

As a top hotel in Ahvaz, it consists of comfortable rooms, top-notch amenities, a prime location, and a peaceful convenient environment. It is also equipped with a team of polite welcoming staff providing great hospitality to welcome guests to this opulent hotel. Ahvaz Pars Hotel is the only 5-star hotel in the city and has the latest international standards making it an absolute accommodation. Every aspect and feature of this hotel gives us the result of why this hotel is one of the best hotels in Ahvaz.

For whom is the Ahvaz Pars Hotel suitable?

This quality hotel can be suitable for all types of travelers and tourists. Ahvaz city is mostly visited by business travelers and this hotel can be an ideal choice for their accommodation. It also has multipurpose halls where business travelers can have their conferences and meetings. Adventure travelers and holidaymakers travel to this city for its historical sites and recreational centers. They can benefit from this luxury hotel and have a wonderful trip. Moreover, Ahvaz Pars Hotel has a calm and relaxing atmosphere which can be a perfect choice for elderly travelers.

Rooms and suites of Ahvaz Pars Hotel

Deluxe spacious rooms and suites are available in Ahvaz Pars Hotel with top in-room facilities, elegant furniture, and scenic views. These are from Single Rooms and Double Rooms to Triple Rooms and One-bedroom Suites where guests can find their ideal room for accommodation.

Single Room

The Single Rooms of the hotel are cozy convenient rooms with simple decorations and an area of 18 square meters. These are beautifully decorated with comfortable furniture including a double bed, armchairs, a table, a vanity desk, a TV, and other in-room necessities. It consists of a clean bathroom and has a pleasant atmosphere. This room is suitable for one.

Double Room

A deluxe room with an area of 25 square meters consists of a spacious bathroom with all the toiletries and a scenic view. Well-furnished and decorated with quality furniture including a double bed, armchairs, a table, a TV, a vanity desk, and other essential furniture. This room has a peaceful and delightful environment and is perfect for two guests.

Twin Room

Similar to the Double Rooms of the hotel with the same furniture, design, and area size including two single beds. This room consists of a nice bathroom with all the necessary toiletries. Having a convenient and pleasant atmosphere, the Twin Rooms are ideal for two guests.

Triple Room

Spacious and luxurious, the Triple Rooms of the hotel consist of an area of 28 square meters and a unique design. These are elegantly decorated including a double bed and a single bed or three single beds along with armchairs, a table, a vanity desk, a TV, and other furniture. It has a clean bathroom with all the toiletries, an eye-catching view, and a relaxing environment. This type of room is suitable for three guests.

One-bedroom Suite

This suite is commodious with an area of 45 square meters. It consists of a bedroom, a living room, and a nice bathroom. Stunningly designed with stylish furniture including a double bed, a vanity desk, armchairs, sofas, tables, a TV, and other essential furniture. It has all the in-room necessities and facilities. Having a convenient environment, this suite is perfect for three guests.

In-room facilities of Ahvaz Pars Hotel:

  • Minibar
  • Teamaker
  • Closet
  • Telephone
  • Fire alarm system
  • TV
  • Toiletries
  • High-speed internet
  • Safe-deposit box
  • Heating system
  • Air conditioning system
  • Ventilation system
  • Hairdryer
  • Vanity desk
  • Ironing machine and table

The five-star opulent hotel has the finest rooms decorated with quality furniture and equipped with the latest in-room facilities. WorldOneTravel highly recommends Ahvaz Pars Hotel for accommodation.

Restaurants and Cafes of Ahvaz Pars Hotel

Ahvaz Pars Hotel consists of upscale restaurants and a casual cafe with a variety of delicious servings. The hotel’s restaurants serve Iranian, international, and seafood dishes making them perfect places to dine and enjoy quality food. Guests can also visit the hotel’s cafe for a hot drink and a dessert to enliven their day.

Karan Restaurant

A casual dining restaurant with various delectable servings and excellent hospitality. It is equipped with a team of friendly experienced staff providing amazing service to every visitor. This modern restaurant is located on the ground floor with an outdoor dining area and a self-service buffet. Karan Restaurant serves luscious Iranian cuisine, international cuisines, and seafood dishes. Live music is performed in this restaurant making it an ideal place to dine and enjoy a nice meal.

Cheshmandaz Restaurant

Found on the ground floor of the Ahvaz Pars Hotel, the Cheshmandaz Restaurant is a modern restaurant with classic decorations and stylish furniture. This restaurant can accommodate up to 60 guests. It serves various Iranian dishes along with desserts, side dishes, appetizers, and beverages.

Hotel Café

A delightful cafe with a pleasant atmosphere and a capacity of 50 guests. Situated in the hotel’s lobby, this cafe is equipped with well-behaved personnel and is decorated with comfortable furniture. It serves various hot/cold drinks, desserts, snacks, appetizers, and sandwiches. A perfect place to have a hot drink and dessert with friends, colleagues, and family members.

Ahvaz Pars Hotel has two luxurious restaurants and a modern cafe with a variety of delectable servings, from special dishes to unique drinks and beverages. WorldOneTravel especially recommends these for dining.

Halls and venues of Ahvaz Pars Hotel

The top-class hotel has two outstanding multi-purpose halls equipped with the best in-room facilities and advanced technologies. These halls can be arranged in different layouts to be suitable for all types of events, meetings, and ceremonies. Both halls follow international standards for hosting.

Conference Hall

Found on the first floor of the Ahvaz Pars Hotel, the Conference Hall is a marvelous multipurpose hall with an area of 286 square meters. It is equipped with the top in-room facilities and the latest technologies to be perfect for all events and conferences. This hall can accommodate 70 guests in a meeting layout, 70 in a U-shaped layout, 120 in a class arrangement, 250 in a cinematic layout, and 150 in a round table arrangement. The Conference Hall is ideal for weddings, repasts, banquets, conferences, seminars, parties, classrooms, exhibitions, and meetings.

Meeting Hall

The Meeting Hall of the hotel is a magnificent hall with classic decoration and unique furniture. It consists of an area of 120 square meters with the latest facilities and technologies. This hall can accommodate 30 guests in a meeting or U-shaped layout and is suitable for meetings and conferences.

The luxurious Ahvaz Pars Hotel is equipped with remarkable halls that are suitable for every event. WorldOneTravel suggests these halls for your special events and meetings.

The five-star Ahvaz Pars Hotel is a deluxe quality hotel with well-furnished rooms and top-notch facilities in an excellent location. WorldOneTravel particularly recommends this opulent hotel for accommodation.