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Yazd City

Yazd, formerly also known as Yezd, is the capital of Yazd Province, Iran.

Useful information for traveling to Yazd

One of the historical and unique provinces of Iran is Yazd, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This city is located in the center of Yazd province and is located in a wide, dry and enclosed courtyard between Shirkouh and Kharanagh mountains.

The city of Yazd has many beautiful and unique attraction attracting many travelers and tourists each year.

The city of Yazd has a nature of several species and is completely different, on one hand, there is desert areas and sandy hills, and on the other hand beautiful Shirkouh mountains and lush green villages; therefore, it is attractive for different foreign and local tourists.

The desert city of Yazd has many historical and recreational attractions. One of the attractions of this city is Amir Chakhmaq complex, which belongs to the 9th century AH, and in fact, it can be said to have become the symbol of the historical city of Yazd. The mosque has a huge dome and its altar has beautiful marble around it.

 Amir Chakhmaq complex

Another interesting attraction of the city of Yazd is the Dolat Abad Garden, which is one of the most beautiful Iranian gardens and is related to Zandieh's era. The reason for the global reputation of this garden is the world's tallest wind-catcher in it is registered on the national work list. In this garden, there is a building consisting of several mansions including Hashti and Badgir, Behesht Aein, ayeneh (mirror) hall, main and the south entrance.

Dolat Abad Garden

One of the famous attractions of Yazd is the Zoroastrian Temple. The architecture of this fire temple is derived from the architecture of the Achaemenid period. Visitors and tourists can go to the fire temple and see a fire that has not been extinguished for 1500 years from behind the glass.

Zoroastrian Temple

Also, Yazd has many other tourist attractions such as Eskandar Prison, Meybod Glacier, (Khamooshan) Silent Tower, Yazd Jame Mosque, Shegeft Yazdan Cave, etc.

Yazd Jame Mosque

Yazd also has a variety of guesthouses and hotels at various prices.

Yazd Luxury Hotels

1. Moshir-Al-Mamalek Garden Hotel:

This old garden hotel with old trees, pools and fountains is the first Iranian garden with its traditional architecture, along with all the recreational facilities. This garden belongs to the Qajar era and is listed in the National Iranian works.

Moshir-Al-Mamalek Garden Hotel

2. Arg Jadid Hotel:

A 4-star hotel that is one of the best hotels in the historic city of Yazd. The hotel has been combined with traditional architecture and has a beautiful view of the Shirukh mountains.

In addition to the 138 rooms, this hotel has luxurious suites that are built with modern interior design according to the latest standards of the day.

Four-star Arg Jadid Hotel in Yazd is ready to serve the dear guests with qualified staff. The hotel offers facilities such as a shopping mall, 3 excellent coffee shops, a car park, Iranian and foreign restaurants, and many other services for guests.

3. Arg Jadid Hotel:

4. Parsian Safaeieh Hotel:

Five-star Safaeieh Hotel with a special and beautiful structure and a completely traditional atmosphere, is ready to welcome the guests. This hotel has all the amenities and facilities of an excellent hotel, consisting of two new hotel complexes and a garden hotel.

Safaeieh Hotel

4. Dad Hotel:

The 4-star Dad hotel with traditional architecture and space is located in the heart of the historic city of Yazd. In addition to preserving its traditional and historic structure, the hotel has modern amenities. The advantage of the hotel is being close to historical and tourist sites such as Amir Chakhmaq Square and Zoroastrian Temple.

Dad Hotel

Hotels and residences of Yazd with reasonable prices

1. Uroza Residence Yazd:

This residence belongs to the Pahlavi era and was exploited about 70 years ago. The residence is located in the historical context of the city and offers easy access to tourist attractions.

2. Residence of Qashqai House Yazd:

The residence dates back to about 140 years ago and was renovated in 2015. The residence has 4 rooms and it is known as Qashqai House because of its interior design in Qashqai style. This residence offers easy access to the Amir Chakhmaq and Shesh Badgir complexes which are the advantages of the hotel

Residence of Qashqai House Yazd

3. Atlas Hotel:

A two-star hotel set up in 2003. This hotel is close to the city center.

4. Mozaffar Hotel:

A three-star hotel that was rebuilt in 2009 and launched in 2010. The hotel was built on the orders of a well-known merchant called Mozaffar, and was one of the unique homes in Qajar era. This hotel is located in the center of Yazd with 19 rooms.

Mozaffar Hotel

The cheapest residences and hotels in Yazd

1. Soroush Yazd Traditional Hotel :

This is a one-star hotel.

2. Residence of Kheshti House:

This residence is 150 years old and belongs to the Qajar era. It is close to the historical part of Yazd city. The residence has 6 rooms and a total capacity of 25 guests.

The Residence of Kheshti House