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before traveling to Isfahan

Useful information for traveling and staying in Isfahan

According to an old Iranian proverb, Isfahan is half of the world! Isfahan was once the majestic capital of the Shah Abbas Safavid Empire and one of the largest cities in the world. Today, the city has maintained its glorious past. Persian-Islamic architecture, beautiful boulevards, bridges, palaces, minarets, and mosques make the city very famous.

Isfahan's Naqsh Jahan Square is one of the largest squares in the world, registered by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The shopping center of Isfahan is also the fifth largest shopping center in the world, combining traditional Isfahan architecture with modern architecture.

Isfahan has a dry climate and in winter it has a temperature of up to minus ten degrees and in the summer is above thirty-six degrees centigrade. The best season is the midday spring of Isfahan when the weather is mild and pleasant.

Best way to travel to Isfahan

There are several options available to travel to Isfahan. International Airport of Isfahan offers daily flights to Tehran and Mashhad, as well as international flights to Damascus, Dubai, Sharjah, Kuwait, and Istanbul. Airport taxis are available for transferring passengers to the city.

The Isfahan train station is far from the city and there is a daily train for Tehran and a daily train for Mashhad, but there is no direct train to Shiraz. From the train station, there are buses for travelers to the city. The highways of Isfahan are very suitable and are connected to Tehran, Qom, Nain, Kashan, Shiraz, Yazd and Ahvaz.

If you don't have a personal car, there are several bus terminals you can choose from, depending on your route. Buses are of high quality and are mostly deluxe and comply with European standards (comfortable seats, minibars, etc.)

According to André Malrax, Isfahan is only comparable to two cities of Beijing and Florence in terms of the ancient monument.

Naqsh Jahan Square

Accommodation in hotels of Isfahan

In addition to historical and cultural monuments, Isfahan is famous for the diversity of hotels and guesthouses and other various residences.

From five-star luxury hotels to affordable residences are all available. Most of these hotels are located around the main tourist centers of Isfahan.

Note that traffic laws are restricted in Isfahan and may affect your access to tourist sites. Consider the point before choosing a hotel.

Hasht Behesht Palace

The best hotels

Abbasi Hotel:

One of the 5-star hotels in Isfahan is the Abbasi Hotel, the oldest hotel in the world and one of the largest hotels in Iran, located in Chaharbaq street. This hotel was built about 300 years ago during the reign of Sultan Hussein Safavi. Sultan Hussein had dedicated this magnificent collection to his mother, which is why he was also called the "mother of king" school and caravanserai.

The architectural style of this hotel dates back to the early eighteenth century. Hotel facilities include a rooftop restaurant, a traditional tea shop, a swimming pool, massage, a gym, medical services, a shopping center and more.

Abbasi Hotel

Kosar International Hotel:

This five-star hotel is located near the Si-O-Se Pol. Hotel facilities include a gym, a hair salon, a swimming pool, a traditional café, atelier and more.

Kosar International Hotel

Ali Qapu Hotel

Ali Qapu four-star Hotel is in the tourist area and near Zayandeh Rood. Iranian and Italian restaurants, a coffee shop, a swimming pool, a gym, a hairdressing salon and more are among its facilities.

Ali Qapu Hotel

Aseman Hotel:

A four-star hotel with a view of the river provides a memorable trip for travelers. Facilities at the hotel include a swimming pool, massage, a cafe, currency exchange, and a coffee shop and facilities for the disabled guests.

The cost of staying under the age of six years in some hotels is free of charge or half-charge. Check this option before booking the room. The pool is free at all hotels and some hotels have to pay a separate cost.

Aseman Hotel: