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Top 7 shopping centers near to Espinas Palace Hotel

Where are the best shopping centers close to Espinas Palace hotel in Tehran? We introduce Palladium, Arg, Galleria and more.

Introduction about Top 10 parks near Espinas Persian Gulf

In this article we introduce 7 stylish and beautiful shopping centers near Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran.

All the tourists who travel to the beautiful city of Tehran, definitely want to visit the best shopping centers in this city.

But if you have booked the Tehran Espinas Palace hotel, you should know which shopping centers are closest to you.


A shoe and bag store in Palladium Shopping center, one of the top 7 shopping centers near to Espinas Palace Hotel


In this article, we try to introduce the most fashionable shopping malls in the northwest of Tehran, and then we mention the addresses and distances to the Espinas Palace Hotel.


As a result, you can easily visit these centers without being annoyed by the heavy traffic in Tehran.

The experience of visiting these centers besides staying at Espinas Hotel in Tehran can be very sweet and memorable for you.


Our priority in choosing these centers is their short distance from Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran.

Then, the diversity of goods and services has encouraged us to choose them. Visit the HotelOneClick site to get acquainted with these centers.


1. Palladium Shopping Center in Zaferaniyeh

The Palladium Shopping Center is one of the most up-to-date office and luxury shopping centers in the north of the capital and is one of the luxury destinations for people from Niavaran, Zaferaniyeh, Velenjak, and Aqdessieh.

It is full of luxury cafes and restaurants and pastry shops you can barely find in other points in Tehran.


Palladium has more than 150 business units and has gathered a collection of top luxury brands in Iran, including the accessory brand Swarovski of Austria, Mango, Geox, and Skechers Shoes.

If you are looking for a luxury gym use palladium services. The food court of Palladium and its Book land are the best for foodies and book worms.


Palladium Hypermarket in the basement introduces you to the drinks and food that are less known and seen in the city and we recommend visiting it.

The six-story palladium parking lot allows easy access for citizens of Tehran.


More information about Palladium Shopping Center:


  • Address: Next to Orooshi Alley, Moghaddas Ardebili (Zaferaniyeh), North Valiasr.
  • Distance from Tehran Espinas Palace Hotel to Palladium Zaferaniyeh Shopping Center: 8 km. 14 minutes by car in non-traffic hours.


Palladium Shopping Center - one of the best shopping centers near to Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran
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2. Arg Shopping Center

Another luxurious shopping center in Tehran is the Arg Shopping Center, located on the north side of Tajrish Square with more than a thousand parking spaces and eight floors, a festival of cosmetics, clothes, perfume, wooden products,leather stuff, food and electronics in the Tajrish area.


The famous Florian café is located on the seventh floor of an open-air area, one of Tehran's most luxurious romantic hangouts.

The Schindler Panoramic Glass Elevators can easily take you to the floors of this luxury shopping center and have a view of the Shemiran mountains.

The 3 modern cinema campuses, along with the amusement park and outdoor restaurant, are among the amenities of this nice shopping mall.


More information about Arg Shopping Center


  • Address: Saadabad Street, beginning of Tajrish Square
  • Distance from Tehran Espinas Palace Hotel to Arg Shopping Center: 11.7 km. 18 minutes by car in non-traffic hours


Arg Shopping Center - one of the best shopping centers near to Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran

3. Galleria Shopping Center

The Galleria Shopping Center has a land area of 3195.50 square meters, 15 southern floors and 17 northern floors with 8 floors under the ground floor and 7 floors above the ground floor, 5 floors of which comprises 55 units and 2 floors


This shopping center includes a unique restaurant on the 6th floor with an indoor space of 1100 square meters and 580 square meters of terrace with a movable roof.

Food court has a total of 5 units on the fifth floor with international cuisine including Italian, Iranian, Turkish and, Asian.


The northern building has 10 floors below the ground floor and 6 floors above it. The two complexes are connected through the ramp of the parking lot on the -5 floor.


Other unique features of the Galleria Shopping Center include the use of special materials such as the best travertine stones imported from various countries and the use of high-quality Italian granite stones and unique waterjet stones as well as using the Finnish and Italian KONE brand in all elevators and escalators.


Galleria Shopping Center - one of the best shopping centers near to Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran

Introducing the special Chandelier of the Galleria Shopping Center

One of the spectacular attractions of the Galleria is its unique chandelier, which is the biggest handmade chandelier in the Middle East with a height of 31.8 meters and a width of 2.5 meters, made of stainless metal with black plating and gold-plated brass balls.


It has become one of the most attractive things in the Galleria. This masterpiece took three months to complete.

It was designed by the Dutch company of brand van Egmond as a sculpture and in art deco style inspired by nature.

Other Features

  • Number of parking lots: 550 in 8 floors
  • Taking advantage of BMS Intelligent Energy Saving System
  • Intelligent parking management
  • 55 business units with an area of 4526 square meters


More information about Galleria Velenjak Shopping Center


  • Address: East 13th Street, Velenjak.
  • Distance from Tehran Espinas Palace Hotel to Galleria Velenjak Shopping Center: 9.5 km. 15 minutes by car in non-traffic hours


Galleria Shopping Center - one of the best shopping centers near to Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran

4. Milad Noor Shopping Center

Milad Noor Shopping Center is one of the largest and oldest shopping malls in Tehran, which was the capital's most modern shopping center before building complexes such as Koroush and Palladium.


The upper floors of this passage are dedicated to stylish restaurants and attractive coffee shops designed in the style of European shopping malls and offer beautiful views of the city.

Easy and convenient access, variety of goods and their high quality have made the Milad Noor Shopping Center in Tehran very popular.


Milad Noor Passage of Shahrak Gharb is an 11-story shopping mall whose construction began in 1991 and finished 8 years later.

Since then, this large passage, which was designed differently, has become one of the symbols of the city of Tehran and has attracted a large crowd, and sometimes 20000 people visit the place daily on certain days of the year.


Most of Milad Noor Shopping Center stores, which are about 300, are dedicated to selling brand clothes that cover almost all tastes.

In order to visit all the stores of Milad Noor, you need to spend at least a full day and you will certainly not leave this complex empty-handed.


Good brands in this passage include Roberto Cavalli, Sketchers, Puma, Maral Leather, Buffalo Bags and shoes, Bamboo, Maxim, Nike, and Adidas.

In addition to luxury clothing stores, the complex also operates in other fields such as home and kitchen brands, decoration stuff, sleeping goods, home appliances, furniture, sporting goods and audio, and video equipment.


On the upper floor of the Milad Noor Passage, there is the famous Tamasha Restaurant, which offers its customers the best and most delicious food every hour of the day.

There are also 4 stylish cafes on this floor that have artistic decoration and design, and visiting them, doubles the shopping fun.


Milad Noor Shopping Center in Tehran has a 4-story car park that is large enough for your cars. Other amenities include internet café, toilets, escalators, eight elevators, prayer rooms, and ATM.


Milad Noor Complex - one of the best shopping centers near to Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran

Attractions around the passage of Milad Noor

Shahrak Gharb is one of the oldest and most modern districts of Tehran, known as the West Pole of Shopping Mall, and has many amenities and recreations.


There are two modern shopping malls near Milad Noor Passage called Golestan and Iran Zamin Shopping Centers which are both very popular and have shops of clothes, Sportswear, Sleeping goods, Pet Shop, Bookstore, Cosmetics, Flower shops, handicrafts, home appliances and more.


Milad Tower is one of the famous attractions close to Milad Noor Shopping Center and with its beautiful design and appearance, it gives a different perspective to this area.

The Milad Tower has many amusements and amenities such as movie theaters, dolphinarium, zip lines, suspension bridges, escape rooms, as well as restaurants, fast food, coffee shops that can satisfy anyone and make a good day for them.


The Iran Zamin or Fadak park is one of the famous parks in the western part of the city near the shopping center and provides a great atmosphere for the leisure time of children and families.

The spacious and lush area of the park is an ideal environment for a variety of sports including cycling, volleyball, badminton, soccer, basketball, handball, chess and hiking.

Iran Zamin Park also has other amenities such as bench, pavilion and barbecue, buffet and restaurant and children's playground.


The best and most famous restaurants near the Milad Noor Shopping Center in Tehran include Pesto Italian Restaurant, Taj Mahal Restaurant, Milad Tower Revolving Restaurant, A.S.P Restaurant, and Raftari Restaurant.

Taste the best and most delectable Italian cuisine such as pasta and pizza in the cozy and modern setting of Pesto Italian Restaurant.


Milad Tower Revolving Restaurant is also one of the largest revolving restaurants in the world, offering its guests a 360-degree view of the city while eating their meal.

The Raftari restaurant also offers Iranian food with the best finest quality such as traditional Kebabs.


More information about Milad Noor Complex

  • Address: Between Eivanak Boulevard and Hosn Yousof Street, Farahzadi St, Shahrak Gharb.
  • Distance from Tehran Espinas Palace Hotel to Milad Noor Complex: 5.3 km. 11 minutes by car in non-traffic hours


Milad Noor Shopping center - one of the best shopping centers near to Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran

5. Sam Center Shopping Center

Sam Center Shopping Center, one of the most luxurious shopping malls in Tehran and one of the most important hangouts of the wealthy people in the north of the capital, has good facilities for a pleasant evening.


Tehran's Fereshteh Street is one of the most expensive streets in Iran and the conditions of its homes and shopping malls are remarkably different even between luxury homes and shopping malls of the north of the capital.


Sam Center of Fereshteh can be a selection of top brands of perfume, cosmetics, men's and women's clothes, luxury and accessory products and leather goods and more.

The first famous Mont Blanc brand store, was opened in Sam Center.


In the past few years, there were various brands at Sam Center, the most famous of which are Bvlgari, Cerruti and CHOPARD (Hollywood celebrity jewelry).

Ninth Floor of Sam Center is home to one of the most luxurious restaurants in Iran, and some celebrities use it to hold private parties.


More information about Sam Center Shopping Center

  • Address: Fereshteh Street, after the Parkway, North Valiasr Ave.
  • Distance from Tehran Espinas Palace Hotel to Sam Center Shopping Center: 9.2 km. 13 minutes by car in non-traffic hours


Sam center Shopping center - one of the best shopping centers near to Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran
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6. Kourosh Mall

One of the most modern and luxurious new shopping centers in Tehran can be Kourosh Mall located on Shahid Sattari highway, which can easily be reached through Sadeghiyeh metro.


It is one of Tehran's mega-malls, that has well-equipped cinema campuses with shopping malls and amusement parks available to Tehrani tourists.

The halls are large and modern, like the cinemas of the book gardens and Mellat campus.


Koroush Mal is one of the most important shopping malls in Iran that has attracted a large number of people. Because it provides a different range of shopaholics' needs.

Amusement parks, fast food restaurants, cinemas, playgrounds, bookstores, toys, and mobile and computer stocks, are the things that people of the west need.


Especially Tehran Hyper Star is also close to the mall. Koroush mall is really big and it takes at least an hour to visit different parts of it.

The first and second basements include Hyper Star and flower shops, cafes, gold and coins, and on the ground floor and second floor, there are commercial units and playgrounds.


Koroush mall's third and fourth floors comprise movie theater, a children's playhouse, fast food, and coffee shop.

On the fifth floor, there are VIP lounges, Italian luxury restaurants, and Cheshmeh Publishing. Koroush mall parking has a capacity of 1600 cars.


More information about Koroush mall


  • Address: Payambar Markazi intersection, Shahid Sattari Highway
  • Distance from Tehran Espinas Palace Hotel to Koroush mall: 11.2 km. 13 minutes by car in non-traffic hours


Kourosh Mall - one of the best shopping centers near to Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran

7. Rosha Shopping Center

Many list the Rosha shopping mall as one of Tehran's 10 top luxury shopping centers.

Rosha should be regarded as a new shopping center in Niavaran district of Tehran, the first shopping without borders.

There is no division or partition between the booths, and we do not see a wall which is a reminder of the Lafayette Gallery in Paris.


Many brands from around the world come together at the ROSHA CENTER to host the Tehrani people.

It is a seventeen-floor shopping mall with four floors of shops and ten floors of parking.


The ground floor comprises of famous luxury perfumes and cosmetics from Lancôme to Estee Lauder and the G floor also has stylish ladies' and gentlemen's exquisite fashionable clothes, along with luxury bags and shoes.


On the second floor of the Rosha Shopping Center, we have a collection of sports equipment.

The top floor of the Rosha Shopping Center has a café and revolving restaurant and is a good place to relax and eat in hot and cold winter days in the capital.

There are also many appointments in this area.


More information about Rosha Shopping Center


  • Address: After Shahid Bahonar street, Amar and Farmanieh intersection, Niavaran St.
  • Distance from Tehran Espinas Palace Hotel to Rosha Shopping Center: 12.7 km. 20 minutes by car in non-traffic hours
Rosha shopping mall - one of the best shopping centers near to Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran
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Conclusion for Top 7 Shopping centers near Espinas  Palace Hotel in Tehran

In this guide, we are introduced to 7 of the best and most stylish shopping malls in Tehran, near the Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran. Surely, using this guide can help you get the sweet experience of a great purchase.


If you have traveled to Tehran in the past and shopped from these centers, share your experience with us.


Also if you are planning to travel to Tehran for the first time and stay at Espinas Hotel, if you have any questions in this regard, please ask in the comments section and wait for our consultants to respond quickly.