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Tehran Waterfall Park

Tehran Waterfall Park is one the most famous attractions in Tehran. Every things you need about Abshar park and things to do nearby. This is complete travel guide for Tehran passengers to sightseeing Waterfall Park.

Introduction about Tehran Waterfall Park

In this article we want to introduce you to Tehran Waterfall Park and all its tourist and recreational facilities.

 This article is one of a series of articles on the HotelOneClick site, designed to provide travelers with more information about Tehran's tourist attractions.

Waterfall Park in Tehran - HotelOneClick

In this article, we will try to describe all the tourist attractions in Tehran Waterfall Park, which is one of the tourist centers in Tehran, along with its details.

This article is actually a tourism guide to Tehran Waterfall Park.

In this guide you will learn about Tehran Waterfall Park and its amenities.

You will also get to know the various plant species of this beautiful park as well as the nearby tourist attractions.

Why is Tehran Waterfall Park one of the attractions of Tehran?

Today we are going to tour one of these lesser-known attractions of the capital, Tehran Waterfall Park, in our virtual tour and introduce you to this amazing place.

It is a mountainous area that gives you a fresh and fascinating view of the city of Tehran and creates a new experience for you.

We want to see some pictures of Tehran Waterfall Park together and find out where Tehran Waterfall Park is.

So be with us at HotelOneClick to go to this spectacular resort and have a fascinating morning or evening excursion.

Abshar Park in the west of  Tehran

The main reason for choosing Tehran Waterfall Park as one of the most important tourist attractions in Iran can be the following reasons:

  • One of the good mountain parks in Tehran, especially for light hiking.
  • Has a great view to the west of Tehran, especially Cheitgar Lake.
  • The design of the park space is beautifully done and has a pleasant either early in the morning and late at night.

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Tehran Waterfall park from top view

For whom is the waterfall park Tehran suitable?

Since the park is built on a foothill, it may be inappropriate for some people. For check the physical condition of yourself and your companions before going there.

This park is not suitable for people with disabilities: the disabled; the elderly; the physically handicapped who have difficulty climbing stairs.

On the other hand, this park is suitable for people like couples, families, groups of friends and the like.

waterfall park

Introduction to Tehran Waterfall Park: one of the roofs in west of the Iran capital

Among the numerous large and small parks in Tehran, the waterfall park is relatively new and has not yet gained as much popularity as it should. 

To reach this mountainous park you have to reach the westernmost point of the capital. It is above Chitgar Lake and Forest Park, near Latmal Kan Forest Park.

It boasts a lush area in the arid mountains of Tehran, an area renowned for its artificial waterfall and called Waterfall Park.

These days, the park has become more popular due to its attractive hiking trails and lush mountain roads and many begin their early mornings by walking in this beautiful park and viewing the West of Tehran.

Artificial waterfall in Abshar Park
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There are well-designed stone and wood pavements in the park, and even children and the elderly can climb up to its highest height without difficulty.

The waterfall park has a design similar to traditional Iranian gardens and has a floor-to-floor structure, each with its own green space, pavilions, and ponds, giving the park a beautiful and varied landscape.

a waterfall in Tehran Waterfall park

The attractions in Waterfall Park

Waterfall Park has many attractions. Follow us to know more about its beauty.

1. The great atmosphere of the waterfall park

When you are on your way to the waterfall park, the scenery of the surrounding buildings and the dry mountains of the route will bring some questions to your mind.

Questions like whether the garden you are looking for is really a lush and good place for entertainment or the others has exaggerated about its beauty?

But when you step out of the complex parking lot and look around and see the view of the park and your surroundings, you can feel so comfortable that you have not come all the way in vain.

atmosphere of the waterfall park in Tehran

From the lower part of the park, on the winding sidewalks of the garden floor, and through the small ponds and large ponds you pass, you will occasionally look at the panoramic view of the city of Tehran that gradually gets wider and wider.

 When you leave the trees behind and pass by the pond next to the restaurant with its lotus flowers and lush bushes, you will definitely be satisfied of your decision.

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an Alachiq in Abshar Park in Tehran

2. Artificial waterfall and small and large ponds

Along the way to reach the top of the waterfall park on each floor of the park, you will find small and large artificial ponds and waterfalls that make the area more beautiful and cooler.

The park's most famous structure is its large artificial waterfall, which is why it's called the Waterfall Park, a waterfall that drops down from the top floor of the park and creates an attractive view.

An important note:

These days the waterfall does not work due to lack of water and drought and only open at specific times.

If you want to see the waterfall in this garden, it is best to keep this in mind.

This also includes park ponds, and some may have no water, especially in the lower floors of the park.

Wooden pavilion in Waterfall Park

3. The view of the west of Tehran and Chitgar Lake from above the waterfall park

The first thing that catches your attention in the waterfall park is the view you have in the park from Tehran.

As you park your car in the parking lot and walk towards the garden, a perfect view unconsciously attracts you towards it.

Walk up and up the mountain and enjoy the view that widens under your feet. The most beautiful place in this landscape is Chitgar Lake.

If you look more carefully, you can see the Azadi Sports Complex and its lake from far away.

As you climb higher and pass the park floors, a newer, better look will appear in front of your eyes and surprise you every time.

Tehran Waterfall park at night
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4. Hiking in Waterfall Park

If you are a fan of hiking and light climbing, hiking in the waterfall park is one of the best offers for you in Tehran.

Put on your sneakers, take a bottle of mineral water, some nuts or biscuits and a visor cap and go ahead.

A restaurant in Tehran Waterfall Park

waterfall Park makes hiking so enjoyable for you because of having a variety of different routes, different and attractive scenery as well as good hiking trails, that you forget how much you have walked and how much energy you have put for it.

One of the fascinating structures on the east side of the waterfall park is a pigeon tower.

The tower was full of pigeons in the past with its winding stairs, but nowadays it is abandoned and no more bird song is heard from it.

Parking number 3 in Tehran Waterfall Park
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5. Waterfall Park Photography - one of the best places to take selfies

 If you are a fan of charming selfies or spectacular panoramas from the Tehran landscape, Waterfall Park is perfect for you.

Especially if the capital's weather is clean and you can capture high-resolution detail, this is one of Tehran's best places for photography.

The spectacular nights of Tehran and Chitgar Lake with its beautiful lighting can also be another good reason to go to the waterfall park for photography.

wooden bridge in Tehran waterfall park

6. Picnic, outdoor sports and children's playground in Waterfall Park

Now that you have come all the way here, it is advisable to have a light meal and use the pavilions in the park for your family or friends’ gatherings.

It is better to go at night for a picnic when the direct sunlight does not bother you and the lights of the houses and Chitgar Lake have a special effect on the space in front of you.

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artificial lake in Waterfall park in Tehran

Waterfall Park is also a great place for outdoor sport enthusiasts.

Wear your sneakers and sportswear, head over to the Great Iran Flag Field, and enjoy the public sports equipment that is installed there.

If you have come to the waterfall with a group of little kids, don't worry about playing and having fun.

In the middle of the park is a playground designed for children, where your dear children can have fun for hours and make new friends.

wooden bridges on artificial lake in Tehran Waterfall park

7. Having something to eat in the waterfall park

Other amusements you can experience in the waterfall Park can be eating something in the park's café and buffet.

If you fancy having a fresh breakfast with the view of Chitgar Lake and the amazing park, you can head to the Waterfall Park Café Restaurant.

If you like the taste of street food with a view of the West of Tehran nightlife, you can visit the number 3 parking lot of the park in the evenings and nights and enjoy outdoor food.

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Wooden chair in Tehran Waterfall Park

The facilities of Tehran Waterfall Park

Waterfall Park facilities is relatively good but if you plan to go early in the morning you should bring your own water and snacks as the buffet here will not open until 10am and 11am.

Features of the park are as follows:

  • Hiking route
  • Restaurant and cafe
  • Snack buffet
  • Restroom
  • pavilions
  • 5 parking lots
  • Praying room and mosque
  • children playground

Tehran Abshar park in the west of Iran capital
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The ways to access Tehran Waterfall Park

Address: Waterfall Park, Tehran Waterfall Park Exit, Shahid Kharazi Highway, West Hemmat Highway, Tehran. 

Having access to the waterfall park is not possible by public transport, and the nearest bus and metro station are just a far distance from the entrance of the park.

If you want to get to waterfall Park, you must either use online taxis or drive your own car.

To do this, go to the end of west Hemmat Highway, when you reach the exit of Shahrak Shahid Bagheri, follow the signs to the waterfall park to reach the destination.

Hiking in Tehran waterfall park

The attractions near Waterfall Park

There are many tourist attractions around the park. That's why you can enjoy them all with one appropriate plan.

The list of attractions near this park are:

  • Latmal Forest Park approximately 4 km from Waterfall Park
  • Chitgar Lake Approximately 5 km from the waterfall through the entrance of Bam Land
  • Bam Land Approximately 5 km from Waterfall Park
  • Chitgar Forest Park Approximately 8 km from Waterfall Park

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This has caused a lot of cultivated wheat fields around the Darakeh neighborhood. Alongside there were nine water mills in the neighborhood to make wheat flour.

Of course today all those mills are gone and some have even become restaurants.

Darakeh was famous for its many stone mines such as white stone, green stone, and mining was one of the main occupations of the people.

Besides, sheep farming, aviculture, gardening, selling snow to the Tehranis, selling wheat from the Shahrastak road to the people of the north have been other occupations of Darakeh until three decades ago.

Darakeh Square, which is today a meeting place for climbers and hikers, did not exist until 50 years ago.

At that time, it was an earthen field and in the south of it there was a path which was the link between the village of Evin and Darakeh and the square was formed after the revolution by a well-known resident, Mr. Seyyed Mohseni.

jungle walking road in Tehran waterfall park

The plant species of Waterfall Park

In this park, you can see a good variety of different trees and plants such as sycamore, Weeping willow, acacia and silver cedar, cedar, Firethorns, Genisteae, Summer lilac, Oleander and more.

beautiful artificial lake in Tehran waterfall park

Waterfall Park in the future

Of course, what you see today at the waterfall park is not the final project for this park.

To date, only phase one of the park has been put into operation and the park is expected to be 200 acres by the end of Phase 2, providing more amenities and facilities.

Features that will soon be added to the park include:

  • roadways - 1400 m
  • Sidewalks - 2500 meters
  • Ponds - 8 items with an area of 7500 square meters
  • Water Tanks - 4 units
  • Office Building, Restaurant, pavilion -33 units
  • Playgrounds and carriage riding path
  • Cycling track - 2000 meters
  • Restroom - 5
  • Parking - 2000 units
  • Mosque - 400 square meters
  • Garden of medicinal plants and indoor greenhouse with an area of 5000 square meters
  • Phytology classes and flower and plant publications

Note: While reading this text, many of these features may have been exploited in the park.

stone stair in Tehran Abshar park

HotelOneClick recommendations for visiting Tehran Waterfall Park

  • In the waterfall park, with the exception of a few pavilions and a few trees, there is no good shade to sit under. So it's best to visit there early in the mornings or evenings and nights.
  • If you plan to spend a lot of time hiking in the waterfall park, you should probably wear a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  • Getting to the top of the waterfall requires an hour's hiking, so it's best to use hiking boots or sneakers.
  • If you come here early in the morning, you should bring a bottle of water and some snacks such as biscuits, nuts, and dried fruits as the hiking takes a lot of energy and the buffet opens at 10 am to 11 am.

mountain in Tehran Waterfall park

Conclusions for Tourism Guide in Tehran Waterfall park

Today, we visited one of the beautiful attractions of the west of the capital and got acquainted with its weather and its amenities and sights.

Have you ever visited this waterfall park? What time of day do you prefer to tour the park? What features and attractions do you think the park needs to improve?

Share your suggestions and views on Waterfall Park with us and your friends at HotelOneClick.

If you also have the experience of touring the park, you can use the links below to share your photos and travel logs at the HotelOneClick.

If you have a comment on this park that is not mentioned in this article, you can write in the comments section of this guide.

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