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Tehran Mellat Park

All thing to know about Tehran Mellat Park, address, photos, attractions , facilities and ways to access the park.

Introduction about Tehran Mellat Park

In this article, we want to introduce you to the Mellat Park of Tehran and all its tourist and recreational facilities.

 This article is one of a series of articles on the HotelOneClick site, designed to provide travelers with more information about Tehran's tourist attractions.

Mellat Park in Tehran - HotelOneClick

In this article, we will try to describe all the tourist attractions in Mellat Park in Tehran, which is one of the tourist centers in Tehran, along with its details. This article is actually a tourism guide to Tehran's Mellat Park.

In this guide, you will learn about the attractions and recreations of Mellat Park as well as its amenities.

We will also talk about the Mellat Cinema Campus and its facilities. We will also review the park's history.

Finally, we will talk about the experience of foreign tourists in this park, as well as ways to access it.

Why is Tehran Mellat Park one of Tehran's most popular attractions?

Today at Hoteloneclick, we are going to visit one of the most memorable places in the capital - Tehran's Mellat Park. We intend to introduce you to the spectacular atmosphere of the park with the pictures of Tehran Mellat Park.

 We will give you complete information about the amenities and recreations of Tehran Mellat Park and tell you about the large and small sculptures found around the garden.

Join us for an exciting tour of this popular park of Tehran.

Mellat Park one of Tehran's most popular attractions

The main reason for choosing Tehran Mellat Park as one of Tehran's most famous tourist attractions can be for the following reasons:

  • A fun resort in the north of the capital.
  • One of the top ten parks in Tehran.
  • In Mellat Park you can visit the famous sculptures of Iran.
  • Relaxing atmosphere, its fragrance and its flowering can be seen in a lesser place in Tehran.
  • There are relatively good sports and playing areas in the park.

Mellat Gallery Campus, located in the park, is one of the top campuses in the country in which you can watch movies and visit galleries of the day.

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Getting to know Tehran Mellat Park: a memorable resort in the capital

Mellat Garden is one of the most spectacular and beautiful gardens in Tehran and is one of the largest with 34 hectares.

The Mellat Garden is composed of many beautiful parts, the Mellat Gallery Campus, the Artificial Lake, statues of the celebrities of Iran, a small zoo, the lush greenery and old towering trees that attract everyone. 

It is a garden known for its colorful tulip flowers in the spring, and for its greenery and shade in the summer.

But that's not all the beauty of Mellat Park, the autumn that comes in a thousand colors, and the winter that occasionally is covered under a layer of white snow makes the Mellat garden more desirable than ever.

According to surveys by the Center of Research and Media Studies of Hamshahri, the beautiful and lovely Mellat park is the first garden that is recommended by its citizens to their non-Iranian guests.

Today we are going to take a look around the corner of this amazing park and learn more about its attractions and amusements.

Getting to know Tehran Mellat Park

What are the amusements and attractions of Mellat park?

Mellat Park is one of the most attractive amusement parks in Tehran that is suitable for all ages. Here are some of the sights and amusements in the park.

1. Park entrance

One of the most beautiful parts of Mellat Park is the spectacular entrance that invites you to walk around this beautiful park with colorful flowers, artistic sculptures, urban elements, small waterfronts and trees.

Next to it, the smooth surface of the entrance to the Mellat Garden has become a perfect place for skateboarders and scooters to play safely.

Occasionally you may also see youngsters and teenagers who drive control cars and bring the excitement of driving on big tracks with small cars on the small tracks of the park.

 spectacular entrance Mellat Park
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2. Staircase Fountain

Just a little further from the park entrance, you will find a beautiful staircase fountain surrounded by Iranian celebrities' statues such as that of Ferdowsi, Sa'adi, Shahriar and Nima Youshij.

Staircase Fountain Mellat Park tehran

3. Statues of Mellat Park

One of the attractions of this park is two very famous statues that are seen from different parts of the garden and give it a special glow.

Mother statue

It is not uncommon for you to visit different cities in Iran and around the world and see a statue of a mother whether big or small. Tehran, too, is no stranger to this, and in some parts of the capital, famous and beautiful statues of the mother can be seen.

 One of the most beautiful is the statue of Mother of the Mellat garden, which holds her baby and looks at her with all affection.

The statue of Amir Kabir

The name of Amir Kabir is one of the most popular names among Iranians, and whenever people want to name one of their high-ranking figures, they refer to Amir Kabir, the eminent chancellor of Nassereddin Shah.

The majestic and magnificent statue of this great man of Iranian history watches the people who come to the Nation Park for hiking and recreation.

You probably know that Amir Kabir was killed in the bathroom of Finn Kashan Garden. You can find more information about this garden by visiting Hoteloneclick articles.

Statues of Mellat Park

4. Mellat Park Lake 

There is an artificial lake in the upper part of Mellat Park, which has a special effect on the nature and design of this garden.

The metal bridge on the lake also multiplies its beauty, and walking and watching the park above it gives you an attractive feeling. 

From the top of the bridge, you can also have a different and beautiful view of different parts of the park and lake and enjoy the beauty of Tehran.

Mellat Park Lake
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5. Smokey Train

On the south side of the park is the first Iranian diesel train, which took the people of Tehran to the shrine of Shah Abdol Azim in 1887.

The train is now on its own rails in Mellat Park and is one of the attractions of the park.

Smokey Train tehran

6. 4-D cinema

If you like excitement, the four-dimensional Mellat Park Cinema is a relatively attractive option. The four-dimensional cinema is located on the west side of the park, next to the lake and the zoo.

Important Note: since this cinema operates under the supervision of the private sector, it is possible to be closed on various days even on holidays.

What are the features of the four-dimensional cinema of Mellat Park?

It has a 3D display system and special glasses so it brings live, realistic images to the eyes of the viewer.

The effects of foot stimulation, wind, storm, colored lights, thunder, wind from behind, splashing water and vibration of the chair multiply the excitement of watching a movie.

  • The duration of the videos is 4-5 minutes.
  • Children under the age of five cannot use this cinema.

four-dimensional Mellat Park Cinema
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7. children playground

There are two playgrounds for children at Mellat Park. One of them is located near Valiasr Street in Park Boulevard and the other is on the back of the Cinema Campus on the south side of the park. 

Another facility of the park is the chess tables designed for those interested in this sport.

playgrounds for children at Mellat Park

8. A small zoo

A small zoo is available in the western part of the park, which houses more than 30 bird species and other animals in a restricted space.

Of course, some of these animals can walk around their playing space given to them and visitors can see them closely.

The birds and animals of this small zoo include peacocks, finches, chickens, parrots, ostriches, black swans, parrots, ducks, gooses, pelicans, owls, and animals such as horned deer, maral, ostrich, Rabbits, monkeys, goats, deer, and gazelle.

If your child is interested in the animal world, cross the pleasant street of Valiasr and go to the park together to enjoy the deer, the birds and so on.

mellat park zoo

9. Various sports facilities

At Mellat Park, athletes and sports enthusiasts are provided with the necessary amenities and facilities so that citizens and tourists can get the most out of it and experience unforgettable moments. 

The following are some of the Mellat park amusements and amenities:

Table tennis 

If you are a tennis player, pick up what you need (rockets and special balls) and go to Mellat Park with your athlete friends and enjoy a friendly and happy game.

Table football

Go to the park with a thrill-filled companion and enjoy moments of joy with an exciting match.

Walking path

Walking is one of the many fun activities in the Mellat Park. Walking among the tall trees of this garden amidst lush greenery and grass is a delight.

In fact, climbing up and down the park's small hills is one of the things that can't be missed when you're here.

Badminton court

Some parts of the park are designed for ball and group games so that people can easily have a good and lively game. Take your badminton and start racing with your friends.


There is also enough space for playing volleyball, just remember to take your volleyball net and install it in its special place.

Various sports facilities Mellat park

Chess table 

Chess is one of the favorite games for all ages. Chess tables and chairs are set in Mellat Park. If you are a chess player, take your chess pieces with you.

Morning exercise

In the morning the ladies and gentlemen go to the park, exercise in groups and start their day with joy and energy. If you have time in the morning, join them. In some parts of the garden, there are public sports equipment that you can use to improve your health.

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10. Sculptures of friendship

In recent years, sculptures of different styles and themes have been placed around the park, which not only add to the attractions of the park, but also make the Valiasr Street view more beautiful and different for pedestrians.

 The most important of these sculptures, recently installed at the entrance to Mellat Park, is the statue of Dehghan Fadakar.

Chess tables in Mellat Park

11. Having something to eat

Walking into a park of this size makes you hungry. If you are planning to buy something, don't worry, coffee shops and fast food by the lake are good options for a delicious meal or evening snacks.

On the other side of the park, there are small stands where you can buy ice cream, juice, tea and other snacks.

You should know, of course, that the price of food and snacks at Mellat Park is higher than that of the usual Tehran restaurants.

Important note: There is no longer any trace of fast food and coffee shops around the lake and other buffets inside the park. You can visit the buffet and shops around the park for snacks and return to the park to eat them.

These shops may, however, be re-opened when you are reading this article.

Mellat Park in Tehran

12. Picnic and photography

If you would like to spend more time in the park, you can cook something and head to the Mellat Garden for a picnic.

You should note, however, that there is no possibility as at Taleghani or Chitgar Gardens to fire and prepare food in that way. So just take ready-made food and some snacks.

Mellat Park is one of the most popular places in Tehran for photography. Here at any time of day, you can see different people recording beautiful moments and taking pictures with their mobile phones or professional cameras. 

So don't miss the opportunity and start taking nice photos.

Picnic and photography mellat park
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Where is the Mellat cinema campus?

The Cinema Campus is a cultural attraction of the Mellat Garden, built with an interesting and different structure that stuns the eyes.

The campus is one of the premier galleries of Tehran and the country and hosts various art and film festivals each year.

Mellat's campus is set on a 6,000-square-meter land and has four cinemas with a capacity of 280 and a single one (special cinema) with a capacity of 30.

This gallery campus can accommodate up to 2020 people at the time of peak attendance. All movie theaters are equipped with Dolby Digital Broadcasting System. One of the cinemas is an old one, which is used for conferences and concerts.

What facilities does the Mellat Campus have?

  • Exhibition spaces for various art galleries
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee shop and buffet
  • Book Cafe
  • Cultural stores
  • Firefighting system
  • 120 car parking lot on the west side of Mellat Park
  • Online ticket purchase

If you would like to know about the latest onscreen movies and galleries and buy tickets online in advance, you can visit the Mellat Gallery Campus website.

Contact information of the Mellat Cinema Campus

The contact information of Mellat Cinema Campus is as follows:

  • Contact number: 23162
  • Internal 101 for tracking and troubleshooting online purchases from the site
  • At the normal time of the year you can call from 10 am to 8pm.
  • The time of contacting in Ramadan is 12am to 8pm.

Mellat cinema campus

What amenities for tourists at Mellat Park?

All kinds of amenities are provided for tourists in Tehran's Mellat Park. These include:

  • Clean restrooms
  • Praying room
  • Benches and pavilions for relaxation and friendly chats
  • Restaurant
  • Buffet
  • Parking
  • Drinking water
  • Flower clinic

amenities for tourists at Mellat Park

Ways to access Mellat Park

To access Mellat Park, you must reach at the address below.

Address: Niayesh Boulevard Vali-e-Asr St, Tehran

The ways to get to Tehran Mellat Park are as follows:


 The best way to get to Mellat Park is using the BRT Bus line seven. You have to get off the bus at Niayesh Station or Mellat Park station and walk to the park. Line seven includes buses of Parkway-Rah Ahan and Tajrish-Rah Ahan.


From Vanak Square take a taxi to the park and get off in front of the park. Note that Valiasr Street is one-way to the south from Parkway and only BRT buses can go south.

Private car:

If you want to get to Mellat Park with your car, you have to reach Valiasr Ave, at the beginning of Niayesh Highway. Mellat Park has a parking lot in the west where you can park your car at a little cost.

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What are the attractions around Mellat Park?

You can plan your time to visit the tourist attractions around Mellat Park.

You can visit the following attractions near the park:

  • Enghelab sports Club, 1.8 km
  • Cinema Museum, 8 km
  • Iranian Garden Complex in Deh Vanak, 4 Km

What are the attractions around Mellat Park?

Mellat Park History

During the reign of the Second Pahlavi, Farah, the wife of Mohammad Reza Shah, decided to build a park on a wasteland next to Valiasr Street or the former Pahlavi street, but the location of the land was such that it should be designed in two phases.

They commissioned the design of the garden to the contemporary Iranian architect Iraj E'tesam and he designed the park inspired by English parks and with irregular design.

Of course, the website of the Tehran Municipality Parks and Landscape Organization considers an English person named Poulsen as the designer of the park.

Phase one of Mellat Park was inaugurated in 1968 in parallel to Valiasr Street. Due to its distinctive design style, this phase became known as roadside Boulevard and was 1000 meters long.

The second phase was exploited in 1974. After the complete inauguration, the Mellat Garden can reach from the south to the current Niayesh Boulevard, from the west to the Enghelab Club and from the north to the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

The park was known as Shahanshahi Park in the years before the revolution and was renamed after the Revolution.

Mellat Park History

Experience of foreign tourists visiting Tehran Mellat Park

From the point of view of foreign tourists, people who come to our country from other cultures and societies and look at our works and attractions in a different way can help our people and authorities to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

This will allow city officials to get help in future planning.

We also get to know some of the views of foreign tourists visiting the Mellat Park in Tehran.

These comments have been posted on the valid Trip Advisor website, and according to them, many people have decided to go to the park or choose another place to take a tour.

Roses and picnics

A beautiful park with vast lawns, lots of trees and spectacular roses. Be sure to smell them, they are very fragrant.

You have no problem communicating here with the locals, they even invite you to their picnic table, accept their invitation and enjoy a good meal.

Tourist from the Netherlands, Date of visiting May 2018 

A great place to relax and watch the birds

Here you will find many kind locals who like to talk to you; many of them have an excellent command of English and speak well. It is very difficult not to accept their warm invitation to tea.

Tourist from Turkey, Date of visiting April 2018

A fantastic park

This is one of the best parks in Tehran and there are great restaurants and cafes around it. You will enjoy being there.

Tourist from America, Date of visiting January 2017 

Better than water and fire park

The park has plenty of places to sit, whether on the couch, on the ground or under the trees, you can easily picnic here, read a book or play with your friends.

The park is generally clean and well taken care of. There is even a zoo here where you can see birds, deer, goats and so on and become sad why they are kept in a cage.

Here are some restaurants where you can buy drinks and food. You can also easily bike and hike on park routes.

Tourist from Oman, Date of visiting June 2017

Experience of foreign tourists visiting Tehran Mellat Park

What are the plant species of Mellat Park?

The greenery and the plant species make this park beautiful. Out of the 34 hectares of parkland, about 23 hectares is grassland, 2.3 hectares is forestry and 2 hectares is flowering.

Most of the woodland is in the north of the park and the lawn in the south of the park.

This garden has a variety of trees including Cedrus, Cottonwood, Plane trees, Acacia, Weeping willow, cypress, European ash, Viburnum, Yucca, Purple, Bay laurel, Ligustrum, Shrub, and 120 species of shrubs and fruit trees such as apples, apricots, peaches, berries, bananas, persimmon, figs, etc.

Delightful shades of the park are the result of tall trees such as maple, Tabrizi, Cottonwood, poplar, sycamore, acacia, Abel tree, cypress, silver spruce, Candila pine, lilac, Lonicera fragrantissima, jasmine and Buxus and ...

Conclusions for Tourism Guide in Tehran Mellat Park

We took a tour with you to one of the most beautiful parks in Tehran and visited various parts of it. We watched the beauties of the Mellat Garden and got familiar with its various recreations.

Have you ever visited this lovely park?

 Was it easy for you to access it? How about the amenities and the atmosphere of the park?

Share your reviews and experiences with us and your friends at Hoteloneclick. You can also leave us your comments in the comments section.

If you have a comment on this park that is not mentioned in this article, you can write in the comments section of this guide.

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