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Jamshidieh Park in Tehran

Jamshidieh Park is one of the famous parks of Tehran which is about 10 hectares north of this city. This garden is to the north with Mount kolakchal and to the south with a garden called Davallu.

Introduction about Tehran Jamshidieh Park

In this article we want to introduce you to Tehran Jamshidieh Park and all its tourist and recreational facilities.

This article is one of a series of articles on the HotelOneClick site, designed to provide travelers with more information about Tehran's tourist attractions.

Tehran Jamshidieh Park - HotelOneClick

In this article, we will try to describe all the tourist attractions in Tehran Jamshidieh Park, which is one of the tourist centers in Tehran, along with its details. This article is actually a tourism guide to Tehran Jamshidieh Park.

In this guide you will learn about Tehran Jamshidieh Park and its amenities.

We will also review the history of this beautiful park. We will explain the ways to access it.

You will also get to know the designer of this beautiful park as well as points about visiting this mountain park.

Why is Tehran Jamshidieh Park one of the attractions of Tehran?

Tehran's Jamshidieh Park is one of the attractions that gives new life to the capital's crowdedness and air pollution. For some moments, you can relax in the heart of the city and head to the park to seek peace.

The history of Jamshidieh Park shows that this attraction has been welcomed by the residents and guests of the capital from the very beginning.

Many stroll in the park or savor a delicious meal at Jamshidieh Park Restaurant, even it hosts romantic dates.

No matter where you are in your trip to Tehran, wherever you are, be sure to visit this stunning park. No matter how far your path is, it is worth a visit.

Today we take a walk in the park with the Hoteloneclick and become more familiar with it.

The main reason for choosing Tehran's Jamshidieh Park, as one of the most famous tourist attractions of Tehran, can be for the following reasons:

  • Jamshidieh Park is located in the north of Tehran and relatively good weather can make different fun for you.
  • The park has ample facilities for entertainment and the presence of restaurants, cafes, lakes and so on has made it an attractive destination.
  • Jamshidieh is one of Tehran's most popular parks for strolling and its stone flooring has created a special space of this park.

Jamshidieh Park one of the attractions of Tehran

For whom is Jamshidieh Park suitable?

This park is perfect for hiking enthusiasts. It's also great for photographers and those interested in photography.

Because the park is built on the foothills of Tehran and because of its stone-built form, it is not suitable for the disabled.

Also, elders and people with knee problems and movement problems will not be able to access some parts of the park. 

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About Jamshidieh Park in Tehran: a stone promenade for everyone

Jamshidieh Park is one of the famous parks of Tehran which is about 10 hectares north of this city. This garden is to the north with Mount kolakchal and to the south with a garden called Davallu.

This beautiful park is bounded on the east by Jamshidieh Street and on the west by kolakchal Road.

According to surveys conducted by the Center for Research and Media Studies of Hamshahri, Jamshidieh park is the second park after Tehran's Mellat Park that is introduced to non-Tehrani guests as the city's spectacular attractions.

One of the reasons that have made this garden a popular resort is that people from all levels of life and age groups can find the opportunity to have fun and create sweet moments for themselves.

Climbers come to this garden to gather and continue their journey towards kolakchal and the mountains north of Tehran and Alborz Range. Older people choose the park for relaxation, and some entertain themselves with its cafes and restaurants.

Next, we will go to the park which is also known as the stone park and has many beauties.

About Jamshidieh Park in Tehran

Attractions of Jamshidieh Park: Tehran stone Park

It doesn't matter which of the four park entrances you enter. From the very beginning, this rocky park atmosphere and tranquility will fascinate you and your excursion will start right from there.

In this park, you can go to the following sights:

1. Lakes, waterfalls and rocky fountains

One of the spectacular attractions of all is the dance of water at Jamshidieh whose best part is the lake. 

The presence of water in the park gives it a special refreshment and, in a way, evokes an image of Iranian gardens in mind.

In the vicinity of the waterfall and lake, there are benches that give you the opportunity to gaze at the water- for hours and enjoy the dancing of the fish in the water.

Ducks and gooses also make their own noise and are scattered in the lake. The presence of these animals doubles the beauty of this place.

Lakes, waterfalls and rocky fountains Jamshidieh Park
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2. Stony and dreamy paths

The first thing that catches your eye at Jamshidieh Park is the cobbled paths you can walk on all over the park.

The towering trees on either side of the paths give you a dreamy, eye-catching view of the road and take you to another world.

Jamshidieh Park - HotelOneClick

3. Animals as stone statues

One of Jamshidie's interesting sights is boulders that have been transformed to evoke the shape of different animals in minds.

Just take advantage of your dreaming power to immerse yourself in viewing these rocky animals.

This rocky zoo is so charming that tourists take 600 steps to see the animals and enjoy their tour. Meanwhile, besides animals, there are other statues that have natural, cultural and mystical meanings and activate your imagination power in their own way.

Animals as stone statues Jamshidieh Park

4. Ferdowsi Garden

The Jamshidieh Botanical Garden has been reconstructed twice today to preserve its beauty and make it easy for people to use its facilities.

One of these renovations took place in 1996-1997, during which about 16 hectares were added to Jamshidieh, but it was named and adorned with the name of Ferdowsi, who endeavored for 30 years to make the well-known Shahnameh poems.

More than 6317 square meters of this park were dedicated to flowering and the combination of two elements of stone and plant gave it a different look. Now, this garden is like the son of Jamshidieh Park, and attracts people to it.

Ferdowsi Garden
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5. Seasonal exhibitions

At certain times of the year you can see various art exhibitions in Jamshidieh.

For example, in this park you may find craftsmen who come together to present their art. This will cause many people go there.

various art exhibitions in Jamshidieh

Amusements in Jamshidieh Park 

Jamshidieh Garden offers good opportunities for fun and you can enjoy some of the following activities:

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1. Hiking and mountaineering

It is true that Jamshidieh has no playground like other parks, but instead, it provides the best space for a pleasant walk. Just get the right shoes and go out with family members or friends to the beautiful park and forget about time and fatigue.

Of course, everything does not end with hiking; this park is a meeting point for hikers who want to go to the Kolakchal and the northern highlands of Tehran.

If you are interested in light climbing, make your way to Jamshidieh and join the mountaineering groups. At the Ferdowsi Garden, near the statue of this great poet, you will see a signpost that guides you to the Kolakchal Mountaineering Route.

On the way, you will get to the riverbank, the is separated from the park by a fence. The farther you go, the fence ends and you can approach the river and have some fun moments.

If you follow the road, you reach Kolakchal Shelter, a symbol of social solidarity, and its initial cornerstone was laid after the overthrow of the popular government of Dr. Mossadegh in the coup of August 19, 1953.

Of course, the tower has been closed to climbers for many years, but watching it in one of the highest parts of Tehran is enjoyable.

If you go a little closer, you can read the names of the creators of the tower on the bricks and stones of it.

Hiking and mountaineering in Jamshidieh Park

2. picnic

Pavilions and suitable amenities make Jamshidieh a great place to spend a memorable day with friends or family. Just pick up the necessary supplies and food and pick one spot in the park to sit down and taste the sweetness of being together.

Jamshidieh  Park

3. Photography

The moment you get to the Jamshidieh park, photography subjects tempt you to take out your camera and take memorable photos.

The park has an amazing look in every season. In the spring, the green buds of the trees show the new dress of the park, and in summer they are very lush. Autumn has a different mood in the park, and a carpet of colorful leaves spreads beneath your feet.

Winter also comes with snow. All these beauties give you an excuse to take lots of photos, something you can’t easily ignore.

Jamshidieh park, photography

4. Having Something Delicious

Walking up the stairs, you would reach the lake and the waterfall.

Next to it are tasty options lined up in front of you. There are a set of restaurants with local and traditional Kurdish, Azerbaijani, Northern dishes with a stone-built atmosphere and traditional architecture whose benches overlook the park allow you to enjoy the view in front of you. 

Jamshidieh park Tehran
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5. Bird watching

One of the fun things you can do in Jamshidieh is watching the 60 species of birds that roam around the garden and their sound can be heard from anywhere.

 You can wait for hours to watch these beautiful creatures of the creature or go by the lake and watch them dance in the water.

Bird watching in tehran

Facilities of Jamshidieh park

Jamshidieh park is one of the most popular parks in Tehran and has good amenities. Features of the park include:

  • Amphitheater
  • Restaurant
  • Fountain
  • Bench
  • trash bin
  • Traditional restaurant (made in the style of Turkmen yurts)
  • Drinking water
  • Pebbles
  • Green space
  • Restrooms
  • 175 light

Facilities of Jamshidieh park

Ways to access Jamshidieh park

Information about Jamshidieh park:

Address: Shahid Omidvar Street, Shahid Bahonar Street, Tehran, Iran

Visiting time: Every day from 06:00 am until midnight

If you want to get to Jamshidieh by public transport, you have the following ways:


Take the Tajrish-Jamaran buses and get off at Yadegar Imam School Station, which is on the corner of Omidvar street and reach Jamshidieh by taxi or walk.

BRT lines:

You can reach Tajrish by using the BRT line Seven (Railway – Rah Ahan) and from there take your taxi or bus to Jamshidieh.


Get off the metro at Tajrish Station and reach Omidvar Street using Tajrish-Jamaran buses.

Ways to access Jamshidieh park
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Attractions around Jamshidieh Park

There are other attractions in Tehran that you can visit. Here we will introduce some of them with their distance to Jamshidieh Park:

  • Niavaran cultural historical complex:3 kilometers
  • Niavaran Park: 3.2 kilometers
  • Tajrish Bazaar: 6.4 kilometers
  • Darabad Wildlife Museum: 5 kilometers
  • Saad Abad cultural historical complex: 7 kilometers

If you want to visit this park, you can make a good plan to visit sites near to it as well.

Attractions around Jamshidieh Park

The history of Jamshidieh Park

Before the idea of building a park here, it was supposed to be a home for the elderlies. Actually it was a place where old people could spend time away from the bustle of the city in a quiet and peaceful place.

At that time there were many properties that belonged to Davallu family from Qajar era and the engineer Jamshid Davallu is the owner of the land of this park.

He was one of the great land owners of Tehran and he gave his 69000 square meters’ land to the wife of second Pahlavi and became very famous.

The history of Jamshidieh Park

Plant species of Jamshidieh Park

The green space of Jamshidieh Park is one of its beauties and has given the park a great look.

In this green space you can find trees and like acacia, elm, plantain, ash, black maple, weeping willow, cedar, chestnut, apple, pear and cherry, each of which has its unique beauty.

Plant species of Jamshidieh Park
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The designer of Jamshidieh Park

What we know as Jamshidieh Park today has been changed a lot during the time but its real designer was Kamran Tabatabai Diba.

He was one of the grandchildren of Tabatabai family and he was born in March 7, 1937 in Tehran and in 1957 he started studying architecture in Harvard university of Washington DC.

He is a modernist painter, architect that has his own Iranian style and you can see his art in designing the museum of contemporary art, Farhang Saraye Niavaran and Daneshjoo and Shafagh Park.

The designer of Jamshidieh Park

The recommendations of Hoteloneclick for visiting Jamshidieh Park

The recommendations of Hoteloneclick for visiting Jamshidieh Park are:

  • You’d better go to Jamshidieh Park in the middle of the week since it is very crowded on the weekends.
  • If you go there on the weekends or on holidays, park your car on Bahonar street and the alleys near that and take a taxi to the entrance of the park not to get in trouble for finding a parking space.
  • When it is very crowded you can also pay for the large parking lot in front of the park.
  • Shahid Omidvar street has a steep slope so be very careful when it is icy and snowy.
  • Show respect to the nature and try not to damage so that people can use it in the future as well.
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The recommendations of Hoteloneclick for visiting Jamshidieh Park

Conclusion for the tourism guide in Jamshidieh Park

Even if Tehran is a crowded metropolis, it has many beauties in its heart that makes moments of joy and relaxation.

Sometimes it is good to be away from the daily routines and head to some of its cozy place in Tehran like Jamshidieh Park.

Have you ever visited this park?

What do you know about the other parks in Tehran?

Share your comments and experiences with us at Hoteloneclick. You can also share your photos of this park in the comment section.

If you are satisfied with this guide, we will be happy if you share it on social networks.

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