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Tehran hotels

Useful information before traveling to Tehran

Finding a suitable hotel is the most important thing to consider when planning a trip. The Internet and communication technology have made this important in some cases, but there are still some factors that should be taken into account when choosing a hotel, especially when traveling with families and children. Here are some of the five main factors that should be taken into consideration when booking a hotel.

Since 2014, the number of visitors to Iran has increased, but booking hotels in Tehran via the Internet is still difficult.

While the Internet is widely used in Iran, due to the sanctions tourists cannot book their hotel before they travel to Iran and pay online. Even comparing online prices will be difficult in some cases. Reservations are still traditionally done by operators, even if they appear to be online.

Milad Tower

Accommodation with the lowest cost

You can go to the hotel personally at the time of entering Iran or traveling to different cities, or you can ask the hotel by e-mail to book a room for you. But we advise you to book the hotel through a trusted travel agency. This is the best way to guarantee the lowest cost of staying during your trip.

Tehran is the most important and largest city in Iran, which is 7000 years old. It lies between the northern mountains of Alborz and the central desert. Its population is estimated at 14 million people during the day and about10 million at night. It is one of the most strategic and crowded metropolis of the country that has traffic all the time.

Azadi Tower

When you want to choose one of the hotels in Tehran to stay, you can choose from a wide range of guest houses and traditional houses to 1 to 5 star hotels, some of which are very luxurious and equipped.

Key points for booking a hotel in Tehran

1. Hotel location:

Traffic is a perpetual problem in Tehran, so choosing a hotel location is important. If your trip is fun, make sure that the hotel is located near the most tourist attractions. If your hotel is located in the center of the city, you can have access to tourist sites in less time.

If you are traveling for business, choose a hotel located near the main centers or industrial centers of the city. Medical services, shopping malls, and airports or railway stations should also be located near the hotel.

2. Hotel Facilities:

The modern hospitable staff understands the importance of different services and facilities for their customers. Most tourists prefer hotels that offer more services. For example, if your trip is commercial, the internet and Wi-Fi facilities in your room are required.

Many hotels in Tehran have Wi-Fi, room service, tourist desk, dry cleaning and so on. Most hotels (3 stars and more) also have lunch and dinner in addition to breakfast. However, before booking, check out the facilities.

3. Customers / Comments from previous clients:

In the era of technology, a user has unlimited options to choose from because of competitive markets. Before picking up any specific hotel, you can get an idea of the opinions of those who have used this hotel before.

. Since travel logs and personal notes are beyond the direct control of hotels, the reviews that are published on various websites are 100% honest and transparent.

4. Hotel accessibility:

When traveling, having access to basic facilities is a very important factor. You must check the transportation service and the hotel accessibility. The hotel should provide transportation services to key destinations such as shopping malls, tourist attractions, railway stations and airports.

There should also be a public transportation or regular taxi service available at the hotel. The lack of fast transportation is very annoying and can make your travel experience bitter.

5. Hotel Value:

You can select a hotel by comparing the prices of different hotels simultaneously. Some hotels offer special discounts or offers. You can explore the value-added services provided by hotels. Today, many hotels offer new designs to attract tourists.

Remember that the pleasure of your trip is directly related to the place of your residence. So be very careful about choosing a hotel

Cost and quality categorization for accommodation in Tehran

Special features of Tehran and the concentration of most administrative, political, therapeutic and recreational centers in it have caused many travelers to visit Tehran or be forced to stay in Tehran for many reasons

For all sorts of needs, a wide variety of accommodation options are available for any tastes and budgets. When choosing a place to stay in Tehran, consider that traffic is heavy in most parts of the city. Try to choose a location that is close to the places you want to visit or have good access to public transportation lines. The traffic restrictions can also be a problem for the local tours.

National Museum of Iran

Luxury and 5 star hotels

Azadi Hotel:

Five Star Azadi Hotel is located at Shahid Chamran Highway, Evin, at the intersection of the city's main highways and in terms of access, in the best condition.

Hotel facilities include: parking, taxi service, car rental, tour service, smoking room, soundproofed room, confectionary, business center, internet, TV, satellite, half board, roof restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, outdoor and indoor swimming pool, steam room, Jacuzzi, spa, ping-pong, gym, hairdresser, ATM, special service for the disabled, laundry, a marriage room, hotel safe box, a conference hall, etc.

. Accommodation is free for children under the age of three.

Parsian Azadi hotel

Enqelab Hotel:

Four Star Enqelab Hotel is on Taleqani Street near Valiasr. The hotel, which is a sub-group of Parsian Hotels, was renovated in 2015 and includes the following facilities: elevator, hotel safe box, travel agency, office services, shopping center, coffee shop, taxi service, cafe, gym, hair salon, tour service, TV, movie channels, parking, swimming pool, sauna, massage, wake up service, special services for the disabled people, tickets, laundry, breakfast and refrigerator.

Accommodation for children under the age of three is free of charge for a child aged three to eight is half- priced. The hotel is located within the traffic-restricted area.

Enghelab hotel

Esteqlal Hotel:

Five-star Esteqlal Hotel is located at the intersection of Chamran Highway and Valiasr Highway. The hotel was renovated in 2000 and some of the rooms have the view of the that mountain.

. Hotel services include: elevator, hotel safe box, shop, atelier, travel agency, office services, shopping center, roof top restaurant, coffee shop, taxi service, currency exchange, cafe, green area, tennis court, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, massage, hair salon, sports ground, gym, TV, movie channel, lander, internet, breakfast and refrigerator.

Stay at this hotel is free for children under 7 years old.

Parsian Esteqlal Hotel

Espinas Palace Hotel:

This is a five-star hotel in Sa’adat Abad near the Yadgar Imam Highway. The Espinas palace hotel was opened in 2015 and some of its rooms overlook the beautiful mountains of Tehran.

Facilities include: elevator, safe box, shop, travel agency, office services, shopping mall, daily tour, roof restaurant, coffee shop, taxi service, shoe shine machine, smoking room, cafe, green area, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, massage, gym, services for the disabled, Internet, TV, laundry, Breakfast, refrigerator and free WiFi.

This hotel is free for children under 2 years old.

Espinas Palace

Homa Hotel:

Homa's five-star hotel is located in Valiasr Street, near the Vanak Square.

The hotel has been established in 1972 and includes facilities such as elevator, hotel safe box, shop, atelier, travel agency, office services, shopping mall, roof restaurant, coffee shop, taxi service, shoe shine machine, smoking room, currency exchange, cafe, Green area, tennis court, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, massage, medical services, sports ground, TV, movie network, parking, ATM, ticket, laundry, breakfast, refrigerator, balcony and free water.

Stay at this hotel is free for children under 7.

Homa Hotel

Eram Hotel:

The Eram four-star Hotel is located in Vanak Square, near the Tehran Garden. This hotel was renovated in 2017 and includes the following amenities:

breakfast, balcony, refrigerator, TV, internet access, elevator, atelier, office services, traditional cafe, roof restaurant, coffee shop, green area, taxi service, shoe shine machine, Children's playground, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, sports ground, gym, hair dresser, parking, wake up service, movie playing, ticket and laundry.

Accommodation for children under the age of five is free at Eram hotel.

Eram Hotel