Tajrish Bazaar in Tehran

Things to know about Tajrish Bazaar in Tehran, address, photos, attractions such as Tekyeh Tajrish and ways to access the park.

Introduction about Tajrish Bazaar in Tehran

In this article, we are going to introduce you to Tajrish bazaar in Tehran and all its parts. 

This article is one of the articles on the HotelOneClick website that is designed to get dear tourists who are planning to visit Tehran acquainted with Tehran's tourist attractions.

In this article, we will try to describe in detail all the tourist attractions in the Tehran Tajrish Bazaar which is one of the most beautiful places in Tehran. This article is actually a guide for tourism in Tajrish bazaar in Tehran.

In this article, you will learn about the different bazaar sections, the goods that are sold, the interesting areas near it, the routes to access it and the history of the Tajrish bazaar.

At the end of the article, you will see some examples of the tourists' experiences visiting this market.

A traditional market-Tajrish Bazaar - HotelOneClick

Why is Tajrish Bazaar one of Tehran's tourist attractions?

Today, HotelOneClick has selected one of Tehran's historic neighborhoods, Tajrish, and one of this area's most popular attractions is Tajrish Bazaar.

A place where almost all Tehranians have memories of and receive positive energy by walking and shopping there.

Be with us on a short trip to Tajrish bazaar to tell you about Tajrish bazaar antiquity, architecture and many more, and take a fascinating tour around Old Tehran.

Vegetable Market in Tajrish Bazaar - HotelOneClick

So be with HotelOneClick to go to this spectacular bazaar and have a fascinating morning or evening excursion.

The main reason for choosing Tehran's Tajrish Market as one of the most important tourist attractions of Tehran can be the followings:

  • It is one of the historical bazaars of Tehran.
  • It is located near Imamzadeh Saleh and in the heart of the historic and memorable Tajrish neighborhood.
  • There is a great variety of goods with all kinds of prices.
  • Going to this bazaar, you can partially be familiar with the atmosphere of old Tehran.
  • Aside from touring this old bazaar, you can go to various restaurants and cafes and experience delicacies.

Tajrish Bazaar in Tehran - HotelOneClick
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Introduction to Tajrish Bazaar | the oldest bazaar in the north of Tehran

We have come to the Tajrish neighborhood in the north of the capital, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tehran, which brings to life many memories in the minds of Tehranis and Iranians.

Tajrish is a place where the famous Imamzadeh Saleh is located, along with other markets, passageways, restaurants and other small and large shops.

Apart from all of these, the Tajrish indoor market is one of Tehran's most famous old markets where shopping and sightseeing are popular in it, and many come from all over the city, even from outside the capital to walk in this colorful bazaar.

Tajrish Market  in Tehran - HotelOneClick

Situated in the Shemiranat district of Tehran, it is on one side connected to the famous Tajrish and Imamzadeh Saleh and on the other hand it leads to Qods Square and Tajrish Square and intersects the two old neighborhoods of Sarpol and Tajrish.

A bazaar where you can buy a variety of goods, fresh and sometimes unusual food, various crafts and many more. It is where many tourists refer to it as a nostalgic place and they try to visit it again.

The Oldest Bazaarin North Tehran - HotelOneClick

Good Atmosphere in Tajrish Bazaar

The Tajrish market is one of the most famous Iranian and Tehran markets and many come here not for shopping but to enjoy the good atmosphere of this market.

In the Tajrish market, you can travel to the not-so-distant past and put away the sense of stylish passageways.

Be sure that once you get to the Tajrish market, you will be tempted to visit that again.

Good Atmosphere in Tajrish Bazaar in Tehran - HotelOneClick


As time goes by and the sun goes down, many shops around the city are slowly closed and they think about going home but the mobility of multiplies.

One of the biggest attractions of the Tajrish market is the nightlife in and around it, and many go to the Tajrish market at night to enjoy the market atmosphere.

Nightlife in Tajrish Bazaar  - HotelOneClick


Photography in the Tajrish market is very popular due to the variety of colors of the products, especially fruits and vegetables, the way people are dressed, the presence of people together, the beautiful building of shops and much more, and many in Tehran Choose there for professional photography.

Bazar-e-Tajrish - HotelOneClick

Having something to eat

You've been shopping and now you're tired and hungry?!

Don't worry, the Tajrish market and the surrounding neighborhood offer a variety of places to eat.

Take advantage of traditional Iranian cafés and restaurants that offer delicious Kebabs and stews and new cafés where you can have a hot coffee with your friends.

If you are a fan of Ash and Halim, you are in Tehran's best place to eat these traditional foods.

Tajrish is famous for its traditional Ash and everyone has tasted them at least once.

If you have craving for fresh bread, there are several bakery shops on the market where you can buy a variety of traditional and fresh bread. Don't miss these pleasures.

Delicious Food in Tajrish Bazaar - HotelOneClick
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What awaits you in Tajrish Bazaar?

It is estimated that Tajrish Bazaar is between 300 to 700 meters long and with more than 400 shops of 12 to 40 meters, it attracts tourists and shoppers.

The big difference of this bazaar with the grand bazaar in Tehran is that most of the shops in Tajrish are retailer, but Tehran Grand Bazaar is the center of wholesale of different goods.

Here you will find shops in old Tehran and old Tajrish style where booths and stores still retain their traditional design, with their beautiful tile work having the name of the shop on top of them. Now, buyers are welcome.

Along with this old Tajrish bazaar, Tajrish bazaar is known as Tajrish Tekyeh, and like the old Iranian bazaars, it has several mosques and a Husseiniyeh or a way that is connected to them that will be talked about later.

The bazaar has also become well-known for its fruit and vegetable markets, which we'll talk about in more detail later, but know that this part is so colorful and exciting that you will definitely buy something.

Tajrish Bazaar in Tehran - HotelOneClick
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Tekyeh Tajrish

Going to the end of the Tajrish bazaar you reach a large courtyard that is the market for fruit and vegetables, but if you look closely at the signs you will find that you are in the great and famous Tajrish Tekyeh.

It is one of the oldest Tekyeh in Tehran, dating back to the Qajar era and 220 years ago.

This Tekyeh is so significant that it has been listed in the National Iranian List of Works in October 2004.

This Tekyeh is for the time of Muharram, Arbaeen Hosseini, and Fatemieh which are religious morning days. 

Tekyeh Tajrish - HotelOneClick

The architecture of Tekyeh Tajrish

The Tajrish Tekyeh has a middle space and a two-story building.

In the western part, there is a shop with a few stores and its height is higher than other shops and it is called Shahneshin (dais).

In addition, 5 shops on the north side and 4 shops on the south and east sides have been built.

The second floor of the building also has commercial use at times when religious ceremonies are not held here.

In ancient times, wooden pillars held the ceiling that today are replaced by metal pillars.

Tekyeh Tajrish in Tehran - HotelOneClick

History of Tekyeh Tajrish

At the beginning of the twelfth century AH, gardeners and villagers of Tajrish decided to build a building suitable for the mourning of Imam Hussein (AS).

Prior to that, people were gathering in the mosque and people were welcoming Hussein's mourners into their homes, but as the population grew, they could no longer meet the needs of everyone, so they began to make a big Tekyeh.

Tekyeh was not roofed at the time of its construction. After some time, it was decided to roof the middle area of 600 square meters of it.

Every year, during the months of Muharram and Safar, great mourning was held in this city until a terrible flood in 1987 destroyed a part of Tajrish.

The great Tekyeh was also damaged, but the roof and arches remained intact. The Tekyeh was restored by the people later.

Muharram in Tekyeh of Tajrish Bazaar - HotelOneClick
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Tajrish Bazaar Mosques

Besides Tajrish's great Tekyeh, the bazaar also houses several mosques.

The custom of building a mosque and school next to the bazaar is one of the old Iranian customs, and Tajrish bazaar is no exception.

The three mosques of Khan (the current mosque of Saheb Al-Zaman), the Azam Mosque and the Seyyed al-Shohada Mosque are also the old mosques of Tajrish bazaar and you can visit these mosques as well.

Tajrish Bazaar Mosques - HotelOneClick

What you can buy at Tajrish Bazaar

Tajrish Bazaar is a place where you can find samples of every industry and product.

Most of the products sold in Tajrish bazaar can be categorized as:


There are several shops in the market where you can see almost all Iranian handicrafts in one place.

The most famous of them are Termeh of Yazd, Hamedan Pottery, Khatam, Mina and Copper Containers of Isfahan, Gilim and Jajim Kurdistan and Kerman and many more.

Nuts and dried fruits

Iran is known worldwide for the high-quality nuts and dried fruits it produces each year, so it should not be surprising to see shops in the Tajrish market selling these types of products.

Nuts and dried fruits in Tajrish Bazaar- HotelOneClick


When you pass the spice shops, you see so much variety and color that you don't know which one to buy.

Spices in Tajrish Mal - HotelOneClick

Fruit and vegetables

The freshness and smell of the fruit and vegetable of the Tajrish market are enough to make you buy them, but it doesn't end there.

Every time you walk into Tajrish's market, you come across another strange fruit that you have never seen or heard of anywhere else.


The Tajrish market is also famous for its variety of delicious, sour and colorful products.

When shopping in different parts of the market, do not forget to watch and buy their lovely pickles. There is so much here that you are surprised by the new name and shape of pickles every time.

Pickles in Tajrish Bazaar- HotelOneClick

Fashion jewelry and rosary

Another thing you can take home from Tajrish's market is fashion jewelry and rosary.

Alongside these, you can also find shops for gold, traditional and modern bakery, draperies, electronics and more.

Apart from all these, traces of foreign dolls, cheap Chinese clothing, prayer books, bags and shoes, world-class CD cartoons can also be found.

Magical Rosary in Tajrish Bazaar  - HotelOneClick
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Tajrish bazaar access routes

Address: Tajrish Market, Tajrish Neighborhood, Tehran

There are various options available for you to reach the Tajrish bazaar that we will consider here.

Public transportation

To reach the Tajrish market, you have to reach the Tajrish square. You can use the subway, BRT buses and taxis for this.


The last station of Tajrish-Kahrizak (Red Line or Line 1) is Tajrish Station, it is also the deepest metro station in Tehran.

At the station, you have to go up the four escalators to reach the ground, so if you have a knee joint problem, it is better to either use the elevator or not take the subway and take the bus and taxi instead.

BRT Bus:

The last station of the 7th line of Tajrish-Rah Ahan BTR Bus also stops at the end of Valiasr Square and near Tajrish Square and Market. So if you want to get here by bus it is one of the best options to get to the market, but this is not the only bus line that will lead to Tajrish. The Resalat-Qods bus line also stops at Qods Square at the end of Shariati Street and near Tajrish Square and can be a good choice to reach the Tajrish market.


There are direct taxis to Tajrish Square and Qods Square from many parts of Tehran. You can also use them to get to the bazaar.

Personal car

If you are in a personal car and want to buy something from the bazaar, you must reach Quds or Tajrish Square.

It is possible to reach Tajrish Square from Valiasr Street, Zafaraniyah and Niavaran neighborhoods.

On the other hand, the road to Shariati Street ends at Quds Square, which is a short distance from Tajrish Square.

The only problem with using a personal car is parking and traffic jam. Of course, in recent years there has been some parking near the Tajrish market and square, but given the number of cars entering this neighborhood, these parking lots are not enough.

Suitable hours to get there

Like some historical attractions or museums, it is not possible to set a specific time for the Tajrish market, but in the early hours of the day the market is relatively quiet and as we get closer to the middle of the day, more shops open.

Bakeries, of course, start their work in the early hours of the day.

Also, if you are looking for fresh fruit and vegetables, it is advisable to visit the area early in the day.

Tajrish market entrances

This market, in addition to its main route, has access to the passages such as Qaem passages. Also, a section of this market opens to Imamzadeh Saleh and its neighboring Husseiniyeh.

Attractions around Tajrish Market

Now that you have come to Tajrish neighborhood, it is advisable to include some of the famous attractions in the area beside the Tajrish market in your list. Here are some of them:

  • Imamzadeh Saleh: In the neighborhood of Tajrish market
  • Darband: Approximate distance 3.7 km
  • Ferdows Cinema and Garden Museum: Approximate distance 2.4 km
  • Saadabad complex: Less than 5 minutes to access it.
  • Niavaran Palace: Approximate distance 3.5 km
  • Green Palace: Approximate distance 2 km

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Tajrish Bazaar History

Tajrish Bazaar is the oldest bazaar in the Shemiran area in the north of Tehran and is a small example of the capital's Grand Bazaar.

Some sources say that the bazaar dates back to seventy years ago, but some old tradesmen say the site is 150 years old. However, some of the structures in this place are older than this, such as the famous Tajrish Tekyeh, which is said to have been in the bazaar since 220 years ago.

But in order to talk about the history of the Tajrish bazaar, we need to tell you a little about Tajrish itself and how it has grown and developed.

The Tajrish neighborhood is located in Shemiran or Shemiranat, but from the beginning, it was not as we see it today, and most of it was covered with large gardens and villages and bungalows.

Nomads and other people came to this bungalow to spend the spring and summer to enjoy the cool weather.

In the spring and summer, in addition to locals, a number of workers from Taleghan, Nain, Lorestan and Natanz and several other cities came to the area to help the gardener.

These workers stayed in Tajrish over time, and the Tajrish population grew.

When Reza Shah chose Darband for his resort, it began to be on a more modern form of Tajrish.

The old Shemiran road continued to the end of the old Tajrish road and donkey and mule stations became bus and taxi stations.

All these caused some locals to set up booths near Tekyeh Tajrish and Imamzadeh Saleh by collecting fruit from the gardens of Tajrish, Darabad, Ozgol, and Farmanieh to sell their products there.

Tajrish Bazaar in 1982 - HotelOneClick

The Tajrish bazaar was booming gradually and dairy, butcher's, grocery, and teahouse were added, but until about fifty years ago, booths and shops did not have a legal owner and the entire bazaar had no roof.

The openness of the ceiling caused closing the market in the winter with heavy snowfall and people were getting in trouble for buying their products. So the tradesmen decided to build a roof for the bazaar.

To do this, they covered the market roof with wood and made a roof for each of their shops using wooden beams, bricks, and clay.

In 1973, however, the wooden and tiled ceilings were replaced by metal ones.

These ceilings still existed until a few years ago, until the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization restored the bazaar, giving it a magnificent, traditional look.

At the time of their restoration, they decorated each shop with a traditional tiled inscription in an innovative way and transformed the market into its present form.

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This has caused a lot of cultivated wheat fields around the Darakeh neighborhood. Alongside there were nine water mills in the neighborhood to make wheat flour.

Of course today all those mills are gone and some have even become restaurants.

Darakeh was famous for its many stone mines such as white stone, green stone, and mining was one of the main occupations of the people.

Besides, sheep farming, aviculture, gardening, selling snow to the Tehranis, selling wheat from the Shahrastak road to the people of the north have been other occupations of Darakeh until three decades ago.

Darakeh Square, which is today a meeting place for climbers and hikers, did not exist until 50 years ago.

At that time, it was an earthen field and in the south of it there was a path which was the link between the village of Evin and Darakeh and the square was formed after the revolution by a well-known resident, Mr. Seyyed Mohseni.

Travel experience of foreign tourists

Tehran is one of the popular destinations among foreign tourists and many of them have good memories of the city.

Meanwhile, touring the historical texture of the city is one of the attractions of the Iranian capital for foreign tourists and one of their choices for sightseeing is the old Tajrish market.

Here we want to introduce you to some of the foreign tourists who have visited this bazaar.

A tourist from Norway (Date of travel January 2018)


The most colorful market with the best smell, full of people, food and jewelry.

Everything here is cheap and you can find just anything you want here.

A tourist from America (Date of travel May 2018)

Attractive traditional bazaar

This bazaar is much smaller but cleaner than the grand Tehran bazaar and is located in the northern part of Tehran.

You can put some time to visit it on the same day after visiting the Saadabad Collection.

A tourist from Singapore (Date of travel December 2018)

A genuine market in the north of Tehran

If you like to visit a genuine bazaar that focuses on local and delicious cuisine, the Tajrish market is a great offer for you, especially spices, dates, fruits, and vegetables.

A better place than Tehran's grand market, which has a very good location in the city.

Tourists in Tajrish Bazaar in Tehran - HotelOneClick


  1. A variety of traditional and foreign restaurants are located around the old Tajrish bazaar which occasionally serve home-made foods.
  2. Tandis, Arg, Qaem Shopping Centers are three large and famous shopping malls near the old bazaar of Tajrish, that are worth visiting.
  3. If you go to Tajrish to buy fruit and vegetables, you can carry a cloth bag to reduce the consumption of plastic and plastic bags.

Nowruz in Tajrish Bazaar - HotelOneClick

Conclusions for Tajrish Bazaar Tourism Guide

Today we toured the market with you and got familiar with the traditional and new shops.

We got acquainted with the different parts of it and got information about its history and antiquity.

What do you think about this old Tehran bazaar? Have you ever bought anything from there?

If you've visited this market and other markets in Tehran, share your views and experiences with us and your friends at the HotelOneClick in the comments section. Also if you have photos of this beautiful market, send them to us too. If this guide has been helpful for you, share it on social media.