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Tabiat Bridge in Tehran

Tabiat Bridge is one the most famous attractions in Tehran. Every things you need about Pole Tabiat and things to do nearby. This is complete travel guide for Tehran passengers to sightseeing Bridge of Nature.

Introduction about Tabiat Bridge in Tehran

In this article, we want to introduce you to Tehran Tabiat Bridge and all its tourist and recreational facilities.

This article is one of a series of articles on the HotelOneClick site designed to provide travelers with more information about Tehran attractions.

In this article, we will try to explain to you all the tourist attractions of Tehran Tabiat Bridge which is also one of the world masterpieces, along with its details. This article is actually a tourist guide of the Tehran Tabiat Bridge (It belongs to our Tehran travel guide articles in this site).

In this guide, you will learn about the sights and amenities of the Tehran Pole Tabiat as well as its amenities.

In addition, you will be familiar with the important points used in the design of the Nature bridge, and you will read other visitors' comments on this.

In the end, we will review the awards and honors that Tabiat Bridge has received internationally.

Note: The name of this tourist attraction in Tehran is known by the words Tabiat Bridge and Pole-Tabiat among tourists. The English meaning of this word is Nature Bridge (or Bridge of Nature).

Why is Tehran Tabiat Bridge one of Tehran's most popular attractions?

Today we want to go to the Tehran Pole Tabiat, which with its unique structure, has attracted many people all over the world and after the Milad Tower could be a new symbol for the capital.

We'll show you some photos of Pole Tabiat and tell you about the fun opportunities it has.

Tabiat Bridge  Tehran in night - HotelOneClick

You will also be introduced to the designer of the Tehran Nature bridge and find out who has designed it and what elements have been considered.

Then we will talk about the ways to get to the bridge so join the HotelOneClick to explore the spectacular attractions in the capital.

It can be said that the main reason for choosing the this bridge, as one of the most important Iran attractions for tourist, can be the followings:

This bridge makes it possible for you to enjoy a spectacular view of the ever-awake capital of Iran:

  • Bridge of Nature is one of the symbols of Tehran.
  • This bridge is not just a crossing path, it is designed to provide the space and facilities to spend happy and varied hours in the heart of Tehran's metropolis.
  • The name of the bridge as a unique structure has been repeatedly exposed to discussion internationally and has received awards.
  • The cafes and restaurants of this bridge are great options for creating delicious moments and having fun.
  • One of Tehran's favorite places for photography and taking selfies.

Tabiat Bridge Tehran in fall season - HotelOneClick

Getting acquainted with Tehran Pole Tabiat: a different pathway

Pole Tabiat is a three-story bridge in the Abbas Abad area of Tehran, which is located along the Modarres Highway and is dedicated to pedestrians only.

The bridge provides a link between Taleghani and Abo Atash parks, connecting the two important parks of the capital.

The matchless lighting and unique features of this bridge draw many people to it, especially at night, giving them dreamy moments in the heart of Tehran.

This structure is 300 meters in length and 40 meters in height above the ground level, and allows you to enjoy a beautiful view of Tehran.

The cafes and restaurants have made the Pole Tabiat an attractive destination for the foodies and attract tourists to taste their amazing dishes.

It's worth knowing that Tabiat Bridge has been named the first pedestrian bridge in the country and the largest pedestrian bridge in the Middle East.

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 Tehran Bridge of Nature - HotelOneClick

Tabiat Bridge Recreations

Crossing the bridge, you can enjoy the following sights:

1- Bridge of Nature food courts, cafes and restaurants

The first floor with its glass walls includes spaces such as cafes, galleries, coffee shops, restaurants and more.

On this floor, you can experience different surfing amongst the delicious Iranian and foreign restaurants and enjoy every corner of its1450 m width.

Pole Tabiat in Tehran - HotelOneClick

2- Seeing a different scene from Tehran

Standing on the Tabiat bridge, you can have a magnificent view of Tehran. The bridge is at a point where the following can be seen from above it:

  • All Tehran highways such as Modarres, Hemmat, Haqqani and Resalat highways
  • Forest landscape of Taleghani Park, Abo Atash Park Towers, the Lighthouse of the Ports Park and Mina Dome
  • South slope of Alborz and Damavand Mount
  • The third-largest flag of the world raised in Taleghani Park.

A top of place on Pole Tabiat in Tehran  - HotelOneClick

3- Walking on the bridge

Walking 40 meters above the ground level on wooden flooring will give you dreamy and refreshing moments.

 As you enter the Pole Tabiat, you realize that the bridge is built in such a way that you cannot see the end of it. I

f you are tired of walking, sit on the benches on the bridge.

If you just want to cross the bridge with a short

stop, head to the second floor, which is 2870 square meters.

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Walking on Tabiat Bridge in Tehran city  - HotelOneClick

4-Photography on the Nature Bridge

The nature of the bridge, the presence of people on it, and the different perspectives provide many subjects for photography.

The Salafi market is also hot on the bridge, and it can be one of the capital's favorite spots for taking selfies. The best place on the bridge to take memorable photos is the third floor.

Perfect spots for Pole Tabiat photography

  • Modarres Haqqani Pedestrian Bridge or Abo Atash Bridge: This bridge is parallel to the Bridge of Nature on the north of it and is also known as the Abo Atash Bridge. To access this bridge, go to north about 500 meters to (Haqqani Highway) and after passing the fountains of Abo Atash park, you will see the bridge entrance on your right.
  • Hemmat Highway: To the south of Nature Bridge and along Hemmat Highway, there is a bridge that crosses Modarres Highway and is named Fajr Bridge. As you pass by, you can also have a spectacular view of the Tabiat Bridge.
  • Siavash Statue: This statue is located in the Abo Atash Park, in the north of Pole Tabiat. Nearby you can reach a platform that has a good view of the Tabiat bridge in front of you. The platform is 250 meters from the entrance to the Tabiat Bridge at the Abo Atash Park.

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Photography in Nature bridge Tehran - HotelOneClick

Visiting Hours and ways of getting to the Tabiat Bridge

  • Address: Abo Atash Park, after Jahan Koodak crossroad, Haqqani Highway, Vanak Square, Tehran
  • Visiting Hours: 6:00 am to 12:30 am

how to access to Tabiat Bridge?

1- Private car

Unless we ignore the trouble of finding a place to park, especially on the weekends, you can easily reach one of the two gardens on either side of Tabiat Bridge by car:

First route:To reach the Abo Atash park you have to go to the Haqqani highway. On the west to the east road of this highway, cross the Allameh Shahidi Street (Formerly known as Didar) after crossing the Jahan Koodak intersection.

This street is located on the west side of the Abo Atash Park and after the intersection of Jahan Koodak. You can park your car on the sides of this street or use the public Abo Atash park parking lot.

Second route: You can reach Taleghani Park and then the this location from the Haqqani Highway.

Having entered the Highway, you crossed, slow down after crossing the Jahan Koodak crossroad and Modarres Highway Bridge.

Follow the signs on the sidewalk to Taleghani Park. The parking lot is right at the beginning of the road and you can safely park your car.

2- Public transport


Haqqani Metro Station is the closest metro station to this bridge.

Go from that station to Taleghani Park and follow the bridge path.


Go to Seyyed Khandan Bridge or Vanak Square or Resalat Square and take the Vanak-Resalat buses.

If you are heading to Vanak you will need to get off at the last stop and if you are on your way to Resalat, get off at the first stop.

Then walk to the Abo Atash garden and enter the bridge.


There are many choices ahead of you. You can use the Vanak-Haghani Metro taxi and get off in Abo Atash park before reaching the subway.

You can also take Vanak taxis from the Resalat or Sayyed Khandan, and then take the pedestrian bridge and cross the highway and walk to the park.

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Nature bridge in Tehran spring  - HotelOneClick

Attractions around the Bridge of Nature

If you want to see this bridge, also you can see other things nearby.

These are some sort of attractions nearby that you can see all of them together:

  • Abo Atash park in few steps
  • Gonbad-e Mina Planetarium in a few steps
  • Ports Park in a few steps
  • Taleghani Park in a few steps

Pole Tabiat Tehran from top - HotelOneClick

Interesting points about the Tabiat Bridge

Tips on the compatibility of the bridge design with nature

The bridge structure shows a special kind of organic design that looks exactly like a tree.

In this unique design, the principles of nature conservation are fully respected and are among the features found in the national and natural parks of France, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Malaysia, and Australia.

Applying the tree form to the bridge columns and choosing the nature name for it indicates the emphasis on linking the two green spaces and connecting them to each other by the bridge.

The bridge is in the form of intertwined branches of the tree.

Points with the lowest number of trees are selected to place the bridge columns.

The wooden flooring and composites used in the bridge are 100% recyclable and do not harm the environment.

Points about the building and strengthening the nature bridge

At the time of construction, the entire process of cutting, assembling, installing and welding the parts was carried out at a height of 40 meters.

Interestingly, at the time of construction, the Modarres highway, one of the main arteries of Tehran, was not blocked at all and there was no disruption to the movement of cars.

The highest standards and safety coefficient against accidents and even disasters like an earthquake with a magnitude of more than 7 Richters are also predicted for the Pole Tabiat.

According to the project's executive contractor, the bridge can be used for 100 years.

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Gonbad Mina in Bridge of Nature in Tehran - HotelOneClick

Highlights in the design of the Tabiat bridge

For the design of this different bridge, the architecture of the historical bridges of Iran, especially the Khajou Bridge had been used as a model.

Like many historic bridges, this bridge does not connect two different points only and there also spaces for stopping and staying.

The bridge is arched so that pedestrians do not see the end of it. In addition, the maze also reduces speed.

This means that unlike all bridges that are designed in a straight way, Pole Tabiat creates a kind of single-point perspective that arouses human curiosity.

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A picture from top of Pole Tabiat in Tehran  - HotelOneClick

Foreign tourists' views on the Nature Bridge

Here's a look at foreign tourists' comments on Tehran's Tabiat Bridge, which is published on the TripAdvisor website, one of the most valid tourism and travel websites:

Australian Tourist/ Visiting Date: April 2019

A fascinating walk in nature during the sunset

During Nowruz, the bridge is very crowded but full of people who like to take photos with you and invite you to their home. This is a good opportunity to talk to the locals.

Canadian Tourist/ Visiting Date: April 2019

A great place to stroll

Bridge of Nature is on a busy highway and connects the two parks. This bridge is very modern and has high and low points.

We were there in the afternoon and there were a lot of people. There are many places to take photos on the bridge and you have a great view of the snowy mountains and the city in front of you.

Australian Tourist/ Visiting Date: April 2019

Escape from the City

The bridge was designed by a young woman and its surroundings are very good. The bridge connects the two parks and is a perfect spot for taking pictures of the background mountains.

 In the afternoon, I enjoyed walking on and around the bridge.

Dutch Tourist/ Visiting Date: March 2018

A fantastic bridge in front of the mountain

The Tabiat Bridge is a modern bridge in the north of Tehran that has a wide view of the mountains and the city. The bridge has 3 floors and is a good place to spend time.

Tourist from Austria | Visiting Date: November 2018

Designed by an architect named lady Leila Araqian

Modern design and the largest Tehran pedestrian bridge connecting the two parks. The name of the bridge is quite compatible with its structure.

I saw this bridge in the daytime, but it has a different look at nighttime lighting. Regardless of the time of day or night, you will see a beautiful landscape on this bridge.

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Tabiat Bridge in Tehran nights- HotelOneClick

Pole Tabiat Honors

The unique design of this bridge is such that it has received national and international awards and honors. Here are some of the awards and their amount of importance:

Agha Khan Architectural Award in 2016

The purpose of this award is to recognize the best examples of architecture and is considered the top architectural award in the world, with a value of 1 million US $.

Architizer A + Award at Bridge & Highway Section, New York, the USA in 2015

This award belongs to an architect who makes a positive impact on people's daily lives with his construction.

In this program, architectural works was represented for more than 400 million global audiences.

Winner of Golden Bricks in Tourism and Recreation Areas, Tehran, Iran 2014.

Tehran's Golden Bricks is a global-local award for the best urban projects.

MEIDAA 2015 Award for General and Urban Projects in the Middle East, Dubai, UAE in 2015

MEIDAA is a prize that goes to the winners of the Middle East Architecture and Design Contest.

The competition is often held in the United Arab Emirates or East Asian countries, where participants present their works at an international exhibition.

Other awards

  • 2013: Top steel structure of the country in bridge section at 4th Steel and Structures Conference, Tehran, Iran
  • 2014: Top City Bridge at the 4th International Bridge Conference at Amir Kabir University, Tehran, Iran
  • 2015: Architect Award for Public Spaces, Tehran, Iran | Asian Architecture Award, Istanbul, Turkey | IPMA Silver Award for Project Management, Panama
  • 2017: International Kharazmi Award

It is good to know that the bridge was also in the British International Architecture Competition, but could not attend the final stages due to the sanctions.

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Pole Tabiat Tehran in night - HotelOneClick

The procedure for constructing the Pole Tabiat

 The land on which the bridge was built is part of a region known as Abbas Abad. These lands cover a wide area that begins on the Haqqani highway and ends on Beheshti Street.

According to government plans, different parts of the land were assigned to cultural and natural uses for the proper use of these lands.

In line with the government's objectives, the Municipality of Tehran carried out extensive planning for various parts of these lands, and sections such as the Abo Atash park, the Ports park, and the Museum of the Holy Defense were inaugurated.

Competition for designing a bridge

When designing the lands of Abbas Abad, two bridges were designed to connect the eastern and western parts of the Modarres Highway.

It was later decided to merge the two bridges into a multi-level bridge and form a new structure.

  • Consider environmental issues in its design.
  • Have fun attractions and not be just for passing.
  • Do not disturb the view of the Alborz heights from south to north.

Various architects and engineers came up with ideas and finally, four final designs were selected. In the final phase, experts selected a design from a young architect named Leila Araqian to build the bridge.

night of Tabiat Bridge - HotelOneClick

Beginning of the bridge construction until its opening

Construction began in late second half of the year 2010. Due to trade sanctions, getting materials from overseas was troublesome.

 Iran's sanctions created problems for contractors to procure, ship and pay for the materials, which delayed the completion and construction of the bridge.

Finally, after four years of effort, the Bridge of Nature was inaugurated on October 22nd, 2014, in a ceremony that the mayor of Tehran attended.

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A picture from construction of Tabiat Bridge - HotelOneClick

Introducing Leila Araghian: Tabiat Bridge Designer

Leila Araqian was born in 1983 and is an Iranian engineer and architect who is known for her unique architecture and design of the Tehran Tabiat bridge.

At the age of 26, she participated in the bridge design competition and proposed a design with the help of Mr. Ali Behzadi, she was then selected as the designer of the bridge.

As one of the founding members of Diba Company, she has said about her design:

When the design of this bridge was only on paper, I didn't think it would be implemented someday. It's a good feeling to see people enjoy it.

This gives me more confidence to do more projects in the future, but sometimes I think such projects and opportunities may only come about once in one's life.

Her overseas activities making the facade of the BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, Canada, and lecturing at the American University of Dubai and the German University of Anhalt.

Leila Araghian designer of Pole Tabiat in Tehran  - HotelOneClick

HotelOneClick recommendations for visiting Pole Tabiat in Tehran

There is a crowd on the bridge on weekends so plan properly to visit it.

At certain times of the day, especially at dusk and at night, the bridge can be very spectacular so don't miss it.

Pole Tabiat cafes are popular places for a hearty breakfast. So if you're a fan of breakfast, put it on your list.

A picture from construction Nature Bridge in Tehran - HotelOneClick

Conclusion for Tourism Guide on Tehran Tabiat Bridge

Perhaps the image we all have of Tehran is a smoky, crowded city, but it has many attractions that make great memories for you.

If you are living in Tehran or ae planning to travel there, be sure to take the time to visit the Tabiat Bridge and share your experiences with your friends at HotelOneClick.

Tell us about the other attractions of the capital and tell us the best ones based on your opinion.

What do you know about other bridges in Iran? Which of them have you ever visited?

Tell us about your observations and experiences. If you have a comment about the Tehran Tabiat Bridge that is not mentioned in this article, you can write in the comments section of this guide.

If you find this guide helpful, we'll be happy if you share it on social networks.

Bridge of Nature shining on Tehran nights  - HotelOneClick

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