The best sport complexes near Azadi Hotel in Tehran

Where are the best sports complexes near Parsian Azadi Hotel in Tehran? We introduce Chamran, Enghelab and more.


In this article, we introduce two sports complexes and hiking trails that are near Azadi Hotel in Tehran.

At the end of the article we will mention three water parks which are a short distance from Parsian Hotel in Tehran.

The best sport complexes near Azadi Hotel in Tehran

You may have made a reservation for Tehran Parsian Azadi Hotel for the time you are in Tehran.

If you have the plan to use the city's sports complexes while you are in Tehran, we suggest you read this article.

Many tourists tend to visit and enjoy the sports facilities in their destination city. In this article, we will explain about the Enghelab sports complex.

This large sports complex is just a short distance from Tehran's Azadi Hotel. 

Enghelab Sports Complex has many sections including pool, tennis court, bowling, paintball, billiards, skating, soccer, squash and so on.

If you are also staying at the Parsian Hotel Azadi you can easily access this beautiful complex and use its various parts.

Then we will talk about the Chamran Sports Complex and the hiking trails near Parsian Azadi Hotel in Tehran.

In the end we will talk about 3 water parks where you can enjoy moments of happiness.

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Enghelab  Bowling club , one of the best sport places near to Parsian Azadi hotel in Tehran

Chamran Sports Complex

If you are interested in exciting entertainment and want to experience a world of entertainment, you can count on Shahid Chamran Sports Cultural Complex in Tehran.

This unique collection is one of the most popular sights in Tehran that has many fans today.

When you go to the Shahid Chamran Collection, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of recreation.

 One of these recreations is a beautiful forty-year-old amusement park.

This amusement park is one of the most memorable places for adults to have exciting hours.

It is good to know that, it has been reopened today with renovations and new facilities to make this suitable for all family members.

While playing in the sports cultural complex, you can enjoy unique entertainment such as computer and exciting games, 4D cinema and other entertainment.

Chamran sport complex , one of the best sport complexes near to Parsian Azadi hotel in Tehran

It is noteworthy that the Shahid Chamran is also known as Bowling Abdou, which started operating in Tehran in 1963.

In this part of the Chamran complex, family members can play bowling and have fun.

 Other benefits of the Shahid Chamran Complex include numerous halls that can be referred to as cinema and sport halls.

As well as spending time in the amusement park and bowling Abdou, if you like watching movies or doing sports, go to these lounges and have fun. 

Further information about Chamran complex:

  • Address: Sadr Bridge, Shariati St.
  • Distance from Tehran Parsian Azadi Hotel to Chamran Sports Complex: 8.3 km. 12 minutes by car in non-traffic hours.

Chamran sport complex , one of the best sport complexes near to Azadi hotel in Tehran
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Tehran Enghelab Sports Complex

You may have heard the name of Tehran's Enghelab complex, a sports cultural complex that has attracted many sports enthusiasts for many years because of its unique features.

No matter where you live in Tehran, this prestigious sports complex has such features that will convince you to travel long distances to reach it. 

It is natural that we don't know what is going on in this complex because it is very large.

For this reason, we recommend that you continue reading this guide to get detailed information about the Enghelab Sports Complex.

health road in Enghelab sport complex , one of the best sport complexes near to Parsian Azadi hotel in Tehran

Get familiar with the history of the Enghelab Complex

The Enghelab Sports Complex was founded in 1958 with a total area of 130 hectares. At that time, it was named the Shahanshahi Club.

The club was managed by the Physical Education Organization in Iran after the Revolution in 1978 and since then was known as the Cultural and Sports Complex of Enghelab.

One of the most important reasons for the popularity of the complex, both at the beginning of its construction and at the moment, is its geographical location, which is very important in many ways.

Enghelab Complex enjoys the fresh weather of the north of Tehran which has created a very good atmosphere for sports activities.

The complex, on the other hand, has four different doors, making it easy for visitors to access.

The northern door of the Enghelab Club is on International Exhibition Street, its southern door on Niayesh Highway, the eastern door of the complex in on Mellat Park and its western door on Seoul Street.

Tehran Enghelab Sports Complex has many different parts that make it possible for different people with different interests and tastes to use it. In this section we will introduce you to the various places in this collection in the following.

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4 season swimming pool in Enghelab sport complex , one of the best sport complexes near to Parsian Azadi hotel in Tehran

1. The Health Road of Enghelab Club

The health road is one of the most popular and well-known sections of the complex so many people go there only to use only the standard health road available.

The Enghelab club's health road occupies a large part of the complex and is, as mentioned, one of the attractions of the complex. 

The health road is surrounded by complex golf courses, with beautiful views of the golf course, towering trees, green tunnels and pools and waterfronts, creating a pleasant atmosphere for everyone.

If you take a complete round of the health road which is about 2590 meters, of course we strongly urge you, if you are among the elderly and sick, to choose only the flat part that is 620 meters long because the eastern side of the health road has a slope and It may not be appropriate for you.

2. Men's Four Seasons Pool

The men's Four Seasons Pool is one of the most important and attractive places in the Enghelab club, with special facilities and an area of 8000 meters.

Health & Wellness Center, Massage Center, Buffet, Restaurant, Basketball Court, Cross Fit Lounge, Sports Shop, Cold Water Pool, Traditional Bathroom, Group sports salon, Jacuzzi, Steam room and Sauna, Volleyball, Pool for children and adult, a gym with professional coaches are the most important features of the club's four-season men's swimming pool, located on the south side of the Tehran Enghelab Complex.

Another feature of this pool is the presence of a chlorine and ozone pool water treatment system, and quality testing (temperature, particulate matter, chlorine) that is done professionally by several teams in each session.

4 season swimming pool in Enghelab sport complex , one of the best sport complexes close to Parsian Azadi hotel in Tehran

3. Enghelab club tennis court

The complex has the largest Middle East tennis court with 30 red clay outdoor tennis courts.

This sports complex has 7 tennis stadiums, which are unique in the whole world, 6 stadiums out of 7 stadiums have 1530 seats and can extend up to 2000 people. 

It is interesting that the central stadium has 3 floors with 4130 seats that can extend to 7500 seats.

4. Enghelab Club Bowling 

Bowling of Tehran Enghelab complex is the largest bowling club in the country with unique facilities. It took two years to build the complex using the latest technologies. 

The club competes with the world standards by its 24 automatic bowling lanes, automatic scoring system, automatic turning ball mechanism and many more.

One of the features of the Enghelab bowling lounge is the type of lounge which is Italian and has a contemporary style.

In addition, if you are interested in this fascinating field of sports and want to learn more about its training techniques and terminology, we have provided a separate article on bowling instruction for beginners that we suggest you study.

You can also compare the best bowling clubs in Tehran with each other, get the required information such as address, contact number, working hours, facilities, etc. and choose the best one.

Enghelab bowling club , one of the best sport complexes close to Parsian Azadi hotel in Tehran

5. Indoor and outdoor swimming pool for women

The indoor and outdoor pool of the Enghelab Club of Tehran for women was built in 2011.

The complex is 5000 meters with an equilibrium overflow pool system, cloakroom, and buffet, 3 million cal. per hour steel boilers, gutter systems for removing surface water, super-intelligent ozone injection system, 4 green spaces with 7,000 square meters area, four seasons outdoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi system with 2 different temperatures, gym, Turkish bath system, rotary ventilation system, traditional and octagonal bath system, massage in separate rooms, saunas and water treatment.

indoor swimming pool in Enghelab complex , one of the best sport complexes near Parsian Azadi hotel in Tehran

6. Enghelab Club Paintball 

Paintball of the Enghelab Sports Cultural Complex is the first and largest indoor club in the country, which is ranked A.

 This complex has river, cave, wooden bridge, 30 rooms and hiding places, artificial trenches, suspended overpass, sandy floor and so on which make this game attractive.

It is a 3500-square-meter field, with three floors and introduces itself as one of the largest paintball clubs in the world.

We have already covered paintball and its rules in a separate article. If you want to know what paintball is, what its rules and regulations are and how to play it or get acquainted with it, read in our comprehensive article about paintball game and learn everything you need to know before playing paintball.

7. Enghelab Club Billiards 

The Billiards of Enghelab Sports Complex is built in a 500-meter space with 12 eight ball tables and 8 snooker tables.

It has a coffee shop as well as a billiards lounge for women, which has 4 eight ball and snooker tables.

The billiards club is located on the south side of the complex and with the presence of experienced trainers it provides training for all its clients.

billiard in Enghelab complex , one of the best sport complexes near Parsian Azadi hotel in Tehran

8. Specialized women's salon

The Specialized salon for women in Enghelab Club has a very beautiful space and experienced staff, built in 2500 meters of indoor space and 700 meters of outdoor space.

This sports complex has 4 aerobics salons, the largest gym in the country with the latest equipment, a beauty salon with all kinds of massage, hair and skin treatments, water treatment, free consulting and more.

9. Skate of Enghelab Sports Complex

The skating club of Tehran Enghelab Complex was opened in 2002 on the southern side of the sports complex. Skating facilities include an open-air skating rink (U Agcio) with 5 standard ramps, a hockey skating rink, performance and speed rinks (the country's only standard rink).

10. Futsal Hall

The Futsal Hall of Tehran's Enghelab Sports Complex has an area of 800 meters and several halls with many facilities.

Air conditioning, water cooler, cloakroom, heating system, parking, shop and green space are the most important features of this sports complex.

11. Natural grass football field of Enghelab club

The natural grass football field of the Tehran Enghelab club was constructed in an area of 120 x 85 in 1986. A cloakroom, restroom, shower, and track and field are features of the complex, it also has two smaller grounds.

12. Artificial grass football field

This sports complex has 2 large and small football pitches, cloakroom, restroom, hot showers and projectors for lighting at night.

One of the most important features of this artificial football field is the training classes for various ages that are active throughout the year.

 Artificial grass football field in Enghelab complex , one of the best sport complexes near Parsian Azadi hotel in Tehran

13. Enghelab Club Basketball

The Tehran Enghelab Sports Complex has lounge number 3, family lounge and Si Negin lounge for those who are interested in basketball.

14. Squash for Gentlemen and Ladies

The squash complex of Tehran's Enghelab Club has separate halls for men and women that host many competitions annually. It was built on the north side of the club in 1994.

 The ladies section has 3 separate lounges with cloakroom and bathrooms and a gentlemen's section has 5 lounges and four seating rows for spectators, two rooms, and a sports shop.

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15. Enghelab Club Tehran Volleyball 

Enghelab Sports Complex has a dual purpose hall for basketball and volleyball that is built in 30 x 60, in 1983 and at the center of the sports complex.

Enthusiasts can also play Volleyball Hall number 3, Family Hall, Hall 11, Si Negin Hall and Yadgar Imam Hall.

16. Enghelab Club Golf 

Golf Course of Enghelab Sports Complex is one of the most valid golf courses in the country, built in 62 hectares in 1962, and decreased to 44 hectares in 1993.

The complex consists of 13 squares and a range field located in the western part of the complex.

 Also, holding classes under the supervision of experienced coaches in a pleasant atmosphere attracts many enthusiasts to the Enghelab Golf Course annually.

mini gulf field in Enghelab complex , one of the best sport complexes near Parsian Azadi hotel in Tehran

17. Mini Golf

Mini Golf of Enghelab Sports Complex has a lot of fans in the land of 2000 square meters.

The floor of the complex is carpeted and is considered one of the most popular sections of the Enghelab Club throughout the Middle East due to its lighting, special green space design and also the four-season restaurant.

18. Rock climbing club

Rock Climbing of Enghelab Club, the Stone Climbing Club and the Zip Line Club host a large number of enthusiasts every day, in collaboration with leading national professors and with the most advanced facilities in the Tehran Enghelab Sport Complex. This sports complex is located on the northwest side of the club and in the open air.

19. Enghelab Club Padel

The padel field at the Enghelab Sports Club of Tehran with the size of 10*20 host those interested in this exciting sport.

It is located on the northwest side of the Enghelab Sports Club, and has a cloakroom and air conditioning and creates a pleasant atmosphere for people.

Tennis field in Enghelab complex , one of the best sport complexes near Parsian Azadi hotel in Tehran

20. Martial Arts Hall of Tehran Enghelab Sports Club

Martial Arts Hall of Tehran Enghelab Complex is located on the east side of the club and those interested in martial arts can visit it.

This academy hosts fans of karate, personal defense, kickboxing, gymnastics of teenagers to adults in the form of semi-private and private.

21. Yadegar Hall of Enghelab Sports Complex 

The Yadegar Imam Hall was built in 1998 on the east side of the complex and can be used for various sports such as volleyball, basketball, futsal, handball, archery, badminton and more. 

This section of the Enghelab Sports Cultural Complex also has a sauna. It should be said that this hall is the largest hall of the Tehran Enghelab complex.

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22. Enghelab club fishing 

Enghelab Sports Complex has a fishing pool designed and built in a lush environment and is one of the largest fishing pools in the country with the size of 20*40 meters, and depth of 5.3 meters and a capacity of 6000 salmon and carp.

There is also a buffet that enthusiasts can visit to fry their fish.

23. Fitness Center of Enghelab Sports Complex

Tehran Enghelab Club's gym has two sections for ladies and gentlemen.

It is the largest bodybuilding complex in the country, with a wide variety of venues, amenities, and state-of-the-art equipment.

24. Enghelab Club Ping Pong 

The Ping Pong of Enghelab Club is part of the skating academy located on the south side.

This complex has attracted many enthusiasts with modern and standard facilities.

25. Enghelab Club Bubble Football 

It is interesting to know that this sports complex also houses bubble football, one of the most exciting recreations.

Bubble football, first coined by two Norwegians, quickly gained popularity around the world, and now you can enjoy this exciting sport with your friends and family at the Enghelab Sports Complex.

Bubble football field in Enghelab complex , one of the best sport complexes near Parsian Azadi hotel in Tehran

26. Enghelab Club Badminton 

The Badminton of Enghelab Club in Tehran is held in the hall of Imam Khomeini and you can enjoy this energetic sport both alone and with the help of experienced trainers.

In this complex you can also play with your family ii special salons.

In 2000, 4 family salons were built for group sports like volleyball, basketball, futsal and more.

27. Enghelab Club Shooting 

The CN Shooting Club of Tehran's Enghelab Sports and Cultural Complex has 9 shooting ranges with fixed targets and 6 Target Felling and Electronic Targets that offer a variety of services for men and women of all ages.

shooting club in Enghelab complex , one of the best sport complexes near Parsian Azadi hotel in Tehran

Mountaineering routes for Azadi Hotel passengers

in this section we want to introduce mountaineering routes in Tehran for passengers who are traveling to Tehran.

They are the best routes for standard mountaineering in Tehran city.

Darabad Road

One of the best hiking routes in Tehran is Darabad Road, located in the northeast of Shemiran.

Darabad has a beautiful valley with a height of 1750 meters, which extends to about 2600 meters in the north and northwest.

Along the route, there are numerous springs, small and large waterfalls, and beautiful ponds.

Entering the hiking trail, you will find a small kiosk at the beginning of the road named "Nature Lovers Station" and then the mountain police station on the right.

A little further you will reach a signpost and a stone bridge.

For hiking on the Darabad route, there are three paths ahead.

Further information about Darabad:

  • Darabad Address: Darababad Mountain, Mohebbi Street, Darabad Street, Tehran
  • Distance from Parsian Azadi Hotel to Darabad Mountaineering Route: 23.5 km. 27 minutes in non-traffic hours.

Darabad road , one of the best mountaineering routes for Azadi Hotel passengers in Tehran

Palangchal (in Darakeh mountain)

Another route that is one of the most crowded hiking trails in Tehran is Darakeh or Palangchal.

The height of this mountainous area is 2550 meters and passes through the beautiful Plangchal Valley by the river.

Darakeh Valley is safe and suitable for winter hiking, up to an area called Azghalchal.

The main hiking route of this point of Tehran is to the Palangchal or the fifth station of Tochal, and many use it for hiking on their weekends.

Palangchal camp in Darakeh , one of the best mountaineering routes for Azadi Hotel passengers in Tehran

This six-kilometer route passes through the beautiful valley of Darakeh and Palangchal and along the Darakeh river.

Of course, for hiking in the winter, it is best to continue your route only to the area called Azghalchal, as there may be dangers like avalanches along the way.

Tehran is very crowded on weekends and holidays, so if you would like to take advantage of the tranquility of this place, go to this neighborhood on other days.

Further information about Darakeh: 

  • Address: Davoodian Street, Rashideddin Fazlollah Street, Yaman Street, Shahid Chamran Highway, Tehran
  • Distance from Parsian Azadi Hotel to Darakeh climbing route: 4.8 km. 13 minutes in non-traffic hours.

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Kolakchal route

One of the most popular hiking trails in Tehran is the Kolakchal route, one of the least dangerous and scenic hiking trails in the north of Tehran due to the short route and convenient facilities.

It is one of the best offers for a day of hiking.

To start the climbing, you will need to head to Jamshidieh Park, and after about two hours of hiking on a vast, zig-zagging and low-slope route you will reach the Kolkchal Complex at 2600 meters high.

Although Kolakchal is one of the least risky hiking routes in the winter, we recommend having at least an ice-breaker on your shoes as well as a hiking stick.

The Kolakchal Climbing Route is a great option for a professional climber.

Further information about Kolakchal:

  • First address to access: Tajrish Square, Shahid Bahonar St. East (Former Niavaran), After Jamaran, Feiziyeh Street (to the North), Jamshidie Park
  • Second address to access: Shahid Hemmat East Highway, North Modarres Highway, Sadr Highway, Kamaraniyah Boulevard to the north and Bahonar and Feyzieh St
  • Distance from Parsian Azadi Hotel to Kolakchal Climbing Route: 15.8 km. 28 minutes in non-traffic hours.

Kolakchal , one of the best mountaineering routes for Azadi Hotel passengers in Tehran

Velenjak Route (Touchal Telecabin)

The mountaineering route in Velenjak is another climbing route in Tehran that is considered one of the oldest and most attractive destinations in Iran and its peak height is about 3960 meters, which is located north of Tehran in the Alborz mountain range.

This route is very popular among hikers and it is best to have physical preparation to try hiking in this area.

Note that the beginning of the route is Velenjak and after the parking lot, the route is asphalted up to the first station of telecabin.

Afterward, the spiraling, low-slope marching route to the second station is about an hour. There are no amenities from Station 1 to Station 2 so be sure to bring food and water with you.

Hiking in the winter on this route has its own dangers and avalanches are likely, so be sure to check the weather before going.

Further information about Velenjak mountaineering route:

  • Address: End of Velenjak Street.
  • Distance from Parsian Azadi Hotel to Touchal Mountain: 7.1 km. 17 minutes in non-traffic hours.

touchal telecabin , one of the best mountaineering routes for Azadi Hotel passengers in Tehran

Shirpala route (in Darband)

The most famous and popular climbing route in Tehran is Shirpala route in Darband.

The height of this area is 1800 meters and to reach the summit of Tochal you have to pass the Pas Qale, Shirpala Shelter and Jan Panah Amiri.

The Sarband-Shirpala-Tochal route, despite some dangers, is the shortest route to the summit of the Tochal and most of the traffic is on this route.

Shirpala route (in Darband) , one of the best mountaineering routes for Azadi Hotel passengers in Tehran

Parts of the path leading to the Shirpala are quite steep and rocky until inevitably some metal stairs and ropes have been put.

It is difficult to hike this route, especially in winter, because parts of the route are completely frozen due to daily traffic, with large snow in the holes and valleys of the route, and the edge leading to the summit is very windy.

It should be noted that the telecabin service stops in bad weather conditions, and also works till 3 pm in winter and prioritizes skiers in providing services.

Further information about Darband route:

  • Address: Darband neighborhood, Tehran city.
  • Distance from Parsian Azadi Hotel to Darband Mountaineering Route: 10.1 km. 21 minutes in non- traffic hours.

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Conclusion for the best sport places near to Azadi hotel in Tehran

In this article we introduced the best sport complexes and clubs in Tehran which are close to Parsian Azadi hotel.

We told you about their facilities and addresses.

Share any experience you have with us and your friends at HotelOneClick.

Thanks for writing your comments.