Eram Garden in Shiraz (Masterpiece of Iranian Architecture)

Shiraz Eram Garden, a masterpiece of ancient Iranian architecture and art in the cultural city of Shiraz. History, architecture and different parts of Eram Gardens along with tourist sites close to the garden

Introduction to Eram Garden of Shiraz

Speaking of the Eram Garden of Shiraz, the smell of spring sour orange blossoms comes to mind and the great sense of the Iranian garden is felt.


This article is actually a tourist guide of the Eram Garden of Shiraz. By reading this guide you will be fully acquainted with Eram Garden of Shiraz.


Eram Garden - The Baeuty of the Four Seasons of Shiraz


One of the memories of traveling to Shiraz is sightseeing in the gardens.

Seeing some photos of the Eram Garden in Shiraz is enough to tempt you to visit this place and head to Shiraz.


HotelOneClick also wants to go to this attraction, have a look at the history of the Eram Garden and tell you about the architecture of this world-class Iranian work.

Join us to get to know another famous Iranian attraction while traveling to Shiraz.


It can be said that the Eram Garden is just one of the tourist destinations in the Great Shiraz.

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Eram Garden - A dream from heaven

Why is the Eram Garden of Shiraz a tourist attraction in Shiraz?

Eram Garden, with beautifully designed paths with nice trees on both sides, and towering trees, is a great place for nature lovers and tourists.

If you love nature and plants and flowers, this garden is a great place to relax and walk with joy.


Among the reasons why Shiraz Eram Gardens can be considered as a tourist attraction of Iran, the following can be mentioned:


  • Eram Garden is one of nine Iranian gardens named in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • This garden with beautiful and pleasant atmosphere and appropriate facilities, brings you happy moments.
  • In this garden you have the opportunity to wear traditional clothes and take a photo with them.
  • The plants in this garden are very spectacular and unique, and the tallest cypress in Shiraz is among them.
  • The decorations of this garden are stunning and are of great artistic and architectural value.


Eram Garden of Shiraz -HotelOneClick
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Getting acquainted with Eram Garden: the sweetness of Shiraz

In a corner of northwest of Shiraz city, a beautiful garden can be seen.

Over the years, this garden has seenmany cold and hot, good and bad days.


This beautiful place has been able to fascinate its viewers today and entertain them. Its name is Eram Garden, located in a short distance from the northern mountains of Shiraz (Babakuhi).

On the south side of it is the Khoshk river of Shiraz, which runs from east to west.


Eram Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in Fars province and even the whole country.

It attracts many foreign and domestic tourists. With its tall trees and amazing roses, it catches every eyes.


Eram Garden of Shiraz: Natural Beauty Alongside Historical Architecture

National and World Register of Eram Garden

Due to the unique features of the Eram Shiraz Garden and the extraordinary artistry of its architects, the name of this garden has been on the list of Iranian national monuments since November 5, 1975 with the registeration number of 1013.


The garden is one of nine Iranian gardens registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

It is listed with the registeration number of 1372 on the UNESCO World Heritage Committee's 35th meeting on June 27,2011.


Eram's Garden: a part of heaven
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Fun in the Eram Garden

Visiting a historical site and seeing one of Iran's World Heritage Sites is just one of the reasons that can attracts you to the Garden of Eram.


There are many amenities and opportunities in this garden that will multiply the pleasure of your trip:

1. Wearing traditional clothing

With its historic atmosphere, this garden makes you crave for traveling to the past and getting in touch with the people of that time.

After seeing this garden, you will want to immerse yourself in the beautiful culture of this land.


In this garden, you can wear traditional costumes and take memorable pictures by paying a separate fee.


Wearing Traditional Clothes in Eram Garden

 2. Walking in a heavenly atmosphere

The Eram garden offers you a unique blend of history and nature.

A combination that creates a heaven-like atmosphere and makes everyone fall in love with it.

As you walk through this garden, every moment you will be drawn to something special.

So do not miss a short visit to the building of this garden and surf as much as you can.


3. Shopping from cultural products store

In Eram Garden there is a booth for selling various products including cultural products, handicrafts and souvenirs.

These booths can give you a new shopping experience.


 4. Tasty experiences

If you have long walks in the garden, you can go for the delicious things offered there.

Surely, in this beautiful atmosphere, Faloudeh Shirazi gives you a real buzz! Imagine having a drink in one of the most delicious and traditional Iranian landscapes in Shiraz.


Enjoying in Eram Garden

Eram Garden History: passing through history

Despite many studies, there is still no information on the date of construction and early founding of the Eram Garden of Shiraz.

But the name of this garden in travelogues of the tenth and eleventh centuries AH indicates its existence at that time.


Other signs confirm the existence of this garden during the Seljuk period and throughout the period of Al Inju, Al Mozaffar and Gurkanian.

It is worth mentioning that Al Inju was a royal family in the Mongol era who ruled Fars in the eighth century AH.


Given the feudal system's dominance over the community of that time, the owners and co-founders of this valuable garden were the rulers of the time.

In the meantime, there is a possibility that Atabak Gharracheh who became the ruler of Fars by the order of Sanjar Seljuk, ordered the construction of the garden.


No information is available on the ownership of the garden after Atabak until the reign of Shah Sheikh Abu Eshagh Inju, who probably owned the garden.

The king sat on the throne in 1341 and was killed in 1355.


Al-Muzaffar probably took possession of the garden after the extinction of the Al Inju dynasty.

Some evidence suggests that in the time of Shah Mansur, the garden was at its ultimate glory. Shah Mansour is the last king of this dynasty that was assassinated by the Gurkanians.


Historical image of Eram garden in shiraz
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As the tourist writings suggest, the garden has been magnificent since the Safavid era.

Historical sources speak of its construction and improvement at the time of Zandiyeh by Karim Khan Zand.


Since the end of the Zandiyah period, for over 75 years the Eram garden has been in the possession of the Qashqai tribe leaders.

A dynasty named Jani Khan of the Qashqai dynasty of Fath Ali Shah Qajar ruled over the Qashqai tribe with Ilkhani and Ilbeigi names. They chose Eram as their headquarters in Shiraz.


JaniKhan, the first prince of the family, and his son, Mohammad Qoli Khan, erected a mansion in the garden. They finally finished it with the ultimate glory.

In the early Qajar period, the former owners of the Garden of Eram were some of the leaders of the Qashqai tribe. They were buried in a corner of the garden. But to date no trace of them has been found.


Evidence shows that the building of this garden was in existence until the time of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar. But Haj Nasir al-Molk Shirazi bought the garden from the Ilkhanid dynasty.


Probably by preserving the building's foundation, he built the current mansion in the garden.

After his death around 1893, the ornamentation of the building and some parts of the building were completed by Abulqasim Khan Nasir al-Molk, his son-in-law and his nephew.


Eram Garden image from many years ago

Description of the Garden of Eram in the time of Abu al-Qasem Khan Nasir al-Molk

Forsat al-Dowleh Shirazi describes the garden of that time as:

"... It is an example of a paradise... It has a royal palace with a hall built by two strong pillars.

It has many types of rooms and porches. Numerous waterfalls flow from every side.

The first building was laid by Muhammad Gholi Khan Ilkhani, then purchased by the late Haji Nasir al-Molk and handed over to the foundation.

Haji Mohammad Hassan the architect ... has added another garden to it. It also has a pleasant climate.”


Donald Wilber, a scholar of Iranian and Islamic architecture, also wrote about the Garden of Eram:

"... For at least 75 years the mansion was in the possession of the Khans or the Qashqai tribe leaders. This building was in the central core of the garden.

At that time a wall was built in the middle of the garden and the garden was divided into two parts. The Eram garden owes its popularity to citrus trees and a long street that is lined with magnificent cedar on both sides.

An interesting building that witnessed the unwavering hospitality of the Qashqai tribe. Every year, some citrus trees are destroyed by severe cold. While cedars have remained attractive for the last fifty years ... "


Eram Garden in the past


He also says:

"Every year some of the citrus trees are destroyed by the severe cold, while the cedars have remained attractive for the last fifty years ...

In designing the garden, its long axis has been identified. The main pavilion forms the central core of this garden and its most interesting section.

The lower floor rooms are almost basement and have a central hall for resting on hot summer days.


The stream flows directly through this hall and fills the pool in its path before it flows into a large pond. The walls and floors of this hall are covered with colored tiles.

The staircase connects this floor to the upper floor and to the corridors leading to the Great Hall. Its southern view is the continuation of the main axis.

From the north, the landscape is the hills on the banks of the river.


This triangular section (santuri) depicts a Sassanid-era landscape decorated with colored tiles.

On the ground floor, limestone slabs are distorted versions of prominent Achaemenid motifs found on Persepolis."


 Eram Garden in summer
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The fate of Eram Garden after the death of Abu al-Qasem Khan Nasir al-Molk

After the death of Abu al-Qasem Khan Nasir al-Molk, the garden is given to his son. It is then sold to one of the leaders of the Qashqai tribe.

After a few years, the wife of the last king of Iran bought it. For a long time, it was given to the University of Shiraz as a reception palace.


Some also believe the garden has been confiscated by the government. However, at that time, the building was gradually destroyed due to natural factors and the walls of the garden were also destroyed.

In the years 1967 - 1972, the Eram Garden was repaired and renovated with the authority of the Planning and Budget Organization under the supervision of the university officials.


Instead of the wall of the garden, they built a short stone wall with an iron fence around it. The decorations of its various parts were refurbished.

In addition to these repairs, a large land at the edge of Eram Boulevard and Asiab Boulevard was added to that. Interesting mirror works and oil paintings on the ceilings of the rooms and porches were also refurbished.

The ruined area of the garden was restored to its original design. The tilings, which had collapsed, were renovated to maintain the original style.


About 30 years ago, parts of the west side of the garden, including the land of a village known as Kooshk were added to the garden area and the total area was approximately 110380 square meters.


 Currently, Shiraz University, the Garden and the Faculty of Agriculture have its botanical garden. The building of the garden if for the law school now.


Eram Garden in Shiraz - HotelOneClick

Eram Garden Architecture

The ground of the Eram garden is a rectangular square. In each period, due to the changes in the garden, its area has increased and decreased significantly. But today the garden area is about 110380 square meters.

The entrance doors to the Eram Garden are on the larger side to the north and Eram Boulevard.

The smaller side is to the west and the Triad Mill Boulevard.

The two sides of the garden used to be a muddy wall in the past.

The other sides of the garden are limited to residential homes and other gardens.


 Garden pathways

In the middle of the garden, there is a main passage or street that stretches from west to east.

The crossing starts from the front of the large pool and building and extends to the end of the garden.

On either side of this passage, short fences are seen. In the middle, a blue waterway flows from the front of the large pool.

Once it reaches the middle of the garden, it divides into several waterways so that water reaches other parts of the garden.

Around this waterway, flower planting is beautifully done and the sides of the crossing are surrounded by old trees.


Another wide north-south axis lies in the middle of the garden, which is connected to the main passage.

In addition to these two wide crossings, other crossings have been constructed parallel to these two, in all parts of the garden.


The slope of the ground in the garden is from west to east.

The steep slope of the earth has made architects think tactically. As a result, they created stairs in parts of the garden's main and secondary passageways and at the intersection of the parts that the waterway is divided into multiple waterways. These ups and downs adds to the beauty of the garden space and gives it a different look.


The Main Crossing of the Garden of Eram in Shiraz
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Water supply system and garden pool

Much of this water, like most of the gardens of Shiraz, comes from the great aqueduct.

It is subdivided into several tables according to the segmentation.


The 335-square-meter garden pool is in front of the main mansion. Around this pool, there are 18 large, solid rocks.

Its construction probably dates back to the period of Jani Khan Ilkhani.


In the past this pool was deeper but today it is about half a meter deep.

At the four corners of the pool, there are four very tall and beautiful Phoenix palms.


 In addition to the water circulation system, two deep wells were drilled in the garden to supply the water required by the pump.

The water of this well is used by plumbing to irrigate garden flowers. The city's tap water is also used for drinking and consumption of the building purposes.


Eram Garden Pool

Eram Garden Buildings

The main buildings of the garden, including the main mansion and the interior, are located on the west side of the garden and on a high slope:


The main mansion of Eram garden: a unique building in Iran

The main building of the Garden of Eram can be considered a relatively complete example of the mid-Qajar era buildings.

Its features, like those of other buildings in the same era, show Zandiyah and Safavid architecture.

Even the motifs of the facade tiles are perfectly imitated from the walls of one of the Safavid buildings.


The building consists of three floors with lots of decorations and a gable roof. Its creator is Haji Mohammad Hassan Shirazi.

The main building of Eram Garden is facing east. The following have made this mansion a masterpiece of Qajar art and industry:


  • Architectural beauty
  • Oil paintings
  • Stone carvings
  • Tiling and plastering
  • Latticed iron windows
  • Facade of the building
  • Stone pillars
  • Exquisite and inlaid wooden doors


Another highlight of the building is its doors. These doors are made of teak, which is why they have remained intact for many years and have retained their original form.


Eram Garden Main Mansion

1. Facade of the building and its impressive decoration

What initially stuns every eye are the seven-color tiles of the facade.

These tiles are beautifully and elegantly arranged. Exquisite designs can be seen in them.


In the largest part, the picture of Nasser al-Din Shah riding a white horse can be seen with a half-crown in front of his hat.

Then there are three other pictures in Ferdowsi's and Nezami’s stories, including Solomon and Queen Saba; Rostam Pahlavan; Khosro Shirin; Yusuf and Zuleikha.


The large crescent of the Eram Garden’s Main Mansion
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The building of Narenjestan Qavam Shiraz also has a style similar to the architecture of this building.

Its interior decorations, including eye-catching wall and ceiling paintings, have many similarities to the Eram Garden mansion.


On the windows’ mrgines of the western side of the mansion are seven-colored tiles with different designs of various kings, Achaemenid soldiers, flowers, pictures of gardens and mansions.

Ultimately, it is Darius Achaemenid and a leopard that is hunting a deer that stuns your eyes.


The two upper floors of the building have columns inspired by Persepolis. These columns evoke beauty and splendor in mind.

At the front of the building, there are two semicircles on either side and a large painting with 3 crescents. They are known as Santouri by the Persian architects.

The crescent has three large panels and two small tiled panels with colored tiles. There are pictures of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar stories of Ferdowsi and Nezami and ancient Persian literature and religious tales.


In the smaller crescent there is a man fighting with Halahel. This painting is a distorted example of the design of the eastern porch of the Sad Sotoun of Persepolis Palace.

A deer has also been depicted in the leopard claws in a aeabesque background.


Small crescent of the main building of Eram Garden

2. Springhouse Hall

The underground floor is leveled to the ground. This is a lounge for relaxing on hot summer days and has a springhouse hall in it.


There are two corridors on either side of the springhouse that reach the stairs to the upper floor.

There are also two large lounges on either side of the corridors. Adjacent to the south side lounge is a large kitchen.

The rooms of this floor have colorful tiles that give them a special beauty.


The springhouse has a fountain and a stream passes through it. The creek then reaches a large pool in front of the mansion.

In the middle of this hall is a carved stone pillar. The walls and floor of the hall are adorned with beautiful and eye-catching seven-colored tiles.

Mosaic tile and seven-color tile cover the roof of the springhouse and make it one of the finest examples of tile art in the Qajar era.

These tiles are neatly next to each other. Beautiful images of hunting grounds and landscapes and stories of Khosrow and Shirin and other motifs are depicted.


Eram Garden springhouse Hall

3. The second floor

On the second floor in the middle of the building is a large terrace with two tall columns and a flat roof.

Behind this terrace is a large hall. On either side are four arches.

In front of this beautiful porch are two tall monolithic stone pillars. The design of the top of pillars were men in Qajar clothing and flowers and bushes.

The two-column porch of the Eram Garden is among the buildings of the Qajar period in Shiraz and has similar privileges to similar buildings.

This is due to the beautiful plaster decorations on the walls on its three sides.


At the foot of this porch, there are three iron windows that are old. They have survived since the construction of the building.

The two iron windows on each side are symmetrical. The middle window is larger in size. These windows are some of the most interesting examples of Qajar period windows.


The front of this porch and surrounding area is one of the most interesting tile work of the Qajar period.

It is referred to as a unique example. Its example cannot be found in other monuments of the Qajar period.

On either side of this large and magnificent porch are two small porches.

Each has two small integrated stone pillars. On the south side of this floor and just above the lower floor’s kitchen there is another spacious kitchen with the same size.


Second floor of the main building
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 4. The third floor

In the middle of the third floor is a large hall similar to the second floor. Its windows open to the main porch and have two corridors on either side.

Adjacent to the corridor on the north side are two rooms. Along the south side corridor there is a room and a large hall.


The ceiling of the two halls of this floor is filled with wooden beams and regular boards and decorated with beautiful and exquisite paintings.

The paintings include flowers and bushes, Arabesque traceries, numerous paimtings of hunting grounds, women's faces and images of European-style mansions.


These motifs are one of the evidences that show the fine art of painting on the ceiling was quite common in the Qajar period in Shiraz. Above the kitchen of the upper floor in this floor is a terrace.

In this floor, like the second floor, there are two porches on both sides and just above the lower porches. 


The roof of the third floor of the main building

Other Buildings of Eram Garden 

Eram Gardens has other monuments that we will mention below:



Behind the main building, on the west side of the garden, is the mansion and the courtyard of Andaroon. Androon has two halls and five rooms.

There are doors to enter the building. To the west is a one-story mansion that is higher than the Andaroon courtyard level.

The upper part of the Andaroon, like the main mansion, has a tile work.

At the same time as the tiled crescent of the main building of the garden and the Qajar period.


On either side of the middle room and under the crescents are two brick columns with beautiful mosaic tiles. Today the Andaroon door opens to the rose garden.

There is also a quadrilateral at the front entrance of the Andaroon. They are consoles around it and it is called gholam Neshin.


It is good to know that with the development of the garden and the addition of lots of land to the west of the Eram Garden, the main mansion, the old Barband rooms, the Andaroon building and its enclosed courtyard are all in the middle.


Unfortunately, the Andaroon of the Eram garden in Shiraz these days has become a garbage dump, storage area and a place to dry the plants.


The Eram Garden

East of the garden

Next to the eastern entrance door of the garden are two rooms designed for guards and servants.


Administrative department

Right next to the main mansion is a set of eight rooms. The complex has been refurbished in recent years and is now used as the garden management and administrative unit.


The Stone and Jewel Museum of Daria-i-Noor

In the main building of the Garden of Eram, there is a museum called the Stone and the Jewel of the Daria-i-Noor.

More than 140 rare and precious ornamental stones and gems are on display.


The museum was launched in 2011 and the wirks are from Iran and around the world.


Museum Stone of Eram Garden
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Eram Garden Plants: hosting the tallest cypress of Shiraz

The diversity of vegetation in Eram Garden is very high. Plants ofmany parts of the world are found there and the garden looks like an exhibition of all kinds of flowers and plants.


With a variety of ornamental flowers and plant species, it is used as a botanical garden of Shiraz University to extend the teaching and research of plant science.


The most interesting part of the garden is a passage built from east to west in the middle of the garden.

The passage has cypress trees on both sides.


Cypresses’ Passage in Eram Garden


Among these trees, there is a tall cypress, 35 meters high and thousands of years old, that attracts everyone's attention from a distance.

This tree is the tallest cypress tree in Shira. At the foot of this tree, there is a grapevine. Its branches embrace the tree from the foot to the head and give it a special appearance.


Fruit trees are also part of the vegetation of the Eram garden. These include: pomegranates; azalea; orange; persimmon; walnut; apricot; almond; apple; and pear.

The main product of the garden is pomegranate and citrus fruits.


Apart from the trees, ornamental plants have given the garden a great look. Heaps of roses are like a heavenly garment.

There is a flower garden of roses on the west and northwest sides of the garden.

It is unique in our country in terms of diversity and number of roses, and unique in neighboring countries and Asia. You will see about 200 species of rose.


Roses in Eram Garden of Shiraz

The reason for naming the Eram Garden

What makes this garden to be called Eram is the large mansion and garden that was built at the behest of Shadad, the Emad's son, the ruler of South Arabia, to compete with Paradise.


Hearing the description of paradise, he decided to build gardens and palaces to simulate it. He ordered to provide gold, silver, and ruby. Hired a hundred engineers for whom a thousand of workers worked.


He built a paradise in Damascus or Alexandria or in Yemen between Sana'a and Hadhramaut.

When he tried to enter Paradise with his troops, they all died near the city. His paradise also went deep into the earth for an unknown reason.


The literal affinity of Eram and Aram caused some commentators to associate Eram with Aramian and saying that the city of Damascus is Eram.

No other paradise was built like that, and its story has become an example to people in history.

So many of those gardens and flower gardens were called Eram to keep the memory of that garden, including the Eram Garden of Shiraz.


Eram Garden of Shiraz, inspired by Heaven

Eram Garden Inscriptions

As we have said, the face seen today from the Garden of Eram is a trace of the era of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar.

Its current building was built by the late Nasir al-Molk.


For this reason, several stone inscriptions have remained in different parts of the garden from Nasir al-Molk.

The first of these is marble, which is installed above the northeast entrance of the garden.

Tiling of this section is limited to a few inscriptions and a few tiles. But in terms of form, they are unique examples.


Above the entrance is the inscription in Nastaliq on the mosaic tile with the phrase:


Help from God and the imminent conquest

Underneath this inscription is an inscription of lemon-colored marble.

At the beginning of it, the holy phrase "Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim" appears. Then this poetry is written on it with the Nastaliq line:


From the Minister of Shah Nasir al-Molk, may his Eram garden be prosperous eternally


The inscriptions date is for the reign of Shah Qajar and the reign of Nasir al-Molk in Fars. On either side of the door, there are two arches with a tiled inscription at the top of each.

Tiled inscriptions on both sides of the door is in Nastaliq and navy background. Its inscription is a verse from the Holy Quran written in mosaic.


The columns in the front of the main mansion are covered with monolithic stone. This stone is known as Gandomak, which is more than two meters high.


Eram Garden Inscriptions


These stone columns are eight, and six has inscriptions on them.

On them are remarkable poems by Saadi, Hafez and Shurideh Shirazi.


The other two columns are designed with a man in a hat and a nomad dress.

It seems that in the past there were 6 inscriptions and engravings. But Master Bashi has wiped out the carvings and puts poems on them in the Nastaliq line.


In addition to the inscriptions, there are six other stone inscriptions on the east facade of the building in the form of a splinth.

They are all written in Nastaliq and installed on the first floor.


Two inscriptions under the two-pillar porch on the right; two inscriptions under the two-pillar porch; two more inscriptions under the two-pillar porch on the left. All of them.


From the right to the left, we examine these inscriptions in order:

Porch on the Right

In the first inscription of the right-hand column of this porch is written Ostad Bashi Ali Naghi Sharif 1961.

Poems by the late Fasih al-Molk Shourideh Shirazi have been written on it.


The second inscription is on the left column. There are poems by Shourideh Shirazi, the famous Qajar poet.


The great porch with two pillars

The next inscription is below the next column, which belongs to the great porch.

It shows the soldier of the Achaemenid period with one spear in one hand and a wand in the other.


Attempts were made to make this soldier's hat in the form of Persepolis soldiers holding spear. But what is seen is a simple hat and no decorations.


This inscription is mirrored on both sides of the porch. Although it is an imitation of the prominent motifs of Persepolis, it still lacks the charm and beauty of the prominent Persian spear holders of Persepolis.

The inscription also contains poems in Nastaliq and the first part of the poem refers to the history of the building.


The next inscription is like the one on the right. It depicts an Achaemenid soldier carved in the same way.

The inscription dates back to 1961 and its poems are from Fasih al-Molk Shurideh Shirazi.

The inscription also contains the date of Ramadan al-Mubarak 1937, which relates to repairs during the reign of Mozaffar al-Din Shah Qajar.


Eram Garden Inscriptions

Porch on the left

At the end of the fifth inscription is the phrase "according to the wish of Ashraf Agha Nasir al-Molk".

The sixth inscription on the left and foot of the south porch is written on as follows:

The servant of Nasir al-Molk, 1962

In general, it can be said that the inscriptions are related to repairs that have gradually taken place in this valuable building and have saved it from the danger of destruction.



In addition to these inscriptions, there are two limestone slabs on both sides of the springhouse.

There is an iron window between them.


On these two pieces of stone is a picture of a man with a spear in his hand.

This is a distorted and imitated image of Achaemenid period designs in Persepolis with the features and costumes and hats of a nomadic southern man.


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Access to the Eram Garden of Shiraz

Address: near Shiraz University Complex, Eram Street, Shiraz, Fars Province


 If you intend to use public transport you can use the following ways:


After getting to the Namazi station and about 10 minutes’ walk and after passing Daneshjoo Square and Eram Square you will reach the garden.


You can reach the garden by using the buses from the Kolbeh Square - Eram Square and Naranjestan Boulevard - Namazi Square and getting off at the Eram Square Station.

Visiting hour of the Eram Garden of Shiraz

  • Visiting days: Every day except mourning days including Tasoa and Ashura Hosseini, 21st of Ramadan martyrdom of Imam Ali, death of the Prophet, 1 Khordad death of Imam Khomeini, martyrdom of Imam Jafar Sadegh
  • Visiting hours: from 08:00 am to 8:00 pm


Eram Garden; Masterpiece of Iranian Architecture

Sightseeing around

In addition to the Eram Garden, you can visit other attractions in Shiraz.

Here are some of the sights of the city and their distance from the Eram Garden:


  • Vakil Bazaar, Mosque and Bath: 4.3 km
  • Jahan Nama Garden: 4.5 km
  • Nasir al-Molk Mosque: 4.9 km
  • Hafez Tomb: 5.3 km


Vakil Mosque of Shiraz, one of sightseeing places near to Shiraz Eram Garden

Tourists comment on Eram Garden

The Eram Garden is one of Iran's global works. For this reason, foreign tourists include the visit in their travel plans to Iran.


Here's a look at the TripAdvisor website to read some tourists' comments on this attraction:

Irish Tourist, Visiting Date, September 2019

  • Beautiful garden

Another remarkable example of Iranian gardens, though I did not see the garden at the best time and condition.


Tourist from the UK, Visiting Date, September 2019

  • The garden was disappointing but the building was of high glory

When we visited this garden, it was not the best time of year to visit. So many plants were past their flowering time.

Greenhouses and museums were also disappointing. Guiding signs were good in some places but in others they were lacking. However, the building's facade was highly decorated.

I would love to see this garden in other seasons; I think a more colorful look awaits me.


Vietnamese Tourist, Visiting Date, April 2019

  • Iranian Garden

Probably the most spectacular garden of Shiraz to visit. The population may be large, but the garden is vast.


Tourists in the Shiraz Eram Garden

Conclusions to the travel guide of the Eram Garden in Shiraz

The presence of the name of one of the Iranian gardens on the UNESCO World Heritage List indicates the high value of it to the world.

Visiting these works will give you a different experience, so be sure to include them in your travel planning.


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