Shiraz Hotels

Useful information about Shiraz

Shiraz is the Iranian Civilization Center, the capital of Fars province and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iran.

Thanks to the mild weather, a trip to Shiraz can be pleasant in any season, but spring is the best time to visit it. Whether you are interested in history or poetry or nature, Shiraz has something to attract you. walking in the Shiraz Gardens, the old bazaar of the city, Hafezieh and Iranian poem reading, each one can be considered a tourist attraction in Shiraz.

Hafez Tomb

Since Shiraz is the most popular city in Iran for tourism, if you intend to visit Iranian history, it is best to consider the time of the journey before planning a trip. The best season of the trip to Shiraz is Spring and the best month is May. Because the beauty of gardens is at its peak and at this time, and the number of travelers is lower than in April.

Eram Garden

Make sure to book your hotel before traveling to Shiraz. In this article, you can read the advantages of online hotel reservation. There is seldom a time that the city is empty and the possibility of full hotel rooms are high in all the seasons. By choosing an online booking, you can also benefit from hotel discounts in addition to choosing the right hotel.

Best way to travel to Shiraz

Suitable options are available for traveling to Shiraz. Shiraz International Airport regularly flies to all major cities and some small Iranian cities. International flights to Istanbul, Dubai, Sharjah, Kuwait, and Doha also take place on a weekly basis.

Other than the airplane, you can use a bus or personal car. The roads of Shiraz are connected to many parts of the country. The main bus terminal in Shiraz is about 4 km from the city center. Traveling time from Yazd to Shiraz is about six hours, Isfahan to Shiraz about seven hours and Tehran to Shiraz about ten hours. Prices vary by type of bus companies. Shiraz is also connected to Isfahan, Kerman, Bushehr, Ahvaz, Yasuj and Bandar Abbas through the highways.

It is also possible to use the train to Shiraz. The train station in Shiraz has been completed for about three years and the Tehran to Shiraz train was launched. However, traveling time by bus is about two hours less than a trip by train. Some of the best hotels in Shiraz have an airport transfer and you just need to give your landing hour.

List of hotels in Shiraz

Due to the tourist attraction of Shiraz, a wide range of 5-star hotels are available in Shiraz's traditional residence. Because of the many tourist attractions in Shiraz, the most important point in choosing a hotel can be its geographical position and its proximity to historical monuments such as the Vakil Mosque, the Karimkhan Arg and...

The four-and-five-star hotels in Shiraz have unique amenities and services, including a gym, a swimming pool, a spa, a sauna, billiards, and many of its staff are fully trained and accountable. The hotel's taxis are regularly available to go round to all tourist destinations, and some hotels have some guides who can speak English and take you to the attractions of out of the city.

Some hotels are designed in a traditional style. And by staying in them, in addition to a pleasant stay, you can enjoy the original Persian style of architecture. Shiraz residences are divided into three categories: cheap, reasonable and luxury. Some of these hotels are as follows:

The cheapest hotels

Taha Residence:

Taha traditional residence is located in the traditional area of Sang Siah infront of the Armenian Church.

Darya Hotel:

The Darya Hotel is located on Piroozi Avenue, without any facilities like Wi-Fi.

Golshan Residence:

The Golshan Shiraz Residence is famous for its traditional porch and has a daily tour of Pasargad and Persepolis.

Niayesh Hotel:

A newly-established hotel in Shiraz, with a beautiful courtyard and a nice restaurant. Breakfast is served at this hotel, but the cost of services such as tea and coffee in the room and laundry facilities is high, and it's best to know about the cost before choosing a service. The hotel also provides tour services to Persepolis on a daily basis.

Pardis Hotel:

The advantage of this hotel is being close to public transportation. Breakfast is free and the price is very good for the services it offers.

Arian Apartment Hotel:

Private and public rooms are available at this hotel.

Sadra Hotel:

Sadra Hotel is located in downtown Shiraz, near the Nasir Al-Molk Mosque, the Vakil Mosque, the Vakil Bath and the Arg of Karim Khan. Its rooms are very clean and breakfast is free.

Perspolis of Shiraz

Hotels at affordable prices

Apadana Hotel:

This hotel is located near the city center and close to the spectacular city attractions.

Ario Barzan Hotel:

This hotel is located near the Zandieh Collection and its distinctive and traditional architecture is its outstanding features.

Ario Barzan hotel

Eram Hotel:

A three-star hotel near the Zandieh and it has standard service quality.

Eram Hotel

Parseh Hotel:

A four-star hotel near the Zandieh Complex.

Parseh Hotel

All of these hotels have city and suburban patrol offers and free airport shuttle service.

The best Hotels of Shiraz

Chamran Hotel:

Chamran five-Star Hotel is a luxurious and modern place and the highest hotel in Shiraz, located in Qasr al-Dasht area. The top floors of this hotel offer a wonderful and amazing view of the city of Shiraz.

Chamran Hotel

Homa Hotel:

Homa's 5-star hotel in Shiraz, located in one of the most beautiful Shiraz gardens, is the first-class business hotel.

Homa Hotel

Parsian International Hotels:

This four-star hotel is located near the main bazaar of Shiraz and is a member of the international Parsian hotels.

Parsian International Hotel

Persepolis International Hotel:

Five Star Persepolis Hotel has several luxurious suites and a sports complex that is one of the special features of this hotel.

These hotels also offer city, suburban petrol, tourist guide and free shuttle service to the airport.

Perspolis Hotel