Rasht Hotels

Accommodation in Rasht hotels

A wide range of hotels and accommodation centers are available in Rasht. Apart from the hotels and official centers, renting rooms and villas is also possible, but they do not have a specific price range, and the price varies based on the time and the number of the passengers and the location. Some hotels in Rasht are as follows

The cheapest hotels

A number of cheap hotels are located in the city center, south of the Shahrdari square and Imam Khomeini Street.

Kenareh Guesthouse

A new building in the center of Rasht, located near the Rasht Museum.

Keyhan Hotel

A one-star hotel in the city center, equipped with television and the internet.

Ghadir Hotel

Ghadir one-star hotel has a restaurant, coffee shop, and free internet. Hotels at affordable prices.

Pardis Hotel

A 2-star hotel near Mirza Kuchak Khan's Tomb and Rasht Terminal. Facilities include taxi service and internet access.

Rasht City, a rainy day

Park Hotel

The 2-star Park hotel is near the recreational centers and the internet and parking are included in the hotel facilities. This hotel serves traditional Gilani food in the room.

Ordibehesht Hotel

This is a two-star hotel located in Shahrdari square near the recreational centers. The hotel serves a variety of cuisine and has internet access, coffee shops, and parking.

Pamchal Hotel

The three-star Pamchal Hotel is located in Imam Khomeini Boulevard in Rasht and has easy access to tourist centers. Internet access is available in the room and hotel safe box, lunch service in the room and twenty-four-hour taxi service are among the facilities of the hotel.

Rasht amazing city

Sabouri Apartment Hotel

This three-star hotel is almost new and is close to the municipality's historic building. An on-site car rental service is available.

Mehr Guest-house in Rasht

This one-star residence is located on Moallem Street and is, in fact, a two-story deluxe villa offering housekeeping services.

Rasht Best Hotels

Kadous Hotel

The 5-star Kadous Hotel is located near the Mohtasham Garden and offers easy access to all historical and entertainment centers. Traditional tea house, children's park, tennis courts, medical services, and a hairdressing salon are among the facilities of this hotel.

Rasht,  Kadous hotel

Shabestan Hotel

The four-star hotel in Shabestan has begun its work in March 2013 and is outside the traffic restricted area. The hotel's facilities include massage chairs, minibars, jacuzzi, and transfer service. Some of these hotels are free for children under fifteen. Check this option before booking the hotel room. Rasht, like many other big cities, has traffic restriction rules; pay attention to this point before making reservations.

Useful information for traveling to Rasht

Rasht is the capital of Gilan province and the largest city on the coast of the Caspian Sea. The city has become a major trading center between the Caucasus, Russia, and Iran through Anzali Port. It is also one of the major tourist centers. Masouleh in the mountains adjacent to the Caspian Sea coast is known as one of the main attractions of this city.

Historically, Rasht was a major transport and business center connecting Iran to Russia and Europe, and therefore it was known as the gateway to Europe. Historically, the city dates back to the 13th century, but its modern history dates back to the Safavid period, where Rasht was the center for the sale of silk and various textile. Rasht has hot summers and cold winters with the Mediterranean climate and is one of the most humid cities in Iran. A trip to Rasht in all seasons has its own attraction, but most of the people prefer to visit this city in spring and summer.

Rasht City, Shahrdari Sq.

Rasht City, Shahrdari Square

Best way to travel to Rasht

You can use the plane to travel to Rasht. Several flights are available daily from Rasht to Tehran. Viewing the Alborz Mountains from the plane will be a very exciting experience. Apart from the airplane, everyday buses and taxies depart from different cities to Rasht. It will take about six hours from Tehran to Rasht.

Some of the Rasht's Tourist Attractions

Rasht City, Saravan forest park

Rasht Museum

This museum is a 560-square-meter. A two-story building belonging to Mirza Hussein Khan Kazemi (one of the allies of Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali). The museum was purchased by the Arts and Culture Organization in 1970 and turned into a museum after reconstruction. The museum consists of three sections called archeology, anthropology, and documentary.

Lacan saltwater spring

Lacan spring is located in the heart of a dense and amazing jungle in southern Rasht in Rasht-Lacan road. The spring is connected to a small wetland. The walls of this spring are covered with lime sediments. Due to its high salt content, it has salty water. Residents of this place use this water in the summer to treat skin diseases.

Eynak Lagoon

This lagoon is located on the edge of the Daneshjoo park in western Rasht and is considered to be the second largest lagoon in the province of Gilan. The name of Eynak (eyeglass) has been chosen for this lagoon because it has been seen in aerial photographs in the form of glasses. In this lagoon, about two tons of salmon and carp fish are floating.

Rasht City, Eynak Lagoon

Ghadiri House

This house is located on the eastern side of Rasht Square. Ghadiri House is one of the historical buildings of the province that is related to the Qajar and early Pahlavi periods. The building was constructed by Gilan Governor Mohammad Vali Khan Tonkaboni Sepahdar and was used as the cultural heritage building in Gilan province from 1990 to 2002. This building is listed in the Iranian National Work List.

Tomb of Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali

Tomb of Mirza Kuchak Khan, known as the Great Forest Governor, is located in southern Rasht. This simple and beautiful monument is highly respectful to visitors.

Gilan Rural Heritage Museum

This museum is located in Saravan Forest Park in an area of 260 hectares, 18 kilometers from Rasht-Tehran Road. The idea of creating this museum was formed after the earthquake of 1990 in Gilan, which intensified the process of destruction of monuments. However, its preparatory phase has begun since the beginning of 2002. The buildings of 9 main villages of Gilan province, which are the main architectural symbol of Gilan, are placed in this museum. The buildings on the museum site are 65 to 180 years old. Lifestyle, jobs, houses, and crafts of the native Gilan are shown in this museum.

Rasht, Rural Heritage Museum

Shapour School

This school is one of the early Pahlavi buildings located on the route of Rasht to Anzali, and is the first school building in Gilan, built in modern style and registered in the national list of works. There is also an old school called Shahid Beheshti in Rasht, which is related to the Qajar period.