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Qeshm Island Hotels

Useful information for traveling to Qeshm Island

Qeshm is the largest Iranian island in the Strait of Hormuz. The island is surrounded by forests of mangrove trees, ecological diversity, attractive beaches and sixty villages in a few kilometers to the south coast of Iran (Persian Gulf). Qeshm climate is warm and humid, with temperatures varying between 46 ° C and 16 ° C. Its historical records reach the pre-Islamic era. The island is one of the free zones. The island has been designated by the UNESCO World Tourism Organization as a tourist destination. Relaxation and incredible scenery make it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iran. Even if you are not interested in geology, it will be a pleasure to visit the incredible attractions of Qeshm. There is no public transportation in the city.

The best way to travel

The easiest way to travel is to use an airplane. Most big cities such as Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad and ... are flying regularly to Qeshm International Airport. But if you prefer the land route, it's better to go to Bandar Abbas and from there to Qeshm. If you want to travel to Qeshm from Bandar Abbas, you should use a boat or a ship. These boats depart every few minutes and take between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the type of boat.

Qeshm Island, amazing beach

Just like most cities in Iran, there are several options available for accommodating, some of which are listed below

Cheap hotels

Staying in the village homes and local guesthouses is an amazing experience that, in addition to feeling the native life, you can also have local food and get information from the natives. These residences are completely safe and under the control of the Free Zone Organization.

Hengam residence

Located in the Hengam village and has an unlimited seaside area. The residence has six rooms with four beds and a bathroom and shared restroom and breakfast is free. Fishing training, boating and Henna painting are its recreational facilities.

Traditional Alishahi House

This residence is located near the forest of Hara and the village of Tabl. The International geopark of Hara and its attractive ecosystem will make staying in this home enjoyable. In almost all the villages of Qeshm, you can find local residences and enjoy your stay.

Qeshm Island, magnificent view

Asmari Hotel

This one-star hotel is 5 minutes from the city center and the business center, with facilities including a restaurant, coffee shop and tourist services.

Diplomat Hotel

The two-star Diplomat hotel has easy access to the international market, with facilities such as the internet, restaurant, and laundry.

Hotels at affordable prices

Cavan Apartment Hotel

This three-star hotel has twelve rooms and is located near the beach. Some of the rooms amazingly overlook the sea. Facilities include a coffee shop, restaurant, and internet access.

Qeshm Island

Khalij Fars Coast Hotel

Four-star Gulf Hotel is located near the Bazaar. Facilities include a gym, tennis court, traditional cafeteria and satellite TV.

Singo Hotel

Singo three-star hotel is located near the old Bazaar of Dargahan. Facilities include internet, satellite, coffee shop and cafe.

Qeshm luxury hotels

Eram Hotel

The Eram Four Star Hotel is located in the heart of Qeshm Island. Facilities include a conference room, gym, Internet, lunch and breakfast in the room.

The beauty of Qeshm Island

Marina Hotel

Three-star Marina Hotel is located near the Qeshm Setareh Bazaar and offers convenient access to the beach and the bazaar. Restaurant, internet, daily tour, traditional tea house and coffee shop are available at the hotel.

Arta Hotel

The 3-star Arta Hotel is located near the Persian Gulf Coast and the City Center Shopping Center and the Setareh Bazaar. This luxurious hotel was opened in 2017. Billiard salon, tour service, gym, coffee shop, and shop are the facilities of this hotel.

Arash Apartment Hotel

Arash Three-star Hotel is located near the Setareh bazaar and was built in 2016. Balconies, private bathrooms, TV and internet access are available in the rooms.

Royal Hotel

Three-star Royal Hotel Qeshm is a newly established hotel near the shopping centers and Geo Park. Facilities include a billiard lounge, city tour, coffee shop, and movie playing.

Some of the tourist attractions

The village of Laft

The architecture of the houses of the village is the main attraction of the village. Houses are built close together and all have a central yard. The monuments of this village are the Naderi and Portuguese castle, the historical cemetery and the tomb of Seyyed Hassan Mansour

Khorbas Village

The ancient village of Khorbas has been the site of worship of the Mithraism or the temple of Anahita (God of Water). The Khorbas Cave, fifteen km from Qeshm with a rocky architecture is one of the attractions of this village.

Sin Kuh Village

One of the most important and oldest villages of Qeshm. Its attractions include Charcoal source, Caravanserai, Church and ...

Shah Shahid Shrine

Shah Shahid tomb is one of Qeshm's holy places, which includes two rooms with a total area of 12 square meters. The stories of Shah's Shah's dignity are prevalent among the people of this region.

Hengam Island

A small, coral island situated in the southern part of the island of Kish. Persian Gulf azure water and various species of marine animals, the most famous of which are dolphins, are the tourist attractions of the island.

The tomb is located in the village of Turian and probably has remained from the time of the Ilkhanate. There is also an ancient cemetery around this tomb. Its gravestones are with Persian, Arabic and Kofi engravings.

Animals on the free nature of Qeshm Island

Bibi Cistern

The first water tank was built in 1202 AH by the wife of Sheikh Abdullah (the ruler of that time). Its roof has been repaired several times. The architecture of this water tank is very interesting.

Magnificent nature of Qeshm Island

Kulaghan hill

In these hills, the remains of aqueducts with stone walls are available more than 100 meters in length, which are still in good condition. On the other side of the hill is an old cemetery with two rows of graves at regular intervals of two meters.

Star valley (Dareh Setaregan)

Qeshm's valley with a historical background of about two million years is the result of soil erosion, wind and rain and has created a rare natural masterpiece. Residents of this area believe that the fall of a star from the sky has created strange shapes of soil, rock, and sand. The specific shape and erosion of rocks over time have made the winds through the pillars and valleys create voices that scare people in the countryside. They believe that in the darkness of the night, this valley is the place of ghosts, which is, of course not more than a legend.

The beautiful scenery of the valley of the stars has made the valley to be recorded on the UNESCO list.

It is noteworthy that geo-park with its natural and historical beauty is the only geo-park in the Middle East.

Star Valley, Qeshm Island

Hara Sea Jungle

According to the environmentalists, about 1.5% of birds in the world and 25% of Iranian native birds migrate to this jungle every year. The distinctive feature of this forest is the trees that roots in the water. These trees live in salty water. The leaves of these trees go down under the water and absorb the sweet part of the water and repel its salt! The only way o see this forest is to use a boat.

Qeshm Island, a diamond in Persian Gulf

Other attractions include watching dolphins around the island, swimming and diving in some areas of the island, watching turtles, beautiful sandy beaches, unique nature, red mountains, deer and the only alligator park in the country. Breeding of shrimp and fish is one of the main activities of the island

Qeshm Island, dolphins