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Park-e Shahr, The first park in Tehran

All about Park-e Shahr, Tehran's oldest park, address, photos, attractions such as aquarium and museum, facilities and ways to access the park

Introduction about Park-e Shahr in Tehran

In this article, we want to introduce you to Park-e Shahr Tehran and all of its tourist and recreational facilities.

This article is one of the series of articles on the Hoteloneclick site, designed to provide travelers with more information about Tehran's tourist attractions.

In this article, we will try to describe all the tourist attractions in Park-e Shahr Tehran, which is one of the tourist centers in Tehran, along with its details. This article is actually a tourism guide to Park-e Shahr of Tehran.

In this guide you will learn about the attractions and amenities of Park-e Shahr as well as its recreations.

We will also review the park's history and introduce places near it.

Finally, we will talk about the vegetation of the park, as well as ways to access it.

 Park-e Shahr - hoteloneclick

Why is Park-e Shahr one of Tehran's most popular attractions?

We will head to the Park-e Shahr Tehran, one of the capital's parks that has a spectacular and peaceful atmosphere and takes us away from the bustle of the city.

We will tell you a bit about the history of the city park, visit the aquarium and the Museum of Peace and take a look at the amenities of the park.

Stay with us at Hoteloneclick and take a stroll in the park to experience memorable and nostalgic moments.

The main reason for choosing Tehran Park-e Shahr as one of the most famous tourist attractions of Tehran can be the followings:

  • it is the first park built in Tehran.
  • It is located in a historic area and many attractions can be found around it.
  • It has good access to public transport.
  • The reasons for the park's popularity are its age, its greatness, diversity of plant species and the presence of rare plant species and the existence of a rich library.
  • The Park is adapted for the disabled.

Park-e Shahr, Tehran's oldest park - HotelOneClick
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Introduction to Park-e Shahr Tehran - First Park of Iran Capital  

Among the old and interesting buildings and museums of Tehran's Imam Khomeini Street, the Park-e Shahr is a very different attraction. It is not just an ordinary park and has a part of Tehran's history in it. This 5-hectare park is the oldest garden ever built in Tehran, and with museums, aquariums and other sights, it can make for happy hours.

The city park leads from north to Fayyazbakhsh Terminal and Fayazbakhsh Street, from west to Vahdat Eslami Street, south to Behesht Street, and east to Khayyam and Sangalaj Street and Ghurkhaneh, and you can enter it through various entrances.

Keep up with us to see what awaits you in this park.

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shahr park

Park-e Shahr attractions

Park-e Shahr is one of the most attractive and nostalgic amusement parks in Tehran. later we will talk about its attractions and recreations.

Tehran Peace Museum

In a part of the Park-e Shahr is a building known as the Peace Museum of Tehran, one of the museums of the International Peace Museums. 

Peace museums are set up to promote a culture of peace and try to prevent this ominous phenomenon by showing the disastrous consequences of war and violence and its detrimental effects on humans and the environment.

The Tehran Peace Museum was founded in 2007 by members of the Society for the Protection of Victims of Chemical Weapons and some victims of chemical weapons also serve as museum guides.

The museum is not the only place to see objects, it is where you can talk to the war's physical and psychological sufferers and gain new experiences.

The use of chemical weapons in the Iraq war against Iran and its aftermath is a matter of concern at the museum. Apart from this, other issues, such as the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings in Japan, World War I and World War II, are also on display.

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The use of banned weapons in wars, including cluster bombs, mines and uranium-containing weapons, and the effects of each of these weapons are also on display at the museum.

In addition to seeing the tools used in the Iran-Iraq war, such as anti-chemical masks, you can also use other museum amenities, including the Peace Library, Art Gallery for Peace, workshops, virtual museums, and oral history recording studios.

Contact Information of Tehran Peace Museum:

  • Address: North side of Park-e Shahr
  • Visiting days: Every day except Thursdays, Fridays and holidays
  • Visiting Hours: 09:00 to 12:30 and 2:30 to 5:00
  • Cost: Free
  • Contact numbers: 021-6675694 and 021-667310760

Park-e Shahr Aquarium  - HotelOneClick

Park-e Shahr Aquarium 

During the imposed Iran-Iraq war, a refuge with two main entrances was built on the southeast side of the Park-e Shahr so people could take refuge if needed. 

After the war ended, the shelter was changed and with the efforts of the authorities, it became an aquarium and freshwater fish exhibition. The aquarium can be visited by people. There is also a variety of fish and aquarium supplies available at this place.

Park-e Shahr Aquarium Contact Information:

  • Address: southeast side of City Park
  • Contact numbers: 021-55614815 and 021-55608398

Park-e Shahr Aquarium
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Bird's Garden

In March 2010, a section of the Park-e Shahr Tehran was dedicated to the bird garden so that visitors could see the creatures. The garden was built in 3 parts with a total area of over 4362 square meters and its construction, landscaping, ponds, fencing, lighting, etc. cost over 1 billion and 500 million riyals. 

The Park-e Shahr Bird Garden has 4 large cages and 2 open spaces and accommodates various species, some of which are: Brazilian parrots, green, black and white, quail, lovebird, Dutch bride, pigeons, peacocks, pheasant varieties, turkeys, and goose.

The bird garden is located in the center of the park and you just have to reach the middle of the park to visit it.

Bird's Garden

Park e Shahr Artificial Lake 

The artificial lake, located on the northeast side of the city's park, was built about three years after the park was established, covering an area of over 4500 square meters. Boating in this Lake in Tehran was one of its main attractions until about 15 years ago that an accident occurred in this lake that killed several elementary school students.

Sometime after this disaster, boating in the lake was banned, but now it is possible again.

Of course, this is only a tragic event, due to the negligence of not wearing a life jacket.

This lake is located on the northeast side of the park and you can see it by visiting this park.

Park e Shahr Artificial Lake  - HotelOneClick

Other Attractions of Park-e Shahr

Other sights of this fascinating park include:

  • Large central clock
  • Stone lion statue
  • Fountain
  • Symbol of chemical weapons victims in Central Park Square
  • Peacock statue

 Attractions of Park-e Shahr

Park-e Shahr Tehran Facilities

Park-e Shahr Tehran Facilities include:

Public Facilities

General amenities of Park-e Shahr include:

  • restroom
  • Traditional Restaurants
  • Wellness Center
  • Welfare daycare
  • Office of Law and Enforcement
  • Tehran Amphitheater 
  • Office of the Environment
  • Culture House of Behesht

Facilities for the disabled

The Park-e Shahr is one of the parks in Tehran that provides facilities for the disabled so that they can safely visit the park.

These include:

  • Customized entrances and routes
  • Drinking water
  • Restroom
  • sport equipments
  • Special passes
  • Providing sports services to the blind

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Park-e Shahr Tehran Facilities - HotelOneClick

sports facilities

In addition to all the amenities, there are many sports facilities in this beautiful park. These include:

  • Sports complex on the northwest side of the park with the possibility of providing services to the blind
  • Gym for women
  • Outdoor sports equipment
  • Holding group exercise program
  • Ping pong tables
  • Bicycle Rental Station (Inactive now)

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It is referred to as the oldest, largest and most equipped public library in Tehran province, and its exquisite stone printed books are kept in its reference section.

The Park-e Shahr Library has more than 32000 volumes of books on various topics and includes sections of borrowing, reference, publications, technical services, children's books.

One of the features of this library is that the child section is active. This section provides opportunities for children to experience the joy of reading and the excitement of discovering science and fiction for children up to the age of 14.

Contact information of Tehran Park-e Shahr Library:

  • Opening hours: 08:00am to 8:00pm
  • Phone: 021-55152312

Library park-e shahr

Access to Park-e Shahr Tehran 

Address: Vahdat Eslami St., Tehran

Personal car:

Park-e Shahr is located in the traffic restricted area so pay attention to this.


The easiest way to get to the city park is the subway. You can get off at Imam Khomeini Metro Station and head west on Imam Khomeini Street. After arriving on Khayyam Street, you would reach the Ghoorkhaneh entrance to the Park.

You can also go to Hassanabad Station using the Metro Line 1 and exit at Vahdat Eslami Street. Walk south to see the park in a few minutes.


To reach the City Park, take the bus that passes through the Park-e Shahr Station on Imam Khomeini Street. Usually these buses are going to the Fayazbakhsh terminal and their lines are:

Line Number: 1-23 Khani Abad Nou - Fayazbakhsh Terminal

Line Number: 4-30 Shahid Fathi St. - Fayazbakhsh Terminal

Line Number: 2921 Shahid Irvani Street - Fayazbakhsh Ave.

Line Number: 5-15 Shamshiri - Fayazbakhsh

Line number: 4-30 Ferdows - Fayazbakhsh

Line Number: 6-20 Shahrak Vesal - Fayazbakhsh Terminal

Line Number: 18-3 South Terminal - Valiasr Square

Line number: 2924 Bist Metri Javadiyeh - Fayazbakhsh Terminal

Line Number: 4-26 Shahid Sarvari Terminal - Fayazbakhsh Terminal

Line Number: 2935 Nazi Abad Bazaar Dovom - Fayazbakhsh Terminal

Line Number: 7-22 Rah Ahan Square - Haft Tir Square

Line Number: 718 Shahr Ray Parking - Imam Khomeini Square

Line Number: 2913 Silk Terminals - Graceful Terminals

Line Number: 722 Sizadeh Aban Square - Imam Khomeini Square

Line Number: 46-30 Ghods Boulevard (Dolatabad) - Imam Khomeini Square

Line Number: 2637 Haram Motahar - Imam Khomeini Square


You can reach Doctor Hessabi station by using the BRT line of Rah-Ahan Tajrish. Then enter Imam Khomeini Street and continue east to reach the Park.

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Access to Park-e Shahr Tehran

sightseeing around Park City

You can easily visit the many sights around the city park with a goof plan while visiting the park. The closest sights to Tehran that are around the park include:

  • Hassan Abad Square about 500 meters
  • Street Food of 30 Tir about 300 meters away
  • National Museum of Iran about 300 meters away
  • National Garden about 550 meters

sightseeing around Park City - HotelOneClick

Park-e Shahr History

In the past, Tehran had a neighborhood called Sangelaj, which was one of the five neighborhoods of ancient Tehran during the Nasserian period and was created at the time of Amir Kabir's reign.

It covered Behesht Street to Qavam Al-Dowleh bazaar from the south, and Vahdat Eslami Street and 30 Tir from the West and Khayyam Street from the East.

After entering Tehran and getting political power, Reza Khan bought and destroyed houses and shelters in the neighborhood. He did so because of the overflow of sewage in the area, the lack of piping in the capital and its connection to the aqueduct to avoid contaminated drinking water in other neighborhoods.

Reza Khan had a house near Sangelaj before he got the throne, and some believe that he had destroyed Sangelaj so no one could see his whereabouts.

He ordered tree planting in the neighborhood, and the Sangelaj became an eye-catching garden. The western part of the garden was ruled by the Ministry of Agriculture and the eastern part by the Tehran municipality until it was fully run by the municipality in 1950.

According to Reza Khan's order, it was decided to build the first Tehran park in an area like this. In 1954 the plan and supervision of the implementation of the garden in this place were assigned to Engineer Kazemi and Rahmani and in 1961 it was opened to the public. 

The old walls and fences left from the old times still exist around the park, taking people on a journey through history.

Park-e Shahr History - HotelOneClick
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The only park in Tehran that has its own law

The interesting thing about city parks is that it has a law that was the reason for the recognition of city parks and gardens as part of the city's public property. The law bans any kind of construction even government-owned in Tehran's city park, and the rule also applies to other public squares and gardens around the country.

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Places around Park-e Shahr

There are places around the city park that are good to mention here:

Shohadaye 7th Tir Stadium:

The stadium is one of Tehran's old gymnasiums. It opened in 1958 to host the World Weightlifting Championships. Many champions have won the honor in this hall and have broken world records.

Famous wrestling celebrities like Gholamreza Takhti brought honor in there.

Sangelaj Auditorium: 

It is one of the oldest theater venues in Tehran that you can find on the south side of City Park. The Sangelaj auditorium was built in the early 1960s with a 1340-square-meters land and was originally named 25 Shahrivar.

Important performances that initially took place in the hall include the legacy and banquet of Bahram Beyzaiei, performed in December 1968.

Places around Park-e Shahr - HotelOneClick

The plants you will see in Park-e Shahr

Each garden has its own vegetation. In this Park you can expect to see these plants:

Oak, Magnolia, Firmiana simplex, Pinus pinaster, Koelreuteria or (Golden Rain Tree), European ash, Poplar, Chestnut, Hazelnut, Dragon's Claw, Tabrizi, Juniperusspp, Prussia, Pistachio and more.

 plants  in Park-e Shahr

Conclusions for Tourism Guide in Park e Shahr Tehran

Despite the bustle and air pollution, Tehran still has good opportunities for its residents and guests, and you can enjoy the pleasant moments in the corners of this city.

The capital's numerous parks are one of the many leisure options in Tehran that give you memorable hours. So do not forget the beauties of this city and visit them at the right time.

Have you ever gone to the park e Shahr?

What memories do you have of this park?

What other attractions do you know in the capital?

Share your comments and experiences with us and your friends at Hoteloneclick. You can also leave us your photos in this park in the comments section.

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