Top 7 Palaces near Espinas Persian Gulf

Getting acquainted with the best Palaces and mansions near Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel. Information about the history of these places, their specifications and their location and distance to Espinas Khlij-e Fars.

Introduction about Top 7 amazing Historical Palaces near the Espinas Persian Gulf 

In this article we are going to introduce 7 amazing historical palaces and mansions near the Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel Tehran.


Dear tourists who are planning to travel to Iran from all over the world, it is advisable to book a stylish and luxurious place by booking Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel in Tehran.

All tourists enjoy seeing the historical sites that are relevant to the culture of each country. But they may find it difficult to find them and access them.


In this article we are going to introduce you to 7 beautiful palaces and historic mansions that are in the shortest distance to the Espinas Keshavarz Boulevard Hotel.

Our criterion for choosing these mansions after being close to the Espinas Hotel in Tehran has been their overwhelming appeal.


These mansions and palaces are among the famous tourist sites of Tehran. This article describes the different parts of these locations and their applications in the past.

The exact address of these palaces and their distance to the Espinas Hotel is stated in this guide. It also mentions the time it takes in traffic to reach these places.

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1. Golestan Palace Tehran: A beautiful combination of authentic Iranian gardens and Iranian-European architecture

Golestan Palace is one of the most magnificent palaces in Iran whose name is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and its unique and stunning design has made it one of the most popular sights in Tehran for tourists.

The Golestan Palace should actually be called the "Golestan Palace Collection" because there are several buildings in the complex, among which are the following: Main Palace, Shams Al-Emareh Hall, Hall of Salam, Mirror Hall, Marble Bed, Pool, Khalvat Karimkhani, Wind catcher Mansion, Ivory Hall, Diamond Hall and Berelian Hall.


Golestan Palace, one of  7 amazing Historical Palaces and Mansions near the Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel Tehran


Each of these buildings requires a separate explanation. The main palace of the Golestan Palace with its infinite beauties was the residence of the Qajar kings, and visiting the different parts needs a separate time since each part has an astonishing world.

This palace was the site of the coronation of several kings from the Qajar dynasty and the residence and governing center of the kings of this generation.


Although not very well-known among the Iranians, the Qajar kings have left a huge legacy of pride and beauty for the future and the Golestan Palace is certainly one of them.

The Golestan palace dates back to 1590 during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavi when some gardens were built by him and later a Divan Khaneh was built in the garden during the reign of Shah Soleyman Safavi.

But today we do not see any traces of that Divan Khaneh and its modern-day buildings eventually reach the era of Zandiyah and Khalvat Karimkhani is one of its most significant manifestations.


Being built in an Iranian-European style, you will find elements of Western architecture in every points of the palace.


Decorations and mirrors and colorful tiles and gifts to the Qajar kings are just a part of the attractions of the palace.

In addition, there is a stunning view of the reflection of images in the mirrors of the unique Hall of Mirrors, which attracts a huge flood of tourists.


The very simple mirrors that we Iranians easily ignore in religious buildings are astonishing to foreign tourists who are unfamiliar with the art.


The beauties of the Golestan Palace , one of  7 amazing Historical Palaces and Mansions near the Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel Tehran


A miracle of light and color and brilliance and repetition that you can never feel it if you are not in the middle of it.
All of these are just a few of the beauties of the Golestan Palace that cannot be found anywhere else.
The description of the Anthropology museum and Shams Al-Emareh and Khalvat KarimKhan should be left for another time. By the way, the description of all of its beauty cannot be done by any author.


Golestan Palace Complex is a beautiful mixture of authentic Iranian garden and Iranian-European architecture and is a great place for photography and strolling in the garden.
You will have no problem accessing the Golestan Palace, as the 15 Khordad and Imam Khomeini metro stations are nearby.


More information about Tehran Golestan Palace

  • Address: 15 Khordad Ave. - Arg Square
  • Distance from Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel to Tehran Golestan Palace : 6.4 km. 13 minutes by car during non-traffic hours


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2. Masoudieh Mansion

Masoudieh mansion is the days when a house with more than one football field could be built right in the middle of Tehran (or Tehran). The days when people were not housed in apartment corners.

Originally owned by Nasser al-Din Shah's son, Zalul Sultan, who is best known for demolishing monuments. However, the construction of Masoudieh's mansion does not exhibit any of the negative features of the sultanate.


Masoudieh Mansion, one of  7 amazing Historical Palaces and Mansions near the Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel Tehran


His name, originally Massoud Mirza, led to this spectacular mansion be called Massoudieh. Originally, Masudieh's garden and mansion were part of the Nezamieh garden, which they had built in front of the Negarestan garden.


Architects of that era built this vast building from the beginning to the end in perfect elegance and precision. Massoudieh's mansion has seen many events.

Not only the first museum of history was built in this mansion, but also the foundation for the establishment of the National Library of Iran (which is not far from the Masoudieh Mansion) was done in the same building.


Visiting it is therefore not only aesthetically valuable but also historically and culturally valuable.


Another major historical event was the explosion of a bomb under Mohammad Ali Shah’s carriage, which led to a bombing the parliament.

The constitutionalists also campaigned there to fight Mohammad Ali Shah. Following the incident in Baharestan, Masoudieh's mansion, the house of Zahir al-Dowleh and many constitutionalists were shoot up.


Years later, the historic mansion was purchased by Reza Shah and donated to the Ministry of Culture, Education, Endowments.

It has long been used as a ministry of education and Afsari college. Subsequently, the Cultural Heritage Organization handled the task of registering it in the National Heritage List.


Beauty of Masoudieh Mansion, one of  7 amazing Historical Palaces and Mansions near the Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel Tehran


The entrance of the mansion is located in the old and historic square of Baharestan. From the tiles of the entrance you can find out about the beauty of its interior.


After arriving at the main building inside the palace, you should spend some time in the courtyard, next to the usually lush greenery, and pass through the small building that has now become a traditional restaurant.


A large and magnificent mansion, with a very spacious pond, is now before you. A mansion that glows on special nights, such as the Yalda Night.


Only the vault works of the building are enough for hours of contemplation and viewing, let alone the interior mirrors of the magnificent mansion and the blue pillars and columns of the building.

In fact, Masoudieh's mansion had two parts in the past, the interior and the exterior. There is nothing left of that magnificent interior, but the seven exterior buildings still exist.


These mansions are located in different courtyards, including the Courtyard Mansion, Seyyed Javadi Mansion and Yard, Backyard Mansion, Piadeh ro Mansion, Kaleskeh ro Mansion, Divankhaneh Garden, teahouse Mansion, and Pahlavi Buildings.


Most parts of Masoudieh mansion is undergoing renovation and cannot be visited at all.


If you have a fondness for the good old days, going to somewhere that has pools between the houses with nice nature and architecture is a good option, so don't hesitate to visit Masoudieh mansion.


It is very easy to get there from the nearest metro station only by a few minutes’ walk.


More information about Masoudieh Mansion Tehran

  • Address: Ekbatan St., Southwest Side, Baharestan Square, Tehran.
  • Distance from Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel to Masoudieh Mansion : 5.9 km. 12 minute by car in hours without traffic.



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3. Golestan Palace’s Almas Mansion

 The Almas Mansion, or Diamond Hall, is one of the oldest mansions in the Golestan Palace that is truly a perfect place to visit.
 Having toured the Golestan Palace, allocate a time to see the diamond mansion as it has become one of Tehran's most fascinating sights today.


Golestan Palace’s Almas Mansion, one of  7 amazing Historical Palaces and Mansions near the Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel Tehran


The Diamond Hall is now on the south side of the Golestan Garden area after the Wind catcher mansion, one of the oldest parts of the Royal Palace of the Golestan Palace.

The Diamond Hall dates back to the time of Fath Ali Shah Qajar, and the shine of the mirror works and its vault works have given the Diamond a beauty and luster.

Some believe that the mirrors and vaults of the southern porch of may have been the reason why the hall was named Diamond.


The story of the Diamond Mansion became very sad when much of the Diamond mansion was destroyed during the imposed war, due to the rocket shake around the bazaar.

The roof collapsed and parts of the decorations inside the building was destroyed.

A few years later, the hall began its renovation, and with the rebuilding of its former shape, the Diamond Mansion was once again renewed.


Wonderful Mirrored Porch in Golestan Palace’s Almas Mansion, one of  7 amazing Historical Palaces and Mansions near the Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel Tehran
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The oldest work in the Diamond Hall is the mirrored porch of the south porch of the hall, which has remained from Fath Ali Shah, which is a spectacular sight for many tourists and visitors.

Visiting this place, you will find many photos of Nasser al-Din Shah and his courtiers hunting.

A statue of Abbas Mirza, son of Fath-Ali Shah, who had done many bravery during the Iran-Russia wars, was displayed in the hall with spectacular pictures of Fath Ali Shah.

Apart from the photos and all the artworks, watching the beautiful architecture of the Diamond mansion of Golestan Palace can increase your motivation for visiting this collection.

Visiting the Diamond Hall in Tehran's Golestan Palace takes between one to two hours.

Wherever you are in Tehran, you can reach the Golestan Palace Complex within a short time and be amazed by Iranian historical, architectural, and cultural beauties.


More information about Golestan Palace’s Almas Mansion

  • Address: Ekbatan Ave., Baharestan Square, Southwest Side.
  • Distance from Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel to Tehran Diamond Hall : 5.9 km. Within 12 minutes by car during non-traffic hours.



4. Shams Al-Emareh Mansion of Golestan Palace Tehran: The First Tower of Iran

Prior to his trip to Europe, Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar was keen to build tall buildings similar to those in the foreign countries so that he and his family could see Tehran and its surroundings from the top.



The First Tower of Iran in Golestan Palace , one of  7 amazing Historical Palaces and Mansions near the Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel Tehran


Shams Al-Emareh Mansion is the first tall building in Tehran that was once the tallest and greatest tower in Tehran.

It was built in 1903 by Nasser Al-Din Shah Qajar on the eastern side of the Golestan Palace by Dost Ali Khan Nezam Al-Dowleh Moir Al-Mamalek.

Shams Al-Emareh was built on five floors with a symmetrical facade, and in the north and south sections of the mansion between the two towers is a clock donated by Queen Victoria of England to Nasser al-Din Shah.

Shams al-Emareh mansion has used many decorative arts such as marble floors, walls with plaster work and ceilings with astonishingly different paintings, tiling and mirrors that tourists and visitors will be amazed by the beauty of them.

Another unique attraction of the mansion is the Kolah Farangi mansion (pavilion) that ison the top floor with wooden shields, paintings, lattice and mirrors, captivates the eyes of all visitors.


Shams Al-Emareh Mansion of Golestan Palace , one of  7 amazing Historical Palaces and Mansions near the Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel Tehran


More information about Shams Al-Emareh Golestan Palace, Tehran

  • Address: No. 18, Mirza Mahmoud Vazir Alley, Amir Kabir Ave.
  • Distance from Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel to Tehran Shams Al-Emareh Mansion: 6.7 km. 14 minutes by car during non-traffic hours.




5. Ghavam al-Dowleh (Vosugh al-Dowleh) House in Tehran

Tehran is one of Iran's most spectacular and tourist-friendly cities, with many historical sites, including Qavam al-Dowleh and Golestan Palace.

Qavam House Tehran is one of the most valuable monuments that still look intact after many years of construction.


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Ghavam al-Dowleh (Vosugh al-Dowleh) House, one of  7 amazing Historical Palaces and Mansions near the Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel Tehran


A historic house that overlooks a spectacular garden upon arrival and boasts a beautiful mansion in the middle.

It is good to know that Qavam Al-Dowleh house known as the "House of Vosugh" is one of the historic mansions of Tehran, which is located near Sarcheshmeh neighborhood.

Today, this beautiful home, whose unique architecture illustrates the art of the masters of this land, is one of the most important tourist attractions that draws Iranian and foreign tourists every year.

You may find it interesting to know that in the old days and during the reign of Muhammad Shah Qajar, this was designed as the house of one of Qajar men named Mirza Mohammad Qavam Al-Dowleh.

Brick and wood were used in the construction of the building, indicating the order and symmetry of the Qavam al-Saltaneh house.

Walking through this historic home, you will see spectacular decorations that are displayed in the inlaid doors, stairs, ceilings and columns and mirrors.

The Qavam Al-Dowleh house in Tehran has now become a popular museum, called the Abgineh Museum.


Abgineh Museum - Vosugh al-Dowleh House, one of  7 amazing Historical Palaces and Mansions near the Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel Tehran


The two-story museum with five halls has valuable artifacts from the pre-Islamic era and the Islamic era.
Among them are glass and pottery at the Tehran Abgineh Museum.
Another feature of this museum is the presence of glass museum halls.


The Halls of Abgineh Museum include:

  • Lajevard Hall
  • Sadaf Hall
  • Zarrin Hall

More information about the Qavam Al-Dowleh House

  • Address: No. 18, Mirza Mahmoud Vazir Alley, Amir Kabir Ave.
  • Distance from Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel to ehran Qavam Al-Dowleh House: 6.7 km. 16 minutes by car during non-traffic hours.



6. Moghadam House: Tehran's most global house

Moghadam House and Museum of Tehran is one of the monuments left by the Qajar era and belonged to one of the courtiers of that time, Mohammad Taghi Khan Ehtesab Al Molk.



Moghadam House, one of  7 amazing Historical Palaces and Mansions near the Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel Tehran


Entering the museum, the first thing that attracts every viewer is the pond and the geranium surrounding it, as well as the immense, appropriate and beautiful use of cheerful colors such as turquoise, sky blue and purple in its design.


The museum is of great value in terms of history, beautiful architecture and the special objects it has, which is why it has been dubbed the most beautiful and most valuable historical house in Iran by many writers and visitors.


In the Moghadam house and museum of Tehran, authentic Iranian architecture along with the principles of gardening are delicately taken into account.


The house was given to Dr. Mohsen Moghaddam, a professor of archeology at the University of Tehran and his French wife, after Mohammad Taghi Khan.
These well-known couples, who were well-known for their historical and artistic works, began collecting these works from the different parts of Iran, making them a memento for visitors and art lovers.


On the west side of the building, there is a tower with tiles from the Qajar era, and on the north side of the museum garden is a porch with several arches and columns adorned with Qajar and Zandieh tiles.


Beautiful Architecture of Moghadam House, one of  7 amazing Historical Palaces and Mansions near the Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel Tehran


At the Moghadam Museum Tehran is a marble pool in the middle of the porch, whose water flows from Fath Ali Shah's bathroom to the pool by a narrow pass way, which adds to the beauty of the pool.


The swimming pool was built by modeling the pools and fountains of Alhamra Garden after Dr. Mohsen Moghadam's trip to Spain. The interior and exterior courtyard of the complex are separated by a wall and used Iranian colored glass inside the building to give it a special glow.


More information about the Moghadam House

  • Address: Next to Mellat Bank, next to Sheikh Hadi street, Imam Khomeini street 
  • Distance from Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel to Moghadam House: 4.3 km. 9 minutes by car during non-traffic hours



7. Modarres House: A Museum from Tehran's Political History

Behind the alleys of the historic context of Tehran's Oudlajan neighborhood is the home of one of the great religious and political figures, the great martyr Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Modarres.


Modarres House, one of  7 amazing Historical Palaces and Mansions near the Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel Tehran


Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Modarres, a renowned political and religious leader of Iran, was born in the village of Sarabeh Kacho in Ardestan County (Isfahan Province) in 1870.


He was the leader of the parliament for about 17 years and he struggled against tyranny and colonialism with incredible courage, and eventually sacrificed his life for that.


"House of the Shahid Modarres Museum" is a historical building located at the Sarcheshmeh intersection, Mirza Mahmoud Vazir (Shahid Javidi Alley), Nasir Al-Dowleh Alley (Modarres) and has a special socio-political history in addition to architectural values.


The building, after being abandoned for a long time, was purchased by Haj Mohammad Ansari in 2014 and renovated as "Dar al-Qur'an and the Museum of the Shahid Modarres House " with the purpose of cultural, research and social activities as well as collecting documentation related to Shahid Modaress.


The building, while preserving the intellectual heritage and his valuable works, will provide a possibilityto serve researchers and enthusiasts of this nobleman.


According to the International Committee of Museums' (DEMHIST) definition by the International Council of Museums in 1998, house museums should be open to the public.

The museums houses range from government citadels to rural huts of any historical period. This interpretation of the museum houses also encompasses historical, architectural, cultural, artistic and social aspects.


In this regard, in addition to museum activities and introducing various aspects of this noble martyr's personality, this collection has a library, archive and study center where the original documents, books, articles, theses and ... about Shahid Ayatollah Modarres are kept. 


Modarres House (A Museum from Tehran's Political History), one of  7 amazing Historical Palaces and Mansions near the Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel Tehran


Built in the Qajar era and based on Iran's traditional architecture, it has various components, including three central courtyards, rooms, corridors, a spring house and three entrances and etc.


During the years that the building was abandoned, parts of it were damaged.


Based on the evidence and documentation, the rest of the restoration was in accordance with the original design and was intended to maintain originality. These include maintaining the architectural pattern in all its exterior and interior spaces and the materials used.


Some of the creativity used in refurbishing the building is the use of modern systems with the aim of roofing the central courtyard for the intended purpose, without disturbing the original structure and landscape of the central courtyard.


The Modarres Museum House will be an inspirational and spiritual space for today's and tomorrow's generations, so that the community, while getting acquainted with the elders and followers of the religion, utilizes their ideas and works to create a space for secularism and independence.


Since this house is the residence of Shahid Modarres and the center for social, political and cultural activities therefore it has both interior and exterior spaces.
These spaces include an "inner section" that houses residents and two "outer sections" consisting of teaching and interpretation spaces as well as a place for meeting people.


The spatial layout of its architectural elements is such that the various spaces are somehow positioned around the three central courtyards, while maintaining spatial independence to other parts.

This mans although there are separate entrances to the interior and exterior sections, the connection to the three main portions of the house is maintained by the "central courtyard".


The house has simple brick decorations and all the three of the central courtyards have a beautiful pond that has been preserved after the restoration.


The institute of Modarres.
Documents held by this institute:

  • Original Documentation
  • Thesis
  • Books
  • Articles

These works are about the Shahid Ayatollah Modarres which are available for the scholars and enthusiasts of this noble man.


More information about Modarres House Tehran

  • Address: No. 5, Modarres Alley (Nasir al-Dowlhh Alley), Shahid Javidi Alley (Mirza Mahmoud Vaziri), East Amir Kabir (Amin Hozoor) Street 
  • Distance from Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel to Modarres House: 7 km. 15 minutes by car without traffic



Conclusion to the guide of top 7 historical Mansions Near Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel


In this article you got familiar with the best mansions and palaces of Tehran, which are located near Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel. We hope you enjoy these palaces and the unique mansions.

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