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Top 5 Historical Palaces near Espinas Palace Hotel

Where are the best Palaces and Historic Mansions near Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran? We introduce Sa'ad Abad, Niavaran and more.


In this article, we are going to refer to 5 of the oldest and most famous historical palaces and mansions of Tehran, which are close to Tehran Espinas Palace Hotel.

If you are traveling to Tehran or are currently in Tehran, one of the many amusements to choose from is visiting historic palaces and mansions in Tehran.

Searching through the list of palaces and historic mansions in Tehran can help you understand the past of Iran's capital.

With this list, you can get acquainted with some of the most beautiful palaces of Tehran and the famous mansions of the capital, near the Espinas Hotel in Tehran.

Since the Espinas Palace Hotel is located in the northwest of Tehran, access to downtown may be somewhat problematic, especially in the afternoon and evening, due to traffic.

 For this reason, we have decided to introduce you 5 of the historic palaces and mansions of Tehran that are close to the Espinas Palace Hotel.

This will save you time. You can easily get there in the shortest possible time.

The most important priority in preparing this guide for the historic palaces and mansions in Tehran is the proximity of these recreational centers to the Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran.

Why have we chosen these palaces and mansions as the most prominent historical sites near the Espinas Palace Hotel?

Nowadays, the city of Tehran is far far away from the "old Tehran" and its quiet and pleasant neighborhoods.

Nevertheless, it still has many places, neighborhoods, and memorials in it that are the manifestations of the history and culture of Tehran.

The time that these historic places of Tehran were lively and shaped a part of the lives of those people.

People traveling to modern-day Tehran, usually imagine a noisy metropolis with heavy traffic.

The name of the city, followed by the noise, the traffic, the bustle, and the routine life of the city keeps us from paying attention to the other sights of the city.

It is as if the apartments, towers, skyscrapers, luxurious and modern homes, structures that each stand in a corner of this city as well as highways, bridges, and many more, have occupied Tehran and prevent many of the capital's most spectacular views from being seen.

But the reality is that the city's three thousand years of history and the legacy of the Iranian civilization shows us the opposite of this today.

Tehran is a city with a 3,000-year history. Unfortunately, most of the time its true antiquity is forgotten and it is introduced as a two-hundred-year-old city.

Perhaps the reason is that Tehran became the capital in two hundred years ago.

This happened right from the time of Qajar when it shaped like a city and its growth and development began from that time.

Saadabad Palace , one of palaces near to espinas hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

Choosing the best Tehran historic place near the Espinas Hotel in Tehran, where there are many historical sites and palaces, may be a difficult task. So we have decided to make this guide for you dear travelers.

 If you are currently staying at Espinas Hotel, or are planning to book a room in Espinas Palace hotel, you can use the list below that has been carefully prepared for you.

If you are planning on going to the dream palaces and mansions of Tehran near the Espinas Hotel, be with HotelOneClick to get acquainted with the best palaces and historical mansions nearby and enjoy the best moments of your trip along with your loved ones and friends.

If you think Tehran has no special attractions except smoke and traffic, you'd better spend some time with us to explore the different sights and the beautiful monuments of Tehran which are in the vicinity of Tehran Espinas Palace Hotel.

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1- Tehran Sa'ad Abad Palace

Sa'ad Abad historical-cultural complex is one of the most important and attractive complexes in Iran and Tehran.

The combination of Iranian and European architecture in this place is very evident.

This place was the summer residence of Pahlavi II and his wife.

The art of stone-working has been beautifully exemplified in the facade of this building and "Museum of Nations" is now a part of it.

Sa'adabad's historical-cultural complex covers about 110 hectares.

A collection of palaces, buildings, and museums is located in the northernmost and most temperate and pleasant weather of Tehran, with natural forests, springs, aqueducts, gardens, greenhouses, and streets.

Sa'dabad Palace  near to espinas hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

The complex is bounded on the north by the Alborz Mountains, on the east by Golab Darreh, on the west by Velenjak, and on the south by Tajrish, and the Jafarabad river runs through it.

Sa'adabad is at the height of 1650 to 1800 meters above sea level with an average annual temperature of 12.9 degrees centigrade, which means it has a pleasant climate for enjoying hours.

In this collection, you can take a step in the world of Qajars and spend a few hours reviewing the history of the Pahlavi.

This historic landmark takes you to a fascinating journey and surfing it makes a happy memory for you.

Saadabad Palace , one of palaces near to espinas palace hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

The palace is made up of a series of small and large halls that familiarize you with the lifestyle of the Persian king.

Farah Pahlavi's bedroom was a revolution in bedroom design, and many of the existing bedrooms are inspired by its design.

In the basement of the palace is the Museum of Nations, a museum displaying gifts given to the King of Iran.

The first thing you will encounter when visiting Sa’adabad is its distinctive and eye-catching atmosphere.

Towering and aged trees alongside the streets have created a fascinating environment that you cannot easily miss.

Here you will find various species of plants, animals and birds and you can have fun with them for hours.

Sa'ad Abad Palace , one of palaces near to espinas hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

Interestingly, Sa'adabad is also referred to as a garden museum that is a treasure trove of biodiversity due to its high diversity of plant species, birds, reptiles and others and needs introduction and protection.

At the southernmost point of the complex, there is a building whose construction began in 1940 on the orders of Reza Shah.

In 1941, with the exile of this king, the building remained half-finished until it was rebuilt under the orders of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in 1963-1964 and used as a court ministry in 1968.

The use of black marble made the building look attractive and became known as the Asvad Palace.

All of these rocks were brought to the site from the Waliabad Chalus mine at that time.

After the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1982, a new use was defined for this building and opened to the public in 1985 as a museum of fine arts.

Sa'ad Abad Palace , one of palaces near to espinas palace hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

The Palace of the Nation Museum is one of Sa'adabad's landmark works, measuring 5,000 square meters and bearing the title of the largest palace in the collection.

The use of white color in its facade has also caused it to be known as the White Palace.

The building was built in the years 1931-1936 and became the summer residence of Pahlavi II and his wife Farah Diba.

The Royal Kitchen Museum is an 800-square-meter building in the central part of the Sa'adabad Garden and next to the Darband River that was known as the Special Kitchen at the time of the Pahlavi II.

The special kitchen served the White Palace and met the daily needs of its residents and guests.

The chefs of this kitchen were Iranian and numbered at least 15 people.

They prepared meals for the king, Farah and their children exclusively, even when they were on trips in the country or abroad.

Sa'ad Abad Palace , one of palaces near to espinas palace hotel Tehran - HotelOneClick

Other museums in the palace include Farshchian Museum, Royal Tableware Museum, Museum of Weapons, Royal Clothes Museum, Hossein Behzad Museum, Green Museum Palace, Water Museum, Mir Emad Museum, Royal Car Museum, Museum of Negarestan and Omidvar Brothers' Museum.

There are also various palaces in the Sa'ad Abad complex that you can visit. There are also Sa'ad Abad Art Gallery and UNESCO office in this magnificent collection.

Further information about Saadabad complex

  • Address of Sa'ad Abad Palace: the end of Shahid Kamal Taheri Street, Shahid Fallahi Street (Zaferanieh), Valiasr Ave.
  • Distance from Sa'ad Abad Palace to Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran: 14 km by car - about 20 minutes in non-traffic hours

Do you want to know more about Saadabad Complex?

If you want to get acquainted with Tehran's Sa’ad Abad Palace completely, you can refer to the article "Getting acquainted with the historic cultural complex of Tehran's Sa'ad Abad Palace" which is one of the articles on "Tourist Attractions in Tehran".

Niavaran Palace , one of palaces near to Espinas  hotel  Tehran - HotelOneClick

2- Niavaran Palace in Tehran

To reach Niavaran Palace, we have to step into a historic garden in Tehran that has seen many days since the Qajar era.

Tower trees are scattered in the garden making safe homes for little birds of the garden.

The sounds of birds are heard from every direction, and the music of nature plays a nice tune.

The garden was built in the time of Fath Ali Shah Qajar in a place that had been a canebrake before that. For this reason, this garden was called Niavaran, famous for its reeds (Ney in Persian).

Mohammed Shah built a small, simple building, but Nasser al-Din Shah founded the magnificent Sahebqaraniyeh.

The last monument built by the Qajar dynasty in this garden is called the Ahmad Shahi Kooshk, which is right in the middle of the garden.

During his reign, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi ordered the demolition of small buildings of the garden and the construction of a modern palace for himself and his family.

Until leaving Iran, he lived in the same building and used the Sahebqaraniyeh as his workplace.

Niavaran Palace , one of palaces near to Espinas  Palace hotel in  Tehran - HotelOneClick

The palace is simpler than other royal palaces, but at the same time, you can see special beauties in it. In this building, you can see the living stuff of the last king of Iran.

 At the behest of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in 1958, one of the small palaces of Niavaran Garden which belonged to Fath Ali Shah was demolished and its reconstruction process was launched.

Construction was delayed for some time, but finally, in 1967, it was ready to be used.

The palace was intended to be used for serving the guests at first, but eventually became the residence of the Pahlavi family.

Niavaran Palace  near to Espinas  Palace hotel in  Tehran - HotelOneClick

Niavaran Palace was the residence of the last king of Iran. Of course, this palace has a beautiful garden in it.

It is the only royal building whose ceiling could be opened. However, the ceiling is now closed and doesn't move anymore.

Alongside this palace are historical monuments such as the "Ahmad Shahi Kooshk" and the extraordinary "Sahebqaraniyah" palace.

The palace was the king's residence, and therefore one of the few perfect and visually rich buildings in Tehran's tourist attraction.

Niavaran Palace , one of palaces near to Espinas  Palace hotel of Tehran - HotelOneClick

This palace was built with pure delicacy. Interesting places to visit in this palace include the king's bedroom, the former queen's bedroom and a variety of other rooms such as the study room, the reception room, and the king rooms.

Further information about Niavaran Complex:

  • Address: Niavaran Historical-Cultural Complex, Shahid Bahonar Square (Niavaran)
  • Distance from Tehran Niavaran Palace to Tehran Espinas Palace Hotel: 14.4 km by car - about 22 minutes in non-traffic hours.

3- Tehran Ferdows Garden

Ferdows Garden is a depiction of paradise in Tehran's monuments. This house has a graceful facade due to the variety of plastering techniques used in it.

The house was repaired two years ago by thirty of the most skilled Iranian plasterers, and now is boasting about its beauties to old and young Tehrani visitors.

Ferdows Garden , one of palaces near to Espinas  Palace hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

About 170 years ago, Muhammad Shah Qajar, grandson of Fath Ali Shah Qajar, who lived in Tehran, ordered to build him a palace in today's Mahmoudiyeh neighborhood.

 But after his death, the construction of the palace was half-finished.

As he was building his palace, others began to build gardens and mansions around it.

Hossein Ali Mo'ir al-Mamalek - one of Fath Ali Shah's grooms - also built a garden and mansion in the Bagh Fardows neighborhood of Tehran, now known as the Ferdows Garden.

This wonderful Persian garden was designed using the four main elements, water, trees, square shape of the garden and a palace in the middle of it.

 Ferdows Garden , one of palaces near to Espinas  Palace hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

The Garden Mansion has two floors and its architecture is like a style of Qajar period and a combination of Iranian and European architecture.

As you enter this garden, along with traveling to the historic and beautiful world of ancient Tehran during the Qajar era, there are a variety of options for making happy hours.

The restaurant's café is a tasty opportunity for you, and a visit to the Cinema Museum will also make a trip to the history of Iran cinema. You can also watch the day's movies or walk for a few minutes in the garden.

Further information about Ferdows Garden:

  • Address of Ferdows garden: Before Tajrish Square, Valiasr Ave
  • Distance from Tehran Ferdows Garden to Tehran Espinas Palace Hotel: 11 km by car - about 14 minutes in non-traffic hours.

 Ferdows Garden  near to Espinas   hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

4- Museum of Time

Museum of Time is a set of timing tools organized in a 5000-square-meter area with a 700-square-foot mansion. This museum is known as the first watch museum in Iran.

Inside the museum's two-story building, the evolution of all kinds of mechanical watches from the 17th to the 20th centuries are on display.

On the second floor of the museum, there are ordinary pocket watches and special pocket watches of historical and political figures, special watches such as card watch, ship watches and wristwatches in both bracelets and double-time watches.

In the calendars section, there are also Iranian calendars for those interested.

Time museum, one of historical places  near to Espinas  Palace hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

It also has primary watches such as the sundial, the sand, the water, and the fuel.

Inside the building are also clocks, desktops, pockets, and wrist watches. A part of the mansion is also dedicated to documents about Jalali's calendar and its history in Iran.

 The first Iranian Time Museum is a different museum that takes you on a journey through time.

You understand in this museum how those simple sundial watches reached the complexity of today's wristwatches and changed over time.

In addition, the museum's area is a good place to forget about your concerns, and to have a good time.

Further information about Time Museum:

  • Address of Time Museum: the corner of Parzin Baghdadi Street, Zafaraniyah St.
  • Distance from Time Museum to the Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran: 13.3 km by car - about 14 minutes in non-traffic hours

Green Palace Museum, one of historical places  near to Espinas   hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

5- Tehran Green Palace Museum

On the northwest side of Tehran's Sa’adabad complex is a museum called the Green Palace.

Shahvand Palace, now called the Green Palace Museum, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful palaces in the country where Reza Shah Pahlavi lived. The palace was launched in 1928.

Before the completion of the Shahvand palace, the building was owned by a person named Alikhan. He was one of the prominent landowners of the time, and the hill on which this palace is built is known as the "Hill of Alikhan".

The palace is also known as the marble stone palace due to the use of rare green stones of Khamseh mine of Zanjan and Khorasan marble in its exterior facade.

The stone mortar is made of lead and prevents them from breaking and expanding.

The main door of the palace opens from the northwest to the high mountains of Alborz.

The columns of the palace are also made of Khorasan marble and a combination of motifs and designs of Iranian and European art.

Green Palace Museum near to Espinas palace  hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

One of the most beautiful parts of this palace is the Hall of Mirrors.

All its mirrors are decorated with flowers made of plaster and covered with a beautiful 70-meter carpet by Abdol Mohammad Amoo Oghli. It was also the office of Reza Shah.

In this hall, there is a hand-made tapestry sofa from the Qajar period. In the middle of the hall, there is a French table from the 18th-century.

A silver curtain with an inlaid wooden curtain rod adorns the hall window.

There are countless artifacts in the Green Palace Museum, the followings are some of them:

  • The carpet of the Mirror hall of Green Palace Museum
  •  Decorative vases made of marble
  • Jadestone jeweling tools
  •  Exquisite Raver carpet
  • Flowerpot painting
  • Zulfiqar badge and medal

Further information about Green palace

  • Address of Green Palace: End of Shahid Kamal Taheri Street, Shahid Fallahi St. (Zaferanieh), Valiasr Ave.
  • Distance from Tehran Green Palace Museum to Tehran Espinas Palace Hotel: 11 km by car - about 14 minutes in non-traffic hours.

Green Palace, one of historical Museum near to Espinas palace  hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

The conclusion to the guide to 5 Palaces and historic mansions near Tehran Espinas Palace Hotel

Tehran is a city full of tourist attractions. In this guide, we have tried to introduce you to the list of 5 historical palaces and mansions in Tehran that are in the vicinity of Tehran Espinas Palace Hotel.

If you have any comments on historic palaces and mansions near the Espinas Palace Hotel, you can write for us in the comments section of this guide.

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