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Milad Tower in Tehran

Milad Tower is one the most famous attractions in Tehran. Every things you need about Milad Tower and things to do nearby. This is complete travel guide for Tehran passengers to sightseeing Milad tower.

Introduction about Milad Tower in Tehran

In this article, we want to introduce you to the Milad Tower of Tehran and all its recreational facilities.

This article is one of a series of articles on the HotelOneClick site designed to provide travelers with more information about Tehran's tourist attractions

In this article, we will try to explain to you all the facilities of Tehran Milad Tower Tehran in details. It is actually a guide tour to the Milad Tower of Tehran.

In this guide, you will find valuable information on the Milad Tower such as the height of the Milad Tower and its ranking among the towers of the world.

In addition, you will be introduced to Tehran Milad Tower's restaurants and its excellent amenities, such as Tehran Milad Tower Dolphinarium.

Why is Milad Tower one of the most important and the most famous attractions in Tehran?

Just gaze up at the tall tower, so that you fill your body with the joy of seeing all the Tehran from above the tower and tempt you to go inside the tower very quickly.

Of course, it is possible if one does not take Tehran's air pollution into account. The tower gives you a unique view of the city. 

Of course, the story doesn't end there, because as soon as you step inside the tower you realize that seeing Tehran from above it is just one of the many fun things that exist in the tower. 

At the Milad Tower in Tehran, you will find a long list of activities that can entertain you for hours.

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Fire works on Milad Tower in Tehran - HotelOneClick

If you think that this modern structure has nothing fun, we have to say that you are absolutely wrong. Milad Tower offers attractive options for fun.

The sightseeing of the Milad Tower also adds to the attractiveness of your tour within the structure.

If you have no plans for your leisure time in Tehran, the Milad Tower of Tehran will be one of your best choices with a great selection of amusement and entertainment high in the sky of the capital.

It can be said that the main reason for choosing the Milad Tower as one of the most important Iran tourist attractions can be for the following ones:

  • it is the tallest tower in Iran and the sixth telecommunication tower in the world.
  • You will have a unique view of Tehran.
  • It has numerous recreational facilities including Dolphinarium, Zip Line, Suspended Bridge, Cinema Game.
  • its sights, including the Municipality Museum and periodic exhibitions, double the charm of visiting this structure.
  • It's a good destination for children to enjoy and has a section called Karbazia for your children where they can experience working in different working fields while playing.
  • It hosts a variety of festivals.
  • It has attractive restaurants and cafes.
  • Milad Tower Revolving Restaurant is one of the most unique restaurants in Iran.

Milad Tower in night from over- HotelOneClick

Who is suitable for the Milad Tower in Tehran? Who is not suitable for the Milad Tower of Tehran?

Due to the variety of facilities in this tower, visiting the Milad Tower in Tehran is convenient for the general public, from children to adults. 

Of course, if you want to go to the upper floors of the tower, people with acrophobia, pregnant women, and people with heart problems cannot use the elevator to go to the upper floors.

History of the construction of Tehran Milad Tower: The sky is near

In 1991, a tower was to be built in Tehran to solve the telecommunication and televisional problems of Tehran. The tower construction project began in 1997. 

After its completion, it was supposed to be known as one of the national symbols of Tehran and Iran, and in addition to the telecommunications center, it also became a recreational and tourist place.

So there were various facilities in the tower, including the Art Gallery, Tehran Platform, Revolving Restaurant, and International Conference Hall.

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Milad Tower in sunset - HotelOneClick

Getting acquainted with Tehran Milad Tower: How tall is Tehran Milad Tower?

This tower is a 435-meter-high structure that was proposed to be built in 1991 and in January 1997 its construction was launched.

 It took 11 years to be built, and it was opened in October 2008 with the motto "The Sky is Near". At first glance, the architecture of this building is admired.

It has important honors such as Iran's tallest tower, the world's sixth telecommunication tower, the 20th tall non-building structures, the first rank in terms of the vast space of the top of the tower.

 Also, the magnificent appearance of this structure in the city cannot be ignored, reaching its top at night.

 But it's not just the exterior and engineering features that have made the tower popular. There are plenty of fun opportunities in this tower and its surrounding area that satisfies all tastes.

You may have wondered what is going on in this tower? Wait a while to find out why you can spend many fun hours in the Milad Tower.

The world inside the Milad Tower in Tehran is quite different from what you see in the facing. As we enter the Tower, we will have the many choices of activities and recreations that may take hours to find out all of the different parts of it.

To enjoy happy hours in this different world, you must first know all its facilities.

We want to provide you with everything you need to know to spend a good time in Milad Tower. Below we introduce you to all the amenities and facilities you can use in your tour. 

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Milad Tower Museums

In this section we want to introduce all of museums in Milad Tower. Let's see it together.

Milad Tower Hall of Fame Museum in a closed platform

This platform is our first offer for history lovers. If you are one of those people who are passionate about history and especially iconic characters, we suggest visiting the Milad Tower Museum of Fame. 

Located at a height of 271 meters, the museum houses sculptures of prominent scientific, historic and cultural figures such as Sohrab Sepehri, Shahid Chamran, and Simin Daneshvar.

The sculptures of the famous Milad Tower Museum have been made to be as natural as possible so that they can better communicate with the audience. 

The Milad Tower Hall of Fame Museum is on the fifth floor of the tower and a place for displaying works by artists.

Milad Tower Hall of Fame Museum in a closed platform in Tehran - HotelOneClick

Museum of Gifts and Manuscripts of Tehran Municipality

We want to introduce another Milad Tower Museum to the history lovers.

The Museum of Gifts and Manuscripts, located at a height of 261 meters, is a collection of various colorful gifts donated to the municipality, you can also see the other manuscripts from the old Tehran.

 The Milad Tower Museum of Tehran is located on a closed platform.

The Tehran Municipality Museum has been permanently set up in  it in order to familiarize the citizens and tourists of the Tehran with the history of the Municipality of Tehran with the purpose of documenting them.

Milad Tower in Tehran - HotelOneClick

Milad Tower restaurants and cafes

In this part, we want to introduce all of restaurants and cafes in Milad Tower. Let's see all of them together.

1. Milad Tower Revolving Restaurant

You must have heard the name of the Milad Tower Revolving restaurant and the stories they tell about it. A luxurious restaurant that turns around itself every hour. 

The world's largest Revolving restaurant, in the height of 276 meters, is located on the sixth floor of the tower with a capacity of 300 people in it.

A trace of Ferdowsi's Shahnameh has doubled the beauty of this restaurant.

The restaurant consists of two fixed and movable sections and urns around the fixed part of the restaurant and provides a 360-degree picturesque view.

The restaurant, consisting of two fixed and moving parts, is located at a height of 276 meters and serves its guests with a variety of Iranian and foreign cuisines.

 Live music performances and fantastic views of this restaurant make a memorable night for you. 

The restaurant's menu includes a buffet of all kinds of Iranian, foreign and local dishes as well as salads, drinks, and others. The piano is played every night and the noon of Thursdays and Fridays.

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Revolving Restaurant in Milad Tower - HotelOneClick

2. Milad Tower Special Restaurant

Tehran Milad Tower Special Restaurant is located on the 10th floor, at a height of 292 meters.

The 1100-square-meter special restaurant with a capacity of more than 100 people is designed for formal parties.

3. Abshar Cafe Restaurant 

Abshar Cafe Restaurant is another restaurant in Milad Tower. Situated by the Milad Tower waterfall, this restaurant has a variety of foreign dishes. 

Although there are many great restaurants in the Milad Tower, we offer Abshar Cafe Restaurant since it has a great space with a varied menu and the prices are reasonable. 

This outdoor restaurant next to the Milad Tower waterfall has an area of about 170 square meters.

Abshar Cafe Restaurant  in Tehran Milad Tower  - HotelOneClick

4. Milad Tower Cafeteria

Milad Tower Cafeteria in the fourth-floor and in the height of 266 meters is waiting for you with its amazing hot and cold drinks.

Don't miss the pleasure of drinking tea at this height.

5. The Tower Food Court and Cafes

In addition to the cafés and restaurants on the top of the tower, in the lobby area next to the shopping centers, restaurants and cafés offer a variety of delicious options from around the world. 

Go to the fourth floor of the lobby of the Milad Tower food court and experience a world-class food tour. There are 10 restaurants in this f food court that can make good moments for you.

There are also spaces dedicated to the restaurant and café in the campus of the tower that provides services alongside the tower.

Milad Tower pantry offers colorful and delicious Iranian and traditional syrups.

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Tehran Milad Tower Tourism Attractions

In this section, we want to know about all of tourism attractions in Milad Tower. Let's talk about them in the following.

Milad Tower Dolphinarium - The First Offshore Dolphinarium in the Middle East

One of the most popular parts of Milad Tower divisions is its Dolphinarium which is the first offshore Dolphinarium in the Middle East.

 Fortunately, the variety of fun activities in the Tower is so high that cannot be limited to a specific age group.

Our first offer to Kids and teenagers is the Dolphinarium that entertains you with cute sea lion and trained dolphins.

It's interesting to know that the Milad Tower Dolphin Park, or so-called Dolphinarium, is the highest and the first offshore Dolphinarium in the Middle East. 

One sea lion and two dolphins named Alpha and Casia live in there and entertain visitors with acrobatic moves.

Other features of the Dolphinarium Collection include auctioning dolphin paintings and gifts, dolphin photography, swimming with dolphins, and boat riding with dolphins.

Milad Tower Dolphinarium

Milad Tower Closed Platform

The closed platform is located on the fourth floor of the top and is completely covered. This section of the tower only provides a general view of Tehran for those interested.

 Milad Tower's closed platform, as described, is at an altitude of 271 meters. The Museum of Fame is also on this part.

Milad Tower Closed Platform - HotelOneClick

Milad Tower Open Platform

If you ask what is the best recreation among all of the other fun activities, our answer is the open platform.

The open-air viewing platform is a 280-meter-high, and 3000-square-meter building where visitors can watch Tehran from the top of the tower.

Located above the Milad Tower on the seventh floor, the open-air platform gives a scenic view of Tehran.

 There are pro cameras in place to help you get a better and more detailed view of the city.

Milad Tower open Platform in night - HotelOneClick

This part of the tower is like a large terrace around the tower and is, in fact, the part of the tower that has the largest diameter on the tower floors and looks more outward than the rest of the tower. 

The cameras installed in it enable visitors to see different parts of Tehran. If you want to get a better view of Tehran, we suggest you go to Tehran's Milad Tower near sunset. 

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Milad Tower open Platform  - HotelOneClick

Milad Tower Shopping Center

If you are one of those people who loves shopping, don't forget the Milad Tower lobby floors.

The 83 shops in this building give you a different experience of shopping.

Milad Tower Sky Dome

What is known as the Sky Dome is a glass dome at the top of this public floor of the tower, with 13 meters high.

The highest part of the Milad Tower that is allowed to visit is the sky dome.

The sky dome, located at a height of 302 meters, is the pictorial narrator of the history of Iranian civilization that has given this landscape a special beauty. 

It is based on a collection of ancient Iranian symbols, myths, and old narratives that reflect the nine-thousand-year-old Iranian civilization from the Great Iranian Empire to the present.

 The basis for the design of this work is the four main elements of the creation: water, wind, soil, fire, as well as concepts such as life, death, love, justice, fight, and peace.

Milad Tower Sky Dome - HotelOneClick

Milad Tower Waterfall

Milad Tower waterfall is the most unique waterfall in Iran that has green space beside it. There are 3 ponds with an area of 3000 square meters, the largest of which is 1200 square meters.

The total height of the waterfall is 5.17 square meters in two parts, most of which is 5.14 square meters with the width of 48 meters and the smallest one is 3 m in height, and 30 m in length. Waterfall lighting is done with 16  spotlights in 2000 watt.

 The water of all the three ponds flows down from a height of 40 meters. If you like it you can go to the Abshar restaurant next to this beautiful waterfall and enjoy a great view, in addition to a great meal.

Milad Tower Waterfall - HotelOneClick

Iranian ethnic village

The Milad Tower complex is a space dedicated to the Iranian ethnic village where it is very different. 

The Chaharsoogh National Festival is one of the programs in the village where people from every province introduce their culture and their customs. Here's a colorful world of crafts, souvenirs, and cultural elements, and moments of joy await you. 

This section is after the Zip Line and Suspended Bridge and you can get there from the Dolphinarium parking lot for easy access.

Iranian ethnic village in Tehran Milad Tower - HotelOneClick

Milad Tower Recreations

You can enjoy happy moments in the Tower using its many activities. Remember, the Milad Tower may offer different activities on different days. 

Riding a carriage, cycling, table football, and computer games serve visitors at different times. Here's a list of recreations that exist in the Milad Tower all year long, choose one of them and enjoy.

1. Milad Tower Laserium

Laserium is an art created from the combination of color, light, sound, and image with special effects and Dolby sound that is very appealing to the visitors.

You can use the Milad Tower Laserium Hall while visiting the tower.

Situated at the entrance to Milad Tower parking lot, this hall with a capacity of 50 people performs a 15-minutes video art in laser form with audio and video.

At the Milad Tower Laserium in Tehran, you can experience a different combination of light and sound. Of course, the laser show in this hall is localized according to Iranian taste. 

There you will see the first laser system in Iran. So we suggest you experience it once.

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2. Milad Tower Paintball

Paintball is a new and exciting sport based on running. Paintball is very close to shooting and it is called live chess because it requires strategic thinking.

In paintball, there are generally two teams in which the number of participants varies depending on the playing field and the game rules. According to the previously agreed scenario, each team member is assigned a task. 

Members of each team are identified by paintball markings, standard color bullets, safety equipment and cover. They will have the tools or equipment required based on the rules. 

The area of the artificial Grass Paintball field located on the southwest side of the tower is 1500 square meters. Milad Tower Paintball is open to the public daily from 9 am to 11 pm.

Milad Tower Paintball - HotelOneClick

3. Zip Line and Milad Tower Suspension Bridge

Maybe everyone knows this tower through its viewing platform, but next to this tower you have access to an exciting activity named Zip Line. 

With Zip Line, you can experience a specific flight and raise your blood adrenaline. Here's everything to experience the excitement safely.

The Milad Tower Zip Line is 150 meters long and takes you 30 meters high at a speed of 60 to 70 kilometers per hour.

Zip Line in Milad Tower - HotelOneClick

Also, the suspended bridge inaugurated at Milad Tower is a small suspension bridge and only one can cross it.

The next person has to pass the bridge behind that person. This bridge has many amenities and is very modern.

The length of the Milad Tower suspension bridge is about 100 meters and its height is about 30 meters.

If you want to experience the special flight and walking experience on the first and tallest wooden suspension bridge in Tehran, be sure to check it out.

Milad Tower Suspension Bridge - HotelOneClick

4. Enigma Escape Room: An exciting game

You'd better go to the Milad Tower and try the Enigma Escape Room, a physical-adventurous game in which people in groups of 4 to 6 are locked up and have 60 minutes to find clues, solve puzzles, and pass challenges, and finally finish the mission.

The games you can play in the Enigma series are the Lost Statue, Mysterious Murder and Terror Hut, each with a different story and mission.

Milad Tower Enigma Escape Room - HotelOneClick

5. Milad Tower Bubble Football

Bubble Football in Milad Tower Tehran is one of the new games in Milad Tower.

This game is played in a team and is almost like a football game except you go inside bubbles or bubble balls and play football more attractively.

Along with football, you can also do bubble show cool moves. 

The Bubble Football Cup Academy, also known as Milad Tower Bubble Football, is one of the fun opportunities in the Milad Tower.

In bubble football, a bubble wrap covers one's upper part of the body and they play soccer.

6. Milad Tower Festival and Outdoor Concerts

From the festival of Iranian folk to the souvenirs of different cities and even street performances and traditional music can be seen at this tower. 

You cannot find it unused at any time. 

In addition to the concert halls, it also allows for outdoor concerts, which adds to the appeal of the program. 

Do not hesitate to tour the Milad Tower area; it has no costs for you, so give it a try.

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Milad Tower Festival and Outdoor Concerts - HotelOneClick

7. Temporary recreations around Milad Tower

In the surroundings of the Milad Tower, you can see various fun activities.

Of course, these are not fixed and according to the rules of the tower and contracts may be changed at any time and you will encounter new ones. Some of these are:

  • Bag Jump (Jump on the air mattress)
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Riding a carriage with a pony horse 
  • Children's painting competitions 
  • Puppet shows
  • Balloon rides over the Milad Tower
  • Silkman shows
  • Flying kites
  • bubble bump slide

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Tehran Milad Tower Cinemas

In this section, you will find all of cinemas in the tower. Let’s get start.

Milad Tower Main Cinema Halls

In 2012, it was decided to add a cinema hall to the tower. In fact, Milad Tower Cinema consists of three parts: the main hall with a capacity of 1,600 and two halls with a capacity of 120.

 In one of the Milad Tower cinemas, three-dimensional films and in the other, 7-dimensional films are played. 

It is also worth noting that the cinema that was opened in 2012 was able to obtain 3D movie licenses from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and it is interesting to note that due to the capacity of the hall, the screen used in cinema is one of the largest cinema screens in Tehran which is 13 square meters in size.

Milad Tower Main Cinema  Hall - HotelOneClick

Milad Tower Cinema is one of the most popular and attractive parts of the Tower, which opened in 2012. it is actually a place to watch different movies.

If you want to go to the Milad Tower to watch a movie, visit the Milad Tower Conference Hall and its cinema halls.

Cinema halls of 4 and 5 with special features such as wireless internet, 3.5mm cinema apparatus, video projector, movable 13 square meters cinema screen, professional audio system for music playing and cinema Dolby cinema music and E system for multipurpose use, gives you the exciting experience of watching a movie.

Milad Tower Cinema game - HotelOneClick

6-dimensional and 7-dimensional Milad Tower cinema halls

The 6-dimensional and 7-dimensional Milad Tower cinema halls are called Milad Tower cinema game.

The average duration of films for 6 and 7-dimensional cinema is 7 minutes, and those over the age of 7 are allowed to watch.

It is interesting to note that after the construction of these cinemas, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance gave the title of "modern" to the Milad Tower Cinema.

This cinema is one of the most advanced multi-dimensional cinemas in Iran today, enjoying the latest technology in the world.

It has 8 movable seats in different directions and the video playing time is 7-15 minutes.

The 6D cinema of the Milad Tower combines 3D viewing with the immersive 3D rendering of films and advanced chairs, water, wind, lightning effects to immerse the viewer in the simulated space.

 Experience the thrill of boarding a train or sled by crossing valleys, cliffs, and snowy landscapes or piloting a phantom at a speed of 1000 kilometers per hour in 6D cinema without any danger.

6-dimensional and 7-dimensional Milad Tower cinema halls - HotelOneClick

Another name for this cinema is the Cinema Game. The Cinema Game with different effects and different competitions, makes the adrenaline secreted in the blood and may even tempt you to go back there with your friends again.

One of the exciting and popular parts of cinema game is the 3D games section.

Three-dimensional games are played individually and in groups, and people have to earn points by tolerating the hardships, performing missions, and so on.

In this cinema, you can go on a train, jump on zombies and kill them or fight the cowboys.

The interesting thing is that you will be taken photos throughout the game and you will surely have a great memory.

Imagine your face when you are holding a laser gun and shooting a cowboy!

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Tehran Milad Tower Cinema game - HotelOneClick

Other facilities of Milad Tower Tehran

Milad Tower has facilities that provide services to visitors at various times. These include: 

Milad Tower Conference Hall

Milad Tower Conference Hall has unique facilities and specialized human resources for holding conferences. 

Cultural, artistic and social events, including conferences, seminars, congresses, festivals, concerts, workshops, and exhibitions are held at the International Conference Hall in Milad Tower.

 The center is equipped with 15 conference halls, 600 square-meter exhibition space, radio and studio, and reception halls.

These halls are the most convenient places for cultural, artistic and scientific events in the metropolis of Tehran.

Milad Tower Concerts

One of the most popular programs in the Milad Tower is the concerts.

Milad Tower Concert Halls have hosted many Iranian and foreign singers and artists so far.

The most significant hall is the Hafez hall with a capacity of 1600 people in the balcony and ground floor.

It has updated audio and cinematic equipment, simultaneous translation and a broadcast imaging system used for large concerts and conferences. 

concerts in Milad Tower

Other halls in the complex include:

  • Special conference room with capacity of 60 people
  • two salon with the capacity of 110 people for holding workshops and broadcasting movies
  • six salons with the capacity of 60 people for multipurpose use
  • Sa’adi hall with capacity of 200 people for holding meetings and conferences
  • The Rudaki Hall with capacity of 100 to 200 people (roundtable, conference and cinema layout)
  • Reception halls including Ferdowsi Hall with the capacity of 5 people with video projection
  • Molavi Hall with the capacity of 150 people to hold special conferences and receptions with audio and video projection system
  • Khayyam Hall with the capacity of 800 people for serving lunch, supper and dinner
  • Shahriar hall with the capacity of 40 people for special receptions
  • Attar outdoor hall with the capacity of 100 people with a beautiful view


 Ground floor (main entrance): 550 square meters for specialized exhibitions and the reception of 800 people

The site of Milad Tower Exhibition

The site of the exhibition site is built on an area of 10200 square meters.

The complex is designed with indoor and outdoor parking space and easy access to the city's main highways for cultural and economic exhibitions, as well as cultural, artistic, sports and family-friendly leisure and entertainment activities.

 This collection has the following features:

  • 6900 square meters roofed space 
  • Having the possibility of making booths from 3800 square meters to 4450 square meters
  • 440 seats for the audience

 Milad Tower Classic cars Exhibition - HotelOneClick

Milad Tower Guesthouse

Milad Tower Guesthouse is located on the western hill of Tower.

The building area is about 606 square meters and consists of 12 rooms and 40 beds built for the accommodation of the guests of Tehran Municipality. 

Milad Tower Parking

A parking lot is set up in the complex to facilitate and organize the traffic stop for visitors.

To avoid imposing traffic jam on the surrounding highways, a 30,000-square-meter car park and four 6 

 lifts designed for 8 people is built for about 1000 cars. 

In addition to this multistory parking, there are two surface parking for visitor's use at peak times.

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Milad Tower Visit and Access Roads

The Milad Tower is accessible from the following ways:

  • 1- Tehran - Sheikh Fazlollah Noori Highway - Shahid Hemmat Highway Entrance - Milad Tower Exclusive Bypass
  • 2- Tehran - Hakim West Highway - After Chamran Highway - Exclusive Entrance to Milad Tower
  • 3- Tehran - East Hemmat Highway - South Sheikh Fazlollah Noori Expressway, Milad Tower Exclusive Cable Bridge

Milad Tower in midnight - HotelOneClick

Conclusion for Tourism Guide on Tehran Milad Tower

Perhaps the image we all have of Tehran is a smoky, crowded city, but it has many attractions that make great memories for you.

If you are living in Tehran or are planning to travel there, be sure to take the time to visit the Milad Tower and share your experiences with your friends at HotelOneClick.

Tell us about the other attractions of the capital and tell us the best ones based on your opinion.

What do you know about other bridges in Iran? Which of them have you ever visited?

Tell us about your observations and experiences. If you have a comment about the tower that is not mentioned in this article, you can write in the comments section of this guide.

If you find this guide helpful, we'll be happy if you share it on social networks.

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