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Mashhad Hotels

Useful information about Mashhad

Mashhad, the second largest city and spiritual center of Iran, is located in the northern Khorasan province. Since the 16th century in Safavid era, when Shi'a rule was established, Mashhad as the place of martyrdom of Imam Reza (PBUH) was the center of attention of the Safavid rulers especially Shah Isma'il I, Shah Tahmasb and Shah Abbas, and the construction of the shrine of Imam Reza, one of the most important tourist centers and Pilgrimage to Mashhad, has begun. Today, Mashhad is the most important Shiite city in Iran.

Apart from the pilgrims of Iran, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from all over the world, including Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and Paksan, come to this sacred city for pilgrimage and tourism.

Mashhad Holy Shrine

Climate of Mashhad:

Like the rest of the north-eastern cities of Iran, it is very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer. The average winter temperature is 1 ° C and summer is above 35 ° C.

Distance of Tehran to Mashhad:

It is about 900 km. You can use a plane, a train or a car to travel to Mashhad. All major cities such as Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, etc. fly more than two or three times a day to the international airport of Mashhad. Daily and night trains also travel from Tehran and Esfahan to Mashhad, which has a different speed and quality. Of all cities, mostly night buses go to Mashhad.

Luxury Hotels in Mashhad

1. Medina Al Reza Hotel:

This five-star hotel is the closest hotel to the Imam Reza shrine. Medina Al Reza Hotel has a revolving restaurant, you can enjoy your dinner by watching the dome of Imam Reza. You can have fun at the hotel with the water complex. There are also other facilities like a children's playroom, a traditional tablecloth, a restaurant, and a coffee shop, a hotel safe box and .... This hotel has rooms and suites with beautiful and luxurious decoration.

Madina-al-Reza Hotel

2. Luxurious Darwish Hotel:

Another five-star luxury hotel in Mashhad, located on Imam Reza Street. The hotel has excellent facilities in rooms and suites, as well as numerous restaurants serving a delightful stay. You can use the hotel's shuttle service every half hour to the shrine

Mojalal Darvishi Hotel

3. International Hotel Qasr Mashhad:

This hotel was opened in 1976 on Imam Reza Street, and in 2014 it was reconstructed. This hotel is located near the Imam Reza Shrine with great amenities such as billiard salon, computer games hall, indoor shops and beauty salons.

International Hotel Qasr Mashhad

4. Qasr al-Ziafeh Hotel Mashhad;

This five-star hotel is very unique in terms of location because it is the only hotel that is part of the Imam Reza Shrine. Qasr al-Zayafa Hotel is located in two floors and has 57 rooms.

Qasr al-Ziafeh Hotel

5. Homa Hotel 1:

The Homa Hotel or Former Mashhad Hotel, a member of the Homa Hotel Group, was launched in 1352 and rebuilt in 1396. The hotel is 5 km from the Shrine and has an airport transfer that you can go to Haram with prior arrangement. The main advantages of this hotel are close to the subway and shopping malls, and with a well-trained and well-trained staff, guests are welcomed.

Homa 1

6. Mashhad Hayat Park Hotel:

One of the 5-star hotels in Mashhad with open air and rooms with windows facing the natural scenery.

Hayat Park