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Laleh Park in Tehran

Laleh Park is one the most famous attractions in Tehran. Every things you need about Laleh park and things to do nearby. This is complete travel guide for Tehran passengers to sightseeing Laleh Park.

Introduction about Laleh Park in Tehran

In this article, we want to introduce you to Tehran's Laleh Park and all its tourist and recreational facilities.

This article is one of the series of articles on HotelOneClick site designed to provide travelers with more information about Tehran tourist attractions.

In this article, we will try to describe all the tourist attractions in Laleh Park in Tehran, which is one of the tourist centers in Tehran, along with its details.

This article is actually a tourism guide to Laleh Park in Tehran.

In this guide, you will learn about the sights and attractions of Laleh Park in Tehran and its amenities.

In addition, you will find about the history of Laleh Park as well as the recommendations of the HotelOneClick for visiting this old park.

This travel guide contains following section that you can click on each link to access special subject about the Laleh park instantly:

A beautiful road in Laleh Park in Tehran - HotelOneClick

Why is Tehran Laleh Park one of Tehran's most popular attractions?

We walk down one of the capital's streets to see a nostalgic attraction. This time we are going to Tehran Laleh Park.

One of the old gardens of Tehran that has a beautiful and different atmosphere.

This garden is easy to access. Just reach the nearest metro station to Laleh Park or take a bus and taxi to one of the streets around the park to easily reach an eye-catching area in the heart of the capital.

Be with us to find out more about Laleh Park's amenities and opportunities to enjoy.

Join HotelOneClick to explore the nostalgic and spectacular attractions in Tehran.

It can be said that the main reason for choosing Tehran Laleh Park as one of the most important Iran tourist attractions can be for the following reasons:

  • Laleh Park is one of Tehran's oldest parks with a memorable and nostalgic atmosphere.
  • This park can create joyful and fun moments.
  •  Laleh Park is easily accessible using public transport.
  • Suitable amenities such as a children's playground, a cycling track and a picnic area will make a perfect day for you.
  • It is one of the parks in Tehran that has good sports facilities.
  • Laleh's bazaar in this park is particularly attractive and gives you the opportunity to buy handicrafts.

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flowers in Laleh Park in Tehran - HotelOneClick

Tehran Laleh Park: Memorable Park of the Capital

Laleh Park is a park in the heart of Tehran which covers a small part of the capital with an area of 330,538 square meters. This old park has many memories in its heart.

The greenery, amenities and special features of the park have made many people choose Laleh Park for their friendly dates and have happy hours.

Laleh Park is neighboring Dr. Fatemi Street from the north, from the south with Keshavarz Boulevard, from the west with Kargar Street and from the east with the Hijab Street, and you can access it all.

trees in Laleh Park in Tehran - HotelOneClick

Laleh Park attractions

In the following, we have listed all of sightseeing options in Laleh park:

1. Fountains of Laleh Park

The fountain and spiral streams in the southeastern part of the park give you an image of Japanese parks.

In addition to the rock fountains, the mosque fountain, the Grand Central fountain, the Abu Reyhan fountain, and the staircase fountain are also located in other parts of the park.

Fountains of Laleh Park in Tehran - HotelOneClick

2. Sculptures and statues of Laleh Park

Various statues and statues have been displayed around the park, the most famous of which are:

Khayyam Statue

This statue, which was built in Italy in 1972 by Abolhasan Seddighi and the order of the National Art Association, was placed in this park after moving to Iran.

The statue has been repeatedly restored by Fereidun Seddighi (the creator's son) during his time it was in the park.

Statue of Khayyam in Laleh Park in Tehran - HotelOneClick
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Abu Rayhan Al-Biruni Statue

Abu Rayhan Al-Biruni statue is made of stone and bronze by Mohammad Ali Madadi and was placed in the park in 1994.

It was the first large statue the municipality ordered after the Islamic Revolution.

It is 4.5 meters high and took a year and a half to build.

The axis above the hand of the statue indicates an emphasis on the astronomical science of this great scientist.

Abu Rayḥan Al-Biruni Statue in Laleh Park in Tehran  - HotelOneClick

Sculpture from Heshmat Group Collection:

It is a bronze statue of three large women with small heads and large legs and a baby boy.

This work belongs to Azar Sheikh Bahaeddin Zadeh who, according to herself, is trying to show with these statues that there is a lot of pressure on women and this pressure is seen all over the world.

She strongly believes that women feel lonely together and strives to show that women are alone while they are together.

The statue is near the gallery.

Sculpture from Heshmat Group Collection in Laleh park  - HotelOneClick

Other statues

Other statues in Laleh Park include:

  • Master Kamran Nejatollahi, one of the martyrs of the revolution located beside the staircase
  • Marwah al-Sharbini martyr of Efaf and Hijab located at the entrance of Hijab Street.

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Marwah al-Sharbini martyr of Efaf and Hijab located at the entrance of Hijab Street in Laleh Park - HotelOneClick

3. sundial

One of the most interesting things to see in Laleh Park is its sundial.

This clock can measure and show you the time using the position of the sun.

sundial of Laleh Park in  Tehran - HotelOneClick

4. Laleh traditional bazaar

On the west side of Laleh Park, there is a market where you can buy Iranian handicrafts or taste local food and snacks.

Buffets and small cafes are also available at the bazaar.

traditional bazaar of Laleh Park in Tehran - HotelOneClick
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5. Museum of Contemporary Art

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the famous museums of Iran located in the western corner of Laleh Park and its opening dates back to 1976.

 The museum building has an interesting design and is inspired by Iran's modern desert style.

The museum is one of the most comprehensive and important treasures of modern art outside Europe and North America and owns one of the five to 10 major collections of modern art in the world.

Significant works from Gauguin, Renoir, Picasso, Magritte, Ernest and more are on display at the museum.

Museum of Contemporary Art in Laleh park Tehran  - HotelOneClick
 Laleh park Gallery Exhibitions in Tehran - HotelOneClick
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Laleh Park amusements

Children playground

In the playgrounds of the center, northwest and southwest of the park, there are playing tools for children to enjoy in the park.



The pavilions in the park and the appropriate seating areas allow you to have a picnic in Laleh Park.

Laleh Park Children playground in Tehran - HotelOneClick

Laleh Park Escape Room

This well-known escape room is not a part or building of a park and is not managed by Laleh Park officials.

In fact, this game is a treasure trove game called Laleh Heritage.

The Laleh Heritage Game is independently designed and hosted by a team in the open space of the park.

The game takes about two and a half hours and requires more thinking and motivation than escape room games. Join us now to tell you a bit about the game's story.

The game is for about 22 years ago. When one of the most famous robbery groups went to an ancient Iranian museum in Tehran and took an ancient inscription from the Achaemenid era.

Later, a group of people was arrested near Laleh Park in Tehran and some of them escaped. But the police could never find the stolen inscription.

Now 22 years have passed and you have the role of released prisoners as a participant in this game and your task is to find the treasure map, track down the signs and search for the missing inscription and finish the 22-year mission.

How skilled do you think you are in finding the clues and gluing the puzzle pieces? 

You can test yourself in this exciting game!

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Laleh Park in summer - HotelOneClick

Laleh Park recreations

Laleh Park is a kind of a hangout for athletes and sport fans and it is well known for its good facilities. For this reason, let's explore its facilities in more detail:

Sports equipment:

Enter the park from Hejab Street to access sports equipment.

You can also have limited access to these devices near North Kargar Street.

Badminton Grounds:

You can play this sport in different parts of Laleh Park, but to get to the badminton special part you have to either stroll through the Hijab Street or visit the lands that are parallel to North Kargar Street.


 You can access chess tables in different parts of the park, but there are more in the north of the park; it's not bad to know that the Chess Federation operates in a building attached to the park.

Chess table in Laleh Park in Tehran - HotelOneClick

Walking and cycling path:

Good hiking and biking trails allow you to try these easily. To use the bike rental service, you should visit Keshavarz Boulevard.

Table Tennis:

Go to Laleh Park with rocket and ping pong ball, enter from the hijab street and reach the special tables for this sport.


Laleh Park is a hangout for volleyball enthusiasts as it has good grounds for the sport.

If you enter the park on Hijab Street you will find one of the convenient spots.

The other site is parallel to North Kargar Street and has net installation capability.

Tehran's volleyball house is also on a building parallel to Hijab Street.


The artificial grass field of Laleh Park is located on the north side of Laleh Park and at the beginning of Fatemi Street.

Call 09369328115 for reservations and information about terms and conditions.


On the north side of the park, you can access the skating rink and enjoy recreational and educational services for all ages. For more information, call 021-88986017.

Body Building Academy:

Along the Hejab Street, you also have access to a bodybuilding academy that offers good sports facilities.


Until a few years ago, basketball fans used to come to the park. But today the sport is banned because of the heavy balls that cause danger in the park.

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Laleh park skating rink in Tehran - HotelOneClick

Tehran Laleh Park Facilities

Laleh Park has the following facilities:

  • Restrooms
  • Entrance Ramp for the Disabled
  • Restrooms for the Disabled
  • Praying room and mosque
  • First Children's Library in Iran
  • Outdoor amphitheater
  • Puppet Theater Center
  • Bench
  • Sports facilities
  • Play ground
  • Pavilion
  • Drinking water
  • Buffet and cafe in the park’s bazaar

Tehran Laleh park - HotelOneClick
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Access to Tehran's Laleh Park

Laleh Park is neighboring Dr. Fatemi Street from the north, from the south with Keshavarz Boulevard, from the west with Kargar Street and from the east with the Hijab Street, and you can access from all of them.

Access with public transport


  • The first route is to get to Enghelab Station and continue either by taxi of North Kargar Street to the park or walk there.
  • The second way is to get to the Ta'atr Shahr Station, walk 450 meters to Vesal Shirazi Street, take a taxi to reach Hejab street and then to the park.


  • You can reach Laleh Park by using Sadeghieh - Valiasr Square Bus Line and get off near the park on Keshavarz Boulevard.
  • You will also reach the park on foot or by taxi from North Kargar Street using Sadeghieh - Motahari Street Bus Line and get to the Heart Hospital Station.
  • Another route is using the Azadi-Tehran Pars BRT Line and getting off at Enghelab Square Station, and continue the route either by foot or by taxi from North Kargar Street.
  • You can also reach the park via the Azadi-TehranPars BRT line and get off at the University of Tehran station, continue the route from Vesal Shirazi Street and reach the Hejab St. by taxi.


  • Use taxi lines such as Sadeghieh - Valiasr that cross Keshavarz Boulevard or North Kargar Street.

For a better understanding of Tehran's transportation system and finding the best way to get to this city, read the "Tehran Public Transport Guide" book in our site.

Tehran Taxis  - HotelOneClick

Sights around Laleh Park

The most famous sightseeing around Laleh Park is the Iranian Carpet Museum. The museum is located near the park, on Fatemi Street.

To get acquainted with this museum you can use the Tourist Guide of Iran Carpet Museum in our site.

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This has caused a lot of cultivated wheat fields around the Darakeh neighborhood. Alongside there were nine water mills in the neighborhood to make wheat flour.

Of course today all those mills are gone and some have even become restaurants.

Darakeh was famous for its many stone mines such as white stone, green stone, and mining was one of the main occupations of the people.

Besides, sheep farming, aviculture, gardening, selling snow to the Tehranis, selling wheat from the Shahrastak road to the people of the north have been other occupations of Darakeh until three decades ago.

Darakeh Square, which is today a meeting place for climbers and hikers, did not exist until 50 years ago.

At that time, it was an earthen field and in the south of it there was a path which was the link between the village of Evin and Darakeh and the square was formed after the revolution by a well-known resident, Mr. Seyyed Mohseni.

Carpet Museum near to Laleh park in Tehran - HotelOneClick

History of Laleh park

Prior to the beautifully constructed Laleh Park in the middle of the city, the land was in the possession of the army and was known as the Jalalieh horse riding square.

They used this place for a parade until it was seized by the ministry in exchange for demands from the Ministry of Finance.

To make good use of the space, the Ministry of Housing had to come up with a plan for it.

According to the plan, a cultural and public facility was set up in the northern part of the land, and a garden in the southern part and a well-known French designer with his Iranian colleagues designed the garden.

The operation continued as planned by the municipality until it was opened in 1966 as Farah Park and was renamed Laleh Park after the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in February 1979.

historical image of Laleh park - HotelOneClick

Conclusions for Tourism Guide in Tehran Laleh park

Today, we took you to one of the oldest leisure attractions of Tehran, the Laleh Park, at HotelOneClick.

What do you think about this tourist destination in Tehran? Do you think that Laleh Park will provide visitors with as much attention as possible?

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