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Kish Island Hotels

Useful information for accommodating in Kish hotels

Kish is a beautiful and touristic island located in the north of the Persian Gulf. Kish is a free trading zone. The oval-shaped island of Kish, called the Pearl of the Persian Gulf, is 15 km long and 8 km wide and is more lenient than the other parts of Iran.

For instance, foreigners do not need a visa to enter Kish, or the age of driving on this island is fifteen years. The island is mostly flat, sandy and uncultivatable. It is very hot and humid in the summer, but from mid-autumn to late winter it has a pleasant climate with an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius. Its beautiful beaches are covered with sand and had long been the only free port of Iran.

As it was said, the best time to travel to Kish is the fall and winter, but the Kish Summer Festival attracts many tourists every year and, despite the very hot weather of summer, the island is full of passengers.

Kish amazing beach

List of Kish hotels based on price

Accommodation on Kish Island is more expensive than other cities in Iran. Kish Island has a range of beautiful villas, hotels and rental homes for tourists. Reservations can be made through online sites, and in addition to discounts on accommodation, you will also be entitled to discount entertainment packages. Some hotels in Kish are as follows:

The cheapest hotels in Kish

Ali Qapu Hotel:

The Kish Two Star Hotel, located near shopping malls, is well priced for the services it offers.

Fanoos Hotel:

This three-star hotel is located near the fish bazaar and the old city of Harireh and its beautiful coastal road can make the journey memorizable.

Qasedak hotel:

Qasedak hotel is the cheapest Kish hotel and it does not accept Iranian travelers. Hotel in Kish with reasonable prices

Eram Hotel:

Seventy percent of the rooms of this four-star hotel overlook the Persian Gulf. There are two swimming pools, a sauna, a gym and a billiard salon.

Tatilat Hotel:

This three-star hotel is located near the beach and the big Pardis market.

Maryam Hotel:

The five-star Maryam Hotel, with easy access to the sea and shopping malls, and facilities such as the luxury restaurant, the game room can be a good option for staying.

Sunrise International Hotel:

A three-star hotel with most of its rooms overlooking the sea and is located near the Pardis Market.

Men's plage

The best hotels of Kish Island

Dariush Hotel:

Dariush 5-star hotel, with special features such as private scuba diving, Thai massage, an outdoor swimming pool for ladies and gentlemen, a beautiful private lake, and a dolphin park and bird park will be a dream come true on the island.

Dariush hotel

The International Sadaf Hotel:

It is a four-star hotel with an outdoor swimming pool, numerous restaurants and cafes, and tourist services and ... a great place for a pleasant stay.

Sadaf Hotel

Shayan Hotel:

Shayan Five Star Hotel is located in Pars International Hotel, near Kish Beach. This hotel features accommodation in suites and beachfront villas located in the hotel's outside area and next to the beach.

Shayan hotel

Parmis Hotel:

Parmis 5-star Hotel is located near shopping malls and uses the world most up-dated cars for a city tour.

Parmis hotel

Flamingo Hotel:

The Flamingo Four-star Hotel is located near the shopping malls and has access to a new recreational harbor. All of these hotels have free Wi-Fi services, breakfast buffet, laundry, city tour, coffee shop and restaurant.

Flamingo hotel

Best entertainment and sightseeing of Kish

1. Dolphin Park:

The first Dolphin Park in Iran, and the most exclusive Dolphin Park in the Middle East, is located on this island, which in addition to the attractive dolphin display, also displays a variety of rare birds.

Dolphin park

2. Green Tree:

The legendary icon of the oldest island tree is considered as one of Kish's tourist attractions. It has a life span of between 500 and 600 years, and a group of people believes that the tree is holy and people tie small clothes to the branches of the tree to fulfill their wishes.

Green Tree

3. Greek ship:

The historic and old ship has become a tourist attraction in Kish in recent years. Due to foggy weather and lack of lighthouses, the ship was grounded.

Greek ship

4. Kish Native Anthropology House

In order to introduce history, culture, customs of Kish native people, the home of one of them has become an anthropology Museum.

Kish Native Anthropology House

5. Kariz Underground City:

The city is more than 2500 years old and is located at a depth of 16 meters above the ground.

Kariz underground city

6. Harireh ancient city:

A stone city that is about 800 years old and probably destroyed by a strong earthquake. This city has been registered as a national monument. Read the full details of each of these attractions in Kish tourism section.

Harireh ancient city

Ways of traveling to Kish Island

For traveling to Kish airplane is the best option. This offer is based on the travel cost, saving travel time, the time of staying in different cities and the path fatigue and safety of the road. Kish International Airport has regular domestic and foreign flights every day. Kish Air will provide regular flights to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and domestic flights to Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, and Mashhad.

Other than the plane, driving by car is also possible. But now there is only one road to Kish Island. There are also private buses to travel from Tehran to Kish, but they are not considered as very secure options. Finally, you can travel to the coastal cities of Bandar Abbas, Bushehr and Chabahar by boat or ferry, which can be an attractive option depending on the taste of the passengers.