Iranian Garden in Tehran

The Iranian Garden, as its name implies, is designed and built according to the pattern of the Iranian Garden. Read about the garden, its history and its architecture.

Introduction about Iranian Garden in Tehran

In this article, we would like to introduce you to the Iranian Garden of Tehran and all its tourist and recreational facilities.

This article is one of a series of articles on the site of Hoteloneclick, designed to familiarize travelers with Tehran's tourist attractions.

In this article, we will try to describe all the tourist attractions in the Iranian Garden in Tehran, which is one of the tourist centers in Tehran, along with its details.

This article is, in fact, a tourism guide to the Iranian Garden of Tehran.

In this guide, you will be introduced to various sights and parts of Tehran's Persian Garden as well as its amenities.

You will also find one of the most beautiful festivals in this garden known as the Laleh Festival, which takes place every year at the beginning of Nowruz.

In addition, you will be introduced to the history of the Persian Garden in Tehran as well as the recommendations of the Hoteloneclick for visiting this stunning park.

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Why is the Iranian garden in Tehran one of Tehran's most beautiful attractions?

With the advent of modernity in our urban life, it is difficult to find a place that gives a sense of Iranian originality and history.

Instead of villa houses with hexagonal ponds and goldfish, small and large apartments are scattered everywhere, and there is no longer the former big gardens and instead, urban gardens are the only refreshing places in the city.

Finding a new place that has a trace of the past, filled with Iranian ponds and fountains and surrounded by ancient and centenary trees, can be quite exciting.

The Persian Garden is right in the middle of the muddy alleys where you will no longer feel like walking in the modern capital.

You walk in the streets as if by every step you walk through history. You will soon see the Iranian garden in front of you and understand what we are talking about.

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It can be said that the main reason for choosing Tehran's Iranian Garden as one of the most important tourist attractions of Tehran can be for the following reasons:

  • It is a beautiful garden in the north of Tehran.
  • You can reach this beautiful garden by means of public transport.
  • This garden, despite its new look, is an old garden with old trees.
  • There are good facilities in this complex and it is perfect for picnics and sports.
  • The Iranian Garden has a family atmosphere and is a good option for a picnic.
  • This garden is open 24 hours a day.
  • Every spring, the Iranian garden hosts many colorful tulips.

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Getting to know the Iranian garden, a garden in the north of the capital

If you reach the alleyway of Vanak village, a large and beautiful garden attracts your attention.

The garden walls, fences, and entrances to the garden show its newness but just go near the entrances to see the old, towering trees that welcome you.

Entering the Iranian Garden, you will find a 3.4 hectares area designed with modern elements and symbols.

Running water in the ponds and fountains, flowers and the laughter and joy of families is something you will experience upon entering the garden.

It is good to know that the Iranian Garden is also known by its builder's name, the engineer Mohammad Ali Mokhtari, and you will see the name of the engineer in the garden.

If you walk around the garden, you will find a total of 3 more entrances in the south, east, and west.

The interesting thing about the Persian Garden is that although the look of this garden is completely new and all the parts and facilities have just been added to it, the trees are 100 years old! So the green space in the Iranian garden attracts attention a lot.

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How was the name of the garden selected?

By repeating the name of this garden, you may wonder why the title of the Persian Garden has been given to this garden.

Before any explanation, let's take a brief look at the Iranian gardens to see what they look like.

And what is an Iranian garden?

Looking at the history of the gardens of the world, we will see, from the old times that every land has designed and constructed its own style of gardens, and this includes our country.

Iran is one of the first countries to develop a special style for making gardens known as Iranian gardens.

Of course, the Iranian way of making gardens took different forms over time and in different periods, but overall when we look at the gardens of our land, we see three distinct and common features:

  • Waterways with a large pond and fountain
  • A mansion in the middle of the garden
  • Symmetry in the design and structure of the gardens

In the structure of the Persian Garden Deh Vanak a set of these elements has been used, including the existence of numerous ponds and fountains, arched porches at the entrances and the use of flowers and plants specific to the Iranian climate.

 Rows of Persian pine and cedar also emphasize the Iranian style of the garden.

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title of the Persian Garden

Different parts of the Iranian garden

Of the 3 hectares of Iranian gardens, 2 hectares are covered by greenery. The rest of the features and parts of the garden are as follows.

1. Entrances

In addition to the southern entrance of the garden, there are two eastern and western entrances on both sides of the garden that are also symmetrically constructed. Both entrances are tall, lattice, brick and beautiful structures decorated with green chandeliers.

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2. Pools and fountains

If you have chosen the eastern and western entrances to access the garden, you will be greeted by the first elements of the Persian garden which are attractive pools and fountains.

The turquoise-colored pools that extend from one side of the garden to the other side are connected to square pools in the middle.

In the main part of the garden, there are waterways and several small and large ponds, including central fountains and six separate fountains.

You will find the largest pond of the Iranian Garden facing the main mansion or kooshk whose waterways stretch to the west, east and south entrances.

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3. The main mansion

Enter the garden along the waterways to reach the center of the Persian Garden and the main Kooshk. Finding this brick building is not that difficult and it can be seen from afar.

The main mansion of the Persian garden or the Kooshk is located at the end of the garden and at its northernmost part.

Before this building was used as a café and restaurant. It is currently a part of the library and the Gentlemen's Library is there.

Another part of the building is the administrative part of the Iranian Garden, which is not open to the public. The nice and interesting feature of the Kooshk is the green and blue chandeliers.

Although not widely used today, it is an interesting background for selfies and memorable photographs.

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4. Middle vault

Opposite the main mansion and in the middle of the garden ponds, there is a vaulted structure that adds a different look to the Iranian garden.

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5. Library

There are two libraries for ladies and gentlemen, with the ladies' library in the northern part of the park and the gentlemen's library in the main mansion.

The working hours of this library are as follows:

  • Saturday to Wednesday: 8:00am to 8:00pm
  • Thursdays: 8:00am to 4:00pm
  • Fridays and official holidays: Closed

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Persian Garden Recreations

In the Iranian Garden you can have some fun moments for yourself:


The Iranian garden has a family-friendly environment and when you visit the garden you can see many people who have chosen this garden for their family gatherings.

As you stroll through the garden, you'll hear families laughing, confirming that the Iranian Garden is a good option for a few-hour picnic.

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Sports activities

The well-equipped ground of the Iranian garden makes this garden a good host for the sport fans. 

On the west side of the garden, you will find enclosed land that has volleyball, basketball and badminton nets that make the garden popular among young people.

It is good to know that entering this sports ground is free and open to the public.

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Bird watching

The Persian Garden hosts a large number of Alexandrine parakeet that you can find with a little attention to the trees. One of the best times to watch these parrots is the fall season.

At this time, the trees have fewer leaves and it is easier to find parrots.

The presence of ripe persimmons also makes these green attractive birds gather.

Bird watching in tehran


There are many reasons that make the Iranian garden a tempting location for photography. 

Seasonal flowers, old trees, ponds, and fountains and vaulted structures are the main ones.

whether you are professional or amateur, do not go there without your own camera.

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Persian Garden Tulip Festival

For many years now, the capital of Iran has been hosting colorful tulips every spring and has attracted many visitors.

One of the first hosts of Tehran's spring tulips was the Iranian Garden of Deh Vanak. The good part is that this good tradition is still going on and the gardens and pots of Persian Garden are full of tulips every spring.

When to see the Tulips Festival in Persian Garden?

To see those charming tulips in the Iranian garden, April and May is a perfect time. Of course, since the opening of the tulips depends on the weather, the exact timing of the start and end of this exciting festival cannot be determined.

Sometimes this period starts in late March and until April, no more tulips remain.

Sometimes at the beginning of April fresh tulips open in the garden and till early May, they are the guests of the Iranian garden.

If you want to go to the Persian Garden to visit the tulips, the recommendation of Hoteloneclick is to choose the second or third week of April so you will definitely not miss the tulips.

Persian Garden Tulip Festival

What plants do we see in the Iranian garden?

It is interesting to know that from the 3 hectares’ area of the Iranian garden, 2 hectares is covered with greenery, among which there are varieties of trees, shrubs and plants and flowers.

For example, the main paths of the garden are surrounded by cedar and sycamore trees known as Chenarestan and Sarvestan.

Of course, the complex trees are not limited to the two, and you can find Japanese maple and fruit trees such as persimmon and pomegranate in the garden.

Other plant species in the collection include Privet shrubs, barberry, Firethorns, and Bay laurel. Also depending on the season, you will find a variety of flowers of Dog-rose, Rose, Geraniums, Tulip, and Henna.

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Iranian Garden Facilities

The following features are available in the Iranian Garden:

Children's Playground:

 The Persian Garden has arranged this playground to provide children with the opportunity to enjoy their time with their mothers and fathers.

Fitness equipment:

 If you are a fan of wellness and healthy living, you should know that the Iranian garden is also equipped with bodybuilding equipment.


Right next to the playground, there are large pavilions that are good for family gatherings.


The passageways of the garden are designed to facilitate the entry of the people who are physically weak or disabled.

Iranian Garden Facilities

Ways to access Iranian Garden

Iranian Garden Address: Iranian Garden, Saberi Alley, Deh Vanak, Tehran.

Visiting hours: 24 hours a day

You can easily reach Tehran's Iranian Garden by public transport. Here there are two suggested routes for you:

The first route to access the Iranian Garden

First, get to the Vanak Square by public transport such as BRT or taxi, then head north to Valiasr Street.

The Second route to access the Iranian Garden

If there is a subway on your way, first reach Tohid Metro Station on Line 4 and get off the subway. Head to Tohid BRT station and take Route 104 (South Terminal - Shahid Afshar Terminal). After 5 stations you will reach Pol Modiriat Station where you will need to get off.

From the station to the Iranian Garden, you need to walk about 300 meters.

The third route to access the Iranian Garden

The 104 BRT Line, which leaves from the south terminal to Shahid Afshar Terminal, can take you to the Iranian Garden. You need to get off at the Pol Modiriat station and walk the rest of the way to the Iranian Garden.

Finally, for more information on public transportation in Tehran, we recommend reading the following article:

Tehran Public Transportation Guide

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Sights around the Iranian Garden

The list of sites around this beautiful park is as follows:

  • Mellat Park: 4.6 km
  • Arikeh Iranian Cinema: 5.1 km
  • Tehran International Exhibition: 5.4 km
  • Abo Atash Park: 5.7 km
  • Milad Tower: 6.8 km

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Hoteloneclick recommendations for visiting the Iranian Garden

Visiting the Iranian garden not only has no limit in the four seasons of the year, but you will also find special beauties every time.

The Iranian garden welcomes you in the spring with colorful tulips, in summer with long days and lush green spaces, in autumn with colorful yellow and orange trees and in winter with white snow.

The Iranian garden has a family environment and is therefore very suitable for you and your family's entertainment.

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Hoteloneclick recommendations for visiting the Iranian Garden

Conclusions for tourism guide in Iranian Garden Tehran

Today we went to the Iranian Garden together at the Hoteloneclick and saw the beautiful nature of it. We walked through its fountains and waterways, we passed by beautiful tulips, colorful flowers, and its lush trees and we were overwhelmed by the laughter and bustle of it.

Have you ever gone to the Iranian garden?

What was your experience of this garden?

Share your views and memories with us and tell us which attractions in Tehran we should introduce next time.

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