Imam Khomeini CIP services

Imam Khomeini CIP services

Imam Khomeini aiport CIP services

Hoteloneclick, the official representative of Imam Khomeini Airport CIP service:

CIP restaurant of airport

Imam Khomeini airport passengers who are willing to spend a relaxed and stress-free time before and after the flight, can visit and use some special halls and facilities available to them.

Important tips for booking CIP services at Imam Khomeini Airport

For the reservation of Imam Khomeini Airport CIP services pay attention to the following points:

1- Minimum time for booking services is 3 hours and 30 minutes before arriving at Imam Khomeini Airport for arrivals and departures.

2- It is possible to reserve CIP services from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm throughout the week, even on weekends and other holidays.

3. Children under 2 will not be charged but those who are more than 2 will be fully charged for the CIP services.

4. The criteria for reserving services is the date and time of entering or leaving Imam Khomeini Airport not the time of arrival and departure of other airports.

5- Writing the passenger's name and surname even for Iranian passengers in the relevant part in Latin just like the passport is required.

6. If you do not observe what mentioned above, you are responsible for the probable problems at the reception time.

7. Cancellation or not using the services mentioned on this page without prior notice shall not be subjected to any fine and the payment will be refunded without any loss.

8. Due to the lack of a contract between British Airways and Imam Khomeini Airport's CIP service, there is no reservation service for the passengers of this airline.

Useful information on CIP of airports

Airport arrival and departure passengers who wish to spend time in a quiet environment and free from any rush before and after their flight can use the airport CIP hall and its amenities. To this end, various airports have been offering certain services called CIPs that interested travelers can make use of these services. Beforehand you should specify the type of CIP services you want to receive and pay the travel agencies that have agreement with the airport.

CIP stands for Commercial Important Person and refers to people who are commercially important (such as corporate executives and investors). In fact, the CIP is providing special welfare services to the relaxation of the passengers. The services start when passengers arrive to the airport, then the staff takes your luggage and guides you to special CIP halls. In fact, one of the most ceremonial services in the world is the CIP that provides all of the passenger services, including the receipt of flight cards and luggage, services in the CIP halls and leading them to airplane stairs with all the principles and formalities. In addition, welcomers of the travelers can also use this service.

This is a special terminal for special people. In this way, respected travelers and their welcomers can stay in a relaxed atmosphere without the need for passing the regular airport procedures.

Features of Imam Khomeini Airport CIP services:

- Luxurious hall in two floors with airstrip view;

CIP Service waiting space

- Special gates of the police, customs and acceptance of cargo;

- Picking up the passengers from the hall to the stairs of the airplane and vice versa by special vehicles;

- Roofed private parking with a capacity of 88 cars;

- Receiving an airport visa with prior coordination with the help of the CIP authorities;

- Luxurious coffee shop with a variety of hot and cold drinks, salads and desserts;

- The possibility of using self- service for the passengers

- Receiving a flight card with the help of CIP authorities;

- Using wireless Internet and special room for using computer and internet;

- Private bank counter for doing bank affairs;

- various stores for buying handicrafts, nuts, etc. with domestic and foreign brands;

- Conference hall and private meetings for business negotiations;

- Special suites for temporary accommodation and short breaks;