Top 10 Hospitals near Parsian Azadi Hotel in Tehran

Where are the best hospitals near Parsian Azadi Hotel in Tehran? We introduce Top 10 hospitals like Milad hospital, Gandhi Hospital, Day Hospital and more.


In this article, we will introduce the top 10 hospitals of Tehran near the Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran.

Many people travel to major cities like Tehran for medical purposes.

You might be one of them. Surely you would like to stay in a luxurious, relaxing and equipped environment during your treatment or your relatives’ treatment.

We suggest you book the Parsian Azadi Hotel. We present you with a list of hospitals near the Azadi Hotel in Tehran if you are also staying at the Azadi Hotel you can easily access the top hospitals of Tehran by reading this article.

Health tourists travel to various countries including Iran. The purpose of these trips is usually to do cosmetic surgeries on the face and body.

Tehran is one of the countries that hosts a large number of tourists annually. Many of these tourists visit luxury and beautiful hotels such as Azadi Hotel.

These people come to Tehran for cosmetic surgery for several reasons. The most important reason is the quality of work of Iranian surgeons.

Most people who travel to Tehran from other countries for surgery are completely satisfied with the outcome.

The second reason that is of great importance is the low cost of cosmetic surgeries in Iran.

Most cosmetic surgeries are done at a lower price than in other countries.

Some of the hospitals mentioned in this article also perform cosmetic surgeries. You can read this information in the description section of each hospital.

You may also come to Tehran for tourism and leisure at Parsian Hotel Azadi. If you need to use the hospital services, you can easily access the hospital with this guide.

The article of HotelOneClick provides a list of 10 specialized hospitals that are close to the Parsian Azadi Hotel. Join us to get to know the best hospitals near this hotel in Tehran.

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1- Rajaie Cardiovascular, Medical and Research Center

Shahid Rajaei Hospital was founded in 1974. After nearly half a century, Shahid Rajaei Center became one of Tehran's premier hospitals and one of the largest heart hospitals in the Middle East.

And you can find some of the best cardiologists in the world here.

Some of the best specialists at this hospital specialize in congenital heart disease,

The hospital has 600 beds with 1700 staff who now host activities such as echocardiography, electrophysiology, open heart surgery, pediatric cardiac surgery, heart transplantation, advanced adult and pediatric interventional cardiology surgery, and so on to reduce the need for cardiac surgery as much as possible.

Rajaie Cardiovascular, Medical and Research Center near to azadi hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

It should be noted that the diplomatic part of the hospital has 11 fully luxurious beds.

They are equipped with a TV, Internet access and a coffee shop and have the highest level of security and medical facilities.

If you look at the news, most important people with heart problems will go to Shahid Rajaei Hospital.

Further Information about Rajaie hospital:

  • Address of Shahid Rajaei Heart Hospital: Rajaie Cardiovascular, Medical, and Research Center, next to Niayesh, Next to Mellat Park, Valiasr Ave, Tehran.
  • Is Shahid Rajaei a private or a governmental hospital? Governmental
  • Shahid Rajaei Hospital telephone number: 021-23921
  • Distance from Shahid Rajaei Heart Hospital to Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran: 1.7 km - 10 minutes by car in non-traffic hours

rajaie heart hospital near to  azadi hotel Tehran - HotelOneClick

2- Royan Institute of Stem Cell Research

The Royan Research Institute was founded on May 29, 1991.

The research area is specialized in increasing fertility and fetal health and infertility treatment in different areas of reproduction.

It is one of the best medical research centers in the world.

When couples are disappointed with all traditional and natural ways to be father or mother, they seek hope in Royan specialists.

The Royan courtyard is also full of customers waiting for their turn to finally break the spell of being parents.

It is interesting to note that on average more than 300 couples from Europe and the Middle East visit Royan each year.

You must have heard in the news the name of Hanna that was the first transgenic goat in Iran, or Bonyana, the first cloned calf that was born as a result of laboratory fertilization.

Royan successes in the field of stem cells and the hospital's reputation is so high that it is recognized as one of the best brands in Iran.

Staffs in Royan Institute near to parsian azadi hotel Tehran - HotelOneClick

Research groups at this institute include reproductive genetics, embryology, epidemiology and fertility health, endocrinology and infertility in women, andrology, and fertility imaging.

One of the interesting things about Royan Hospital is the frozen embryo bank. Fifty years ago it was like the idea of science fiction movies.

In these banks, they take the multicellular embryo to a freezer at a temperature of -135 degrees C and freeze it!

This way you can keep the embryo fresh for up to ten years and get pregnant any time you want.

Further information about Royan Institute 

  • Royan Research Institute address: Kooy Hafez, end of North Bani Hashem, Resalat Highway, Tehran.
  • Is the Royan Institute private or governmental? half private
  • Royan Research Institute telephone number: 021-2356200
  • Distance from Royan Research Institute to Tehran Azadi Hotel: 4.14 km - 17 minutes in non- traffic hours.

Royan Institute of Stem Cell Research hospital near azadi hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

3- Noor Eye Hospital 

Noor hospital is the best eye hospital in Iran. Up-to-date technology, quality treatment and low cost are the three main features of this treatment center.

All ophthalmology services from consultancy and preliminary examinations to imaging and optometry and advanced surgery at Noor Hospital are easily accessible.

List of hospital services at a glance

  • Diagnostic services such as corneal examination
  • medical services like Femto-LASIK and LASIK and beauty services such as eyelid surgery and botox cosmetic surgery.
  • Noor Hospital has 4 operating rooms.

Further information about Noor Hospital

  • Noor Eye Hospital Address: No.96, the beginning of Esfandiar Boulevard, Valiasr Ave, Tehran
  • Is the Noor Eye hospital private or governmental? Private
  • Noor Eye Hospital Contact Number: 021-82400
  • Distance from Noor Eye Hospital distance to Parsian Azadi Hotel: 19.2 km - 19 minutes in non-traffic hours.

Noor Eye Hospital  near Parsian Azadi hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

4- Milad Hospital

The Specialized Hospital of Milad was opened in 2001 with 1000 beds. More than 5600 specialists work in this hospital.

It is one of the superior hospitals in Tehran which is leading in some fields such as nuclear medicine, organ transplantation, medical laser, and gamma ray surgery.

Milad Hospital is supported by governmental insurance. This has made Milad one of the most popular hospitals in Tehran for some free services.

Milad Hospital near to azadi hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

With the collaboration of Professor Majid Samii, a special section for neurosurgery has been set up at the hospital and the possibility of having appointment with Dr. Samii at Milad Hospital is now available.

Milad Hospital is located in a 12-story building next to Milad Tower and Milad Hotel.

Further information about Milad Hospital:

  • Milad Hospital Address: Milad Hospital, Next to Milad Tower, Hakim Highway, Tehran.
  • Is Milad Hospital Private or Governmental? Governmental
  • Milad Hospital Contact Number: Appointment 82039, Clinic 84090
  • Milad Hospital distance to Parsian Azadi Hotel: 14.4 km - 17 min minutes in non-traffic hours.

Milad hospital near to Parsian azadi hotel Tehran - HotelOneClick

5- Gandhi Hospital Hotel

The Gandhi Hospital Hotel was opened in 2008. In fact, the hospital was built from scratch to attract medical tourists and brought together a combination of local and international specialists in its medical team.

Since this hospital is located on Gandhi Street in Tehran, they have named Mahatma Gandhi on the hospital s so that one day the Gandhi Hospital Hotel will play an important role in the health tourism industry of the world.

The concept of a hospital hotel is a new concept in the field of healthcare. That is a unit that provides both hospital and hotel services at the same time.

The Gandhi Hospital Hotel is the first of its kind in the entire Middle East and is a pioneer in this respect.

Gandhi Hospital Hotel near to azadi hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

This treatment complex has 17 hospital floors and 21 hotel floors.

Gandhi Hospital Hotel's therapeutic capacity is 100 hospital beds and 40 intensive care beds and 17 surgery room.

From simple checkups to pain clinics, beauty and skincare clinics, diabetic care clinics, angiography and angioplasty, radiotherapy, oncology, and genetic and cell therapies all can be performed in this complex.

Contrary to the popular belief, the hospital is not built for elderly people and the main purpose is to accommodate those who travel from other countries or the other cities to Tehran. They also to receive good medical or clinical services besides the comfort of the patient and his / her companions.

Further information about Gandi Hospital Hotel:

  • Gandhi Hospital Hotel Address: Next to Tarabandeh Alley, Khaled Stambouli St, South Gandhi, Tehran.
  • Is Gandhi Hospital Hotel Private or Governmental? Private
  • Gandhi Hospital Hotel Contact Number: 021-42603000, 021-42624
  • Distance from Gandhi Hospital Hotel to Tehran Azadi Hotel: 3.11 km - 15 minutes in non-traffic hours.

Gandhi Hospital Hotel near to Parsian Azadi hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

6- Jam Specialized Hospital: Tehran's most equipped hospital

Jam Hospital with 120 beds is one of the most equipped hospitals in the country.

The hospital was founded in 1968 and to date more than one million patients have recovered using its facility.

Jam Hospital consists of surgical, internal, specialized clinics and specialized paraclinics each of which has a large subset.

Further information about Jam Hospital:

  • Jam Hospital Address: Shahid Motahari St., Jam (Fajr) Street
  • Phone number: 021- 88820091
  •  Distance from Jam Hospital to Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran:  3.11 km - 13 minutes in non-Traffic hours.

Jam Specialized Hospital near to azadi  hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

7- Day specialized Hospital: One of the best private hospitals in Tehran

Day Hospital is one of the best private hospitals in Tehran which has been operating since 1991and serves patients on 10 floors and 200 beds.

Most of the clients of Dey Hospital are pregnant women who go to this hospital for childbirth, and it is said that Dey Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Iran in the field of gynecology.

The different parts of this hospital are gynecology, obstetrics, surgical department, internal department, heart, ICU, emergency, pediatric, endoscopy, etc.

Further information about Day Hospital:

  • Phone number: 88797111
  • Day Hospital Address: Shahid Abbaspour St., Valiasr Ave.
  • Distance from Day Hospital to Parsian Azadi Hotel: 9.2 km - 11 minutes in non-traffic hours.

Day Hospital near to Parsian Azadi  hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

8- Imam Khomeini Hospital

Tehran's Imam Khomeini Hospital, known as one thousand bed Hospital, is an educational hospital affiliated with Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

The main building of this hospital complex is one of the oldest hospitals in Iran in modern style and is the largest hospital in the Middle East in terms of medical treatment.

The complex comprises several hospitals including Imam Khomeini Hospital, Valiasr Hospital, Cancer Institute, Imaging Center and Clinic and Emergency section.

Further information about Imam Khomeini Hospital:

  • Imam Khomeini Hospital Address: End of Keshavarz Boulevard, Tehran.
  • Phone number: 021-61190
  • Distance from Imam Khomeini Hospital to Parsian Azadi Hotel: 13.9 km - 18 minutes in non-traffic hours.

Imam Khomeini Hospital near to Parsian azadi hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

9- Shariati Hospital

Shariati Hospital was officially opened on November 1974 and is now one of the most prestigious medical, research and educational centers in Iran.

The center has about 600 beds, 32 inpatient departments, and 34 Para clinic units that provide a variety of specialized services daily to clients from around the country and even neighboring countries.

The hospital provides more than 190000 outpatient services annually, and over 305000 Para clinic outpatient services, and approximately 19800 emergency services.

Further information about Shariati Hospital:

  • Shariati Hospital Address: Shariati Hospital Research and Treatment Center, North Kargar Ave., Jalal Al Ahmad Ave.
  • Phone Number: 021-84901000
  • Distance from Shariati Hospital to Parsian Azadi Hotel: 9.11 km - 14 minutes in non-traffic hours.

Shariati Hospital near to parsian azadi hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

10- Imam Hussein Hospital

The Imam Hussein Hospital has internal specialties, general surgery, neurosurgery, cardiovascular, infectious, gastrointestinal and pediatrics.

Also it has Obstetrics and Gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, psychiatry, dialysis, ICU and paraclinical departments.

The total area is about 93,000 square meters and the total area is 52,000 square meters. In terms of ownership, the center is owned by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Further information about Shariati Hospital:

  • Is Imam Hussein Hospital Public or governmental? governmental
  • Imam Hossein Hospital Address: Imam Hossein Hospital, Shahid Madani Ave, Tehran, Iran
  • Distance from Imam Hossein Hospital to Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran, 19.8 km - 23 minutes in non-traffic hours.

Imam Hussein Hospital near to Parsian azadi hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick

Conclusion for the best Hospitals near Azadi Hotel Tehran

This article has introduced top 10 hospitals and medical centers near the Parsian Azadi Hotel in Tehran

With this guide, you can find out the distance from the hotel to the hospital and the general features of the hospital.

This guide also helps you to know what areas of expertise each hospital operates. We hope this article has helped you find the best and nearest hospitals to Azadi Hotel in Tehran.

It belongs to Tehran travel guide category articles in HotelOneClick site.

If you also have experience using these hospitals, share your experiences with us.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section so that our consultants can answer your questions.