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Darband travel guide for Tehran passengers. You can find how to get Darband and things to do nearby. we introduce all the tourist attractions in Darband mountain.

Introduction about Darband in Tehran

In this article, we would like to introduce Darband Tehran and all its tourist and recreational facilities.

This article is one of a series of articles on the HotelOneClick site, designed to familiarize travelers with Tehran's tourist attractions.

In this article, we will try to describe all the tourist attractions in the mountain of Darband in Tehran, which is one of the tourist centers in the city of Tehran, along with its details. This article is actually a guide to Darband tourism in Tehran.

In this guide, you will learn about the sights of Darband Tehran as well as its amenities.

In addition, you will find out the historical stories about Darband and also Darband meaning.

At the end of the article, you will read the comments of foreign tourists and travelers who have come to Tehran and visited Darband.

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Why is Darband Tehran one of the most popular attractions in Tehran?

Everyone has a different way of having fun. For some, having fun means going on expensive trips.

Some people like to spend their leisure time with family and friends in movie theaters and restaurants.

Among the many fun and entertaining types, walking around in the open air, picnicking and eating out of the home environment are among Iranians' favorite pastimes.

When it comes to having fun in the capital, many think of Darband.

A resort in northern Tehran that looks like another world. A beautiful and steady mountain, a river that takes you away from the hum of the city, and trees that give you the pleasure of being in nature in Tehran's metropolis.

Darband Tehran is one of the best places for sightseeing in Tehran - HotelOneClick

No matter how old they are, or what social class they have, Iranians are totally familiar with this name and go to the world of memories upon hearing this name. You can go to the resort over and over again and create a new memory every time.

Hoteloneclick has also traveled to Tehran today and has chosen Darband as one of the Iranian tourism attractions to introduce to its readers.

Join us on this fascinating journey to the north of the capital. Let’s go to the beauties of the city by Hoteloneclick.

It can be said that the main reason for choosing Tehran Darband Mountain as one of the most important tourist attractions of Tehran can be due to the following reasons:

  • It is the first suggestion in Tehran for domestic and foreign travelers.
  • It is a great place for foodies in Tehran. Here, along with a variety of meals, you have a beautiful view of nature in front of you.
  • If you are interested in hiking, the hiking path to Tochal and other Alborz peaks can be a great option for you.  
  • Darband's breezy countryside, the watery river that runs through the cliffs and restaurants, the pleasant hum of the passerby, travelers, and the spectacular backdrop of Tehran's nature are intriguing enough to draw every tourist to Darband.

River in Darband Tehran - HotelOneClick

Getting to know Darband Resort - the first choice of tourism in the capital

Tehran, Iran's beautiful and bustling metropolis, has many places for entertainment.

Many choose one of the city's most fascinating parks for their evening stroll. Some go to one of Tehran's restaurants and cafés in search of silence and peace to spend an hour with their friends.

The Darband neighborhood and its famous promenade have a special place among the recreational and tourism choices of the people of Tehran.

In various surveys conducted, the people of Tehran Choose Darband as their first choice to take their foreign and domestic guests.

This recreational area, at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level, is the main route to the central Alborz Mountains. Every year, many people reach the summit of Tochal and other high peaks by passing this beautiful and spectacular path.

The most famous spot in Darband is Sarband Square and its 3-meter high statue of a climber that has become a symbol of Tehran and many people have a photo with it.

Alongside this beautiful statue, the mountainous surroundings, the Darband river crossing through the winding valley, restaurants and small shops, the Imamzadeh Ebrahim, the Darband sled, the Dogholu Falls and the Shirpala camp on the way to Tochal Peak are other attractions and sights of this amazing neighborhood.

Of course, in the History section, you can have more interesting information about the statue of the mountaineer and how it was built.

Tehran Darband Mountain is one of the most important recreational places in Tehran. If you have not yet traveled to Tehran, you can select the best Tehran hotels by booking Tehran hotels.

Very beautiful restaurant in Darband Tehran - HotelOneClick

Darband sights and recreations

The Darband promenade boasts a variety of attractive sights, entertainment, and fun. Because of these beauties, the Darband has become a hangout for many Tehranis.

Below we get to know more about the sights and amusements of Darband.

1- Darband Chairlift

Among the amenities and amenities that tourists can enjoy in Darband Tehran is its chairlift. The creation of the chairlift dates back to about 40 years ago and was originally used by people in the Pas Qale village and climbers to pass the countryside and mountain routes.

After a while, ordinary people who came to Darband for leisure and excursions used the chairlift to reach higher elevations and had a picnic amidst the eye-catching and mountainous scenery.

Working Hours of Darband Chairlift:

  • Saturday to Wednesday: 8:00 am to 11:00 pm
  • Thursdays, Fridays and Holidays: 06:00 am to 12:00 pm
darband chairlift is one of sights in Tehran mountain - HotelOneClick

2- Pleasant weather

Why is Darband so popular and has become Tehran's first choice for fun in the north of the capital?

The answer to this question goes back to its weather and the cozy atmosphere. The atmosphere in the cool air and the watery river, and its warm and friendly people can be found nowhere else than Tehran.

In addition, the presence of old houses left from the past, cozy neighborhoods, donkeys carrying villagers and shopkeepers' things, all add to the charm of this beautiful resort.

Darband Tehran with pleasant weather  - HotelOneClick

3- Darband nights

For many Darband nights are more beautiful than its days. Many Tehranis prefer going there in the evening and at night for sightseeing because its lighting is spectacular.

The lights that multiply the colors and shine of stores and trails, lights that fill the restaurant and teahouses during the sunset, make Darband a lovely place.

The gentle whispering of the water and the warmth of the crowds give you an amazing experience of Darband nights.

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Darband Tehran in night  - HotelOneClick

4- Darband, a place for foodies

For many, the main recreation that attracts them is the variety of delicacies offered here.

Enjoying popular and delicious food in a clean and refreshing atmosphere, along with eye-catching scenery with friends and family, is an opportunity that cannot be so easily found elsewhere in Tehran. It is divided into the following types that we will be introduced.


One of the most popular places in Darband is its various restaurants with different menus.

There are places where you can sit in the open air with the style of old Iranian and Tehran houses. you can sit on the traditional beds and have traditional Iranian food while enjoying the surrounding countryside.

 Also, if you have a craving for seafood or Italian food, you can order your food from a variety of different restaurant menus and combine the flavors of foreign cuisine with the Iranian setting. It should be noted that the restaurants are only open until midnight and will not serve customers afterwards.

Traditional cafes:

Traditional cafes of Darband are also popular alongside its restaurants, and especially young people and students are their regular customers. It is Where, on a pleasant afternoon, with your friends and loved ones, you can sip on your tea and make happy memories.

Darband a place for foodies - HotelOneClick


With the influx of cafes and their rapid growth in Tehran and other Iran cities, Darband has not lagged behind and has devoted a part of itself to this new type of food and drink alongside restaurants and cafeterias.

Snacks and junk food:

Your first encounter with snacks in Darband is snacks in shops and carts with different colors and flavors that are so tempting and invite you to a small party of yummy things.

Thick layers of Lavashak (rolled dry fruit), sour plum and corn. However, you should be aware that these foods are often not approved by health experts because of being exposed to dust and air and lack of proper coverage as well as lack of hygiene when preparing them.

So it is best to get your snacks from reliable and popular places.

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Cafe and Restaurants in Darband mountain  - HotelOneClick

5- Picnic and hiking

One of the popular destinations in the capital for picnics is the Darband neighborhood and its natural and mountainous attractions.

Most locals in the capital go to the north of Tehran mostly on weekends and on holidays and get to the spectacular scenery of Darband by chairlift or a long walk.

If you do not want to use the chairlift to get to your destination, you can choose the spiral path through the crowded restaurants and cafes to get there.

It is good to know that the route is steep in some places and crosses the river.

It should be noted that the walking time to get to the right places for having picnics can take from 1 to 3 hours depending on your physical strength.

Picnic and hiking in Tehran Darband - HotelOneClick

6- Photography

Darband has many features that make it an ideal place for photography.

Among the features of the Darband, the cobblestone path, the unparalleled vitality of youth and families, buildings in the Rocky Mountains, the statue of the climber man and a variety of delicious foods and snacks.

No matter how much you are pro at the art of photography, it is a place where you can take the best photos of people in nature.

Darband for photography  - HotelOneClick

7- Mount climbing

One of the most popular leisure activities in Tehran is hiking along the winding paths of the Alborz Mountains.

As we said earlier, the Darband path to Tochal Peak is one of the most popular hiking routes in the capital, and many climbers have reached the summit using this route.

 It is a beautiful route with different views of shops, restaurants, pavilions, small and large cliffs and finally the Darband River, which reduces tiredness for climbers.

The access roads for the mountaineering in Darband

The Darband mountaineering route is accessible in two ways.

You can either reach the Sarband Square (the starting point of this neighborhood) and continue your way or get on chairlifts to reach the summit.

The road that reaches the village of Pas Qaleh, then the Twin (Dogholu) Falls and the Shirpala Shelter and ends at the Tochal summit.

It may be interesting to know that the Darband area and the Rocky Mountains in this neighborhood are one of the best places for rock climbing in Tehran. Many rock climbing professionals practice their favorite sport in this area.

Mount climbing in Tehran Darband - HotelOneClick

Darband Resort facilities

Among the amenities found at Darband Road are restaurants and stands that offer a variety of food services to tourists and visitors. Other amenities of the Darband include:

  • Public Restroom
  • Mosque
  • Medical center

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Darband Resort facilities - HotelOneClick

The best season to go to Darband

Darband neighborhood is in the northern part of Tehran and at the foot of the Alborz Mountains. For this reason, it has cold winters and cool, mild summers.

Spring in Darband:

Like many other mountainous areas, spring has the signs of flower blossoms and green buds.

However, in the early spring months, the area is prone to heavy rains. But the two months of May and June are the best times to visit Darband.

Summer in Darband:

The summertime is magnificent and enjoyable. You can get away from the heat and pollution of Tehran within a short distance and come to the refreshing warmth of nature in this beautiful area.

Fall in Darband:

The fall is also very beautiful. The thousand-color of this lovely season also reaches the slopes of the Darband Mountains and the occasional autumn rains multiply the beauty of Darband.

Winter in Darband:

The winter is cold and white. Due to the specific geographical location of Darband, this resort is snow-covered in winter and you should be very careful when walking on the frozen road.

summer season in Darband - HotelOneClick

Darband Neighborhood History

As mentioned earlier, Darband is a part of the Shemiranat area and the date of its formation is affected by the history of Shemiranat.

For the first time, two people are said to have gone from Taleghan (a place in Qazvin) to Darband, formed a family here and laid the foundations of the Darband neighborhood.

The Darband neighborhood dates back to 200 years ago, and it is said that the famous Shattar Garden was built 100 years ago.

It is good to know that the old geographical area of the neighborhood has not changed much and you can walk almost in the same old neighborhood.

In the past, people in the Darband neighborhood spoke the Tati language, which is still heard in the village of Pas Qale, a village higher than the Darband neighborhood.

Iranian Tati or Southern Tati is a branch of our country's native languages that was most prevalent in Azerbaijan and northern Khorasan.

Some Iranian cities, such as Takestan, Esfarāyen, Khuznin and Khiaraj villages today speak this language. The language is registered in the National Intangible Heritage List by East Azerbaijan Province.

Darband Neighborhood History - HotelOneClick

Due to its excellent location and good climate, Darband has long been the focus of elders, rich people and various kings, many of whom used this as a summer resort.

This led to the drawing of attention to Darband and the surrounding natural environment and the construction of palaces such as Sa'adabad.

The Qajar period was a period of boom and bust, and many of the princes of this dynasty, such as Prince Allahverdi Mirza and Abol-Muluk Kiumars Mirza, lived there.

Nasser al-Din Shah went to Darband and visited the village of Pas Qhale and its waterfall. It was during this time that the dining mansion was added to this area.

Among the historic buildings in Darband, one can mention a bath and a number of cisterns in various houses.

There was also an aqueduct located in the neighborhood whose water was flowing toward the Darband river and Saadabad palaces and still exists today.

In addition, there is still a Hosseiniyeh and two 200-year-old mosques in the neighborhood showing the antiquity of Darband. There are also two historic cemeteries in the neighborhood that show the region's long history.

In the old days, Darband was comprised of neighborhoods called Morgh Mahaleh, Kenar Mahalleh, Kalagh Par, Sarband, Shah Mahalleh, and Torsh Mahalleh which formed the smaller neighborhood of the big Darband neighborhood.

Darband  Historical iamge - HotelOneClick

At the time of Reza Shah and under his command, they built a guest house and several villas by the river and in Sarband Square.

 Due to the severity of the water and the narrow passage of the river, bridges were built. This hostel (Darband) was the first honorable guest house in Iran and its facilities for accommodating domestic and foreign tourists were at an acceptable level.

The hotel was renamed Diplomat Hotel shortly afterward and until the mid-Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was the only suitable hotel in Iran.

As well as building a guesthouse, several villas, city offices, municipality, post offices, and power plants (where the electricity of the Saadabad palaces was supplied from) were also added to the neighborhood and put it on the path of progress.

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Darband historical picture - HotelOneClick

The historical stories about Darband

There are some old stories about Darband and we try to tell some of them so that you know more about the history of the area.

The first story goes back to the time of Nasser al-Din Shah's journey. One day, Nassereddin Shah went to Niavaran for a recreational trip, where he was attacked by the Babiis (followers of the Babi sect) and one of them shot and injured the Shah of Iran.

After the assassination attempt, Mirza Hussein Ali, and his group escaped from the militia to the neighborhood Morgh Mahaleh (one of the old neighborhoods of Darband) and the agents arrested him shortly afterward.

Another story told about Darband again somehow relates to Nasser al-Din Shah. Darband was said to be one of the major centers of writing amulets and benedictions during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah, and Kamran Mirza Nayeb al-Saltanah, the third son of Nasser al-Din Shah, came to the neighborhood once a year.

The Darband Hotel also has an interesting story. This luxurious residence was built between 1935 and 1938 and the Etela'at newspaper wrote a report about it:

Darband Guesthouse is one of Tehran's most luxurious guesthouses, with eight villas built next to it and those who stay in it can make full use of its facilities.

The hotel was designed by Vartan Havansian and had 50 rooms and two reception rooms at the time of its establishment that could serve 200 people at a time.

Alongside the hotel, they also built eight suites. However, today there is no trace of this beautiful hotel and it was demolished in recent years while implementing urban development plans.

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historical image for Darband hotel many years ago - HotelOneClick

History of construction and installation of the statue of mountaineer man

The year of construction of the most famous monument in Darband, the statue of the mountaineer, dates back to 1962, which was built by La'al Riahi, an Iranian sculptor and painter, and was installed in that square in the same year.

The construction of such a symbol was suggested by Hassan Vojdan Khosh, a well-known Iranian climber, and in 1958 authorities, including Colonel Bayat (head of the Army Mountain Training Center), agreed to build it.

Maham, the mayor of time in Tehran, accepted the cost of ten thousand tomans to build the statue, and Amir Shah Qadami, the Army sergeant, mountaineering and ski instructor of Iran, was chosen as the model.

It is said that at the time of making the statue, Amir Shah Qadami would go to Master Riahi for eight months and seven hours a day and posed.

In 1959, the gypsum proposal was prepared and installed in Sarband Square, but the raining and freezing of winter caused extensive damage to the statue and shattered the statue's body and hand.

The missing parts were covered with the Iran flag for several years until, in 1961, Reza La'al Riahi made a cement sculpture and installed it in the place of the previous statue, in pursuit of the head of the Mountaineering Federation.

After several years of installing the statue in the square, the Mountaineering Federation in a proposal in November 1971 asked the Tehran city council to rename the square to the name of mountaineers square, which was approved by the council.

Reza La'al Hayati, the artist who created the statue, passed away in January 2016 and made his name and art immortalized forever with the statue of the mountaineer man.

 the statue of mountaineer man in Darband Tehran - HotelOneClick

Why was Mr. Shah Qadami chosen as the model?

Amir Shah Qadami, known as "Shah Baba", was awarded the Medal of Honor by President John F. Kennedy for his help in rescuing an American plane on Zardkouh Bakhtiari summit in the cold weather of 30 degrees below zero in 1961.

So he was chosen as the model for the statue of a mountaineer and his name and memory are eternal.

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Historical place in Darband Tehran mountain -HotelOneClick

Access road to Mount Darband in Tehran

In order to get to this beauty, you must reach the Tajrish Square. Tajrish Square is one of the northernmost squares of Tehran. You can reach the area by using the Rah Ahan-Tajrish BRT buses or by the metro line (Kahrizak-Tajrish) or city taxis.

From there you can also take the Darband street by Darband-Tajrish taxis and get off the car at Sarband Square.

If you also want to get to Darband by your car, the best way is going to Tajrish Square and from there to Fanakhosro Street and Darband then to the main square. There you have to park your car and walk to the Darband restaurants.

  •  Address: Darband neighborhood, Tehran.
roads in mountain in Darband in Tehran at night - HotelOneClick

Darband Tehran things to do nearby

It has some of attractions around Darband.If you find extra time after enjoying Darband, you can take advantage of our suggestions for sightseeing nearby.

  • The Darband sled is about 2 km away
  • Sa'adabad Historical and Cultural Complex (The northern gate of this complex is located in Sarband Square)
  • Tajrish Square and Imamzadeh Saleh is about 6 km away
  • Tajrish bazaar in approx. 6 km

For complete information about these tourist attractions, you can refer to the Tehran Tourism Guide in the articles "Tehran Sa'ad Abad Palace" and "Tehran Tajrish Bazaar" and "Imamzadeh Saleh Tehran" and "Darband Sled".

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Darband Iranian restaurant over river in mountain - HotelOneClick

The geographical location of Darband neighborhood

Darband is located in the geographical area of Shemiranat and is one of the thirty-three areas of this county.

 This spectacular neighborhood is bounded on the north by the Alborz Mountains and Pas Qale village, on the south by Tajrish and the famous gardens of Saad Abad, on the east by Imamzadeh Qasem and on the west by the Alborz Mountains.

The main streets of this neighborhood are Darband Street (which stretches from Tajrish Square to Sarband Square), Sabr Street, and Ja'afarabad Street (Fana Khosro).

a restaurant over Darband mountain - HotelOneClick

Experience of foreign tourists traveling to Darband Tehran

For many, it may be interesting to see what foreign tourists are thinking about Tehran's Darband and its attractions and what experiences they have gained from touring the resort.

Therefore, we have checked the popular Trip Advisor site to review the comments of some foreign tourists on this popular Tehran attraction.

Tourist from America/ May 2018

  • Great place to drink a cup of tea

Great mountainous weather and a good place to enjoy the surroundings. Climb or drink a cup of tea.

Tourist from South Africa | April 2018

  •  Magical

Restaurants built on the edge of a steep valley, thousands of lights dancing in the twilight of dusk, and the sound of the water flow make it a special place in Tehran.

We drank tea here and were served with a plate of dates, lavashak (dried fruit) and almond crop.

Tourist from Germany | April 2018

  • Escape from the bustling city of Tehran

If you are looking for moments of tranquility in the bustle of Tehran, you can enjoy a sunset.

 It is not quite quiet here but it is suitable for a short escape from the crowded city of Tehran.

There are also many restaurants on the hills that you can visit.


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HotelOneClick recommendations for visiting Darband

The tour of Darband is a tour of a mountainous area. So if you come here in colder times of the year, be sure to wear warm clothes and wear suitable shoes.

If you are planning to hike this route, be sure to have the complete equipment and go hiking with experts.

When shopping for different foods at Darband Promenade, both Iranian and foreign foods, and various snacks, be sure to shop from popular places to avoid future health problems.

The streets leading to Darband have heavy traffic on weekends and holidays and it is very difficult to reach this attraction.

It is best not to use your own car these days and travel to the Darband using public transport or in a group.

Conclusions to the tourism guide in Darband Tehran

Today, Hoteloneclick took you to one of the most famous leisure attractions in Tehran. We sat for an hour on the traditional Iranian beds, drinking tea with Iranian sweets and dates.

What do you think about this tourist destination in Tehran? In your opinion, does it provide visitors with enough facilities as much as the fame and attention it has?

Share your thoughts, experiences and readable stories about these days and the old days of Darband with us and your friends at Hoteloneclick.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

You can also post your photos and travel logs of Darband in the Hoteloneclick site.

Tell us about your views and experiences. If you have a comment about Tehran Darband that is not mentioned in this article, you can write in the comments section of this guide.

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