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Chitgar Lake in Tehran

Chitgar Lake Tehran One of the most exciting attractions of northwest Tehran. Complex of entertainment - commerce including luxury restaurants, amusement parks, clothing stores, cycling track and green space

Introduction about Tehran Chitgar Lake

In this article, we would like to introduce you to Chitgar Lake in Tehran and all the tourist and recreational facilities.

This article is one of a series of articles on the HotelOneClick site, designed to provide travelers with more information about Tehran's tourist attractions.

Tehran Chitgar Lake - HotelOneClick

In this article, we will try to describe all the tourist attractions in Chitgar Lake in Tehran, which is one of the tourist centers in Tehran, along with its details. This article is actually the tourist guide of Chitgar Lake in Tehran.

In this guide you will be introduced to Tehran's only artificial lake and its amenities.

Restaurants, cafes and shopping malls will be introduced, as well as the best time to visit the lake.

In the end we will conclude with the tourist attractions around the lake as well as some information about it.

Why is Tehran Cheitgar Lake one of the most popular attractions in Tehran?

When it comes to the attractions of the capital, we have many options, but today we are going to Chitgar Lake, one of the newest and most different attractions in Tehran.

This area, also known as the Persian Gulf, is located just west of Tehran and enjoys a large area.

The Hoteloneclick is ready to explore Lake Chitgar and its working hours and wants to experience a day full of excitement and relaxation. So join us.

Chitgar Lake one of the attractions of Tehran

The main reason for choosing Cheitgar Lake in Tehran, as one of the most famous tourist attractions of Tehran, can be for the following reasons:

  • Iran's largest artificial lake.
  • There are several exciting leisure activities such as air skate rides, free jumps, free fall slides and more around the lake.
  • One of the most luxurious shopping malls of the capital, Bamland, is located around the lake.
  • The perfect place for hiking, cycling and relaxing moments.
  • There are street performances around Lake Chitgar.
  • Lake Chitgar is a great place to have fun in four seasons.
  • Entry to the lakefront is free.
  • You can have a picnic by the lake on spring and summer days.

Chitgar Lake in Tehran in summer

Chitgar Lake: The largest artificial lake in the country

Today, the wide and artificial Chitgar Lake is not only one of the great attractions of Tehran's big city, but also the country's largest artificial lake.

This 250-acre leisure complex, 130 acres of which is the lake itself, is located in the west of Tehran.

When you choose Chitgar Lake for fun, you have many things to do. You can go right on the small and large boats and ride them on the lake.

Or head to the stylish and luxurious shopping center on the east side of Lake, and after a good shopping, spend some delicious minutes in its various restaurants and bars.

The interesting thing about the lake area as a whole is its remarkable tranquility. Chitgar Lake is perfect for a few hours of solitude, hiking on the rocky beach or watching the lake and enjoying relaxing moments.

In the early moments of entering the complex and seeing the crowds you may regret visiting the lake, but just stroll down the lake or bike paths around the lake while enjoying the view of the Chitgar and the birds of the lake.

Of course, if you are a fan of excitement, the north and west part of Lake is perfect for you. You can try the exciting games of Zip Line, Sky Jump or 6D Cinema and many more.

But these are not your only choices in Lake Chitgar, and there are children's playgrounds, carousels, and two carts.

Ducks and kingfishers in Chitgar lake
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Chitgar Lake or Persian Gulf

The lake, originally called Chitgar, was renamed after some time. Since the lake area resembles Iran's map, an excuse has been made to choose the name of the Persian Gulf for this artificial lake in order to protect the valor and sacrifices of the great Gulf martyrs.

Today, the lake is known by both the Persian Gulf and Chitgar Lake.

It is also good to know that in the summer of 2015, experts from the International Project Management Association came to Tehran and visited Chitgar Lake.

 With their positive evaluation of the Chitgar Lake Resort, they identified it as one of the top 10 projects in the world in 2015.

buildings around Chitgar Lake in the night

Recreation and various parts of Chitgar Lake

We first get to know different parts of Chitgar Lake and then explore all the fun activities.

 Note that Chitgar Lake has two main entrances, one on the east side of the Bamland Shopping Center and the other on the west side of the lake, giving visitors different access.

Tip: Tickets for most of Lake Chitgar's games are sold in a ticket office at the western entrance.

Working hours of these games are:

  • Saturday to Wednesday: 2:00pm to 10:00pm
  • Thursdays, Fridays and Holidays: 1:00pm to 12:00am

Boat riding in Chitgar lake

1. Boat riding in lake

There are two docks and several types of boats on Chitgar Lake, including pedal boats, cargoes, bus or catamara boats, and motor boats.

Western quay:

 If you reach the lake from Milad Boulevard, this dock is closer to you. Go down the west side of the lake to see big and small boats.

East quay:

If you go from Bamland to the Chitgar Lake you will easily find this dock. There are a variety of pedal and motor boats in the quay.

Important Notes: Boating is prohibited for pregnant women, those under 14 years of age and persons over 90 kg, and you should not eat or drink during boating.

Boat riding in Chitgar lake in Tehran

2. Air skate rides

One of the most exciting games around Lake is air skating! This giant U-shaped game invites you to the challenge of speed and excitement.

The following tips to play in this section should be kept in mind:

  • Location: West of the Lake
  • Age restriction: People over 7 years old
  • Height limit: minimum 120 cm, maximum 200 cm
  • Weight Limit: 90kg, maximum weight

3. Free fall slides

Freefall slides are actually two of the fastest and most exciting slides in the Middle East.

Tips for free fall slides:

  • Location: North of the Lake
  • Age restriction: People over 8 years
  • Height limit: minimum 120 cm, maximum 200 cm
  • Weight Limit: Maximum weight 120 kg

Free fall slides in chitgar lake
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4. Jump in the sky

The sky jumping track is actually a slide and is the first jumping track in Iran.

For fun on the track, you can choose the tube or mat to sit on. After slipping on the slide, you will eventually fall on a large inflatable mattress.

Tips for jumping in the sky are as follows:

  • Location: North of the Lake
  • Age restriction: People over 5 years
  • Height limit: minimum 130 cm, maximum 200 cm
  • Weight Limit: Max weight 130kg

Jump in the sky in Chitgar lake

5. Emotional pyramid cinema or six-dimensional cinema

The Emotional Pyramid Cinema is actually a six-dimensional cinema. At first you climb up the stairs up to 2 meters high and sit in a chair.

After sitting, the stairs will be put aside, you will see an exciting movie with your choice.

If you go to Chitgar Lake for this exciting cinema, the western entrance will give you better access as it is right next to the lake's western amusement park.

Here are some tips for the six-dimensional Cinema:

  • Location: West of the Lake
  • Age restriction: People over 12, suitable for over 16 years old

six-dimensional cinema in Chitgar lake
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6. VR Land Recreation Section 

Another exciting and exciting part of Chitgar is the VR land Recreational Area, located right in the Bamland area (east of the lake).

In the VR land you have a variety of entertainment options, such as playing in a fascinating labyrinth called the Mudule Maze.

Rules and Tips to Consider Before Entering VR Land:

  • Mudule Maze age restriction: Only people over 10 years and older
  • Age Range Land Restriction: Only people over 7 years and older
  • Weight Limit: Maximum 100 kg
  • It is forbidden to play these games for pregnant women and those with heart and respiratory diseases and sick people.
  • The use of VR land games is not permitted for people with lumbar disc, spine, neck pain and fear of altitude.

VR Land Recreation Section in Chitgar lake

7. Roll Glider

Roller Glider at Lake Chitgar gives you the experience of a zip line. This game is right next to the free fall slides and the northern part of the lake.

Tips to Know About Lake’s Roll Glider:

  • Location: North of the Lake
  • Age restriction: People over 8 years
  • Height restriction: minimum 120 cm, maximum 195 cm
  • Weight Limit: minimum weight 30 kg, maximum weight 140 kg

Roll Glider in Chitgar Lake

8. Free jump mats

Another exciting fun of the lake is its free jump mattress.

Location: East of the Lake, Bam Land

Free jump mats in Chitgar lake

9. Bamland Human Table Football

Another games in Bamland include the human table football near the Kids Gardens store.

Here are some tips for Bamland Human Table Football:

  • Location: East of the Lake, Bamland
  • Working hours: 11:30am to 10:00pm
  • This game is suitable for children over eight years and older.

Human Table Football in Chitgar lake

10. Bamland Sky Flyer 

Right next to the VR land recreation area is a large sky flyer.

  • Location: East of the Lake, Bamland

Bamland Sky Flyer  in Chitgar lake
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11. Horror Park Safari 

Terror Park Safari is an indoor complex that is the first Safari Park in Iran.

  • Location: West of the Lake

Horror Park Safari  in Chitgar lake

12. Ferris Wheel

Another game available around the lake is its large Ferris wheel.

  • Location: East of the Lake, just above the Bamland Shopping Center

Ferris wheel in Chitgar lake

13. Electric Machine

You can ride the electric car in the western part of the lake and enjoy it.

  • Location: West of the Lake, next to the Ticket office

Electric Machine in Chitgar Lake

14. Carting track

Another fun area around the lake is its karting track.

  • Location: West of the Lake, next to the ticket office

Carting track in Chitgar Lake

15. Tehran sandy beach and circus complex

Tehran sandy beach and circus complex include:

Sandy beach:

The sandy beach is a vast area in the circus tent that allows kids to have fun with their buckets, shovels and play with the equipment to gain more energy.

Museum of Animal Sciences:

Visiting the museum, you can see a collection of taxidermy animals and natural skeletons of animals.

Tehran Circus:

 Get ready for exciting acrobatic shows in Tehran circus.

  • Location: West of the Chitgar Lake, Western Parking

Tehran Circus in Chitgar lake

16. Games for children

For children's playing, special sections are built around the lake. By going to them, you can provide the playground for your beloved children:

Children's playgrounds on the west side of Chitgar lake:

If you head to the west of the lake, the colorful playground will draw your attention, where you will find a variety of exciting games for children.

This complex that is called “playground and prize”, has about 10 different games that can keep kids entertained for a long time. These games are:

  • Trampoline
  • Eurobangee
  • Children Rally
  • Aerobatics
  • Merry go round 

Children's playgrounds in the north of Chitgar lake

There is also a small playground with a number of playing equipment in the north of the lake, which is for children only.

Game area for children in Chitgar lake
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Chitgar Lake Other Recreational Activities

Along with the various games of the complex, you can also count on these exciting activities of Chitgar:

1. Cycling

You can easily rent bicycles from the eastern and western entrances of the lake.

  • Working hours: 3:00 pm to 1:00 am
  • Duration of use: 1 hour; for a 20-60 minute delay, an hour is charged.
  • Required Documents: any identity card, Passport for Foreign Tourists

Cycling in Chitgar lake

2. Walking on the wave pass

For hiking or cycling we recommend heading south of Chitgar Lake to the wave Pass.

No matter the day or night you choose to hike in the clear air around the lake, the beautiful wooden crosswalk will soon catch your eye.

The architecture of this section is very eye-catching and it is inspired by the water wave. If you choose night time for hiking, the path lighting is noticeable.

The length of this route for hiking and cycling is 6 km.

Walking on the wave pass around Chitgar lake

3. Fun on the rocky shore

One of the unique and distinct parts of the lake is the rocky beach.

On this beach, unlike other areas, you don’t have to see the lake from behind only, and you can also go near the water and play with water if you like.

If you're lucky, ducks will pass by and you can feel the nature a bit more.

rocky shore of Chitgar Lake

4. Watching music performances

If you're one of those who love music and the arts, Chitgar Lake has a great gift for you.

Just go to the Bamland shopping center by the lake in the evening. You will soon see different bands performing music, each with their own style.

Watching music performances around Chitgar lake

5. Photography

If you are a photographer, hearing the name of the lake is so fascinating that you want to plan for photography next to it as soon as possible.

If you know nothing about long exposure photography, it's good to take a look at the basics of this photography technique to find out what the exciting and photographic situation is right in front of you.

 In this case, don't forget to take a tripod to take some of your best photos.

Another attraction of the lake, of course, is the migratory birds of Chitgar, which become visitors to the Chitgar region in December. Remember to take photograph of Chitgar Lake in the fall and winter for these seabirds.

6. Picnic in Chitgar Lake 

In summer you can have a picnic by the lake. Sometimes the weather is very cold and you probably don't want to sit on the ground.

Of course, beware not to sit on the lawns.

Note: It is also good to know that you are not allowed to have a picnic and throw in Bamland area. In fact, if the picnic basket is in your hand, you will not be able to use the Bamland entrance and you should use the nearby entrances.

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Picnic in Chitgar Lake

7. Fishing in Chitgar

You can find the fishing club beside the Bamland shopping center. This club has services such as renting fishing equipment and holding related competitions.

There are 32 fishing spots in this club and people who have booked have a priority to use. Visit the Chitgar Fishing Club website for reservations or memberships.

  • Location: In front of the Bamland Shopping Center, East of the Lake

Fishing in Chitgar lake

8. Bird watching in Chitgar Lake 

One of the most fascinating recreations of Chitgar Lake is bird watching.

Shortly after the lake was opened, Chitgar became a hot host for seagulls or kakaeis. Since then, every year since mid-autumn and throughout the winter, many of these birds are enjoying the lake and its surroundings.

It may be interesting to know that you do not have to have special equipment to see the birds.

Take some dried bread or pieces of fruit with you to Chitgar, and in a few minutes the birds will come to you. You can easily hear the happy sounds of seagulls and see how they rush down for food.

Bird watching in Chitgar Lake

Bamland: A luxurious European-style collection

You will find one of the most stylish and modern shopping malls in Tehran right next to the Chitgar Lake. When you head to Bamland Shopping Center, you will find a collection of 12 white and two-story villas that are beautifully arranged side by side.

A white modern shopping mall with modern architecture that houses many well-known domestic and international brands and has good recreational amenities.

Some of the famous names in the Bamland are: Adidas; Aldo, Swarovski, Colin's Womens, Secret, Mango, and many other reputable brands.

In addition, it's good to know that there are more than 30 restaurants and cafés in this luxurious complex built in an eye-catching setting with the lake view. So you have the opportunity to invite yourself to a delicious moment by the lake in a unique setting.

Address: Bam Land Recreational Sadaf Boulevard, Mowj Street, Mowj square, Kashan Boulevard exit, Shahid Hemmat highway, Tehran.

Bamland in Chitgar Lake
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Chitgar Lake Restaurants & Cafes

All around the lake you will find many tasty shops offering a variety of restaurant and café options.

Deluxe Restaurants

If you're looking for the best restaurants and cafés in a luxurious environment, head straight to Bamland.

The restaurants and cafés of this area are right in front of the lake and offer a spectacular view.

It's also interesting to know that some of these restaurants have retractable ceilings, so you can enjoy the sky in the clear weather.

Cheap stands

If you do not believe in luxurious surroundings and prefer to eat in small restaurants, the Western Entrance and its restaurants are suitable for you.

Working hours of Bamland Restaurant

Working hours of Bamland Restaurant are:

  • The first six months, Saturdays to Wednesdays: 12:00pm - 12:00am
  • The first six months, Thursdays, Fridays and holidays: 12:00pm - 01:00am
  • The second six months: 12:00pm - 12:00am

Working hours of Bamland Cafes

Working hours of Bamland Restaurant are:

  • The first six months
  • Saturdays to Wednesdays: 10:00am - 12:00am
  • Thursdays, Fridays and Holidays: 10am – 1:00am
  • The second six months: 10:00am- 12:00am

Working hours of the remaining restaurants and cafes

Working hours of the remaining restaurants and cafes is:

  • Morning to midnight, they are private

vimpy Restaurant in Chitgar Lake

Chitgar Lake facilities

Since the main entrance to Chitgar Lake is on the west side, many facilities and services are also designed to have good access to the main entrance of the lake.


Chitgar Lake has three parking lots:

  • Bamland Parking: Working Hours on Holidays: 8:00am to 1:00 pm; On Non-holidays: 9:00 am to 1:00 am.
  • Northern Parking: Large parking lot with poor ground and inadequate condition
  • Western Parking: A small car park with insufficient capacity.

Electric bus

With a small fee, you can take electric buses around Chitgar Lake.

Snack stands

Snacks can be found at various locations around the Chitgar Lake.

Musical Fountain

 You will see a musical fountain in the west of the lake.

Restroom, Drinking water

Other features of Lake Chitgar's coastal area include numerous clean restrooms and drinking water at the seaside location, which makes spending more enjoyable hours by the lake.

Praying room

In the north of Chitgar Lake is a small but clean praying room.


Next to the air skate ride you can see some pavilions.


The open-air amphitheaters are located on the east and west of Chitgar Lake with a capacity of 1000 and 3000 people, which are the venue for celebrations.

 For example, on the nights of Ramadan, joyous events are held at these amphitheaters.

Children's Playground

This playground is right next to the lake's western amusement park.

Children games ground in Chitgar Lake
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The best time to visit Chitgar Lake 

Knowing the best time to visit is important for visiting an attraction like Chitgar Lake, which is not an indoor place.

The first six months of the year:

In the first six months of the year, the temperature is high and a picnic or even a walk around the lake can be very enjoyable.

Also at this time, the trees and surrounding greenery add to the appeal of your visit.

The second half of the year:

In the second half of the year, there is no longer any heat, and walking around the lake may not be much of an option, but don't miss the seagulls.

 So don't miss the winter and fall of Lake Chitgar and watch these fascinating creatures up close.

Stony road around Chitgar Lake

Access to Chitgar Lake 

To access Lake Chitgar, located in northwest of Tehran, you have several options:

1. Personal car

There are two convenient routes for you by car:

  • First Route: Go to west Hemmat Highway, then enter Shahid Kharrazi highway, then turn left onto Persian Gulf Lake.

Second Route: From the North Azadegan Highway, enter the Shahid Kharazi exit and then go from the lake exit to the Persian Gulf Lake.

2. Subway

Get off at Chitgar metro station, go to the bus terminal near Chitgar station and then reach the lake by Shahrak Shahid Bagheri bus.

Get off at Iran Khodro Metro Station (between Chitgar and Vardavard Station), take Shahid Bagheri bus to the lake.

3- Bus

Go to Sadeghiyeh Bus Terminal and reach the Persian Gulf Lake by using bus 322. The station you need to get off at is called "Jozani" and it will be about 30 minutes from Sadeghiyeh to the lake.

Or take the Shahid Bagheri bus to near the Chitgar, Iran Khodro, and the Olympic Metro Stations, and get off at the lake station.

Finally, you can use one of the following two addresses depending on from which side of the Chitgar Lake you want to enter:

  • Address 1: Bam Land Recreational Sadaf Boulevard, Mowj Street, Mowj square, Kashan Boulevard exit, Shahid Hemmat highway, Tehran.
  • Address 2: Chitgar Lake, Chitgar Lake exit, West Hemmat Highway, Tehran. 

image from south of Chitgar Lake
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Attractions around Chitgar Lake 

It is good to know that there are many recreational options around Chitgar Lake and if you are planning a short visit to this lake you can also visit other attractions nearby.

Some of these attractions are:

  • Chitgar Park: 5.6 km
  • Tehran waterfall: 7.2 km
  • Javanmardan Park: 10.8 km
  • Eram amusement park: 15.2 km

First idea to construction and operation of the lake

It is interesting to know that the original idea of making Lake Chitgar goes back many years and this was first introduced in 1968 before the Islamic Revolution.

 At that time, the creation of a single basin was considered and for serious technical reasons it was never taken seriously. Years passed, but the idea was not forgotten, and in the early eighties it was again studied.

One of the things that caused authorities to pay more attention to the idea of building an artificial lake was the creation of a source for stamping air in Tehran and the Lake District.

Of course, the lake's position was not without any effect since the fact that the monsoon winds to the east of Tehran make a positive impact on the lake.

This time, the authorities seemed more serious about the decision, many detailed studies were carried out at various intervals to examine all aspects and potential of artificial lake construction in west of Tehran.

Finally, in 2010, the construction began. The operation of the lake watering was carried out in the same year and in 2012 the construction of the coastal part of the complex was planned.

Finally, in May 2013, the artificial Chitgar Lake was opened to the public.

Little Tunb Island, one of islands inside  Chitgar lake

More information about the Lake 

It is good to know that while operating the lake there was going to be a lot of water recreations, including jet skiing and volleyball beach.

Until now, however, the only significant and possible aquatic recreation of the lake is boating, and there is no news of other plans.

In the large lake of Chitgar are several islands called the Great Tomb Martyrs, the Small Tomb Martyrs and the Abu Musa Martyrs, which totally have over 100,000 square meters. A series of recreational, cultural and religious facilities will be created on the islands in the future.

Chitgar Lake reaches Chitgar Forest Park from the south and is connected to the residential texture of the area from the north and east, and in the daytime and nighttime has the reflection of the buildings and skyscrapers in the Lake water.


80% of the lake's water comes from the Kan River and middle and surface water runoff, and the lake itself is used to irrigate part of the Chitgar Green space and its park.

The volume of Chitgar Lake reservoir is between 9.5 and 11 million cubic meters and the area of the reservoir itself is 220 hectares.

It is good to know that the volume of the lake behind the dam is estimated at about 6.5 million cubic meters.

The length of Lake Chitgar is 1650 meters.

Chitgar lake at night

Environmental problems and animal cover of Chitgar Lake 

After months of inauguration, Lake Chitgar was plagued by unpleasant odor, discoloration and a variety of annoying insects and white mosquitoes that caused discontent and complaints of residents and visitors from Lake Chitgar.

 In fact, these problems were due to the underwater insulation layer of the lake and it was because of the lack of inlet or outlet water to the lake in the surface, which kept the lake water completely stagnant and causing problems for several months.

After these problems, many suggestions were made by environmental activists to address these problems, including adding carp to the lake environment.

You will now find a large number of these fish in Chitgar. Other suggestions were planting and creating vegetation that was not possible due to the design and type of lake.

birds in Chitgar Lake

Fortunately, finally, with the effective measures that were taken, and Chitgar Lake is now free from insidious insects and odors after three years.

These included effective works are, adding fountains and refining the large lake area. Fountains prevent water from stagnating by creating a flow of water and adding oxygen to the surface.

In the fall of the first year of Lake Chitgar opening, many migrant birds and seagulls chose Lake Chitgar to spend their winter there.

Thereafter, each year from late fall and December to late winter, Chitgar Lake hosts these migratory birds, which is a sufficient and compelling reason for many Tehranians citizens to spend time besides the lake and the birds.

Researchers and experts have called birds and seabirds a good omen, saying the existence of these creatures is indicative of a healthy state of the lake.

 As a matter of fact, the presence of birds indicates that there is an animal chain in the Chitgar Lake area.

HotelOneClick recommendations for visiting Chitgar Lake

One of the very positive things about Chitgar Lake is its high security. Although there is a vast space around the lake, the presence of lake guards has created a safe atmosphere.

Late at night, this lake is very empty, but you will also feel safe.

It is said that late fall and winter are the perfect time to visit Chitgar Lake, as many migratory seagulls fly over the lake.

Feeding the birds is a lot of fun, but Hoteloneclick asks you to be nature friendly and avoid giving harmful things to birds like snacks and chips.

Significant cleanliness is found around and off the coast of Chitgar. So collect your rubbish after a picnic respecting the rights of your citizenship and others.

Chitgar artificial Lake

Conclusions for Travel Guide in Tehran Chitgar Lake

Together we went to the beautiful Chitgar Lake and explored all its amusements and amenities.

Have you ever gone to Chitgar Lake in Tehran?

How was the virtual visit to the Lake?

Share your views and memories with us and tell which of the attractions of Tehran should Hoteloneclick talk about this time.

Share your reviews and experiences with us and your friends at Hoteloneclick. You can also leave us your comments in the comments section.

 If you have any comments on Chitgar Lake that is not mentioned in this article, you can write in the comments section of this guide.

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