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Ahvaz Hotels

Useful information for staying in Ahvaz

Before traveling to Ahvaz, you should consider your stay and choose from one of the Ahvaz hotels and have fun. The spectacular sights of Ahwaz city and its surroundings are very stunning; old houses such as the House of Mapar, the Cathedral of Surt Masroop, the Ali-Ibn-Mehziar monument, various museums such as the Woodturning Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Ahvaz, the Caravanserai Moein-Al-Tojar, the Bamdezh Caravanserai, the (Se Goosh) Triangular Faculty and ... are the main beauties of Ahvaz.

Pol Haftom Waterfall Ahvaz

In the following, we categorized Ahvaz hotels based on their price and quality grade and provided explanations for each of them. You can check the location of the hotels in Ahvaz on the map, and according to your travel plan and the budget, have the best choice.

Best time to travel to Ahvaz

For many, the question arises: when is it better to travel? We have to say that you can, at any moment. In the winter and days when the weather in Tehran and most of the cities of Iran is cold and snowy and the condition of the northern roads is also not suitable, you can think of spending time and having fun in the best parts of the southern cities like Ahvaz hotels.

The city of Ahvaz has a pleasant atmosphere in the autumn, winter, and spring. Traveling to this beautiful city, walking through the lane of Karun River, staying in the stylish Ahvaz hotels will be an exciting and unforgettable experience to stay in mind forever.

A trip to Ahvaz is one of the best choices in the cold season that can make a memorable trip. The city of Ahvaz with live nights, memorable river and many sights are one of the main options for travel. On a trip to Ahvaz, you can taste the local cuisine of the South, and get familiar with the style of living in this old town by going to the old bazaars, museums, old houses, and so on. In this article, you will be able to make a better decision, we have made a list of Ahvaz hotels and their facilities, and categorized them in three different groups.

Soorp Masroop Church Ahvaz

The luxurious hotels of Ahvaz

If you want to stay in the most luxurious hotels in Ahvaz and care about the facilities, you can book a hotel room in Pars Ahvaz, Neishekar hotel, or Ahvaz Somia Hotel. The hotels have a variety of facilities such as a swimming pool, a gym, billiards, meeting rooms, a cafe, a restaurant, and more.

Ahvaz hotels at affordable prices

In Ahwaz, there are a number of hotels that are not five-star or four-star, not stylish and luxurious, but have decent facilities and can be accommodated at a lower cost. The hotels of Oxin, Iranika, Fajr Sepah, Naderi, Persia Ahvaz are among the best reasonable hotels in Ahvaz. These hotels have facilities such as a library, a restaurant, a coffee shop, laundry, and in some cases a billiard salon, and are perfectly suited for a comfortable stay.

Se Goosh (triangular) university

Ahvaz cheap hotels

Perhaps you are one of those people who do not care about the facilities and luxury of your stay, and you prefer to spend most of the day visiting the city's tourist places and spend the night at a cheap hotel in Ahvaz. There are some hotels with acceptable cleanliness without any special sports and entertainment options. So, if you are not interested in spending time at a hotel and using various facilities, you can safely think about booking rooms in Ahvaz cheap hotels.

Moein Garden Hotels, Iran hotel, Hedieh Apartment Hotel, Park No Guesthouse and Karoon Hotel in Ahvaz are among these hotels. Now with the useful information that you have read through this article, we suggest that you start planning for an exciting trip to Ahvaz as soon as possible and enjoy the pleasures of Karoon nights and stay in the stylish and beautiful Ahvaz hotels.

Abd-Al-Hamid Bazaar Ahvaz