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Tabriz Hotels

Useful information about accommodation in Tabriz hotels

Tabriz is the historical capital of Iran, and is the fifth largest city in Iran. This mountainous city is a tourist destination for its beautiful natural scenery and mild climate during the summer. Of course, in winter, it can be annoying.

In the west, there is the amazing Urumia lake.

Tabriz is famous for its handicrafts, including handmade carpets and jewelry, local sweets, chocolates and traditional cuisine.

Many of its historical works show the original Persian architecture over time.

Hand-made carpets of Tabriz

Accommodation cost for the hotels of Tabriz:

Hotels and residences of Tabriz have a good variety. Ferdowsi Street of Tabriz has many properties that rent low-cost rooms.

First class and chain hotels are also located in the center and south-east of the city. These hotels are relatively expensive.

If you are looking to see the historic sections of Tabriz and familiarity with the lives of its residents, city-center hotels will be advised to you, but if your trip is commercial, new countryside hotels can bring you more relaxation.

In the selection of hotels, note that there are traffic rules in Tabriz that may affect access to recreational facilities. Some of these hotels in Tabriz are as follows:

Best 4 and 5 star hotels in Tabriz

1. Pars-el-Goli Hotel:

This 5-star hotel in Tabriz, a member of the Pars Hotel Group, is located near the park and the Zoo of El Goli , and the Heliya water Park. The hotel has a swimming pool and breakfast buffet and a revolving restaurant.

Pars-El-Goli Hotel of Tabriz

2. Shahriar International Hotel:

Five Star Hotel, located on the beginning road of El Goli road, in a peaceful area. A buffet breakfast and a rooftop restaurant, atelier, a hairdressing salon, and a gym are available at the hotel.

Shahriar International Hotel of Tabriz

3. Laleh Park Hotel Tabriz:

This 5-star hotel has been designed and constructed with the finest amenities of the best Iranian hotels with decorations like the 5-star hotels in Turkey.

Laleh Park Hotel Tabriz:

4. Gostaresh Hotel:

The four-star hotel, this 50-year-old hotel is the first tall building in Tabriz city built by foreign contractors and has great access to all of the attractions. Sports complex, swimming pool, massage salon, hydrotherapy, and breakfast buffet and a 24-hour coffee shop are all available.

 Gostaresh Hotel Tabriz

5. Petroshimi Hotel:

The 4-star Petroshimi Hotel is located in Petroshimi recreational Complex, with traditional cafes, sports halls, women's and men's pools, a children's park and kindergarten, and a central satellite system.

The cost of staying of kids under the age of seven in some of these hotels is free or half-price. You can check this option before booking.

Petroshimi Hotel Tabriz

The means of traveling to Tabriz:

You can use the plane to travel to Tabriz. Tabriz International Airport has daily flights to Tehran and direct flights to Dubai, Tbilisi, Baghdad, Baku and Istanbul. Flight to other cities in Iran is not alot and you should ask the travel agency before planning a trip.

It is also possible to travel by car. For traveling to Tabriz with your own car, you can use the Tehran-Tabriz highway or if you are traveling from other cities to Tabriz, there are two roads from the south-west and two roads from the south-east and one road from north-west of Tabriz. You can choose the best possible route according to your place.

Traveling by train is another option that is available to passengers. The Tabriz railway is connected to the railway of Iran. You can see the time of the trains on the official website of the Iranian Railways. The journey time by train from Tehran is about twelve hours.

The cheapest Tabriz hotels

Sahand Hotel:

Two Star Hotel, this hotel was registered in 2006 as a national heritage. The hotel has a tennis court and a breakfast salon. Tabriz hotels at reasonable prices

Tabriz hotels at reasonable prices

1. Tabriz Park Hotel:

This 2-star hotel is located in the center of Tabriz and is one of the oldest hotels in the city. The advantage of this hotel is easy access to the historic sites and the great Bazaar of Tabriz.

2. Sina Hotel:

The Sina two-star hotel offers good facilities and great access to the city's major attractions.

3. Darya Hotel:

The Darya Hotel is a 3-star hotel in Tabriz with amenities such as a swimming pool, a sauna and a futsal salon. These facilities are available for men. Breakfast is free of charge.

4. Ark Hotel:

The 2-star Ark Hotel is located in the center of the city and is close to the Arg Ali Shah.

El Goli Park

Some of the attractions of Tabriz:

1. Tabriz Bazaar

The Tabriz Bazaar is one of the most beautiful bazaars in Iran which has been registered as a World Heritage Site in UNESCO. The Tabriz bazaar was an important commercial point on the Silk Road and was expanded at the time of the Safavids in the sixteenth century. The carpet part of this bazaar is very famous.

Tabriz Bazaar

2. Kabood Mosque

This mosque was built in the year 870 AH and is famous for the variety and elegance of the blue tile work. Unfortunately, the Tabriz earthquake in 2000 caused a lot of damage to the mosque, and its tile reconstruction is still ongoing.

Kabood Mosque Tabriz

3. Arg Alishah

Arg Alishah is the symbol of Tabriz city. This building was also partially destroyed by the earthquake.

Arg Alishah Tabriz

4. Amir Kabir House

Amir Kabir House is one of the historical houses of Tabriz. This two-story house has been the residence of Amir Kabir.

Amir Kabir House Tabriz

5. Parvin Etesami's Childhood Home

Parvin Etesami is one of Tabriz's poets. This house is Parvin's father's home registered as of the national works of Iran.

Parvin Etesami's Childhood Home

6. Chahar Menar Mosque

This old mosque is located in an area of the same name, which is one of the twenty-four old sections of Tabriz. The main part of this area is covered by the big bazaar of Tabriz, and its inhabitants were merchants, rich people and city elders.

Chahar Menar Mosque

7. Sa'at Tower

The Sa'at Tower, also known as the Tabriz Municipality Palace, is the headquarters of Tabriz Municipality. The building was built in 1934 and used by the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan after the Second World War as a government office. When the Iranian forces took control of Tabriz in 1947, the building was used as the headquarters of Tabriz Municipality, which continues to this day.

Sa'at Tower Tabriz

8. Maqbaratoshoara

This tomb belongs to the poets, mystics and the famous people of Tabriz. The tomb was built in 1970 by Tahmasb Dolat Shahi, at that time he was the Minister of Arts and Culture of Azerbaijan. There are many historical houses and many tourist areas in Tabriz, you can make a list of them before traveling, to save time and enjoy the most of your travel.

Maqbaratoshoara Tabriz